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Tuesday, March 19, 2019


The mortality rate of females in 43 percent of U.S. counties from 2002-2006 is eye-opening. This map from health researcher Bill Gardner helps you see where the worst results are typically coming from — red states and the redder parts of blue states.

With red states rushing to turn down the Medicaid expansion, these results will likely only get worse.

We’ve told you before how most of the growth in food stamps has come from districts that vote Republican. And you know that most red states take more money from the federal government than they put in. But another study suggests that red states’ high levels of gun ownership make them especially dangerous:

With few exceptions, states with the highest rates of gun ownership — for example, Alaska, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Alabama, and West Virginia — also tended to have the highest suicide rates. These states were also carried overwhelmingly by George Bush in the 2000 presidential election.


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74 responses to “Red State Policies Are Deadly — Especially For Women”

  1. The results of this study are not surprising. Lack of formal education, inadequate preventive medical care, and substandard living conditions, do contribute to lower life expectancy, preventable illnesses, and the perpetuation of poverty. And yet, those who would benefit the most from the Affordable Care Act, regardless of its flaws, are the ones that are most determined to reject it. I suspect their opposition to something that would help them is caused by both ideology and ignorance, and I blame the administration for the latter. The Obama administration has done a poor job describing how ACA works, its benefits, and its limitations. Needless to say, the latter gave an opportunity to those who reject it because of ACA’s impact on their pocket books.

    • plc97477 says:

      We also have the problem of the same people won’t listen to or believe anything Obama says.

      • …it’s that pesky old reality that he is still black….ignorance breeds ignorance….to this day I am still trying to fathom how a guy as witless as Mitt Romney became a millionaire….

    • Barbara Morgan says:

      Dominick I disgree the Southern states know the good that the affordable medical act and the expansion of the mediaide would do for their states but they care more about the Republican party line than they do their citizens. I live in Tennesse and our Republican controlled state, governor and both chambers, vote along party lines not what is best for us the citizens. Businessman Republican Governor Bill Haslam turned the affordable Medial act several weeks ago and this past week turned the medicaide deal down. He says that he doesn’t know what he will come up but thinks his iideas would better than the one from Washington. His first idea is to work hand in hand with the different insurance companies with headquarters in Tennessee like Blue Cross-Blue shield and have a insurance where the people that have it will have to pay a co payment, just doesn’t know who much that co payment wii be and hopes that the Federal government will let the state do it. I hope that the federal government does not let him nor any of the other Southern states that turned down the AMA and the extension of mediaide do anything like he is purposing. Mediaide does not help that many people in the state that need medical care but can’t afford it because of low wages’ WAKE UP TENNESSEE AND GET RID OF THE REPUBLICANS.

  2. Scott Ladd says:

    LOL…fool. the affordable care act, is NOT affordable! I guess you haven’t figured it out yet, or you’re a liberal!

    • Eleanore Whitaker says:

      It’s not affordable because the GOP refused to allow single payer healthcare reform in the first place. Don’t try to cover up and blame anyone but your GOP red state pilferers. And, it’s high time the government started investigating why so many HMO CEOs are earning millions a year when this money has to come from the premiums and annual increases that keep their salaries rising year after year. How about a little common sense with that state miserly attitudes for a change?

      • Independent1 says:

        Eleanor, the notion that ACA is not affordable is simply in the minds of those who refuse to work to make it affordable. One poster recently said New Mexico just came out and declared the same thing: ACA is not affordable. Of course it’s not because guess what, NM is run by the GOP and they’re determined to do everything they can to convince people that it’s not affordable; so they’re doing absolutely nothing to set up competitive insurance exchanges or put into place the practices that could make it work. But desite all that, over the past 3 years, ACA is resulted in healthcare cost increases going up at the slowest rate in 15 years, which means that despite how much people may be complaining about today’s costs, they would have been worse had ACA not been enacted.

        • latebloomingrandma says:

          Most of the states with Democratic governors and legislatures have their exchanges set-up and ready to go. It will be interesting to see how these states fare with the ACA compared with the recalcitrant red states.

