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Sunday, February 17, 2019

Reprinted with permission from Alternet.

Almost all congressional Republicans are scared of facing voters in town hall meetings over the long President’s Day weekend. Only 19 representatives and senators—a tiny number—will hold town meetings during the first recess of the current session of Congress, reports the Town Hall Project. But the group’s listing of these democratic mainstays barely tells the story.

An eye-opening Washington Post account revealed that Republican officeholders have been canceling planned town halls because they don’t want to face critics upset that they may soon lose their health insurance or see an increase in costs as the GOP plans to undermine Obamacare. Even worse, they don’t want organized progressive groups to show up with posters, video cameras, and a determination to challenge them in public while posting the confrontations on YouTube:

According to the Town Hall Project, which collates information about public town halls, there are no availabilities in Utah—where every federal officeholder is a Republican—over the coming week. That’s not a fluke. Just 19 Republican members of Congress have scheduled traditional town halls over the weeklong recess. Several more, like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY.), have listed ticketed events or ‘office hours;’ a few more have announced tele-town halls, which allow constituents to lob questions without risking a “YouTube moment.”

This cowardly response is nothing new from immoderate Republicans; it’s in line with their partisan ethic that “anything goes” to win, except playing fair. They cannot win in many states without gerrymandering federal and state districts, which allowed them to seize power after the 2010 Census. They cannot win widely in high turnout elections, hence their efforts to limit participation by creating barriers like new voter ID laws or restricting voting options favored by critics, like early voting on weekends.

Their partisan cowardice goes further by not wanting to reveal who is funding negative attack ads, thus they encourage super PACs to throw mud because they do not disclose donors. In contrast, they never stand up and say all sides should put forth their best ideas and allow citizens to decide, live with that verdict and fight another day. And in 2017, a new twist has emerged: the party that would stamp on others is hiding from voters.

Indeed, Republicans don’t like it when the tables are turned on them—that is, when their town hall meetings are not filled with angry Tea Partiers but with aggrieved citizens from their districts and organized progressives.

“Since Republicans took control of the House six years ago, helped by angry, viral town halls that embarrassed incumbent Democrats, big public meetings have become rarer and workarounds like the tele-town hall more common,” reported the Post. “But in the past week, as Indivisible, Organizing for America, and other progressive groups have become more open about demanding town halls, some Republicans have become bolder about shutting them down.”

A few are even admitting this is exactly what’s going on.

“In a letter to constituents first shared by the Knoxville News Sentinel, Rep. John J. Duncan Jr. (R-TN) said that he valued being accessible but would not indulge protesters by holding a public event,” noted the Post article. “I am not going to hold town hall meetings in this atmosphere, because they would very quickly turn into shouting opportunities for extremists, kooks and radicals,” Duncan said. “Also, I do not intend to give more publicity to those on the far left who have so much hatred, anger and frustration in them. I have never seen so many more sore losers as there are today.”

Needless to say, these Republicans are fine when their own propagandists are doing the yelling, namely those in right-wing media and related GOP groups, who conveniently ignore that progressives and others are doing what Tea Partiers have been doing for many years.

“The National Republican Congressional Committee denounced a ‘top-down effort’ to manufacture controversy,’” according to the Washington Post. “‘Fox and Friends,’ a cable news morning show that President Trump watches regularly (and praised in Thursday’s news conference), has frequently highlighted violent protests and hyped reports that some protesters are being paid.”

Such shamelessness is nothing new in Republican circles. It may even be part of their twisted political DNA—the attitude that everything they do is magically patriotic, all-American and justified. The truth is congressional Republicans are running away from the voters in their districts who have ample reasons to be angered at the GOP’s uncritical embrace of Trump and the far right’s extremist economic and cultural agenda.

What’s the word for elected officeholders not standing by their beliefs in public and facing voters in their districts? Cowardice, plain and simple, and that’s just the start.

IMAGE: Angry protesters outside Republican Rep. Tom Reed’s town hall in upstate North Harmony, N.Y. on Saturday morning, February 18, 2017, one of only 19 held by Republican House or Senate members over President’s Day weekend / New York Times video


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124 responses to “Cowardly Republican Legislators Canceling Weekend Town Hall Meetings”

  1. Godzilla says:

    Representatives don’t need Town Hall meetings to do what they were elected to do, and repeal ObozoCare is just that.

  2. FireBaron says:

    Isn’t it amazing what happens when they face actual constituents instead of people paid by the county Republican Committees to show up to make the halls look packed? They get asked real questions and have to come up with real answers! Of course, most of them that do show up still try the same old BS that has worked for them for years, only now people are really paying attention to what they are saying and doing, especially as it now affects their health, livelihood, jobs, etc.

    • itsfun says:

      They are not actual constituents, but they are professional paid protesters by the left. They don’t get the chance to answer questions because they are shouted down by the paid protesters. They are being denied their constitutional right of free speech.

      • bobnstuff says:

        Where do you get a job as a paid protester? If corporations are people even if the protesters are paid they are still voicing the speech of their employers and it’s still free speech and by shutting them down your are in fact denying them their right to free speech. I guess those people with money should use it to buy those good elected officials instead of sending people to town halls.

