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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

A top Senate Republican on Sunday said the new consumer agency created by last year’s Wall Street reform law to protect the public from financial fraud was “Stalinist.”

Speaking with David Gregory on NBC’s “Meet The Press,” South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham defended the GOP’s filibuster this week of the president’s nominee to lead the new body as stemming from concern about its power and independence — exactly the things most consumer advocates think makes it a valuable new tool in an era of Wall Street speculation, predatory lending, and illegal foreclosure.

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4 responses to “Republicans Compare Consumer Protection To Stalinism”

  1. rustacus21 says:

    … that Conservatives see everything Democratic as “communist”, “stalinist” or w/some type of “nazi” inferences? Of course, Conservatives misunderstand what happened between 2001-2009, as much as their inherent misunderstanding of Democracy itself. & since they were locked away from the public & unfamiliar w/the criminal schemes, thievery, corruption & executive incompetence, that now has them confused as to why there are still as many as 15 million of the 22 million workers left, who were employed during the Clinton administration, why so many Americans are being evicted, due to criminal schemes by banks to con consumers into loans, whose terms would later be altered, all to inflate the payback price, or enforce eviction if the homeowner were unable to pay, or why credit card, education loans, car loans, etc., are now all going into default at unprecedented rates, due to that same joblessness, of course they don’t comprehend the purpose of dept of consumer protection. If Conservatives mean the consumer needs no such protection, they should have guts enuff to say it! If this is indeed the case, they have no business in elective office, given the circumstances of the the criminal behavior of banks, investment agencies & the govt itself (between 2001-2009). Meanwhile, we see an exact replay of the corruption which caused the Republican Depression of 1929, b/c of no regulation! Whatever Conservatives were elected for in 2010, their behavior is more closely aligned w/soviet-era party members of preference, who allied themselves w/officials paying the handsomest bribes! THIS is why Conservative Republicans are so familiar w/this aspect of communist politics & behaviors! What else is money good for, afterall?

  2. BrianJ.Gould says:

    all republican leaders are from, and Identify with, the wealthy who are for the most part sick with greed. They live off the middle class. Let me repeat that, they live off the middle class. Middle class buys their products and services and has traditionally had enough income to support those purchases. But the middle class has been sucked dry of spare money and indeed can’t keep up with their own lifestyle infrastructure henceforth the aggressive grabbing for whatever they have left by banks and other financial interests. You can’t get blood from a stone. You would think the objective of all concerns would be strenghtening the middle class because that’s what keeps this whole economy afloat. But no, in the name of regaining power the republicans have adopted the hinder Obama at any cost. Well the cost is going to be a virtual eviscerating of the republican office holders. good work you guys, you screwed everyone including yourselves for your twisted, illogical, self destructive ideology.

  3. John St. Clair says:

    Republicans (Wall Street proxies) fear the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau because it won’t be subject to control by lobbyists. They don’t want the CFPB to be independently fighting for consumer protection. It is amazing to me that my conservative friends refuse to follow the money trail to see how Wall Street and other big money interests (Koch brothers, etc.) are controlling Republicans and many Democrats as well. We need an independent CFPB to fight for the common people.

  4. Schelin says:

    John, I fully agree with you. We have needed the CFPB for a long time, too bad that Elizabeth Warren isn’t heading it up. She’s about the only one I trust anymore

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