        • ralphkr says:

          During the campaigning for and against Obamacare the insurance companies had their tame economists do a study on future insurance costs. The study stated that premiums would go up 39% in 3 years if Obamacare passed and this statement was trumpeted in the anti-Obamacare ads. They made the mistake of posting the entire study on the Internet and a number of us read it all and started exchanging posts about the insurance company tame economists’ finding buried deep in the paper that premiums would go up over 80% in 3 years if Obamacare was NOT passed. For some reason, that insurance company website vanished within 4 days & that report was never seen again. My own insurance has gone up 22% since 2008 (dropped 1% since 2010) and I am waiting to see what happens when Obamacare comes into force.

          • Independent1 says:

            Thanks for information! I was aware that today’s healthcare and insurance costs would have been higher if ACA had not been enacted but I wasn’t aware that a study before ACA was enacted had shown that very fact and that todays’ healthcare costs had ACA not been enacted would have gone up that much – by 80%. It’s not surprising though because the upward spiral or healthcare related costs had really gotten out of hand during the downturn. Again, thanks for your post!!

          • ralphkr says:

            Keep in mind that the study I quoted was done by the insurance companies own economists to boost the fight AGAINST Obamacare.

          • Independent1 says:

            Yes, and isn’t it just so convenient that the insurance industry lobbiests purposely forgot to inform everyone that costs would go up by twice the amount projected for passing Obamacare, if Obamacare wasn’t enacted. Just goes to show that it’s all in how you shuffle the numbers.

          • ralphkr says:

            I am sure that if the bosses had read the report and not just the bullet points supporting their viewpoint that that report would never have been posted…or at least the damning part would have been redacted. I just love when info such as that gets out. If a car company announces that it has developed the most advanced car possible I will take that with a large helping of salt but if a company states they have developed the best car they could but vehicles built by X, J, and W are far superior to their own I will take that as very possibly truth and certainly check out the other cars.

      • lana ward says:

        Ocare is going to help kill our country along with Obama killing jobs

    • Independent1 says:

      Really, ACA is not affordable? Is that why Vermont has recently announced setting up an insurance exchange where a family of 4 earning $32,000/yr can by insurance converage for everyone in the family for $45/month? Just keep on believing the lies of the GOP you seem to love (until it runs you into ruin of course).

      • Personally I believe that this is not the way of True
        Christian and Conservatives Values. And believe the up-right Heart of the True
        Republican should demand that ALEC and the Tea Party become a separate
        political organization. And stand on their-own merit before the common good and
        honest living. And stop hiding behind the banner of true Christian and
        Conservative Values. Because corporate fascism: gives Republicanism a bad
        reputation, and a great dishonor. What is going on in several states makes it
        very clear today. Laid against Our Republic. The belief that: the supreme power
        of a country should be vested in its voting public.

        The Paul Ryan Plan
        is an exemplary example of “Deficit doesn’t matter in cutting [or exploiting] government
        programs” on principal! In simplicity!!! Cutting Americans benefits from Social
        Security and other “Self-sustaining Federal Funds”. Provides more revenue in
        exploiting and extracting the contributions of the common good and honest
        living! That is you!!! Independent1!!!
        As it extorts the Surplus Funds: of Federal Insurance Contribution Act. It’s
        what the obstruction and faction of disingenuous dose the best, when it comes
        to the economy of any country. In the illusion that Free-market
        capitalism and privatization: needs no regulation whatsoever. In signing a
        pledge laid against a Constitutional Oath unto “We the People”.
        Just like Bernie Madoff screwed his investors out of billions of dollars. Just like Big Banks sold bad mortgage bundles as a good investment. Just like Mitch Mcconnell and his wife demonized the American Working Family. As uncouth and lazy workers! In the total support laid against the American Family in the out sourcing of our jobs to China For the very sake of Globalization and Profiteering! In the fundamental principals: of Venture Capital and Private Equity. As a minority believes, ALEC and its Tea Party are doing them a great favor. In the proclivity of a trickle down economy: that “Government isn’t the solution! Government is the problem”!Carried into the supply-side economics: of Ronald Regan. The voodoo economics’ of stealing form the common good to pay for the tax free holiday of Big Corporations and Political Depravity. Defined as Free-market
        . The utter subjugation of our tax base in devaluating the good intention of Our Forefathers! As they fought against: the fascism of Merry-old-England.