        • itsfun says:

          They are putting ads in the newspapers. Everyone has the right to free speech even the Republicans. Everybody doesn’t have the right to shout down others. If you approve of shouting down people and not allowing them to speak, then you are in the wrong country.

          • bobnstuff says:

            Funny I read the classified every day and have never seen one of those ads. Have you ever seen one? I bet that there are no ads. My guess is this is just another myth people wrap themselves in to feel good about supporting less then great issues.

          • itsfun says:

            Yes Bob I did see one, only one but I did see it.

          • 11thStPopulist says:

            Any proof?

          • I Am Helpy says:

            Don’t be stupid, he can’t take screenshots of his imagination.

          • 11thStPopulist says:


          • 11thStPopulist says:

            I am part of the continuing Woman’s March movement and have never heard of any ads being placed. Donations were taken to pay for the hundreds of “porta potties” needed to accommodate such vast numbers of people, but no ads. We communicate on-line.

          • iamproteus says:

            Did you happen to watch how trump treated those who sought to speak at his rallies? You know….those who were carried out forcibly with bloodied faces?

          • FireBaron says:

            Really? How about posting the link so we can all see it? Or is this something you and ‘Zilla came up with in your mommies’ basements?

          • itsfun says:

            Why would I post a line when people like you will just say the site is fake or unreliable or conservative and cannot be believed. Come out of your cave and open you eyes to what is happening.

        • 11thStPopulist says:

          Like the people Trump paid $50 each to be in his audience when he first announced his candidacy?

      • 11thStPopulist says:

        So who pays these protesters? I was one of the 1.2 million peace loving folks of all ages, races, and creeds at the D.C. woman’s March and no one was paid a dime. More lies from the alt-Reich liars of Breitbart, Fox News Corp, and the National Enquirer- who have no credibility. Bone brains who repeat such nonsense don’t have credibility either.

        • itsfun says:

          Are you talking about the peace loving folks that used the f-bomb in front of small children and wanted to blow up the white house. She was cheered on by these peace loving people. How much credibility do you have when you support that kind of behavior?

          • 11thStPopulist says:

            Who is “she?” The “F” bomb? Seriously? Well, BFD! Can’t believe an alt-Reich supporter, people who have justified the real bombing of a government building in 1995 by Timothy McVeigh that actually blew up 168 people, including 20 little babies and small children in Oklahoma City, could ever, EVER, have the audacity to talk/write about anyone else’s behavior.

          • itsfun says:

            Ever hear of Madonna. If you didn’t know about that, then you are completely ignorant of what is going on. Where do you come up with stupid things like justifying Timothy McVeigh? You are the only one I have ever seen that approves of McVeigh and the bombing.

          • 11thStPopulist says:

            You didn’t reference anyone. What kind of alt-Reich creep are you that you don’t even know who the heros of your movement are? There is a direct line from McVeigh’s message, which he acted out, to Dirty Donald Trump and his extremely ignorant base of anti-people, pro-gun, fake “Christian” militaristic, anti-constitution, fascist loving control freaks – like you keep trying to justify. Now, STFU. I am bored with you.

          • itsfun says:

            What a crock of BS you are. If McVeigh is your hero you are nothing more than a cowardly terrorists hiding behind our Constitution. You are obviously a coward. I don’t have a movement as you say. What is wrong with your brain, you are in need of mental health cars asap. If you don’t get help soon, we will be reading about you murdering innocent people for your BS imagined cause.

          • Thoughtopsy says:

            Poor little snowflake… did the celebrity say a bad word?
            Would you like some therapy? Or a safe space?

          • Thoughtopsy says:

            Oh that’s rich…
            Especially given your side held Tea Party rallies where they swore, burned effigies of the black president, and openly considered storming the Capitol building with guns and killing him.
            So were those Tea Party rallies all paid for because you all acted like primitive assh0les?

            Don’t even start when there’s endless videos of your angry white knuckle-dragger denim-clad morons screaming, yelling, fighting, swearing, and making pigs of themselves.

            Where were the urgent posts from you, clutching your pearls, and demanding they be civil, then, hypocrite?

          • says:

            hey moron it was DONNY DUMP THAT SAID (TELL THEM TO GO F*#K THEM SELFS ) blaaaaaaaaaa blaaaaaaaaa blaaaaaaaaaa brain dead clown

        • dpaano says:

          Again, I thank you for marching…..I was not able to do so because I have bad knees and can’t walk or stand for any length of time, so I thank you wholeheartedly for marching. I may not have been there in person, but I was certainly there in spirit and heart! Again, thank you. Keep up the fight!

          • 11thStPopulist says:

            Glad to do it. Right now we are making a big sign for a town hall meeting with a republican representative- that may chicken out and not show on Friday. Anyway, it has been guesstimated that for everyone who shows up at these demonstrations, they represent 500 others who feel the same way. But don’t let knee issues stop you. I saw many people in wheelchairs, with canes, and with walkers. Remember, Trump maligned people with challenges. The other marchers are very courteous.

