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Friday, March 22, 2019

New Jersey governor Chris Christie’s scandals seem to have taken a toll on his presidential aspirations. A New York Times/CBS News poll released Wednesday shows support for Christie as a presidential candidate is dwindling, even among members of his Republican base.

The poll finds that a staggering 41 percent of Republican voters don’t want Christie to run for president — 31 percent of those polled said they would like to see him run, while 26 percent said they do not know enough about him to make a decision.

Christie’s appeal to the middle also seems to have evaporated — 33 percent of Independents polled responded that they would not like the governor to run for president, while 32 percent said they would support a Christie run, and 35 percent don’t know enough.

In contrast, Democrats polled threw support behind Hillary Clinton in large numbers — 82 percent of Democrats said they would like to see Clinton run, while 13 percent would not, and just 5 percent said they did not know enough about the former secretary of state to decide.

Before Democrats start celebrating the certain election of Mrs. Clinton, it’s important to note that a poll this far in advance of the general election does not give an accurate view of what the 2016 presidential race will look like.

The New York Times/CBS News poll included five possible Republican candidates. As a testament to just how unstable the Republican field is, other possibilities included in poll are: Ted Cruz (TX), Rand Paul (KY), Marco Rubio (FL), and Jeb Bush (FL). None of these scored higher than 30 percent on the “don’t know enough” question in the poll. More than half of Republicans — 59 percent — responded that they don’t know enough about Senator Cruz.

The poll was conducted over a period of four days in late February. A total of 100 people were polled, 52 men and 48 women. A majority of those polled were white, high-school graduates, registered voters, and currently employed.

AFP Photo/Jeff Zelevansky

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14 responses to “Republicans To Christie: Don’t Run!”

  1. FT66 says:

    Good that this poll is out about Christie’s run for Presidency. This proves to all people that Fox News is the News Network which exists only to mislead. I remember 3 days after the news were out about bridgegate, CNN took poll and see how people think about Christie. The Unfair and Unbalanced News Network jumped on it without thinking that it was too early to comment on it. It was their man with a heavy voice, Tom Sullivan repeating on radio again and again and again that nobody cares, the polls are out. One has to ask himself; are these people really serious in what they are doing? Are they really thinking in whatever they say? or are they there only to make their daily bread?

  2. disqus_ivSI3ByGmh says:

    Any Republican who responds they don’t know enough about Cruz or any Democrat who responds they don’t know enough about Clinton either think the rest of us are stupid, or are too stupid themselves to be allowed into a voting booth. The only people who say they don’t know enough about either person – considering both have attempted to get more news coverage on themselves than Presidents Obama and Putin, AND the Olympics – really wants to support them but are afraid to admit it.

  3. howa4x says:

    Christie might not survive as governor. Last night he changed his story again this time saying he didn’t talk to Bridgette Kelly personally and fired her through someone else and said also because of her potential criminality he didn’t want to find out what she knew. This contradicted his press conference statements saying he fired her in person. Christie is acting more like Nixon every day as investigations move closer to him. Now of course he is lashing out at the press saying it’s all their fault for keeping the story alive. Straight out of the Nixon chronicles.

  4. Budjob says:

    Sorry,but I am Bushed out,and the other three Cruz,Rubio,and Paul will soon be diagnosed as certifiably insane!

  5. Bob Stauskas says:

    Clearly, there’s no major difference between liberals, democrats, socialists, marxists, and communists.

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