        Vote Out a Corporate Bought Politician in the Special Interest of ALEC and
        its’ Tea Party

    • CrankyToo says:

      Scott, if you have access to a computer (and clearly you do), you have no excuse for being ignorant. You have the wherewithal to inform yourself as to the facts regarding the GOP and its odious assault on Obamacare, the middle class, and American democracy in general. If you could see past your intestines, you’d understand that every time you pull the lever for a Repugnican, you’re voting against your own best interests. I would strongly advise you to pull your head out of your ass, turn off Fox Noise and quit spouting those inane GOP talking points. But if you absolutely insist on being a dumbass, you should keep a lower profile.

      • plc97477 says:

        And if he can’t stop being a dumbass or keep a lower profile he should just keep away from this site. He is a lone voice of insanity where he is not helping his cause or his reputation.

      • Tom May says:

        The English language is expansive enough that one does not need to resort to coarse language, however the description of the person on his ‘damn Obama’ campaign is appropriate. And ‘dumb’ sums it up.

    • I guess you never heard what
      George H. W. Bush 41 and Ross Parole: tried to caution all
      of us about “Voodoo Economics” and that “sucking” sound going south.
      The out sourcing of our Jobs and the Devaluation of our Living Standards. As
      the Norquist Tax Pledge and the Bush 43 Deregulation’s, brought us to where we
      are today. A Nation full of needs. In the tax free holiday that was given to
      Big Corporations. That is tax exempt status. As it fostered and aided the
      Deficit. That became your responsibly. As it has you children. And I assure
      you. We can never call the Agenda of Deregulation a Mistake! In the notion that
      the affordable care act is not Affordable. In the signing of a Pledge laid
      against a Constitutional Oath unto “We the People”!

      • Allan Richardson says:

        George 41 Bush was against Reagan’s “voodoo economics” when he was running against Reagan in the primaries. After he became Reagan’s running mate, he changed his tune and has never changed it back. Bought and paid for: one otherwise brilliant brain.

        And Ross Perot was a bit better, but he still promoted the big economic lie of the hard right: that the people POORER than you are the ones making YOU poor. It is actually the people RICHER than you (not all of them, but a rather large subset) who deprive you of a living wage. It’s like this: a CEO, a union pipefitter, and a non-union office worker walk into a bar, where a plate of cookies is laid out for them. It turns out there are a dozen cookies. The CEO gets there first and takes eleven. Then he turns to the office worker and says, “watch out, that union guy wants to steal your cookie!”

        • ralphkr says:

          Ah yes, Ross Perot who courageously battled against government handouts in public while privately lobbying for millions from the feds for the local airport that his business utilized. Just another typical politician.

  3. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    The red state conservatives have a brand new game. In just the past decade, they’ve been shifting those who would be eligible for welfare onto the federal dole for disability. One in four in red states are on disability and most of those who are, shouldn’t be. But, red state politicians for all their blowhard swaggering have crafted a huge savings for their states by using federal disability funding rather than having to contribute out of their state funds for welfare. In effect, this forces people in other states to pay higher taxes, lose some of their own already paid for SS and Medicare and then also contribute to those in red states who can’t find work and end up on disability rather than welfare.

    One state, AL, as an example has already saved over $90 million in a year by shifting welfare recipients to federal disability. This is patently unfair and more pork than these red states deserve for the paltry federal taxes they pay compared to blue states.

    • plc97477 says:

      Kind of makes you wish they got their way when they were yelling about seceding doesn’t it.

      • Tom May says:

        Yes. Seceding always seemed a good idea for the hopelessly discontented.

        • Paul Colby says:

          Seems to me Tom that it is the Left that is always so critical of America, dividing us into groups instead of helping Everyone.

          • Tom May says:

            Oops! There you go again. Dividing us ! Left vs Right. The point is that too many do not want to ‘help everyone,’ only a few–themselves. And this notion that 47 % of Americans want handouts is absurd. And even that 47%, even if it did would not rake up what Sach, Merrill Lynch, etc. rake in routinely. Be honest! Few things in life are in balance and with the ‘hate mongers’ either accepting themselves or refusing to see themselves as others see them comes down to the point that ‘we have a failure to communicate.’ PS. I’m neither ‘right’ or ‘left’–just reasonable!