          • dpaano says:

            I really wish I could, but I’m doing my part as best I can by donating and joining organizations that feel the same way.

          • 11thStPopulist says:

            Keep it up! Activism happens in multiple ways. Your posts on this site are insightful, too.

          • dpaano says:

            As are many of the other posters on this site…..many are VERY informative and insightful. What we DO need to do is to quit giving the trolls a place to air their BS…..I know it’s all about Free Speech, but it’s also all about my not having to deal with their idiocy…..I block them, and I recommend this to everyone else!!! It’s a whole lot less stressful to ignore them rather than respond….and they really go batshit when you ignore them!!!
            As a note, I’m trying to find a group in my area which is called “Indivisible-Long Beach.” If you’re interested, Google “Indivisible; A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda.” From what I understand from reading this publication, they are all over the U.S., and are pushing more and more of the marches, rallies, etc. There are groups all over, and it would be great if many of us could find one in our area and get involved even more! You can also find them on Facebook (which I don’t subscribe to). They have a website from what I understand. Maybe you and your wife can pass this on if you haven’t heard of this group. I suggest you download their booklet and read it…..VERY interesting.

      • Thoughtopsy says:

        You know… one day I’d like to see you use your brain before mindlessly absorbing and regurgitating Fox News lies.

        So you’re saying that instead of Republicans, living in Republican states being afraid of losing their healthcare… (which they ARE as polling shows)… and therefore turning up to a town hall to protesting the loss of that healthcare…. (which would be logical if you’re worried about something your elected representative is doing)… that, instead, there is a countrywide conspiracy, organised in less than 2 weeks, that ensures EVERY single town hall is swamped with Paid Protestors… and somehow all the locals who love their guy… what?… just didn’t turn up?… And somehow this is happening everywhere…

        So… some questions:
        – Who is paying these people?
        – Who is organising these people?
        – Where are the locals that would normally turn up to their own local town halls, that are obviously all going to be totally supportive of their chosen representative?
        Ooops. Yeah. Nowhere.

        Are there some loosely organised local protest groups at some town halls? Sure.
        Are they paid… nope.
        Are they likely local constituents who organised themselves. Yes.
        ARE THEY VOTERS FOR THE REPRESENTATIVE THEY ARE TALKING TO? YES. Numerous reporters have asked these people where they live… the huge majority live locally.
        Do they have a right to be there? YES.
        Have you seen ANYONE at a town hall who is supportive of the loss of Obamacare… No.

        Where was all this paranoid conspiracy nut hysteria when the tea party was mobbing town halls, and burning effigies of Obama outside on the street?
        Yeah… nowhere, you stupid hypocrite.

        I’m afraid there’s no easy way to put this:
        You’re an idiot.

        Answer me this:
        If you don’t like what your elected Republican representative is doing with the power you granted them… what is the “safe” way to let those little snowflakes know that?
        Apparently turning up at town halls and asking tough questions is too hard for their widdle sensibilities…. so what then, genius?
        Write a stern letter? (Which they can bin)
        Send an email? (Which they can delete)

        What is the “safe” way to tell your Republican Congresscritter that they are doing a sh1t job?
        Is there one?
        Or should you just shut up, listen to Fox News, keep mindlessly voting Republican, and die quietly when they cancel your healthcare?

      • FireBaron says:

        You are so full of it, that you are beyond pathetic! Once these morons find out that Teflon Donnie and company has only used them and plans on continually ripping them off, you will see amazing things happen. You will see a President, similar to Nixon, walling himself off in the White House, and slowly wallowing in agony while awaiting the Impeachment vote.

    • Elizabethkhulbert says:

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  3. itsfun says:

    They are cancelling because of paid professional protesters not allowing them to speak, They are denying them the right of freedom of speech. They should be held for violating the constitutional rights of the Republicans.

    • Eleanore Whitaker says:

      You are such a liar. I know at least 100 people who are not paid by anyone. They are Americans who know right from wrong. Something you were never taught. To you, up is down, down is up, right is wrong, wrong is right, good is bad and BAD IS GOOD.

      Try again Itsy. Your boy will be gone before long.

      There is not violation to open public peaceable assemble asshat. Read your Constitution. Hey stupid! In case you need help reading: First Amendment Rights of the U.S. Constitution: Congress shall make NO law respecting an establishment of religion, OR prohibiting the free exercise thereof, OR abriding the FREEDOM of SPEECH or of the PRESS; and THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO PEACEABLY ASSEMBLE AND TO PETITION THE GOVERNMENT FOR REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES.”

      Time for you hicks to stop your lying and your attempts to rewrite the intent of the Constitution. If you are trying to make the case for peaceably assembling, please do explain why you and your KKK hicks were photographed hanging Hillary in effigy in a TRUMP campaign rally last October. That what you asshats of the south and midwest call “peaceable?” Why the hell weren’t they in violation of the U.S. Constitution when that Indiana asshat Pence and his supporters along with Flynn at that Trump campaign rally yelled “Lock her up” and “Hang her!”

