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Monday, October 24, 2016

Republicans who won’t stop trying to turn the 2012 Benghazi attack into the second coming of Watergate now have even less credibility. The House Intelligence Committee is preparing to release a report that states that the Benghazi scandal is — surprise! — not a scandal at all.

“The House Intelligence Committee, led by Republicans, has concluded that there was no deliberate wrongdoing by the Obama administration in the 2012 attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans,” Rep. Mike Thompson (D-CA), the second-ranking Democrat on the committee, told the San Francisco Chronicle.

The committee voted last week to declassify the report, and it will become available to the public once U.S. intelligence agencies approve.

According to Rep. Thompson, the report also “confirms that no one was deliberately misled, no military assets were withheld and no stand-down order (to U.S. forces) was given.”

The committee also found that while intelligence agencies knew there was an increased threat of violence, they “did not have specific tactical warning of an attack before it happened.”

Thompson added that “there was no ‘stand-down order’ given to American personnel attempting to offer assistance that evening, no illegal activity, or illegal arms transfers occurring by U.S. personnel in Benghazi, and no American was left behind.”

So Rep. Darrell Issa’s (R-CA) claims that then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told then-Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta to “stand down” are completely unfounded.

The report also found that a “mixed group of individuals” was responsible for the attack, and that while the administration’s talking points in the following days were “flawed,” they “reflected the conflicting intelligence assessments in the days immediately following the crisis.”

So although the Obama administration could have been more careful in developing Susan Rice’s talking points, there is no evidence that the administration actually knew who was behind the attacks right away. At the time, the administration stated that the attack was motivated by an anti-Islam video posted on YouTube. The chief suspect in the attack, the recently-arrested Abu Khattala, has even said that he was motivated by the video.

In a press release sent out on Monday, the Democratic National Committee noted, “There have already been seven investigations, 13 hearing, 50 briefings, and 25,000 pages of documents have been released. But that won’t stop Republicans from re-re-re-investigating Benghazi as a part of a crass partisan ploy to turn out the far-right base in November.”

As MSNBC’s Steve Benen notes, Benghazi has already been investigated by the Senate Intelligence Committee, the independent State Department Accountability Review Board, the Senate Armed Services Committee, the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, the House Armed Services Committee, the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, and the House Committee on Foreign Affairs.

But the investigations aren’t going to stop. The House Select Committee, spearheaded by Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC), is planning on spending more than $3 million to continue to investigate this incident. And if Clinton runs for president in 2016, the Benghazi conspiracy theories may never end.

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  • Dominick Vila

    And if there was an investigation conducted on the so called “IRS scandal” and the DOJ sting operation, the public would find out that the scandals that have dominated debate in the USA during the last few years were all politically motivated tactics by the most radical faction of the Republican party.
    The decision to put Benghazi to rest probably had more to do with the fact that it reminds the public of what happened when Republicans controlled the White House and Congress (9/11, 11 terrorist attacks against U.S. diplomatic facilities, deceit to justify crusades, and thousands of Americans killed or maimed) than whatever benefit they could muster out of the Benghazi tragedy.
    Last, but not least, is the need to project a semblance of civility and pragmatism in a midterm election year that, among other things, willingly exposes the innuendo and outright lies made by Rep. Issa. I don’t expect this report to mark a dramatic shift in Republican electioneering strategies, or consider it evidence of a new GOP, but I think it is a positive development deserving of respect towards those who had the courage to finally tell the truth.

    • FT66

      Whatever the reason they had in mind those who carried the investigation, taxpayers need to ask their money back which have been wasted for nothing. No refunding, then they should face the music. From there , may be they will learn not to jump into anything without thinking first that any single dime contributed by any taxpayer, never meant to be wasted.

    • highpckts

      All well and good, but, will it make the newspapers and the media? I doubt it! This needs to be shouted from all media! Although, I doubt, this is the end of the subject as far as Issa is concerned.

      • Dominick Vila

        We’ll be lucky if this decision appears on the back pages of local newspapers. The “liberal” media needs scandals to prosper.
        I think Issa is going to fade into oblivion, if nothing else because even his constituents are embarrassed by his antics.

        • highpckts

          From your lips to God’s ears!!

        • Sand_Cat

          Are you sure his constituents are capable of embarrassment;>)

          • plc97477

            If they were they would have apologized already.

          • Dominick Vila

            I doubt it.

  • Grannysmovin

    So the fiscally responsible party has cost the country millions on

    • Mark Forsyth

      The misnomer on parade.It’s a ship of fools and a circus of nothing but clowns from the insane asylum.

    • dana becker

      add to that the cost to fight DOMA. I am sure there is more to add to the list before all is said and done.

      Their words say one thing and their actions another.

  • FT66

    Bush Administration knew nothing in 2001 in a first ever major attack of those Towers and hijacking planes on American soil; How could Obama Admin knew what was happening thousand miles away in Benghazi?

    • latebloomingrandma

      Good point.

  • Mark Forsyth

    Did anyone here ever doubt that all these Benghazi investigations were a political stunt? Those hard line right wingers are no better at accepting the findings of all the various investigating committees,than they are at accepting a black Democratic president.Someone needs to teach those dumb asses the Serenity Prayer.
    Not that we will have trouble identifying them , but when some sorry excuse for a presidential candidate from the gop/t starts his Benghazi bashing,we will know immediately that they have nothing of substance to offer as a president.
    Well,we don’t have any doubt about that either.

  • Mortalc01l

    This should be front page news at every single organization in the USA that purports to being a NEWS organization; from CNN, to Fox, to the New York Times – Republicans and specifically Issa, need to be held to account for this witch hunt and abusive waste of taxpayer money.

    Between Benghazi and the IRS “scandals” how much money has come out of each and every one of our pockets to pay for it? Who will be held accountable for this travesty masquerading as an “investigation”? We ALL knew that this whole thing was an exercise in throwing shit at a wall to see if some of it stuck – all to get SOMETHING, ANYTHING on president Obama.

    The state of politics on the right wing in this country is beyond shameful – outright lies and slander being put forth as if it was in good faith, when in fact, Republicans knew all along that this was nothing but a politicized smear attempt.

    • latebloomingrandma

      I’m sure Hannity is writing his retraction of the scandal for tonight’s show.

      • plc97477

        I hope you haven’t bet the farm on that.

  • Jambi

    Let Jon Stewart and the Daily Show writers “inform” the nation! !!

  • plc97477

    They certainly spent a lot of money to find that out when they could have just asked me. I would have told them the same thing for nothing.

  • DurdyDawg

    Be warned! This will NOT satisfy the T-Turds or their butt sniffing fanatics BUT they will probably slacken down a notch (awaiting their next rumor) because if they insist on #.. (what is it now?) 53..? They must include their own party as liars and criminals. Yes, it was the Reps who dismissed these wasteful accusations and I’m sure the T-Turds are right now (behind closed doors) calling their own people traitors.. (laugh machine in full operation).