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Friday, October 21, 2016

When Rick Perry got in the presidential race, the clamor among Republican activists for fresh blood seemed to ease.

But now that he’s had two poor debate performances where he got hammered for a relatively moderate record on immigration and his mandatory HPV vaccine for young girls — and now that he lost an early test vote at a Florida straw poll he worked hard to win — conservatives find themselves looking once again for another White Knight. And this one is big:

With the party’s frontrunner sagging, Chris Christie is reconsidering pleas from Republican elites and donors to run for president in 2012, two Republican sources told POLITICO.

The New Jersey governor has indicated he is listening to big-money backers and Republican influence-makers, and will let them know in roughly a week whether he has moved off his threat-of-suicide vow to stay on the sidelines of a presidential race that remains amorphous heading into the fall, the two sources said.

Republicans see an electable, tough-talking budget guru in Christie, despite his presiding over a downgrading of his state’s debt (most of the damage was done in previous administrations, to be sure).

And perhaps most important, despite his moderate stances on some social issues, they see someone without the kind of blemishes or political weaknesses that Perry and Romney have displayed over the years.

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  • kurt.lorentzen

    I don’t think the Republicans need a savior, just a viable candidate. I was certainly dismayed as Perry rose to the forefront, but I think even GOP mainstreamers fear Romney. He might have been a successful businessman, but his political record shows him to be the wishy-washy poll troll that he is. Perry was the Romney alternative and came through the starting gate with a full head of steam. But the Florida straw poll served to re-affirm my faith in human rationality as Herman Cain’s message trumped the “cowboy way”. Christie serves as an antidote to both Perry and Romney. It’s clear that independents like me, and even party moderates, are neither fooled by Romney nor inclined toward another Bush leager. Christie could well be their man if he’s up to it – and that’s a big if at this point.

  • Durdy

    “he is listening to big-money backers and Republican influence-makers”

    … And THAT’S the blunt of it, not the people, not the issues but ‘big-money backers’.. and it’s not limited to Reps but to all political contenders of all parties large and small. Why must Big B’ness get involved with an issue that concerns the citizens of this Nation? Where we’ve got the internet which can spread the word virtually free of charge instead of investing millions of dollars to later pay back in special favors to men (and women) who only see progress in $$$ signs.. and to insure the voter doesn’t get the upper hand, continue to enact the electral college that no longer has any relevance in this modern information reality.. So there you go, we the people, allowing the media, propaganda disguised as public relation and big corporate moguls offering us a yes or no, a one or the other.. A bad or worse scenario all the while giving us a deadline to decide and a ‘sure thing’ if we decide to vote contrary to their desires .. Money can’t buy everything but it sure as hell can create mass control.