    • Barbara Morgan says:

      Eleanore, the only way you can can draw Social Security disability is if a Social Security approved Doctor says you are disable the states can’t put you on the disability roll of Social Security. I was on disability for 6 years and when I reached 66 it became regular Social Security. It took me two trys and I don’t know how many trips to the Social Security doctors to get mydisability. My doctors had been trying to get to apply for disability for 4 years before I did. If you look at me you can’t tell I am disable you just see a overweight(not as much as I used to be) white hared woman, but I have arthsis(not spelled right) in both ankles, the small of my back, both knees and both wrists and two fingers on my right hand, heart trouble, type 2 diabetes high blood pressure and am partially blind in one eye,. I would like to know your where you got your information I guess it is Alabama you are referring to with the Initals Al for I have relatives that live there and one because she has a brain turmor that should be drawing disability but won’t apply for it , because at the movement she is still able to work though she does hav seizures and had to change the type of work she does from the work she loved doing.

  4. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    The reality in red states is that their plantation mentalities never ended with the Civil War. They keep their people on the lowest wages in the country and then brag how “conservatively low” their state taxes are…Sure…when they live off the federal taxes other states are paying?

    How does Big Rich Texas, That Whole Other Country manage such low state taxes? Simple…They pay $1 and get back from the Fed $1.47…Do tell? Whose really supporting this state and the rest of the porker states?

    • Independent1 says:

      And what does Texas do with that extra .47/dollar they get back? Pass it along to the rich apparently; because they don’t spend it on education or anything that is very beneficial to the state. The Texas educational system is a nightmare, the state ranks near 50th in the country in students that drop out of High School, the SAT scores of its students rank 46th, and they ranks 49th in what they pay their teachers. The state ranks 50th in the percent of their citizens that vote, the state ranks 8th in the nation for the number of its residents living below the poverty level and it’s ranked worst in the nation for overall environmental pollution: based on the many oil spills that occur in the state and the air pollution from all it’s oil refineries and coal-fired power plants. It even ranks 3rd for the number of its elected officials that are convicted of a crime and it’s 46th in the hourly earnings of its workers and 48th in the payout of worker’s comp benefits. So despite getting all those extra dollars back from the federal government, Rick Perry seems to be doing a pretty lousy job using those funds.

      • latebloomingrandma says:

        Texas is really a microcosm of the haves and have-nots. Capitalism run amok.

      • DurdyDawg says:

        Oh, I disagree.. I think he’s quite satisfied with the profits he’s pocketing.. That along with the lottery proceeds which were once earmarked exclusively for the education system.. Where this windfall is going remains a big Tex ass mystery (and I’m a texacan so I can say that).

    • Barbara Morgan says:

      Or they don’t have state income taxes like Tennessee and a Republican state governor like Tennessee, where the Republican governor had alread said he have nothing to do with the affordable medical act and this past week turned down the expansion of Mediaide for the poor. Instead he is looking getting a state run insurance act set u working with regular insurance companies in Tennessee and co payments by the people that use that insurance. They already can’t pay for health insurance or every much of anything else I am wondering how this Republican businessman electected governor thinks any of them can pay the co payment he would be expecting them to pay. He hasn’t gotten it worked out yet but is hoping that the Federal government will let him use his idea instead of fining the state because he turned down the expansion and the affordable medical act . I want the federal government to turn him down and all the other Southern states that don’t care about their citizens and their health. My state has became more of a laughing stock of the World because of the Republicans having control of our state government and the laws they have passed, tried to pass and flat turned down. Hurry up 2014.

      • leadvillexp says:

        I am a Republican in New York and I voted for President Obama in both elections. If it wasn’t for his stand on gun control I would be behind him 100%. As for Southern states not careing just look to New York. Our Democratic Governor Cuomo just cut breast cancer screening for the poor and aid for the mentally disabled. He financed a fancy box for a Buffalo stadium and spent money to bring the Late Night Show to NYC. He also promised all New York families with at least one child $350 in 2014 (an election year). This came from a little tax added to everyones energy bill. Both parties are guilty and both the north and the south.

  5. adriancrutch says:

    Alternet has a great article from Counterpunch that has a Real ring to the rich lording over the weak and dying democracy.

  6. Tom May says:

    Give me break! The AG is the best looking one in America. When the President complimented the wives of foreign leaders by saying they were better looking than their husbands, it was taken as a joke. I don’t want a time to come when a man does not notice ‘a good looking woman.’ And it is not ‘sexiest’ to say so.

