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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Looking at the results, National Journal‘s Ron Brownstein finds “support for repeal has not significantly increased among any major group except Republicans and working-class whites since the Congressional Connection Poll last tested opinion on the question in July.”

Only majorities of Republicans and white voters prefer repeal over keeping and improving the law.

Essentially, every group the GOP needs to make inroads with — including seniors, independents, non-white and younger voters — prefer preserving the law or spending more to improve it.
obamacare repealThough the Republican Study Committee has outlined an Obamacare alternative and conservatives are increasingly discussing what a conservative plan might look like, House Republicans have never offered to replace the law with an alternative, even as they’ve voted to repeal it over three dozen times.

Repeal should be the only option Republicans should be considering, says GOP political consultant Rick Wilson.

“Don’t tweak,” Wilson writes. “Offer them full repeal only. Over and over. Upton showed a crack in their coalition. The tension and fear is building. Build a plan to pressure vulnerable red-state Democrats. Hang the stories of the victims of Obamacare around their necks. Make them bleed. Make them own it. Stretch out the pain until consumer and voter pressure does your work for you.”

Compassionate conservatism is heartwarming, isn’t it?

For many Republicans, there is certitude that the law is doomed to failure and if they can keep the focus on the law, they will destroy Obama, the Democrats and liberalism forever.

This hypothesis neglects the evidence that the law is working in states that are trying to make it work, and there is a chance that the close to 20 million people who are eligible for completely subsidized, or nearly completely subsidized, health insurance might be partial to the law.

It also ignores that the public still doesn’t buy the GOP’s “alternative” or the GOP in general. Perhaps pollsters should start asking people if they want to repeal the Republican Party?

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