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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Republicans Threaten U.S. Government Shutdown Over Obamacare

Republicans Threaten U.S. Government Shutdown Over Obamacare

WASHINGTON (AFP) – Twelve Republican senators including potential 2016 presidential candidates Marco Rubio and Rand Paul threatened Thursday to try and shut down the U.S. government unless funding to Obamacare is halted.

President Barack Obama’s historic health care law, his biggest domestic legislative achievement to date, is being implemented in stages, and conservatives have ramped up their opposition, insisting it is too costly for U.S. businesses and families.

With the U.S. budget requiring a six-month extension, known as a continuing resolution, once fiscal year 2014 begins this October 1, the conservative Senate faction has scented an opportunity.

“We believe the only way to avert disaster is to fully repeal Obamacare and start over with a more sensible, practical approach to reforming our health care system,” the lawmakers, led by Senator Mike Lee of Utah, said in a letter to Majority Leader Harry Reid.

“We will not support any continuing resolution… that funds further implementation or enforcement of Obamacare.”

Lack of a continuing resolution would force the government into a potentially disastrous shutdown, and several Republicans oppose the move.

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  • Dominick Vila

    The reason for the latest Republican frenzy to find ways to get rid of ACA is obvious, they know that once it is fully implemented (on Oct. 1, 2013, the start of FY14), and people realize the benefits of the new program, it will be almost impossible to get rid of it.

    • dshutts

      They said that about Medicare too,

      • Dominick Vila

        They also said the same thing about Social Security, and they are still determined to privatize SS and replace MEDICARE with a voucher system.

  • dshutts

    The term is ” Congress and the President ” are threatening Government shutdown

  • Joseph Squerciati

    We had an election and guess WHAT you guys LOST .It would be nice to see anything resembling a jobs plan from the GOP

  • toptwome

    Republicans can act like lunatics but now more people will see that the Affordable Care Act is going to help them. If your job does not provide health care you will be able to get it in the Exchanges that will be provided. You will get subsidies if you are make below a certain amount. This is a win for America and it is a loss for those who really do not care about people who go bankrupt from hospital bills. Now insurance companies have to spend 80 percent of every dollar on care. They will not be able to kick anyone off their insurance plan because you or someone in your family gets sick.