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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Rep. Louis Gohmert: Failure To Raise The Debt Ceiling Is An ‘Impeachable Offense By The President’

Representative Louie Gohmert (R-TX) told a reporter with The Young Turks on Friday that the U.S. defaulting on its debt “would be an impeachable offense by the president.”

The reporter asked Gohmert, who was attending the Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C., “Will you vote for any deal, to any bill that would increase the debt ceiling?”

“That just depends on what it is,” Gohmert responded. “The word ‘deal’ concerns me…if it’s good for America…”

The reporter then asked, “Would you allow us to default on our debt?”

“No, that would be an impeachable offense by the president,” Gohmert replied.

The irony in Gohmert’s statement is that it is actually Congress’ responsibility to raise the debt ceiling. But while Gohmert isn’t yet sure if he’ll do his job, he has decided that if he doesn’t, he will seek to impeach the president.

There has been speculation that if Congress refuses to increase the debt ceiling, then President Obama could invoke Section Four of the Fourteenth Amendment and unilaterally raise the debt ceiling on his own.

The White House has said they see this action as unconstitutional, however, and will instead wait for Congress to raise the debt limit on its own.

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  • sigrid28

    The years it would take to slog through any law suit caused by acting on the 14th Amendment would eradicate whatever assurance this might provide for U.S. creditors on October 17th, because for as long as a decade, the value of the dollar could be unstable until this law suit is resolved. If the country defaults, there will be no way for the Republicans to disown or to avoid the dire consequences of their actions.

    • charleo1

      Good points. Great Post! And of course the Republican T-Party will continue
      to return to this poison well, as long as they control House. That’s why it is
      imperative that it be stopped now. Put as simply as possible, this must not
      be allowed to go on, every three or six months. The World is aghast!
      Today some markets were closed. But financial markets across a nervous,
      world, are holding their breath, and no doubt making contingency plans,
      But in actuality, everyone’s fortunes are connected to one extent, or another, in this highly interconnected global economy. An economy America has lead
      with great success, and integrity throughout the last 100 years, is in danger
      of losing that position. And our allies, trading partners, and yes, our creditors, are as incredulous, as I am. That a small band of radical extremists, could threaten the World. And, no one here, in the United States, has the power to stop them?

      • dtgraham

        Yes it’s received coverage north of the border for sure charleo. We’ve gotten TV footage of Finance Minister Jim Flaherty in Washington pleading and beseeching U.S. lawmakers not to default. That was quite a sight. Normally I hate to see someone down on their knees begging like that but in Flaherty’s case, I didn’t mind at all. I was even OK with the sobbing.

      • sigrid28

        Thanks for responding so kindly on a day when prospects seem so bleak. And just to commiserate all the more, here’s another thing that would, as my mother’s generation used to say, “frost ya.”

        Overnight on October 1st, Republicans in the house made and passed a new rule that would allow them to block any effort to force an up-and-down vote through a discharge order, as the Democrats tried to do on Saturday. That means that only the Speaker of the House can call a vote–no way to get around Boehner this time around.

        If the Tea Party can block needed legislation until it is too late through impromptu changes in House rules and continue to block legislation in the Senate through abuse of the filibuster, I think the Obama administration would be OBLIGED to do whatever it can to avert the disaster these Republicans intend to bring down upon us all. Under these conditions, it would be best if the president ordered the raising of the debt ceiling himself under the aegis of the 14th Amendment. This minority cannot be allowed to force the majority in the U.S. and the entire world economy over the cliff on a whim, just so it “won’t be disrespected”–especially when they do so without the consent of a true majority of the electorate.

        • charleo1

          I’m optimistic that in the end, there will be a way forward,
          that averts the chaos, and catastrophe. But at what cost,
          and for how long? The polls seem to indicate it will be Republicans who pay politically, and rightly so. But, it
          would ultimately be working American’s wages, jobs,
          and small businesses, that would suffer most, if a default
          on the debt were to occur. Further corporatizing the
          Country. As larger enterprises could weather the storm.
          Smaller ones, could perish. As for the President, this is
          about more than the debt limit. I think he is very
          concerned, whether a divided government can continue
          to function, if this becomes politics as usual. If those who
          are willing to harm the Country, for the sole purpose of advancing their own agenda, are rewarded with concessions they would not have otherwise received. But, it is also about the office of President, and what it would mean for the Constitutional role of the Executive Branch. If a President may be put under duress, and coerced, to act aganist his own judgement, and convictions. In order spare the Country
          great harm, from internal sources within the government itself. I believe Obama sees, by his consent to enter into
          talks, under these circumstances, enables, and encourages this behavior by precedent So, the President, in this case,
          for these reasons, has notified Congress, that on such grounds, he may not both, negotiate under threat, and
          defend the Constitution as it applies to the office of the President itself. And it seems to me, that is a very strong,
          and defensible position. As to his authority to raise the
          authorization limit. He has stated, under these conditions
          he does not believe it to be within his power. However,
          unlike any other branch of government. Who’s authority
          is spelled out, in fairly straightforward terms. The Executive
          Branch, which is the President, has depending upon the
          circumstances, and situation, is given great latitude, and
          exceptionally autonomous power to act in those instances
          where the case of defending the Nation requires immediate
          action. A nuclear attack would be a prime example.
          However, if, or when by the results of the action, or inaction
          of Congress, causes a National financial emergency, I think
          the case of the President acting to raise the debt ceiling,
          or, at least temporarily raising it, is also an extremely defendable position. And would act as a deterrent to any
          such future hostage situations. But, I’m not a lawyer, specializing in Constitutional Law, as the President coincidentally is. But, as a layman, it makes logical sense to me.


