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Monday, October 24, 2016

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) continues to sharpen his attacks against House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), with a Monday morning statement accusing Boehner of having a “credibility problem.”

During a Sunday morning appearance on ABC’s This Week, Boehner claimed that the House could not pass a continuing resolution that would fund the government without defunding or delaying the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

“There are not the votes in the House to pass a clean CR,” Boehner insisted.

According to Reid, however, the Speaker’s statements should no longer be taken at face value.

“Speaker Boehner has a credibility problem,” Reid’s spokesman Adam Jentelson said in a statement.”From refusing to let the House vote on a bill that was his idea in the first place, to decrying health care subsidies for members of Congress and staff that he worked for months to preserve, to stating that the House doesn’t have the votes to pass a clean CR at current spending levels, there is now a consistent pattern of Speaker Boehner saying things that fly in the face of the facts or stand at odds with his past actions.”

“Americans across the country are suffering because Speaker Boehner refuses to come to grips with reality,” the statement adds. “Today, Speaker Boehner should stop the games and let the House vote on the Senate’s clean CR so that the entire federal government can reopen within twenty-four hours.”

Seventeen Republicans would have to join the 200 House Democrats to pass the Senate’s budget bill, which would fund the government for six months at sequester levels; according to various whip counts, over 20 House Republicans have pledged to vote to end the seven-day-old shutdown.

The sharply critical statement is just the latest escalation in Reid’s war of words against Speaker Boehner. According to Politico, a furious Reid repeatedly called Boehner a “coward” at a Senate Democratic policy luncheon last Tuesday.

Senator Reid is not the only Democrat to challenge Boehner to put his money where his mouth is, and hold a vote on a clean CR.

“Let me issue him a friendly challenge,” Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said of the Speaker on This Week. “Put [a clean CR] on the floor Monday or Tuesday. I would bet there are the votes to pass it.”

“So, Speaker Boehner, just vote,” he added. “Put it on the floor and let’s see if you’re right.”

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney made a similar dare via Twitter:


As of noon on Monday, Boehner has given no indication that he plans to do so. In a statement responding to Reid, Boehner spokesman Michael Steel insisted that “A ‘clean’ debt limit increase can’t pass the Senate, let alone the House. It’s time for some Washington Democrat to step up, act like an adult, and start talking about how we reopen the government, provide fairness for the American people under Obamacare, and deal with the drivers of our debt and deficits.”

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  • idamag

    Before we get started on this board, there is a scam going around and showing up on these boards under different names. It is a work-at-home scheme. Don’t fall for it.

  • Lynda Groom

    ‘Credibility Problem’ is being too kind. The Speaker made a committment to the Senator and broke his word. In Washington if your word is no good you are no good.

    • Dominick Vila

      Speaker Boehner made a commitment to the nation when, after demanding substantial spending reductions, and getting a whopping $988B concession from Democrats, he agreed to avoid a government shutdown in May 2013. Obviously, he succumbed to Tea Party demands, which now call for higher spending reductions influenced more by ideological reasons and prejudice than economic and fiscal concerns. Boehner, the appeaser, is likely to lose his Speakership, will go down as one of the worst Speakers in history, and may drag the entire country down the drain along with him and what is left of the GOP.

  • disqus_ivSI3ByGmh

    Once again, Boehner has painted himself into a corner. He is now terrified to bring any bill to the floor that cannot pass on Republican votes alone. He knows if he does so, especially with a continuing resolution for funding the government that has no provision to defund or eliminate the ACA, the Tea Party will demand a caucus vote to replace him as Speaker. Who would they run? Paul Ryan? Eric Cantor? Electing either of those two as Speaker would be inviting the jackals to guard the gazelle herd. I would have said “lions” but they are at least respected as well as feared. Ryan and Cantor are feared and despised!
    Here is an even better scenario – the Tea Party demands a caucus. The Republicans nominate one candidate for Speaker, but the TP doesn’t like it, so their wing withdraws (and a chorus of “Halleluja!” is heard) from the caucus and nominates their own candidate. Then the Democratic caucus nominates someone else (hopefully not Nancy) for Speaker. When they initially get together to vote, the Democratic nominee receives the most votes, but not a majority. This leaves two scenarios. (1) The Tea Party withdraws from the chamber in protest at their person coming in 3rd, and the Democrat prevails in a runoff vote. Or (2) the Tea Party “bites the bullet” and supports the Republican nominee in the runoff vote.

    • charleo1

      Well, that’s right, once again Boehner has himself caught between the
      Devil, and the deep blue sea. He refuses to deal with his out of control
      caucus members. While demanding the President, and Senate Majority
      Leader, provide him something taken from the poor, working poor, and
      Middle Class, to placate the snarling T-Party jackals. Who continue to
      chew on his bright yellow underbelly. “This is not a game!” Of course
      Mr. Speaker. Then why must you continue to play? Surely this is not
      how you pictured those days when you, the humble son of a tavern
      owner, elected to public office. Would one day weld the gavel of the
      third most powerful man in the free world? Did you see yourself begging,
      pleading with the opposition to extricate you from a trap constructed
      solely by you, and your lack of courage to your own stated conviction?
      Your Party is rudderless Mr. Speaker. Turn to your Party, and lead!
      And if they refuse to follow, then for your Country’s sake, step aside.
      And allow the Country to deal with the rabble that rises up in your place.

    • Dominick Vila

      Speaker Boehner, and the Republican establishment, had a chance to marginalize the Tea Party a couple of years ago. They didn’t do it, and now he and the GOP are paying a high price for their ambivalence.

  • HelenRainier

    If, as Boehner claims, there aren’t enough votes in the House, then why doesn’t he prove it by allowing it to be brought up for a vote? Reason: he knows he’s wrong and he doesn’t want to proven to be as such.

  • jointerjohn

    Speaker Boehner’s credibility is so damaged he has to hire another guy to call his dog for dinner.

  • aquinas215

    There’s no major difference between today’s liberals and their communist ancestors.

    • ralphkr

      On the other hand, aquinas215, there is ONE major difference between today’s uber-conservatives and their Fascist ancestors…they don’t camps with crematoriums…yet.

    • iamproteus

      Which of your smelly orifices did that come from?

  • Bill

    The GOP is taking this country down, all the while crying, its their fault, they made me do it !!!!