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Sunday, January 20, 2019

WASHINGTON — This will be no ordinary Congress, so there are no ordinary ways for judging how effective it will be at governing.

That is, in any event, a preposterous standard to hold up as a brand spanking new goal. Isn’t governing what Congress was supposed to be doing all along? Imagine an everyday citizen making a New Year’s resolution promising that this year, for a change, he or she would actually show up for work.

The problem for the Republicans who now control both the House and the Senate is that they are divided between their right and their far right. The number of bona fide moderates can be counted on one hand — although, if you wanted to be generous, you might get to a second hand. As a result, the Republicans’ own measures of success will be out of line not only with President Obama’s priorities, but also with what most middle-of-the-road Americans would take as reasonable tests of what it means for government to work.

House Speaker John Boehner’s battle to hang on to his job is instructive. Boehner prevailed, but 25 Republicans on the right end of his caucus opposed his re-election. These 25 almost certainly spoke for at least 40 or 50 members who think of Boehner as some sort of sellout for his occasional willingness to pass bills with Democratic votes. Because Boehner worries most about pressure from his right, his definition of where the “middle” lies will necessarily be distorted.

The notion of Boehner as a moderate is belied by the new House rules he and the Republican leadership have concocted. They’re designed to rig the legislative playing field in favor of right-leaning policy.

One example: The new rules would provide for “dynamic scoring” of tax cuts, which sounds very cool and forward looking but for the fact that their aim is to assert that tax cuts won’t cost what they’ll actually cost. This, in turn, will make it easier for the Republicans to shower money on their favored constituencies while pretending to be fiscally responsible. Dynamic scoring, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities noted, “could facilitate congressional passage of large rate cuts in tax reform by making the rate cuts appear — on paper — less expensive than under a traditional cost estimate.”

To understand the dynamic-scoring game, imagine a formula based on the idea that because infrastructure spending boosts the economy — which it most certainly does — we should pretend that an expenditure of $100 billion is actually, say, only $80 billion. Proving that this is about ideology and not economics, as Rep. John Delaney (D-MD) pointed out this week, the Republican rule doesn’t apply dynamic scoring to discretionary spending.

For good measure, the House leadership includes another rule flatly designed to force cuts to Social Security’s disability program. If they want to debate such cuts, fine, but don’t sneak them in through the fine print.

Then there is the move by both House and Senate Republicans to change the employer mandate in the Affordable Care Act. Currently, employers with 50 or more full-time workers have to provide health insurance to employees who work 30 hours or more, or pay a fine. Republicans want to limit the mandate to Americans who work 40 hours or more. In USA Today this week, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) said the purpose of the change is “so more people can work full time.”

But the truth is that the change would have exactly the opposite effect. Currently, only 7 percent of American workers put in between 30 and 34 hours a week, but 44 percent work 40 hours a week. In other words, wrote Yuval Levin, a conservative policy analyst and a foe of Obamacare, altering the law in this way “would likely put far, far more people at risk of having their hours cut than leaving it at 30 hours.” So much for more people working “full time.”

Keep in mind that all these ideas come from the Republican mainstream, the people who tell us they are interested in “governing” and being “reasonable.”

How far have the goalposts been moved in the GOP? Just because Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell say they want to avoid government shutdowns and debt-ceiling hostage taking, they are to be regarded as heroes of sane policy making. But if we’ve sunk so low that this is now the test of “governance,” we are still a long way from the real thing.

E.J. Dionne’s email address is Twitter: @EJDionne.

Photo: Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) answers questions during a press conference at the U.S. Capitol Jan. 7, 2015 in Washington, D.C. Boehner discussed priorities of the new U.S. Congress, and the recent attack in Paris, during his remarks. (Olivier Douliery/Abaca Press/TNS)

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134 responses to “The Right’s Idea Of ‘Governance’”

  1. FireBaron says:

    Since 1980, the Republicans have generally been divorced from facts, logic and evidence. They follow the teachings of an economist who denounced his own theory as unworkable. They want less government, unless it is in the form of moral intervention. They want Americans to live free of government interference, unless it benefits one or more of their major donors.

    • Independent1 says:

      And when they say they want less government, it’s not fewer people working in government; it’s fewer government departments that work to protect the American people, our country’s infrastructure and environment, and just the planet in general. If doing that puts even one regulation on businesses which makes it a little more difficult for them to make an obscene profit.

      And that can be seen in the fact that if you look at the actual size of our government, Reagan and the 2 Bushes added more than 280,000 workers to the size of it; while Carter, Clinton and Obama cut more than 380,000 from the number of government workers we all pay for – such that today, there are 330,000 fewer workers in our federal government than there were when Reagan left office in 1989.