          • sigrid28

            Sensible people and people of good will are wise to worry about the president intervening under the auspices of the 14th Amendment, but with this caveat, I don’t see how we can avoid at least contemplating it. The behavior of House Republicans, who seem intent on throwing roadblocks in from of any bipartisan bill arising from negotiations in the Senate, suggests that the president would be wiser to intervene himself rather than capitulate to the Tea Party. The government may have to endure a longer shutdown, unfortunately, until the general public makes House Republicans finally understand that they must act.

          • charleo1

            You’re absolutely correct. Sensible people are, and with good
            cause, going back, looking for precedent, over two centuries of settled law. And any number of contingencies, that would allow the President to step forward, and protect the Nation’s interest. Bush sought out his own legal staff, for the opines
            of one lawyer, to provide legal cover for so called, enhanced interrogation techniques. Under the somewhat dubious auspices of National Security. And, let’s face it, what Attorney General would charge and lock away the Commander In Chief, with the troops engaged in pitch battle? As I am sure you know, there were times when Presidents just did things, and dared Congress to stop them. They didn’t, and the power of the office was expanded. Teddy Roosevelt, with his carry
            a big stick campaign, decided to send a fleet of navy ships around the World on a, “good will mission.” The story goes,
            T.R. had only enough discretionary funds to send the ships
            half way. He then advised Congress, it was up to them to vote for the money to bring them back. A disclaimer on that story. It was related to me by a high school history teacher. And, it occurred to me, I have not myself researched it in
            any way. So I’m more than willing to be corrected on that. Then, to to your other assertion, on the behavior of T-Party House Republicans. You are quite right. They are in
            a word unreasonable. A huge impediment to both House,
            and Senate, in reaching agreement on a budget. They
            start with the ridiculous, move to the absurd, and wind up
            the talks further from the opposing side, than when the
            negotiations originally began. In a nutshell, (pun intended.)
            Their purpose of negotiation is not eventual agreement.
            But, only to give the impression of reasonableness, to
            provide themselves cover for the complete breakdown of
            order they were striving toward all along.

          • latebloomingrandma

            All the above comments are great. I believe the President has to stand strong and firm against all these extortion demands, in hopes of putting the final stake in the heart of the insurrectionists. Most of the country will be waiting with bated breath to see if Obama will invoke the 14th amendment if the vote to raise the debt ceiling cannot be secured. This is sending a precedent for all future presidents, not to mention his remaining 3 years,.
            I can’t help but thinking of all those blowhards in my town who sit on bar stools and think they can run the country. It seems like that’s who has been elected to congress.

  • Lynda Groom

    If Congress fails to do their job it is somehow an impeachable offense by the President. Yeah I’ve got it…not! Does this idiot have any core values that don’t require self-destruction?

    • disqus_ivSI3ByGmh

      We are talking about Louis Gohmert here. He occupies the same universe as Ted Cruz where the laws of reality do not hold sway.

      • and Michelle Bachmann and nutcase Sarah Palin–and all of them are wealthy. Palin particularly, the hand-fed ass that brays for Rupert Murdoch. Not one of them is hurting because after all, they’re still getting paid for acting like spoiled 2year-olds… the whole effing mentality of the US is rich screaming and pouting like 2year-olds at average misfortunate underpaid, overworked desperate Americans– it’s my damn ball and I’m not going to share nothing with you–so just go to hell….and US is going to hell very quickly. The effing rich need to pay their damn taxes, shoulder the burdens they create with their selfish greed and at least see the daily dismal reality of Americans who are overloaded with work hours and debts. who for years suffered the additional bullshit of no medical care or insurance because of “pre-existing ” condiitons. Even “cynicism” can now be disclaimed as pre-existing condition because it is genetic.

    • TZToronto

      Interesting . . . If President Obama does not invoke the 14th Amendment to raise the debt ceiling, that’s an impeachable offense. If President Obama were to invoke the 14th Amendment to raise the debt ceiling, Saint Louie would be calling for his impeachment for usurping a power that resides with Congress.

      • latebloomingrandma

        Yep! That’s the teabagger mind, alright.

        • TZToronto

          Maybe Louie thinks he has a foolproof impeachment strategy. How’s that workin’ for you, Louie?

  • elw

    I wish someone had asked Representative Gohmert how him not voting to increase the debt limit would translate into an impeachable offense by the President? Do they even listen to themselves talk? Does anyone know if there is such a thing as a National recall of individual representatives?

    • charleo1

      Representative Gohmert is very important to the GOP.
      He is the link between the narcissistic, self aggrandizing
      half of the Party. And the total nit wits, and nut jobs,
      that comprise other half.

      • elw

        I am not sure how the two sides differ, but get the point; they all belong in the crazy house but suffer from different mental disabilities. In any regard they are incapable of doing the job they were sent to Washington to do:)

  • Buford2k11

    How did this guy ever get out of the third grade?

    • charleo1

      He was in the same school as Rick Perry, and
      George W. And the class was graded on a curve?

  • 4sanity4all

    Louie Gohmert wants to have it both ways- he doesn’t want Congress to raise the debt limit, but he would impeach the President if he does not do it. Even though it is Congresses job to do it, and although the Constitution says the President may do it under certain circumstances, a court battle could ensue? It is time for a mandatory workshop on how our government makes a budget and pays its bills for all elected officials. I hope the President does not give in to the demands that the GOP is attaching to raising the debt limit and funding the government. They can point the finger of blame all they want, the people know that they are acting like spoiled children. If they kick this down the road by providing only a temporary fix, they will be hoping that we lose interest and stop watching their every move. Keep paying attention, people!

    • TZToronto

      I get the feeling that most of these empty heads never took a course in civics. They seem to think that making stuff up is what legislators are supposed to do.