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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Republicans May Be Dealing Obama A Winning Hand

Dec. 26 (Bloomberg) — Barack Obama probably will have to pull out a familiar card next year: the luck of the draw.

In winning the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination, the president defeated political heavyweights, starting with Hillary Clinton. His other triumphs were facilitated by lots of luck.

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  • dfrosenzweig

    I wish your writers could realize that every election is about economics. If the economy has changed during a presidential term it is always blames on the incumbent President, and their party, even if a mess was inherited by the president upon their election to office. This is where all disagreemants seem to occur between the political parties occurs. The economic changes that both parties want to see occur, and vocalize during election campaigns, is what determines most voter’s decisions at the voting poles. The economy is about our incomes and finances, and that’s what determines what we can afford and who we can afford to have as our President. Why would any voter want to help determine the presidency of a candidate who works against their financial status. These are changes Americans don’t want to see be made, for the most part. Working and voting americans are looking to maintain their status quo, rather than see it change and risk their day to day stability. My prediction: even if Obama’s job performance is suffering in the poles, he is less risky than any of the Republican candidates right now, because of the tax beliefs being expressed and supported by the Republican party, to have in office concerning the financial stability of working Americans – people who are putting forth their efforts to make ends meet.

  • k.drone

    The Republican candidates are not that great, although Bush dollars backing Romney is a key issue facing opponents to the Republican victory.