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Friday, October 21, 2016

Republican Texas Comptroller To GOP: ‘It’s Not All South Of The Waistline’ On Women’s Issues

Susan CombsTexas comptroller Susan Combs, a Republican, publicly criticized the GOP’s obsession with women’s health and body issues on Wednesday.

In an interview with the Washington Times, the top elected woman in Texas pointed to Tuesday’s off-year elections as evidence that the Republican Party has a difficult time appealing to women.

According to Combs, women care about three issues above all others: their families, their jobs, and their futures. But she says that the GOP’s positions on women’s issues -– positions that frequently damage women’s health — ignore women’s main concerns and turn women away.

“Tell me that you give a flip about women’s interests,” Combs said. “If all you want to talk about is my biology, gee, what happened to my brain? That is my point.”

Though Combs does not actually encourage her party to change its stance on particular issues –- rather, she advocates Republicans change their focus — her argument is reflective of a growing number of women who reject the GOP because of its well-known positions on women’s rights. Just this week, Republican senator Lindsey Graham (SC) announced he would introduce a 20-week abortion ban; it will  probably never make it to the floor in the Democratic-controlled Senate, just like another 20-week measure that passed the GOP-controlled House this summer.

This fixation on women’s health and bodies is a large part of the Republican Party’s outreach problem. And Combs is certainly not the first person to realize this about her own party. After the 2012 presidential election — in which President Barack Obama beat Republican candidate Mitt Romney among women by 56 percent to 44 percent – the Republican National Committee admitted in its Growth and Opportunity Project that the party would need to better “connect” to the issues most pressing for women to earn their votes.

The committee, which called on the GOP to be “inclusive and welcoming,” also warned that not doing so would “limit our ability to attract young people and others, including many women who agree with us on some but not all issues.”

For Combs, this means realizing that when it comes to women’s issues, “It is not all south of the waistline.”

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  • Sand_Cat

    The scary part is that 44% of female voters who voted for the Mittwit

    • 4sanity4all

      Some very religious, frightened women really like to be told what to do. It gives them security knowing that there are rules, and if they follow them, they will get to heaven, or something. They fear change. They believe that if everyone follows the rules, we will all be safe. They hate to question authority; it makes them feel insecure. Personally, I cannot comprehend how any woman with a brain would go along being dominated like this, and substituting someone else’s judgment for her own, but they are out there. And they generally vote Republican. And you can bet that their husbands do, too. It makes these husbands feel so secure knowing that his wife will never question his authority over their household. So they smugly keep going to Tea Party rallies, and voting Republican, because it is all so, you know, American. What really scares me is that many of them are college educated.

      • Allan Richardson

        Men and women both. The only difference is that the men have some chance to sit on the rules making committees, so they are submitting to the “laws of God” as interpreted by them and their buddies, while the women are submitting to the “laws of God” as interpreted by the men, especially their fathers, brothers, husbands or boyfriends.

        Just like the Taliban except with a different brand name.

  • Dominick Vila

    The biggest problem affecting the GOP when it comes to the female vote is not so much their position on issues such as abortion, but the demeaning or condescending way they treat women. Many conservative middle age and elderly white males see women as an object created to serve them, procreate, and bake cookies. For many of them women should not even have the right to vote or voice an opinion, and those who challenge them or deviate from their dictum deserve to be insulted and chastised (think Limbaugh).
    It will probably take a generation before our Neanderthals are gone and replaced with more forward looking citizens.

  • disqus_ivSI3ByGmh

    Here are some of the ways the GOP tries to attract voters.
    1. To attract women voters, they believe the need to ban abortions, remove WiC, eliminate HeadStart, delete the tax deduction for child care and not support Equal Pay.
    2. To attract Hispanic voters, they believe they need a Constitutional Amendment to make English the ONLY language used in the country, and they need to treat everybody with a Hispanic name (except for Cubans) as Illegal Aliens, even if they came from Puerto Rico, which is part of the United States.
    3. To attract Black voters, they want to reduce poling times, reduce the option to file “early ballots” and add Voter ID laws whereby people who do not have ready access to a DMV office must get to a DMV office to get a Voter ID.
    4. To attract young voters, they try to pass legislation restricting them from voting where they live most of the year, and making them vote where their parents live.
    5. To attract military voters, they increase the spending to defense contractors, but block pay and benefit raises to active duty military.
    6. To attract veterans, they reduce the funding to the VA.
    7. To attract seniors, they make it more difficult to claim Social Security and Medicare benefits and allow companies to raid their pension and 401K programs.
    And, here is my favorite – they insist on counting every prisoner, unmarried service member and illegal alien in the state during the 10 year census to maximize their population for Congressional Apportion, but do nothing for any of those people otherwise.

    • Allan Richardson

      Just like they managed to count 60 percent of the disenfranchised slaves in the census before the Civil War; and they were TRYING for 100 percent population credit for a group of people of whom ZERO percent could vote! If they could get away with it, they would ask the census to count their cattle, hogs and chickens (which, in their opinion, was what the slaves were).

  • Budjob

    I would like to share the following words of wisdom courtesy of Albert Camus.”Do not walk in front of me,I may not follow.Don not walk behind me,I may not lead.Just walk beside me and be my friend.” Republicans in general had better start treating women as equals.Their demeaning attitude really pisses me off. If the good Lord created anything better than women,he is keeping it for himself!