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Friday, October 21, 2016

Republican Rep. Rivera Slams Romney On Immigration

Republican Rep. David Rivera slammed Mitt Romney on immigration during an interview on Monday, accusing Romney of failing to lead on the issue.

Rivera, a Cuban-American who is widely considered to be a power broker in Florida’s Latino community, told Buzzfeed’s McKay Coppins that “”I think Hispanic voters expect more details as to what that ‘permanent solution’ might be that [Romney] keeps talking about.”

“Gov. Romney has taken positions on issues other than the economy. Immigration shouldn’t be an exception,” Rivera added. “I think he could show more leadership on the issue by unveiling a specific proposal.”

Rivera speculated that Romney has not clarified his plans on immigration (or taken a position on President Obama’s executive order halting the deportation of DREAM Act-eligible youth) out of political cowardice.

“I think they’re probably worried about wading into a quagmire where whatever he does he will be criticized from the right, and have it not be satisfactory to those for whom the issue matters,” he said.

As Coppins notes, Rivera is the only Latino Republican in the House who does not serve on Romney’s Hispanic Steering Committee. Romney has kept Rivera at a distance because of the ongoing investigations into Rivera’s finances. According to Miami-Dade prosecutors, Rivera “essentially live[d] off” campaign contributions for almost a decade, paying four mortgages and traveling the world without ever earning more than $28,000 a year.

Unlike Romney, Florida Senator Marco Rubio has refused to distance himself from Rivera. Despite Rivera’s troubles, Rubio has publicly defended him to the press and held fundraisers on his behalf.

Rivera’s decision to speak out against Romney could be a sign that Rubio — who is far more moderate than Romney on immigration reform, and whose relationship with Rivera has been described as “one step below blood” — also does not see eye to eye with the Republican nominee on the issue. That, in turn, could be another sign that Rubio is not going to be added to Romney’s ticket as his running mate.

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  • howa4x

    Romney has made a deal with the devil and now is trapped by it. He sold his sole to the right wing to grab the brass ring, and issues like this make it more illusive. He is trying to thread the needle by making statements that lack any detail, not just on this issue but on all of them. He is lucky that the right wing is racist to the core, and that is the only reason he is even in this.

  • So, a Cuban-American berates Romney for failure to articulate an immigration policy. Let’s see. Cubans don’t need visas to enter this country if they can make it to the high tide line. In fact, they are welcomed with open arms. How about we give that same option to Mexicans, Guatamalans, Dominicans and Haitians? Then we will have equality in our immigration policy.

    • You don’t really know anything about Cubans issues! While almost everyone who comes to this country can return to his or her original place of birth, Cubans don’t have that luxury. That is the reason not all immigrants “are created equal”.

      • joceandre

        No , not almost every one have a place to go back to as assumed. After returning them to their country of origin they are certain not to be heard from again because they will meet certain death. While the Cubans are welcome ,other neighbors of theirs such as the Haitians and the Mexicans are not. And all of that is because corrupt governments were being supported by the CIA and that my dear has cost a lot of people their lives.

  • bigspender7

    “I don’t remember what I said on that particular occasion. But whatever I said, I stand by it now.” — Mitt Romney.

    In truth, how can Romney be expected to remember anything he’s said in the past? As a serial liar, Romney makes up his stand on issues to suit his audience of the day. Since he holds no firm views on much of anything, he can easily shift gears as needed. Fortunately for Romney, his core constitutency is unconcerned about the truth so he’ll be just fine.

    • many can not read the truth but wait for their cheer leaders to tell they what he meant when he said it. rush and newt ‘ll tell’em what to do.

  • hey Mitt listen up! they’re here, they care and they vote!! the purge didn’t work!! the latinos coming to a election near you!!!!