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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Gov. Rick Scott’s War on Zika: ——— 1. Whenever a new Zika case is confirmed in Florida, I will immediately rush to that county and stage a “round-table” discussion. This will calm fears in the local community, and lead tourists to believe that it’s still safe to visit. 2. If no actual round tables are available,…

28 Responses to Rick Scott’s List Of How To Fight Zika In 14 Easy Steps

  1. Great article! I’m still chuckling. But what’s even more crazy is that what Carl describes here as Rick’s 14 Steps for Fighting Zika is probably almost text book for what could be described as to how every GOP leader of a Congressional Committee goes about handling an investigation into one of the myriad of fake scandals he or she has created to justify their existence.

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    • The article is amusing, but not far from reality. I live in Central Florida. When we had our house built 15 years ago, the mosquito control folks use to spray the area every evening like clock work. That service stopped a few years ago, as a result of cost cutting efforts. Could have the spread of the Zika virus been prevented if the same measures that were used for decades in mosquito plagued Florida had been retained? I don’t know, but at least our state government would have been able to say that they did everything they could to prevent it, instead of spending their time trying to deflect attention from what may be a self inflected malady.
      At a larger scale, let’s not forget that when President Obama requested a $2B appropriation to fight Zika and develop vaccines, Congress rejected his proposal, and responded with a $1.2B offer conditional on de-funding Planned Parenthood.
      I can just imagine what would have happened if President Obama had ignored the issue, or if we had a media focused on true journalism, instead of one more interested in ratings and profits.

  2. Voldermort has been an absolute disaster for Fl., thanks GOP. Thanks also to all those voters who thought electing a million dollar medicare scamer, twice was a good idea.

    • …and it is not as if we didn’t all know that Rick Scott was the founder and CEO of Columbia HCA, the outfit found guilty of defrauding MEDICARE and given the largest fine for that crime in U.S. history.

      • But…but…Dom!
        He’s a Successful Businessman!
        He Says It Like It Is!
        He’s not Politically Correct!
        He’s not an Insider (Ignore that re-election thing)!
        No Abortions!
        If you get the Zika Virus it’s your own damn fault! Take some responsibility! Skip two or three meals and buy some Deet! Don’t have sex!
        You’re not from here, are ya?

  3. Until the northern tourists cancel reservations to spend millions in the state the GOP governor as well as the Florida repubs in Congress and the Senate start doing something constructive. And from what I hear that has already started to happen.

    • What may prompt these idiots to do something about the spread of the Zika virus is a dramatic reduction in the number of retirees from the Northeast and Midwest that move to Florida every year. Most buy or have houses built, pay cash for them with the equity they got when they sold their houses in expensive areas, and moved to a more affordable market. Retirees account for about 40% of the Florida population, and a major source of income for the state.

  4. Does Gov. Rick Scott need to be portrayed as so cynical and callous just because he puts himself and his political career ahead of legitimate needs of Floridians?

  5. Why do the good people of Florida elect such a nemesis to general society as Rick Scott. And even more egregiously, why did they re-elect him. Have the humidity and hurricanes down there sapped Florida voters of their ability to think clearly?

    • For the same reason most of my neighbors have Trump signs on their lawns, and Trump stickers on their pickup trucks next to their confederate flags.

      • you poor guy. Last Presidential election I hosted a group of young volunteer organizers for several weeks. I took the opportunity to join them when they visited a local black church one Sunday. It was an amazingly uplifting service and the preacher (apparently as he does every service) admonished the congregation to refrain from putting Obama stickers on their cars and yard signs. He said “you and/or your property could be harmed and besides, we will unlikely be successful in changing anyone’s mind with bumper stickers and yard signs”. That might have been the wisest advice I had heard regarding election safety.

        • The 2016 Democratic ballot in my extremely red district is about 1/4 the size of the Republican ballot. Democrats are not even running for many of the local and state seats up for re-election because a “D” after their names means defeat; and when it comes to yard signs and car stickers, I have only seen one Hillary car sticker thus far, compared to dozens of Trump stickers. Also, according to our local newspaper, Republicans outnumbered Democrats by two to one during early voting.
          When it comes to Florida, every county from Volusia (Daytona Beach) to Jacksonville, through the Panhandle, to Pensacola, are as red as you can get.
          Democrats hold their own around Orlando and Tampa, and dominate the heavily populated South Florida. If Democrats vote in large numbers in South Florida, Hillary has a chance to win FL.

          • My experience was that Volusia was the blueberry in the raspberry patch. Until recently, I lived in New Smyrna Beach and was a poll worker.

          • I’m not too far west of Pensacola, Dom, and yeah, that’s why they call our white sandy beaches The Redneck Riviera.
            “Progressive” is an insurance company.
            The Hillary sticker means somebody lost a bet.
            However! One of the things I’ve noticed about many of our transplanted seniors — especially the grandmothers — is a strong Yankee preference for Democratic presidents.
            Bonne chance mon ami!

          • Glad to see I am not the only Democrat living in a bright red district!
            The key to turn Florida blue, in addition to Northeastern immigration, which is going to take a few more years, is mobilizing Democrats. Everything suggests that South Florida, and parts of Orlando and Tampa, are going to lean Democratic. I hope that’s enough to offset the crimson red vote in “God’s Country”.

        • Most of my neighbors are not poor. Many are upper middle class folks who go on nice vacations, drive fancy cars, and go to expensive restaurants. I can’t say what drives all of them, but for some of the ones I know, issues such as deporting illegal immigrants, banning Muslims from entering the USA, eliminating welfare, overturning Obamacare, and carpet bombing towns occupied by ISIS, are like music on their ears.

          • So, in other words, living is all about them; and ensuring what they consider to be “their safety’ and ‘their rights’; even if that infringes on the rights of everyone not like them.

  6. Hmm, Zika causes problems for babies and can result in microcephaly. No wonder Republicans refuse to fund the battle against Zika. They see a generation of microcephalic Republican voters in the offing.

  7. What can we do to prevent Republican governors from endangering the lives of their citizens? Gov. Rick Snyder in Michigan allowed Flint Michigan’s water supply to be poisoned. Gov. Rick Scott cut corners in Florida by slashing mosquito-control programs and Florida’s testing lab. Gov. Snyder knew he had a serious public health problem because he installed water coolers in Flint’s state office buildings a year before the crisis hit the press. Gov. Scott knows that his state is doing nearly nothing to combat a rapidly escalating hazard.
    What can citizens do when our governors are trying to injure us?

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