  7. Tom May says:

    Despite all the accolades and stirring language about America, there is hard core element that thrives in hate and oppression. The red states have one up on it. The red states fear losing what dominance they can muster and have waged all out war on women and minorities. However, many women go along with it since they are the majority voters. The Religious right, and 30 years of Republican control of government have further tainted the minds of the red states residents. Many would rather see the country decline than to cooperate with any other than those of their ‘kind.’ It’s a cliché but remember ‘Rome fell from power from within, not without.’

    • Barbara Morgan says:

      Don’t put all people in the red states in one basket especially the women. I happen to live in a red state and have no use for the Republicans in any shape, form or fashion and know plenty of other women in Tennessee that feel the same way and have been working against the Republicans since Clinton left office or before. More women are joining the fight dailey especially since the Republicans have declared war on women health issues. We are already planning what to do in 2014 to get rid of our Republican state office holders and the ones in Washington.Also not all red states have a larger number of women voters because unfortunely many women do not register to vote and thus they don’t vote for reasons know only by them.

      • sigrid28 says:

        Kudos to you and the other women in Tennessee who realize it will be necessary to fight for change. As you rightly say, the fight will entail not only registering voters, but educating voters, and then getting them to the polls. Speaking of education, I hope you and your colleagues will not ignore the college population, where young women are especially hit hard by the lack of adequate health services for women. Out-of-state students can register to vote in the state in which they attend college–but to set up a system for registering them and helping them get to the polls will take advance planning in Tennessee and in other Red states.

  8. MrBeale says:

    Things like this make me proud to live in a blue area of a blue state. 🙂

  9. howa4x says:

    Eventually the people in red states will leave the churches where the message of hatred resonates and with that the republican party. This is why the Red states don’t really want an educated workforce, and constantly lag in education. Ignorant people are very easy to deceive. Red states also lead in obesity rates, which lead to heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Since most Red states are not taking the Medicaid expansion, they will have to pick up more of these costs out of their own budget especially for those who lack insurance. This means there will be less funding for other initiatives,and since their representatives constantly vote down infrastructure funding at the federal level, there will be no money to fix roads and bridges. It is almost like they are having a contest in a national game show called the stupidest of them all.

    • Barbara Morgan says:

      I do wish that all you posters that put all people in the Red Statesin one basket would realize like in the blue states that there are many types of people that live in the red states. I live in one and don’t appreciate being lumped with the peope that back Republicans and their hate ideas. I also have many fiends and relatives that are fighting return control of our state goverment to the Democrats and to get rid of the Republicans that are suppose to represent us in Congress but don’t. Also many people in the red states are overweight because they don’t make enough money to buy the higher cost healthy food and through there are many on food stamps in the red states because of the low wages there are many more that could get food stamps but won’t apply for them because they don’t government hand outs thus they are overweight from to many potatoes and other cheap foods that put on the weight.So unless you live in a red state or lived in one for more than a year you really do no know why some people vote like they do. I have lived in one for 67 years and still don’t understand why some will vote Republican no matter what.

      • sigrid28 says:

        Bringing about change really may be simply a matter of getting out the vote among people who feel as you do. Whether we live in Blue or Red states, we could all lose a little weight and try to understand our neighbors better, but that won’t get rid of the Republicans in Red State legislatures and governorships, as well as Congress, who do not represent the will of the people. The good news is, working to get voters registered and educated, and then making sure they get to the polls, is likely to be easier than dropping pounds or making peace with the belligerent McCoys next door–and more effective.

      • howa4x says:

        Thank you for the reply Barbra,

        I’m sure there are intelligent people that live in the red states just like there are ignorant ones that live in the blue states. The difference is in the balance of which group dominates. The question really is, how much damage will these idiotic Red state politicians do before they are thrown out? Already in Fla Governor Scott has turned down millions in aid that would have put the everglades water supply on a sustainable course. This money will not be available again since the tealiban dominates the republican party. Mississippi has some of the worst health outcomes in the country, yet they turn down the Medicaid expansion. Now people will become much sicker without access to care, and the cost to treat them will rise dramatically. Teaching creationism is rampant in red states and they are very anti science. Where will the next generation of scientists come from? These are the very people who provide the innovation to the economy. If they gravitate to the Blue states who are providing start up capital, the economies of the red states will fall further behind. Gov Halley in SC has already removed any mention of climate change from state documents, even though her state is a low lying coastal one.
        The obesity epidemic comes from eating too much deep fried food as well as too much starch, sweets, and empty carbos. . Sarah Palin’s answer to the anti obesity efforts of Michelle Obama was that she would just have to bake more cookies. That is in a microscopic way the difference of where the two philosophy’s are going.
        So Barbra you and your friends need to get to work fast!

