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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

WASHINGTON — This week’s elections around the country were brought to you by the word “overreach,” specifically conservative overreach. Given an opportunity in 2010 to build a long-term majority, Republicans instead pursued extreme and partisan measures. On Tuesday, they reaped angry voter rebellions.

The most important was in Ohio, where voters overwhelmingly defeated Gov. John Kasich’s bill to strip public employee unions of essential bargaining rights. A year ago, who would have predicted that standing up for the interests of government workers would galvanize and mobilize voters on this scale? Anti-labor conservatives have brought class politics back to life, a major threat to a GOP that has long depended on the ballots of white working-class voters and offered them nothing in return.

  • sherrpie

    I have gotten some emails from you, and let me say…you guys still don’t get it. People are fed up with the existing parties. Republican and democrats are one in the same. The whole system is corrupt and you guys are still making it seem as though one is better than the other when commenting on this debate. All those running for the Presidency are one in the same that we have had to choose from for years. In my opinion, Ron Paul is the only one I would even consider voting for. He stands for the constitution, which gets him more respect than any of them. So…stop already.

  • Jay Ruiz

    I’ sick and tired of both political parties, they are only interested in power and they can careless about the country. It’s time to start a brand new political party that addresses the fundamental issues facing our country and hopefully attract the best people in our country to run for office.
    Jay Ruiz

  • dpaano

    Sherrpie: Please speak ONLY for yourself, okay? To state that “people are fed up” is trying to speak for millions of people who may or may not agree with you. It’s really annoying when commenters try to speak for a group of people when they have NO idea what that group of people are thinking. YOU may be fed up, but there are quite a few of us, I’m sure, who aren’t and don’t agree with you, especially about Ron Paul. He has his good points, but his uber conservative side is downputting to me (and maybe others, although I don’t presume to know how many). As for Mr. Dionne’s article…I find it very good, and it gives me hope that the American people (in my opinion only) are finally seeing the bad side of what the conservatives have been trying to push on us. Let’s hope it continues.

  • Bernard Forand

    LOL Looks like our forefathers had the vision. 1773 they gathered up the Tea and cast it out unto the waters of oblivion. Let us help this Party first juvenile’s maturity and make it a grand farewell Party.
    Laborers production distributions of 84% to 20% of our population is not acceptable. Remaining 16% for the 80% is NOT sufficient.
    Removal of this foul fragrance of monarchy, for it is not healthy for our Democracy.
    On a smaller note; We just voted out two anti union city council members and replaced them with two laborer representatives. Would be nice to have our labors represented with authority. Step by step, “yes we can” take back our nation from the corporatism of it.

  • BrianJ.Gould

    Yes there is corruption and submission to corporate rape by a lot of our ELECTED representatives but if you can’t see glaring, stark and obvious difference in general between the two parties you are just plain stupid. Sorry for the ambiguously personal attack but get friggin’ real. You want government, the only thing between you and corporate ownership of you soul, to be replaced by a theocracy made up of boards of directors? Ignorant rhetoric such as “they are all bad” is what has allowed these right wing deviants to get into office on the scale they have. Shut up and vote you jerks!

  • LindaTift

    Imagine a party that thinks they can micro manage you personal rights through legislation, take away voting rights, that your main goal is smog, undrinkable water, a worse education system than we currently have, a party that speaks only for the ultra rich. Could it be that americans are waking up.

  • DAlnB

    Hats off to the men and women in Ohio who have sent a “Real” message to our government!
    . What these Republican governors seem to be ignoring is the fact that NO union agreement or contract is valid until it is approved by both management and the union (association). If there were problems in the contracts that worked against the state then it was the managers who signed the contract that created the problem. The Governors should have fired the managers and worked with the unions and labor to work out better means of getting their states back on track. Blaming labor and hurting those who had no control over the mess is totally inappropriate.

    Detroit Mayor Dan Bing is on the right track. He is working with the union and city employees to see what they can collectively do to reduce significant costs. He has acknowledged the fact the problem was created by prior management under different conditions and is now working with rather than blaming unions!

  • peteserb

    The elections only support the notion that the American electorate are ill informed, not informed, or stupid. Most likely a combination of the three. Where else could purchased propaganda and union thuggery and deceit purchase an election. The liberals didn’t win, America lost.

  • DianneLee

    The Tea Party has taken over DC because those who believed in what Obama preached lost faith in him. This allowed the minority of voters who did vote to dictate the terms of legislation, because the choice was between doing things the way the House Republicans demanded or doing nothing at all. Given the situation he faced, Obama has done an amazingly good job. I’m not disappointed in him, and anyone who is is politically naive. I don’t believe Obama wants to destroy Medicare and social security, and continue to rig the system to benefit the rich at the expense of the Middle Class. I am sure that the Republicans will do exactly that if given the chance to do so.
    A vote for any minor party is wasted. You may be sending a message, but you are helping the party you like the least to win. So, the party you support the least wins, and you send a message to the party you support– but they aren’t in office, so what good did it do? Vote for the party that actually has a chance to win, then work to make them more of what you want them to be. It’s how the Tea Party took over the Republican party, so obviously it works. And, at this point, the 99% have more power, by like two or three times than the Tea Party had on its best day, so we don’t need to form our own party. We already own one

  • Perry

    I like making fun of Rick Perry or any of the other (what are there now, 13) intellectual dwarfs that comprise the current Republican field. But having a “senior moment” doesn’t disqualify Rick Perry as a candidate. His political views make him unacceptable to me, his views on most economic issues are contradicted by the facts. It’s these issues that people should be focused on. Anyone can block out a single point for a moment. Who cares? I’m more worried about a robo-candidate who never makes a mistake. That’s inhuman. What I can’t believe is that the press and most people give Republicans a bye on the facts, not the gaffes.


    Those of you who are chagrined about what you perceive as Obama’s failure to deliver the next revolution (or rule like some kind of savior) — THINK ten times before you vote! In these times and this political environment, a vote against Obama — or worse, abstaining and sulking in a corner — will definitely be a vote in favor of the GOP. So let’s get real. Think about the past 4 years and how it might have been had the GOP controlled the entire government. Think realistically about the chances that your splinter candidate will actually have. Then think how you will enjoy the next 4 years revisiting life during the Bush years. Finally, think where not only those 4 years but the 4 previous decades of GOP malfeasance, lying, and media control have left us. Please, I beseech you.

  • Lucille Younger

    For all of you who think there is no difference between Republicans and Democrats, I submit that you’re stuck in another time and another place when the differences were not so defined, stakes weree not so high and the stakeholders not so diverse and varied. There are no more hiding places, where truths and facts can be buried and neatly tucked away.