      You may have some doddering old woman you call wife and mommy all balled into one who Yesses you to death. I am not going to allow you to make up wild lies. You call your lies, I take ’em down. Get used to it.

    • StacyG says:

      It’s not only the constitutional rights of the Republicans, althought that’s what they seem to think. It’s the constitutional rights of all. The only “proof” of paid professional protesters is what has been broadcasted on Fox News, the most “reputable” news source that all on the far right seem to watch. I watched an interview with Kellyanne Conway after Michael Flynn resigned, and I can see why so many people believe everything that network airs. They seemed like reasonably rational people. The only reason why there was anything claiming that there are paid professional protesters is because that’s what Fox News claimed, and Trump is so popular there could never had been anyone at any of the rallies who was there on their own that was actually protesting Trump.

    • VulpineMac says:

      “They are cancelling because of paid professional protesters not allowing them to speak,”

      WHAT “paid professional protesters”?

      • Eleanore Whitaker says:

        I hope itsy comes to NY City and sees the “paid protestors” in front of Trump Tower ready to rip Mr. Lard Butt and his Slovenian Queen to shreds. They would do it for FREE. No pay needed.

      • itsfun says:

        How about the ones in Berkley all dressed in the same cloths or uniforms.

        • Bill P says:

          What kind of “cloths” did they wear? Linen, cotton, polyester, hemp? You must have a lonely life to write this unsubstantiated crap. Show proof of your paid protestors claim or be quiet.

        • VulpineMac says:

          Where’s the proof they were paid? Or have you forgotten all the pink caps with cat-ears that hundreds of thousands of women made for themselves and their friends on Jan 21? My wife made three of them, one for herself and two for friends that went with her.
          Just because they showed solidarity by wearing similar clothes doesn’t mean they were paid to do so.

          Show us proof that they were paid.

          • itsfun says:

            Try watching the news and reading. Are you saying the peaceful left that looted, burned, destroyed property at Berkley weren’t paid. If so you are saying the tolerant and loving left destroyed all that property because they can’t accept President Trump. Can you show where the terrible right rioted after Obama got elected?

          • VulpineMac says:

            Your lack of tolerance proves that there can be lack of tolerance in any society; that doesn’t mean they were paid to destroy. By your logic, the race riots of the late ’60 in which thousands of people looted shops, destroyed property and yes, even fought against police, were all paid by someone to do it.
            Humans are emotional creatures. Humans are violent creatures. Humans don’t need to be paid to do violent things. They only need to believe that violence is the only way they can make themselves heard over the crowd.
            When the powers that be choose to ignore peaceful protest, some will choose to ensure they will not be ignored. If you want to avoid conflict, learn how to listen.

          • itsfun says:

            Are you trying to convince me that riots and burning and hurting people, looting, etc. are good things? Are you trying to tell me I should be happy about that and gladly pay for the damages and be happy if some animal throws rocks through my windows? You are talking about threats like paying the mob for “protection” of my small business. You are saying that is a good thing. Humans aren’t violent animals like you are tying to make me believe. You may be one of the animals that riot and loot. Is your cave furnished by what you have stole from honest hard working people?

          • VulpineMac says:

            Is that what you want me to tell you? Well, too bad, snoopy; what I’m trying to tell you is that if you want to AVOID such scenarios, you have to listen and not try to suppress the people who are trying to talk to you.

            And unfortunately, there will always be a criminal element that will try to take advantage of any disruption; this element is not paid to cause disruption, they’re out for their own pockets. But one thing is for sure; they’re not going to be wearing “uniforms” when they do–unless they’re working for those trying to suppress protest by making them look like criminals.

            I would remind you that one of fascism’s greatest tenets is to accuse your opponent of acts you are doing yourself.

          • itsfun says:

            No one is trying to suppress anything. Some of the rioters at Berkley were wearing the exact same things. They are criminals when they destroy property and harm people. If you are trying to make believe the right is responsible for this, you are in a dream world. Peaceful protests are protected rights of all Americans, but destroying and looting is not. Denying free speech by shouting down a person is not a protected right. Why are people like you so afraid of free speech?

          • VulpineMac says:

            We’re communicating, right? That’s free speech. But when our elected officials choose to hide behind telephones, lock out protesters, sneak around like wayward children afraid of getting caught, THOSE people are trying to suppress free speech. And the only group of people doing this are the Republican congresspeople.

          • itsfun says:

            Republicans are NOT denying free speech by not being at a function. Those at the function can still say anything they want to. That would be free speech. Why go to a function when violent protesters will just shout you down and not allow you the constitutional right of free speech. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean I have to listen to you, it doesn’t stop me from leaving a function. The Republicans are probably afraid of being shot by the protesters. We have seen the left in action since January 20. They are doing all they can to destroy a new President. These protesters are just a bunch of whining kids with weapons.

          • VulpineMac says:

            When, as I have stated before, the Representative effectively hand-picks the attendees to said function, Freedom of Speech is being denied. Unlike a physical town hall, a phone call cannot be crashed. But even at physical locations, some locations have such heavy PAID security that access by “uninvited” attendees is next to impossible.