    • sigrid28 says:

      Perhaps, these Red State Republicans do not see that by undercutting the well-being of their constituents, their numbers will dwindle, especially without adequate health care. Since the younger, multicultural voters who replace them are unlikely to be attracted to the Republican agenda, today’s Republican party stands a good chance of dying by attrition, just not fast enough to keep the rest of us from being harmed in the process. For example, fossil-fuel pipelines might be approved by short-sighted Republican state legislatures, even though Big Oil will not necessarily sell this oil in the U.S. to decrease its dependency on more expensive foreign oil, and even though oil spills from these pipelines will be costly and possibly destroy the freshwater aquifer for the region FOREVER. How much better off we would all be if these irresponsible public servants were dismissed before they can do so much damage.

  10. Allan Richardson says:

    Republican politicians are against improving education (unless it is religious indoctrination) and improving health care access. Especially MENTAL health care. It cuts into their voting base!

  11. lana ward says:

    Republicans know kow to create jobs, dems don’t. States with Republican Governors are recovering while states with dem Govs. are still in the toilet

    • Independent1 says:

      Republicans know how to create jobs?? Boy are you looney!! George Bush had the worst job creation record of any president since the Big Depression; he managed to create an abysmal average of 31,000 jobs/mo over 8 years; the only one who had a worst record during that time was Bush Sr. Obama created more jobs in his 1st 2 years in office than Bush created in 8. Of the last three presidents with 8 yr terms, Bill clinton (a democrat) wins hands down: Clinton created 22.8 million jobs in 8 years; Reagan created 16.3 million and George Bush Jr. created 3.3 million. And you think Republicans know how to create jobs??? Better start getting your facts straight Lana!!

      • lana ward says:

        I’ve got my facts straight. You better get your facts straight

        • ralphkr says:

          Yes, lana, you do have your facts straight. Yep, straight out of the fantasy world that has never existed. In the 80 year period (Hoover thru GW Bush)

          Personal disposable income grew nearly 6 times as much during Democratic than during Republican presidents.

          GDP grew 7 times more during Democratic administration than Republican.

          Corporate profits grew by 16% per year with Democrats and shrank by 4.53% per year with Republican administration.

          Average annual compound return on stock market is 18 TIMES higher with Democrats than Republicans. If you invested $100 per year during the 40 years of Republican mismanagement you would end up with $126 but that same $100 investment during the 40 years of Democratic administration you end up with $3.9 Million.

          During that 80 years Republicans added 2.5 times more to the Federal debt than the Democrats. Yep, the Republicans are the definite leaders there.

          Republicans steered our economy into the ditch twice (Hoover & GW Bush) and have happily led the US into 7 other recessions. Eisenhower 3 times (53, 57,60), Nixon, Reagan, HW Bush, and GW Bush one recession each plus a grand slam of the great depression by Hoover & great recession by GW Bush. The ONLY Democratic recession was Carter & it was the least damaging & shortest of all.

          Yep, all you have to do is make a graph showing all the Republican shortcomings and the Democratic successes and turn it upside down to prove you are right.

          Outside the 80 year period I might add that under Obama corporate profits per share rose 51.8% and the S&P went up by 12.3% annually (which happens to be the average for Democratic presidents).

          Doesn’t it just stick in your craw, lana, when someone posts the truth and exposes all the lies you have been listening to?

          • lana ward says:

            Doesn’t that just stick in your craw that the dems are ONLY successful with Republican policies? Republicans put policies in place and the dems take credit for it.The dems caused this last crisis by forcing banks to give loans to those who couldn’t pay it back and now Obama is talking of doing it again!! He wants banks to give loans to people who can’t pay it back!!! What the hell is he thinking???

          • ralphkr says:

            And doesn’t stick in YOUR craw, lana, that Republican policies consistently fail? By the way, this last crisis was caused by crooked bankers and mortgage brokers (most likely the majority are Republicans) forging papers so they could palm off bad loans they purposely had made for the big profits. It sticks in my craw that NONE of these crooks who stole billions and have testified under oath that they committed fraud have gone to prison.

