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Saturday, December 16, 2017

7 Responses to Republicans Find Scant Support For Healthcare Bill

  1. Seeing as how this bill is worse than the house version, I don’t think you’re going to find enough support for it. That being said, there is still the arm twisting that seems to go with unpopular legislation, but given the mood of the larger majority of the country, I think that more than a few of these senators are looking over their shoulders to see who might be replacing them.

    • I hope so, but you’re relying on these people to be more scared of Dems than of the extremist assh0les in their own party.

      I think when push comes to shove, and McConnell says:
      “Have some extra pork for your state so you can get re-elected, and if you don’t vote for this Now, you will be the Republican traitor that destroyed any chance of us keeping our promise to repeal Obamacare”… They will all fold…

      Except maybe Collins and Murkowski(?)… (Who appear to having functioning brains. Probably due to being women.)

      Hope that isn’t the case… but I think it will go that way. 🙁

      • It also could be that they are thinking about their wounded colleague and wondering who’s next. There are just enough crackpots out there to make a bowl of jello nervous.

      • It would appear that women overall have more capacity and wits when it comes to decision-making, better instincts, intuition, more evolved sense of empathy in Congress and at the local levels. There are noticeable exceptions, as witnessed by the likes of Michelle Mulkin, Anne Coulter, Megyn Kelly, and like-minded women.

        A modicum of testosterone in aging men in Congress who never had any real experience with knowing hardship firsthand, plus a higher probability for crustiness to build up in their arteries from so many years of being belligerent, is all it takes to warp their minds. These afflictions target conservative men in particular.

  2. FLASH!! The GOP is failing to find broad support among colleagues for their assinine healthcare proposal.

    I wonder why.

    Is it because some GOP legislators actually have a brain and commonsense to go with it?? And is it likely that lately these same partially competent legislators have come to the same conclusion that the rest of had the perception a priori to know that there was no way the GOP would have the intelligence and spiritual capacity to craft a compassionate bill, free of strings attached by big Pharma and Insurance lobbyists, that would include a generous supply of compassion for the average American?

    The current GOP crop is a reflection of the dearth of acuity and insight, so commonplace among an electorate whose minds have been largely emptied of rational thinking abilities, as a result of decades of FOX viewing and listening to pompous air bags on Right Wing radio and websites.

    • The GOP members most publicly opposed to this bill are Senators from relatively rural states which will feel the most negative impact of its effects.

      • Let us hope that the more pragmatic and clear-headed GOP legislators will see their way to tell Mitch and Ryan to take a hike in the mountains in Appalachia, and not come back until they’ve achieved enlightenment.

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