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Friday, March 22, 2019

Rick Perry’s new Iowa TV ad compares Barack Obama to conservatives’ favorite Democratic president to hate, Jimmy Carter:

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3 responses to “Rick Perry Ad Compares Obama To Carter”

  1. DorothyJeanReynolds says:

    When we don’t have enough oil to feed our oil addiction, this is another dumb ad. If he would advocate alternative energy, it not only would cure us of oil dependency, but create new jobs, but that would annoy his big rich oil buddies, who want us to go war again with a middle easter country and try to steal their oil. It didn’t work before, and won’t work again.

  2. terango.lf says:

    Nixon, Reagan, Ford, Bush 1, Clinton, and Bush 2 have all been recorded as saying the exact same thing. So I give Perry a Great Big “Duh Huh”.

  3. rustacus21 says:

    … I suppose. So what apt comparisons should we attribute to Mr. Perry? Apt comparisons would be of secessionist confederates, who embraced the type of wage slavery still in existence in TX. More currently, we could certainly compare him to Goober of the Andy Griffith show; an oblivious big mouth, always w/a handy foot to insert. Here’s an even better one: the village idiot, who could make people laugh & laugh, but somehow befriended all the right & influential people, til he found himself in charge, with no idea how to execute the responsibilities. Gosh, does that ever sound familiar!!! Over the last this last 20 years, we’ve had 2 people from TX. in the W.H. Both complete, unequivocal failures! History isn’t American’s forte, obviously, but American’s can’t possibly be no so dumb to listen to another TX politician who, yet again, is unable to chew gum, walk & see the direction he’s heading – simultaneously! 4 most humans, not difficult at all. But there’s something about TX., I have a feeling. My Mom always said never leave small children in the summer sun, due to heat-induced brain damage potential. I think that may explain somethings…

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