            These statements are not “fake news” because I have seen some of it for myself and personal friends in other states have told me about their personal experiences.

          • itsfun says:

            If the Representative hand-picks who can attend a function, and have highly paid security officers, how are protesters getting into the function. Are they breaking the law? If the attendees are hand-picked it is a private function any one else is trespassing.
            They are not uninvited attendees, they are law breakers. By illegally going into the private invitation only functions and disrupting and shouting down the speaker(s) they are denying free speech. If they aren’t invited they are not being denied anything. People have the right to hold private meetings. If they don’t like what is being said at the function, they can obey the laws of this nation and legally and peacefully protest the function by standing outside with signs and making speeches.

          • VulpineMac says:

            If I had thought you would be so hard-headed, I would have cut-and-pasted the “invites” and commentary to my own congressional Representative’s most recent “telephone town hall”, where people signed up to receive the call but ONLY people who agree with everything that Representative had done actually got to ‘attend’. He even made it VERY clear that he would only accept phone numbers from a specific group of people. This is not open-ness. This is not a ‘town hall’ where everyone gets their say. This was someone stoking his ego by only letting yes-people into the meeting.

          • itsfun says:

            What I was saying is if a function is limited to a certain group, then it is a private function. If someone not invited to that function crashes it they are trespassing and committing a crime. If a person says its a public function, then only allows certain people. then it is not a public function even if they call it that. What you Representative did was not a public function. Private functions are a fine thing, but should be advertised as such. In public functions, attendees should have the decency and manners to allow the speaker to be heard.

          • VulpineMac says:

            The point is that it was ANNOUNCED as an open meeting. But they chose to restrict attendance to only registered Republicans.

            Here is a quote from his announcement:
            We will be starting our usual teletown halls, as we have always done (over 50 since my election!). The first confirmed teletown hall will take place tomorrow night at 5:00pm. I will be calling nearly 80,000 constituents who live in the northern portion of the district and inviting them to join the event.

          • dpaano says:

            And we can only guess how those 80,000 constituents voted in the last election, right?

          • VulpineMac says:

            I was one of those constituents who did NOT vote for him. I’m a registered Republican and honestly I’m embarrassed with what the Party has become. I keep putting in my vote for more moderate candidates but the extremists have taken over both parties. There’s no chance any more for a Centrist candidate.

          • dpaano says:

            So very true. We need a more moderate middle-of-the-road person to run this country. There are a lot of really bad things going on that need to be dealt with, but there are ALSO many good things that came out of the Obama administration that need to be kept. I don’t seem much of that happening with this administration! They are so anti-Obama that they will do ANYTHING to do away with his legacy even if it means it’ll negatively affect this nation’s population!

          • dpaano says:

            I certainly wouldn’t put it past the GOP to send paid protesters to these events and then use that to blame the innocents that attend these town halls! Hey, it’s possible, right? They’ll do ANYTHING to make the protesters look bad and take the heat off their idiot representatives!

          • says:

            the GOP gang of pinheads have already sent in paid brain bead followers

          • dpaano says:

            This is just the excuse that naïve Republicans use when they can’t face the truth! I guess we could call it “alternate facts.”

          • says:

            and nothing to do about it because its too late its already done . do thy all just do their B/S to see if maybe thy can fix it some day ?

    • Thoughtopsy says:

      And yet…
      Reporters can’t find any paid protesters.
      Each person they speak to is a local.

      Isn’t that amazing.

      • dpaano says:

        But, you have to realize that the GOP has to blame someone, and they certainly aren’t going to blame themselves! So, they lie to themselves that these were “paid” protesters even when it’s been proven to be false!

  4. Mama Bear says:

    We must continue to confront these “lawmakers”. They have forgotten who their bosses really are.

    • Eleanore Whitaker says:

      I loved watching Chaffetz’s piggy face turn white as a ghost when he couldn’t control those 1500 people he thought would only be 200. He looked as if someone ripped off his balls and fed them to hungry lions. It was perfect.

      • Thoughtopsy says:

        That guy (Chaffetz) is SUCH an assh0le.
        He just said that there is no need to investigate the Flynn thing because “it has sorted itself out.”

        This is the guy who investigated anything and everything any Democrat did… and started fishing expeditions when he didn’t find anything.

        This is the guy still persecuting PP over a tape proven in Court to be a fabrication…. AFTER its been shown to be a fabrication… just to score political points.

        A Russian Prostitute couldn’t have done a better job of peeing on his principles, morals and ethics.
        What gutter scum.
        Look no further than the Trump-enablers and arrogant hypocrites in the Republican party for your “Basket of Deplorables”.

        I wouldn’t trust Chaffetz to buy me milk at the corner store. He’d hold a press conference there, about the pedophile ring hidden on the 3rd floor of the 7-11…. which only has a ground floor.

        Which dumbf**ks vote for these people?
        (That goes double for Gohmert… WTF?)

        • Eleanore Whitaker says:

          Normally, I am adverse to dismissing the foolishness of youth and ignoring their inability to speak with wisdom only age and experience grants. I prefer to listen to the young youths to see if their ideas fit what is best for the greater good.

