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Tuesday, October 25, 2016


    Let’s stay and watch the eagle tear his fashionably white Mormon arse apart. Should be a fun time.

    • A white moron. Really, you black racist commie dolt.

      • ExPAVIC


        Have your doctor change your meds. Your brain performing the functions of your butt. You asshole.

  • Eagle=American’s
    Those two eggs will never make it to China

  • Beware, Myth Romoney is a perfect chameleon. He’ll show rage with Tea Partiers but then sweet smile to moderates. He can lie until election without wrinkles in his face.

  • ralphkr

    Unfortunately, the Republicans have been able to pass laws aiding and abetting the off-shoring of jobs so now that American Eagle is effectively hooded and secured to a perch with very short jesses.

  • the eagle might have some lunch eating romney I hope the bird doesn’t get sick

  • tobewan

    Ryans inaccurate tales were such a joke, he really had Biden cracking up or smiling a lot! When the Democrats hold sway, Mittens & Ryot wont get anywhere near those “Eggs”. And the American Eagle will come home to roost, bringing jobs back here where they belong!

  • obambob is nothing but a liar. Always was, always will be. That is all he knows. He is a worthless socialist dog.