            There was never a law forcing banks to make bad loans. The law you nutters are all blaming was the CRA of 1977 which pushed for banks to make loans to lower income people, particularly in “red lined” areas but did not force banks to loan to anyone that the bank distrusted. In fact the act included language stating “institution’s CRA activities should be undertaken in a safe and sound manner, and does not require institutions to make high-risk loans that may bring losses to the institution”. There were no penalties for non-compliance with CRA except that non-compliance will be part of the decision process pertaining to authorizing opening new branches or merging. The making of high risk loans weighed far more heavily against the bank than CRA compliance. CRA did NOT require banks to make risky loans but actually required the banks to make good loans while risky loans were in violation of the act. Anyone who states that a Federal law was passed forcing banks to make subprime loans is either demonstrating their ignorance or is just a bald-faced liar.

          • lana ward says:

            Why does Obama want banks to give loans to those who can’t pay it back, when that is what caused the mess that we are still in??

          • ralphkr says:

            I am sure, lana, that your real question is “Why does Obama want banks to give loans to those who make less than $2 million a year?”. As your post is currently written it makes absolutely no sense and definitely has no connection with the anything in the real world.

          • lana ward says:

            My question is, Why is everything Obama is doing destroying America??

          • ralphkr says:

            My question is: Why does lana ward keep writing “Obama” in place of “Republicans”?

          • lana ward says:

            I see. You’re a communist too

          • ralphkr says:

            Why thank you, lana, I really do appreciate the compliment since I realize that any of us who believe in Jesus Christ are Communists in your warped little world.

          • lana ward says:

            Jesus Christ is my personal Savior and I’m not a communist. Obama is a communist, he is against anything Christian

          • ralphkr says:

            You have made it more than obvious, lana, thru your ravings that you definitely do not believe in Jesus Christ. In fact, you have made it obvious that you would happily send Jesus Christ to jail or to be executed again because Jesus Christ was a liberal, actually far more liberal than I am.

          • lana ward says:

            Right now the dems are crucifying Jesus Christ. Taking God out of everything. Trying to do away with Christmas and Easter. Infringing on Christians beliefs. Making us do things that are against Christianity. Murdering unborn babies. Murdering them as they are being born. And Christians have to pay for this barbaric, Satanic act. Yeah, Jesus was a liberal all right, idiot!

    • Independent1 says:

      I almost forgot to burst your bubble about Red states and jobs: Normally during a recession, to help soften the downturn, states work to create jobs, but during the Great Recession, instead of creating around 1.5 million new jobs (by adding state workers), the states have actually lost a net of 700,000 jobs. That’s because state legislators did the worst thing you can do during a recession, cut budgets and state services, which resulted in the Red States throwing so many of their state workers of jobs that the several million of lost Red State jobs offset the couple of million jobs that Blue States created resulting in the net job loss of 700,000 jobs. This of course made the welfare sucking of the red states even worse and put hundreds of thousands of more RED STATE residents onto needing to apply for food stamps and federal welfare. So for the past couple of years, red state residents have been getting about 70% of the food stamps and 6 southern red states have led the nation in sucking welfare dollars from Washington. Wake up Lana!! You’re wrong again!!

      • lana ward says:

        The bubble is going to burst alright, on the stock market. Republicans voted for that smart, VERY successful, decent , job creating businessman. The dems voted for the food stamp, job killing thug.It is Obama putting people out of work making more having to depend on Gov. for help because of his regulations on businesses. Now with Ocare starting to kick in, more and more people will be out of work. You wake up!! This fraud in my WH is destroying my country on purpose and things will only get worse while he’s there

        • Independent1 says:

          The Republicans voted in that smart??, successful??, job creating business man??? So smart he didn’t even know why the windows in a passenger jet aren’t allowed to open? And so smart he didn’t know enough to keep his mouth shut when he visited England during the olympics and ticked off the entire Great Britain population? So smart that he couldn’t even develop a tax or job creation plan that wasn’t a fairytale? More than 300 economists said that his tax plan didn’t compute and that if he actually implemented it America’s deficits would skyrocket; and research proved that his vaunted jobs creation plan was a fairytale, none of the studies that were suppose to back it up were valid: they either were for must many than 4 years like 12-15 or they were studies on a totally different way to create jobs – it was a disgrace. And I don’t call someone successful who makes millions of dollars destroying not only American jobs and sending them overseas but also American companies and the lives of hundreds of thousands of American workers.