          Chaffetz, Gowdy, Issa, Stephen Miller, Kelly Ann Conway, Cotton, Rubio and Priebus prove they are far too young and inexperienced to be more than middle aged “YES” People.

          I listened to the “Meet the Press” interview with Priebus and I was absolutely floored how like the garbled communication of Charles Manson, Priebus’s attempts at absolution of everything Trump was so obvious.

          Now I cannot be the ONLY American who knows BS when I hear it. Yet, right now the Republicans are do into massive coverup that they are using the same kind of veiled double talk Manson has used to play the innocent victim for the past 5 decades.

          According to Priebus this president has done more in 30 days than ALL 44 other presidents have ever done. This we are supposed to accept? He wrote MORE executive orders than all 44 presidents ever have. But not a single one of them has taken effect. Not one.

          • Thoughtopsy says:

            It is obvious. I didn’t know much about Trump initially, but literally 2-3 mins of listening to him and I fully understood he was a narcissist conman.
            I guess the final question is:
            What do we do with people who, en mass, are too stupid to spot when they are obviously being conned and lied to?

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            The BIG problem for right wingers and Trump lovers is that Americans are not the only ones who loathe this obnoxious, lying creton. I watched the UK House of Commons meeting yesterday and the name Trump was not exactly spoken in glowing terms. Then, there are the 1 million UK protestors who do not want Trump meeting with their Queen. Now that he has blown Sweden’s crime rate out of the water, the Swedes are not as happy about his lying either.

            You have to wonder about a guy who can’t tell the truth if his life depended on it…which at last night’s outing of Mannafort and Sater and their connection to Trump has Trump spinning in circles with his mouth running like Niagara Falls.

            He might fool half of the people in the US and the world half of the time. But he can NEVER fool ALL of the people of the US and the world ALL of the time.

    • dpaano says:

      Forgot? I don’t think they’ve EVER realized that it’s our hard-earned taxpayer money that pays their salaries! They actually make more by taking money from the lobbyists in Washington, D.C., so they really don’t care to listen to any of their constituents! This is just another prime example that we are the “forgotten” ones when it comes to politics! They only do the bidding of corporations!

  5. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    I am not in the least worried that not only will Trump be gone but Pence, McConnell and Ryan as well. What the right wingers want is NEVER going to happen: For all of us to gloss over Russian hackers into our election process. The very fact that they want this tells you how guilty they are of not only condoning election rigging but also participating in the same kind of government cover up.

    All of the Republican efforts to stop any investigations, to silence whistleblowers makes the Neo Nazi right wingers fit more neatly into the identical tactics Putin uses. This too the right wing condones. They love authority and are obsessed with the idea they can take our tax dollars and do what they damn well please with them and we will just allow it all. That proves what a bunch of immoral dipshits they are. They thump their Bibles on Sunday and the rest of the week, it’s back to their usual skanking around.

    One good thing, now that the Trump Immigrant Pogroms has “created jobs” for the whiny asses of the south and midwest who claim their jobs were stolen, let’s see how fast they run to CA to work on those huge farms, in slaughterhouses, doing the oil rigging cheap labor dirty, cleaning toilets in airports, being Nannies to phonies pretending to be wealthy, doing all their own landscaping and even better, working in a Trump hotel or casino and not getting paid for their work. Notice how silent they are now that they know they can’t bitch about “Trump’s Job Creation” he did especially for them? Don’t you love when you can make asses of the right by using their own words to ram down their hypocritical throats?

    When Chaffetz thought his town meeting in Utah might have possibly 200 people, his piggy face got pretty scared when 1500 showed up yelling, “DO YOUR JOB!” in his little piggy boy face. Now all the hick politicians think they’ll just get Trump to use the National Guard our taxes pay for to silence protestors.

    The real problem for right wingers? They are too stupid to live.

    • StacyG says:

      We can dream, can’t we? My fear is Trump will be impeached, and we will then be stuck with Pence, which while he’s more congenial and calmer, he’s just as bad in the legislation he has supported and passed.

      • Eleanore Whitaker says:

        Actually, the CIA and FBI both have documentation that Pence knew since January about Flynn being compromised. Neither Trump nor Pence did anything about it. The real Constitutional crisis is that an amendment is going to be needed regarding the right of succession. Here’s why.

        There is also evidence that the Speaker of the House Ryan who is 3rd in line to the presidency and the Senate President McConnell who is 4th in line ignored all of Sally Yates and Clapper’s warnings that Flynn might be compromised back before Trump was sworn in.

        So, if Trump, Pence, Ryan and McConnell go, it comes down to the 5th possibility, The Secy. of Agriculture. He has not yet been appointed.

        See the mess the Republican Party has created yet again?

    • VulpineMac says:

      My question is: Will they be stupid enough to force this into a full revolution or will they get some sense when they realize the vast majority of the People are opposed to what’s happening?

      But worse, it is unfortunate that so many people actually BELIEVE what they are being told by the Republican Party!

