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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

By Christy Hoppe, The Dallas Morning News

In mounting evidence that Governor Rick Perry is preparing for another presidential run, about a dozen New Hampshire Republicans are scheduled to visit Texas next to meet with the governor.

The New Hampshire Journal is reporting that Perry has engaged GOP strategist Mike Dennehy to organize the meeting. Dennehy is well known in the Granite State, the first state to vote in presidential primaries, where he helped engineer victories for John McCain.

Dennehy, according to the report, is working through Americans for Economic Freedom, a group created with seed money left over from Perry’s last presidential campaign and organized by his top supporters.

Perry has been using the group to promote his message for economic growth, and to visit Democratic-controlled states to meet with business owners and run ads featuring the governor.

He has just completed a trip to New York, where he made the rounds of morning talk shows and suggested that he and Governor Andrew Cuomo should hold a debate over economic philosophies. The challenge prompted the Democratic Governors Association to respond by sending out a clip of Perry’s “oops” moment in the 2011 debate when he forgot the third of the three federal agencies he had pledged to dismantle as president.

Perry is expected to speak to the New Hampshire officials and political activists about the Lone Star State’s economic success and the landscape heading into 2016.

“I believe that people will give him a second chance if he decides to run for president,” Dennehy told the Journal. “That is the nature of America and that is certainly the nature of New Hampshire.”

Photo: Gage Skidmore via Flickr

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21 responses to “Rick Perry Bringing New Hampshire GOP Political Activists To Texas”

  1. Independent1 says:

    Should Rick actually win the primary for a 2016 presidential run, which I think is very unlikely, I would hope any contender would simply start focusing on the disaster that Rick Perry has created in Texas. Yes, he’s apparently turned Texas into a business magnet but unfortunately, he’s done that at the expense of everything else in the state. He’s cut spending on virtually everything outside of whatever he thinks will draw in new businesses and create jobs, such that Texas has the worst overall rankings in the nation on almost anything you can think of.

    If it’s not related to creating jobs or in some way funneling money into the pockets of the rich, it’s quite likely that Texas ranks within the bottom 5 in the nation in whatever you think of; be it something to do with police protection, education, healthcare, the level of poverty, help for the needy, corruption of political officials, industrial disasters, the short changing of help for senior citizens and needy women and children. pollution of the environment and on and on.

    If Rick actually got the nod, and a contender focused on what Texas really looks like and do you want America to look like that?? I doubt seriously he’d even get 40% of the vote (just a few percent more than every Republican voting for him).

    • terry b says:

      You sound like me describing our horrible governor in Wisconsin! Walker is considered the worst governor of our lifetime. Even in the job area he has been terrible. His policies have kept new company’s from coming to Wisconsin. He wants to run for president to. Apparently his being called an asshole on national TV (HBO) doesn’t seem to bother him. I could go on and on but I’m sure you probably seem the similarities between him and Perry. Have a great day

      • Independent1 says:

        Yeah! Not much that I’ve come across with respect to Walker’s performance in Wisconsin has been positive except what appears the be cover up type propoganda from the Walker administration itself. And actually in some respects, Walker may actually be worse than Perrry, in that, Perry’s at least creating jobs in Texas whereas it appears Walker has been terrible at job creation in Wisconsin. Hopefully a positive side for Wisconsin though, may be that Walker hasn’t allowed business to totally destroy the Wisconsin environment like Perry has done to Texas. (You aren’t having the problems in Wisconsin with the left over residue from the use of shale oil like I think there’s been reports of in Michigan are you?? At least I think that’s what I’ve reads been happening around Chicago.)

        • terry b says:

          Walker has got a terrible mining operation up in northern Wisconsin that will probably pollute a major river as well as the land area up there. He has created hazards to businesses moving to Wisconsin because of his massive attack on public education. He has created a law to force women to have a medical procedure done/charged to women that they don’t need or want when having an abortion. Add the fact that there have been two scandals involving him. Has Perry hired 6 people who committed felonies after being hired? Walker is the only Wisconsin politician that I have actually ever hated. He is disliked by close to 50% of the public. Hopefully that will help in November. He did survive a recall in spite of his being referred to as a known criminal prior to the election.

          • Independent1 says:

            Thanks for the added info on Walker. Let’s hope he gets voted out in the next election. We’re hoping that we get LePage voted out here in Maine in November. He’s been a disaster here as it appears Corbett has also been a disater in PA. What Republican governor is worth anything?? I can’t think of one.

          • terry b says:

            It’s almost like I’m talking to myself! They used to have decent candidates. Now they like to remind me of Adolph Hitler of all people. The American Taliban is another of my favorites along with the Nazi’s. Always liked the 1st one though. The Crazy’s!!! Have a great week.

        • ThomasBonsell says:

          But Perry han’t create any job in Texas.

          Sure, there have been jobs added in Texas but added from two sources. One is the boom in oil extraction and refining. Perry is responsible for none of that.

          What Perry has been responsible for is the luring of businesses from other states to relocate to Texas in order to pay lower wages and pay less taxes. That creates no new jobs but retards the creation of jobs elsewhere because it deprives states with reasonable wage rates the cash flowing throughout their economies. With near poverty wages in Texas not much money flows through the Texas economy and that retards new job creation there. The net result is a retardation of job growth throughout the nation. As president, from where would Perry steal existing jobs?

          The lower wages paid in Texas also hurts the nation. With Texas workers paying little taxes as opposed to Connecticut paying much more there is less in the US Treasury, resulting in higher debt and deficit.

