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Monday, March 25, 2019

Competing Democratic and Republican proposals to extend (and in the former case, expand) the payroll tax cut for workers enacted at the start of this year each received roll call votes in the Senate this week, and while the Democratic plan gained majority support only to fall short of the 60 votes needed to block a filibuster, the more interesting numbers were on the Republican plan. There, senators facing potentially tough general election fights like Scott Brown in Massachusetts and Dean Heller in Nevada were more likely to back party leadership and support a payroll tax cut extension, even as a majority of Republicans rejected it.

The dynamic where leaders and senators who actually might face Democratic challengers find themselves diverging from rank-and-file conservatives played out over the summer when it took a lot of wrangling for John Boehner to pass a debt-ceiling increase in the GOP-controlled House.

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9 responses to “Republicans: We Always Love Tax Cuts (Just Not For The Poor)”

  1. hardroc says:

    They just can.t help it.When the teabag crew are thrown out,don’t say we told you so.

  2. John St. Clair says:

    “It would appear there will be more legislative brinkmanship, Republicans threatening to allow taxes to rise on workers and the middle class unless they get to gut environmental rules. Under Obama, they’ve learned they can get what they want this way.”
    There is no reason for Obama to cave into any Republican demands. It would be better to let the payroll taxes rise than to give into demands to gut environmental rules or to cut spending to offset the payroll tax cuts. Hiking taxes on income past $1 million is clearly the best way to offset the payroll tax cut.

  3. GoodGuyNY says:

    The reason the Republicans do not support the ‘payroll tax cuts” are because the cuts affect Social Security. They are not a Federal Income Tax cut. The Social Security tax is necessary to stay ahead of the ever increasing need by our seniors when the retire. If Obama truly wants a tax cut, cut the Federal Income Tax not FICA.

  4. GoodGuyNY says:

    The Tea Party will be around a lot longer than you think. Check out Middle America—the Heartland. The Farmers and workers that made and keep this country great. The poor bastards that have to get by on $400 a week. They are the Tea Party. And there are MILLIONS upon MILLIONS OF US.More than you would ever believe.

  5. doc4cd1 says:

    Lost within this well written piece was the note that the Democratic plan had achieved a majority, but not the sixty needed to stop a Filibuster. I am pretty sure that the founding fathers NEVER envisioned that the filibuster would become the cornerstone of the undoing of majority rule.

    If there are 100 Senators, 51 equals a majority. The filibuster was concocted to allow ONE SENATOR to object to the Majority view. However, it required that Senator to take the floor and hold the floor CONTINUOUSLY until either that Senator relinquished the floor or the Senate voted to end the debate (hence the sixty votes).

    The Radical Reactionaries have managed to usurp the entire process with little more than a grunt of acquiescence by the Media to the fraud taking place.

    I can only hope that when the Radical Reactionaries rant about what President Obama has not done that someone quickly and forcefully reminds them that they HAVE usurped the process and that they should sit down and shut up. Wake up America, these bozos are stealing our democracy right under our noses!!!

  6. terango.lf says:

    Maybe the Dems and Obama engineered it so that when the middle class tax cuts expired when they do, so they could put the GOP in the hot seat during the election year? I hope so. And I further hope that the Dems don’t back down. Between the OWS and this tax issue, the 99% will clean the GOP’s perverbial clock this next cycle.

  7. freethinker says:

    Excuse me, but the Republicans did back the cuts but wanted to offset them by reducing bloated government and not by playing Robin Hood. However, in case the author was too ignorant to notice, the cuts are for Social Security deposits and the Social Security bucket, already full of IOU’s, is becoming rapidly insolvent.

  8. Dennis W says:

    Republicans should look with concern at what is happening in Greece. The new government there determined too many well off people were not their paying taxes. Any person earning more than 100,000 euros a year or more has not been paying taxes. Is there anyone who knows how to convert euros to dollars? Is that $150,000 a year or better? That’s a lot of taxes not collected. No wonder Greece was going under. And all the while the GOP was saying it was socialism that was doing it. Guess we know now how much of their comments we can believe.

  9. mightylou says:

    The Republicans who are in the 99 or 98% are never used or wanted until election time, other than that the Republivan only care about the have and not the have nots.They give tax breaks ONLY to the rich and NOT the middle class or working poor. 1 out of 3 in America is at on in POVERTY. The Republicans are hypocritical.

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