      • Eleanore Whitaker says:

        I don’t think the CIA or FBI will wait that long. Revolutions are costly to more than just human lives. One of the reasons Putin makes people disappear quietly is because he knows the history of Russian peasant revolts. That Bolshevik Revolution to this very day is the reason Putzy won’t go out into the rural areas of his country and try to play CZAR.

        Bloody revolutions, even those incited by phony Republican militia boys, end up regretting what they started.

      • dpaano says:

        Because they only believe what is aired on FAUX News because 45 has said that all other news medias are “false news.” Again, if you tell these people the lies often enough….they believe it! The GOP has a habit of keeping their base in line with the use of lies and scare tactics!

  6. The GOP is largely responsible for turning up a pot of fear and hysteria, and can be described as one of the leading catalyst for spurring the growth of a virulent sentiment gaining support. The longer the GOP remains complacent about Trump, and allow Trump to fan the flame of hate and divisiveness which the GOP ignited, the more chaos will spread.
    So, it is necessary that ordinary citizens see Trump and the GOP by extension for what and who they are—otherwise, the fear engendered by Joe McCarthy, Japanese Interment Camp mentality, the evil spirit responsible for an African and Jewish Holocaust in Sothwest Africa and in Europe, respectively, will be resurrected in full again.

    Already, we have White Nationalists emboldened to show their hate and ugly spirit in the open with confidence. Otherwise, we allow the 3rd Reich to be Born Again.

    Local voices must be raised politely and objectively, expressing the displeasure with the GOP, and any other political entities, for allowing this atmosphere of hate and divisiveness to grow and thrive.

    Trump represents—and this is no hyperbole—an unalloyed incarnation of a savage, atavistic, primitive force that has a unique ability to foment fear, hate, and acts of violence. That same unadulterated satanic force of the lower half of our humanity that was embodied in Hitler and Stalin is now manifest in Trump, and the GOP shares this evil force by its embrace of Trump, and by fostering a climate of hate and fear.


  7. VulpineMac says:

    When they’re not cancelling the meetings, they’re using “virtual town halls” over the phone where they can hand-pick the attendees.

    • Sundance98 says:

      *Yeah, we just attended one of those….and you are very correct…..they only pick and choose the power structures they want to ask the questions. They say they will get back to everyone with a real person…and never do.

      • dpaano says:

        They’re all afraid of the publicity that will come out of these town hall meetings if they show up in person. When people see how many of their constituents are not happy with the so-called “Trump Agenda,” they may see the light of their ways! And, the more publicity to the contrary for these yellow-bellied politicians, the fewer votes they’ll be getting in 2018! All they’re doing is protecting their asses!!!

  8. ray says:

    The republican’s true color is starting to show. A big yellow strip down the back.

  9. Sundance98 says:

    These elected folks have been dodge balling voters for is about time they stood up for their real constituents..Big Oil, Big Agra, Big Chema, Big Pharma and just tell everyone the truth….”These people give me money….you small time people….offer me nothing…”. The Good News it is time to “Remove and Replace D.J. Trump” from office as they said this morning on CNN. Where are the T-Shirts…we will buy several.

  10. Rippie says:

    What a bunch of bought-and-paid-for W4NK3R5!!!

    They KNOW they’re screwing their own party’s constituents ROYALLY!!

    The #1 demographic of welfare recipients in the US is Republican Po’Whitetrash in exurban and rural areas!

    That is a FACT for YEARS! And I mean an actual fact, not an “alternative” factelline a-la the GOP’s propaganda parade of liars and idiots!

    No wonder they’re scared to hold town hall meetings: They don’t want a beat-down!

  11. Thomas Martin says:

    Gutless wonders. Afraid of all the paid protesters (joke)? Maybe they should send their president our to “bullshit” all of us. McConnell and Ryan are gutless. Actually, what really has been accomplished since Trump took office?

    • dpaano says:

      Easy answer…..nothing! The only thing that has actually been accomplished is that 45 has totally pissed off several countries, has sown chaos within his own administration, and has proven to be an egotistical, naïve idiot!

      • says:

        and as of yesterday is in a full swing for an arms race more or less or for sure the start of one anyways . as for the other country’s he pissed off these are the ones that will side with anyone else but the DUMPSTER . other country’s will hate the USA all for one clown car driver DONNY DUMP Russia’s PUTTHEAD one can see why he would push the Nuke or want more because he in KGB DNA . DONNY DUMP just like the attention and trying to be a bully of the world . it will all catch up on the DUMPSTER but at what cost to America ? SCARY VERY SCARY

      • says:

        and the healthcare plan fro the DUMPSTER would be trump DONT care health plan

  12. notafoxfan says:

    ‘trumpites” elected these republicans along with president trump..many who have been interviewed were so ignorant of the facts, that they did not know “Obamacare” was just another name coined for the “affordable care act”, and many even stated,go ahead and repeal and replace obamacare as we have the affordable care act!!! I guess ignorance is bliss!! truly most of these elected representatives do not care about their constituents,but more, being a good republican follower and kissing the ring of trump..wait until the 2018 elections in some areas!!!