          Perry would make the problems of the United States worse, not better.

          • Independent1 says:

            Thanks for the added info. Actually, if you really take a close look at any of the Republican governors, what has any of them done that’s positive for the citizens in their states below the richest 5%??
            While in the process undermining almost the entire economy which is why 20 of the 23 states with more than 15% of their residents living in poverty and sucking the most welfare including food stamps are GOP-run states.

          • ThomasBonsell says:

            South Carolina also fits well into this category. Its governor attracted Boeing to build a plant there a few years ago for the low wages it could pay and the tax avoidance it would have. By Boeing not paying its normal amount of taxes, the workers of South Carolina must pay more on their lower paychecks or the state must do without many services the state needs. It has chosen to offer substandard education. This was much easier for South Carolina politicians to do rather than find a way to re-energize the textile industry that used to be a major player in South Carolina’s economy. Then the politicians will brag about the “new jobs” they created when they have created none.

            Saw on the TV news Monday evening where Texas has enticed a Southern California firm to move several thousands jobs to Texas on the same old lower wages and tax avoidance. That only makes matters worse for the nation without creating a single new job.

          • Independent1 says:

            Yeah! While I was reading the top part of your post I was going to mention that Perry had suckered that Southern California firm which is Toyota, to move 3,000 workers from, I think, around the LA area to outside of Dallas. What are some of these large employers like Toyota thinking??

            All they apparently think about is money, and obviously the Perry Administration must have offered Toyota a sweet deal – but they give no thought to the absolute cesspool that they’re moving their operations into – I won’t go through again the 20 plus quality of life measures that Texas comes in at often close to worst in the country.

            And as you pointed out, Perry will try to take credit for creating 3,000 jobs when in fact zero jobs were created – 3,000 will be lost in California to offset the 3,000 supposedly created in Texas. The GOP just loves to play these kinds of shell games!!!

            Just like when they claim they want smaller government when all they really want is to gut every federal government agency that tries to put controls on businesses’ money-making schemes that endanger our lives or the planet, while they go about adding hundreds of thousands of government jobs, even in state and local government, that try to control ‘HOW’ people live their lives. (Data I have says that during Bush 2s 8 years in office, 950,000 jobs were added to all forms of government in America, while well over 600,000 of them have been cut under Obama.)

          • ralphkr says:

            “As president, from where would Perry steal existing jobs?” Well, I think Perry figures on stealing jobs from Mexico. If Perry could just have the power as Prez he could eliminate minimum wage, ss, pollution regs, all other regs pertaining to business, and eliminate all taxes on businesses he probably thinks that we could steal jobs from Mexico, India, China once US workers settled for a sensible wage such as a quarter per day.

          • ThomasBonsell says:

            Excellent points.

            But none of them would be of much value to Americans or the nation. Maybe Perry would forget about that, also.

          • ralphkr says:

            Oh, but, Thomas, it would be of great value to the only Americans who matter, i.e., the Koch Bros (who stand to make many millions from XL) and their ilk who are out for themselves and screw America in their quest for unlimited riches.

  2. terry b says:

    Rick Perry and Rick Santorum are cut from the same bolt of cloth that Adolph Hitler came from. With these two it is religious fanaticism combined with fascism while Hitler didn’t allow religion into his crazy belief system. Perry and Santorum remind me of Hitler. Romney was referred to as Hitler Lite by 75% of German citizens because his speeches matched Hitler’s run to become Chancellor. Kind of scary. Hitler had his war on Jews. The GOP has its war on women. Both parties (Nazi, GOP) do not like gays or minorities along with the poor and others. What kind of a country would we live in with someone who is totally lacking in the ability to treat all of our citizens equally? This is something that the GOP is incapable of at this time. Keep them from winning anything significant, especially the presidency. Evil does triumph once in a while. I’ve seen it in Wisconsin. I don’t want to see it in our country.

  3. hjs3 says:

    C’mon the guy is a clown and his record in Tx. reflects that fact. The good news is that Comedy Central is probably having trouble containing themselves while SNL is licking thier chops…Gov. Good Hair will stirke again. It’s almost a sure thing…

  4. jakenhyde says:

    I wonder if his handlers will be able to keep him sober enough to make that run for the oval office? My guess is that he’ll once again be his usual bumblin’, fumblin’, stumblin’ drunken candidate.
    Kind of reminds me of that ruddy-faced guy who calls himself speaker of the house.

  5. Jambi says:

    He’s Old School Politics in the 21st Century…jobs created include minimum wage (there’s another subject) menial labor jobs which in turn create more needy citizens who aren’t going to get the political sympathies of Gov. Good Hair…

  6. Allan Richardson says:

    If he had as much honor and sense of responsibility as the just-resigned Prime Minister of South Korea, he would have apologized for his no-regulation policies and retired from politics after the never-inspected fertilizer plant blew up in West.

  7. bob says:

    perry will not even become the GOP nominee,i guarantee it, and even if he did his votes would be limited to gun wackos and bible thumpers who want to send poor women into back alleys for pregnancy terminations.
    so since perry would get the gun wackos and bible thumpers you may be assured that regular people will vote for any opponent with a more rational appeal

  8. Bill says:

    What does the GOP hope to happen in 2016 with the complete lack of people to run, just look at the house and senate, completely crazy!

  9. johninPCFL says:

    Cool. Once again Perry and Santorum can take hatchets to the remaining GOP primary contenders and hack them up so badly that whoever wins can’t compete in the general.

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