          And with respect to Clinton roding the wave of Reagan’s success??? How could he do that when Bush Sr. had destroyed that success for 4 years before Clinton took office?? And you think you have your facts straight?? You’re more clueless than I even thought. Lana you better get yourself committed pretty quickly, you’re really going off the deep end. If anyone has driven people out of work forcing them onto welfare it’s the GOP; not only dumb red state legislators that don’t even have a clue on how to run a state, but George Bush kept cutting federal subsidies to the states every year he was in office to keep his burgeoning deficits under 1/2 a trillion per year virtually driving more than 1/2 the states the verge of bankruptcy. Wake up!! You don’t know one thing you’re talking about!!!

          • lana ward says:

            Romney would have our economy turning around by now. Obama is digging us deeper and deeper–and now he wants banks to give loans to those who can’t pay it back!! Isn’t that what srarted this mess we’re in to begin with?? What the hell is he thinking???

  12. Pam Miner says:

    things here in Kansas are going from bad to worse. Brownback wants to have NO income tax. The losers are programs and services, like parks taking a big hit, schools, and have made abortion illegal by saying that as soon as fertilization happens the fetus has all the same rights as an adult! somethings HE wants to increase sales tax too. This man lves the tea party liners down to his skin!

    • Barbara Morgan says:

      In other words even his blood has turned to tea and he lives and breathes the Teaparty and it ideas. Our dumb Republican Govenor comes up fo reelection in 2014 when does your? I am already working on his defeat and the defeat of all Republcians that are in our state government and Congress. I live in Tennesse and we don’t have a state income tax but we do have high sale taxes to run the state on.

      • sigrid28 says:

        Discontinuing state income tax is the ploy of Republican state lawmakers who support what is best for the 2%, who would stand to pay the most state income tax. Sales taxes fall disproportionately on the poor, since these taxes apply to all transactions, no matter the wealth–or poverty–of the consumer. All who pay federal income taxes then subsidize states with no income tax, by supplying federal funds for social services the Red States do not provide. Another advantage to Red States run like this is that they discourage needy people from moving there, while rewarding handsomely the wealthy.

    • ralphkr says:

      So the fetus has full adult right as soon as fertilized. There must be some way for Kansas to collect taxes from that fetus since that is an adult’s right (well, poor adult, rich adults are exempt)

  13. Tom May says:

    Barbara you are right. Few things are absolute. Even in the most hateful situations, there are generally some good people. While the majority of residents in the red states may not be in the ‘hate’ pool, if those who are not do not speak up and challenge these strident voices, they will continue to drive the agenda. As for Tennessee, there are some good people here–it used to be considered t least marginally moderate– but the current TN Legislature seems hell bent to crash all that is sane and just. Additionally at the national level one legislator from TN, now in DC, named Black is a nurse. This cynical person would put fear into my heart if she walked into my sick room.

  14. Paul Colby says:

    The conditions of Americans men, women, young, minorities, have all worsened from the policies in place the last 4 years, and are starting to show just how much more disasterous they will become. Taxes have risen on ALL Americans, not just the promised people making over $250,000, gasoline remains close to $4.00 per gallon, Unemployment and low wages remain very high, costs to regular Americans from Obamacare are starting to show, Amnesty is being pushed while MILLIONS of Americans remain out of work, S.S. unsustainability had not been addressed, $716 BILLION has been taken from Medicare and treatment is being rationed already, many Doctors not taking new patients, businesses not hiring because of the high costs of Obamacare and new regulations, debt is skyrocketing well beyond our means to pay for it, just the interest on our National Debt will eventually take 100% of all our revenue. And people are still blaming someone than the person that has caused all of this. And his name is not W.

  15. SagJism says:

    You know this lana ward person sums up exactly whats wrong with this country, peole so full of passion and yet never even picked up an economics book or taken an economics or civics class yet express passionalty their fantistical view of what is going on. in othger words, kinda hard to argue with someone who does not delve in any of the known facts in the world and just speculates on an opinion thats ignorant and non-sensicle, therefore having a conversation to fix issues just wont happen because either their too dumb to comprehend the issue or owrse they are complete liars and are initentionally distorting the facts, either way it tells us that America will never be ok untuil we eitehr remove these types of people and put them on an island or we convert and jion them in their fantasy world. I personally would rather it be a porn fantasy but hey, it not my fantasy, its peole like Lana.

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