  13. Thoughtopsy says:

    Awww… are the widdle Republicans scarewed?

    To afraid to face your own voters…. well, well, well… that’s a new low.
    Who are the pussies now, #whineylittlebitches?

    I thought it was just the President that was the biggest Snowflake in America…. but no… I see he has a whole retinue of scared cowards who aren’t confident enough to stump for their actions or beliefs or policies to their own constituents.

    It appears you can dish it but not take it.
    It appears that you love it when you obstruct and sh1t on things, but can’t stand it when anyone else uses the same tactics.
    It appears you think that having screaming tea party nutjobs hanging effigies of Obama in the streets is great… but a person with cancer telling you calmly in a town hall that they’ll die if you take away their healthcare is “paid protesting” or “terrorism”.

    You f**king babies.
    Just change your name to the Hypocritical Coward Party already and be done with it.

  14. Nativegrammy says:

    Rep. Duncan(R-TN) says that he “hasn’t seen so many “sore losers” ” and is not going to give them a forum………What a poor excuse for being a abject coward, and this could apply to every one of the Republicans I have seen either running away from large turnouts of their constituents who are rightfully angry or some of the cowards go about insulting their constituents at a town hall event! The utter arrogance of these sickening control freaks is beyond infuriating…..everything these cretins have done for the last month has accomplished results that destroy peoples peace of mind, security, and futures in a multitude of ways and these indifferent idiots are just getting started. In addition to having a President who is the most mentally unstable narcissist, petty hate driven, fear mongering and quite clearly ignorant wretch in the most once respected and most powerful position in the world! It has passed being surreal, and on to another world a word has yet to be descriptive enough to apply to what we are living through!!! Trump cheapens and degrades the presidency with every utterance and “executive order”, lies with such ease it is frightening, stressful and sickening. “Sore losers”, NO Duncan, scared to death YES, ASHAMED, YES!!! Fed up with Republican lies, cheating, dishonesty, YES! The shameless hypocrisy from Republicans ignoring all that Trump has done, said, and his obscene behavior is beyond the pale. Twenty one Republican controlled states are at this moment putting up bills to, in the most vicious and racist/bigoted pinpointed ways, suppress the vote any way they can to maintain their base of power, at the expense of what made us a democracy, one man, one vote…what a joke, “one man, one vote” that feels like these days. ..New Hampshire has 40 bills pending to do just that, from their Republican controlled legislature…….DEMOCRATES WAKE THE HELL UP, grow a pair, get mad, get pissed off and fight the Hell back…….What the Republicans are doing does indeed, infuriate, and cause disgust and division in this country, as they go about mis-representing facts, lying ad nauseam, insulting, diminishing those who protest or those who will not comply with their destruction of the ACA, their attacks on the environment affecting our health and lives, next….. on to destroying Medicare and Social Security, the Consumer Protection Agency, Dodd/Frank you name it, Republicans will destroy it along with SURPRESSING any and all complaints and resistance! OR SO THEY THINK, maybe, hopefully they have woken us up out of complacency and silence, I for one am sick to death of being lied to every damn day!!!

  15. FrancEs 4 Chin Cuffy says:

    Breaking News- Billary Clinton will NOT be President

    • I Am Helpy says:

      Breaking News – no such thing as a straight homophobe, closeted Nazi dude.

    • Fat Cobra says:

      Yes and the FBI is on to your kiddie porn ring too!

      • FrancEs 4 Chin Cuffy says:

        Hey Fatty- you jealous? Buy American and HIRE AMERICAN

        • dpaano says:

          Are you going to go out and pick the fruits and vegetables in the fields? You know, the stuff that the immigrants in this country do for you because you’re too lazy to get out there even if you’re unemployed! I hope you enjoy the higher price of our produce and agricultural products because we’ll have to import them from Brazil this year! And, I hope you don’t mind seeing our farmers selling their farms and filing bankruptcy because they no longer have the money to get their crops picked for the markets!

        • keka says:

          Yea ask your AH Leader up in the WH to bring his and his daughters manufacturing back to the US….You call yourself a patriot but don’t care that Putin is still pulling the strings…..Dumb

        • Franklin Mandrill Forchinsky says:

          How’s Becca? Mandrill, Baby!

  16. Lynda Groom says:

    Who needs go listen to the people when you have a party driven agenda to follow? Besides surely anyone who is not in agreement must be getting a paycheck from Soros.

  17. Fur Hunter says:

    These are supposed to be representatives of the people. If they are not going to listen to the people, why are they in office? I can only hope that at the next election, people remember all that is happening and realize that most politicians don’t give a rat’s @$$ about the people. They are greedy, lying, self-centered, @$$ kissing ba*****s. Their own pocket books and power are the only things of interest to them.

    • dpaano says:

      See my note above about the “Indivisible” group that is gathering all over the U.S. I downloaded their publication, and I was very impressed by their guidelines. They are putting together groups in many of the U.S. states, and it would be great if we could all get involved! For those of us who can’t march due to disabilities, it offers other outlets that we can do to raise awareness of this administration’s incompetency.

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