      And what’s really interesting, is that it’s not just the federal government. When Georgie Boy was in office, somehow, all the unfunded legislation that he and the irresponsible GOP led Congresses who rubberstamped almost his every whim (except for privatizing Social Security) enacted, resulted in adding almost 1 million government related workers across the nation: to our federal, state, county, city and town governments. Governments which have shed more than 700,000 jobs under Obama. So which party is really for governance that’s less expensive to the American taxpayer???

      • TZToronto says:

        Again, numbers, numbers, numbers. The GOP (and its supporters) have shown that numbers mean nothing to them. They just make it up as they go along, and then they blame their failures on President Obama.

  2. Gary Miles says:

    LMAO! As kids, we had Pro Wrestiling, as adults, we have C-SPAN. The best Congress we have likely ever had was the last one, Harry Reid’s do nothing, leave over 400 bill’s unvoted on and move along. The best thing about that is, noone gets screwed by some new law that we don’t need, protecting some bank that’s too big to fail. Did anyone who reads here lose a whole lot in your 401K in 08? Did you get a bail out when you did? The next one will be worse and instead of bail out, it will be bail in’s, where they’ll just do what Cyprus did and take your money to take care of those banks too big to fail.

    Oh, the GOP sucks, The Democrats suck too. Usually, who ever is in control will suck the worst at that time. Who needs Hulk Hogan or Ric Flair, We got John Boner and Nancy Pissy. Let the fun begin!

    • Charvi3 says:

      First of all, Gary, I noticed the “R” the middle of that first name…I truly believe you are so into the “ME GENERATION”….and you are always “Right”….that is what the “R”…means in the middle of your name….that you are not keeping up with the latest issue of how the Republicans want to take “Social Security” checks away from the people getting “Disability”…am I “Right” this time…when I am hearing that you are saying that the Democrats suck too…well, let me describe to you how I reviewed both parties…I compare both Parties to the “BUTT” of a person…half are the Republican Party and the other half are the Democratic Party….they both have selfish Conservatives on both sides…that was evident…when, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of NY, lacked 5 votes of the 60 votes she needed to get protection for the women in the Armed Forces from being “Ganged Raped” or just “Raped” period…and it was 10 Conservative Democrats that voted, “NAY” along with all of the Republican Party…isn’t is something that when you opened your mouth it proved which side of the coin you are really on…and so much into yourself and don’t care about these people serving, America or you don’t care about the unfortunate people like the “Handicapped” that cannot work any more and are entitled under the Social Security Program to receive those benefits…people that have paid into a program that one of the greatest presidents who was thinking about you and others on both sides of the fence…both Republicans and Democrats…Conservatives as well as Liberals…to be able to have an income when you and others retire or become disabled from an accident on the job or otherwise or just others that were born handicapped…and the parents have paid into the program to receive a check for their handicapped children…you must be doing some drugs of a kind or need help for your bi-polar personality…a person that loves to hurt others no matter what…a very inhumane and selfish person…so, I want the whole world to see what kind of person you and Mitch McConnell, who wants to do away with the Social Security checks these handicapped people deserve to receive..again…it has been the “Right Wing Conservative Movement” that is going to continue to rule using their “NASTY POLITICS”…as, John Boehner, related to me….and that isn’t how “Democracy” should work is it?…but you are a description of the saying along with this group…”Stupid does as Stupid does and you cannot fix “Stupid”…again…it is horrible to think that those Conservatives want to continue to hurt the handicapped or the needy or the poor…you are part of the BUTT” of a person…the bad part…

      • Eleanore Whitaker says:

        It’s going to be fun watching Gohmert try to overtake Boehner…two GOP bulls squaring off. I left the GOP after 33 years of total male domination. I’d had enough. I pay taxes too. Why should being a female taxpayer mean always being two steps behind the bulls?

      • Gary Miles says:

        I am always amused when Liberal’s like yourself begin your little diatribe with personal insults. That already tells me you are not very intelligent and I can already forget tolerable. Your utter ignorance that have so kindly displayed for all to see is laughable, well almost, because you vote. You allow the corrupt system to keep going, right to left, left to right, because you legitimize it by showing your support for it. Then you piss and moan when the very government that you legitimize don’t do something you like. This is quite typical of folks who can’t think past their noses, and just go on through life reacting emotionally to everything they are fed, which is mostly bullshit.

        I wholly doubt anybody is going to be taking SSI from the truly handicapped, that smells of Left Wing political fear mongering. However, I sent a note to a friend who’s son is handicapped and on SSI, and is very active in politics. I prefer to get answers from people who tell the truth, not the media.

        I’m no more a Republican than you are. I stopped caring about the Federal government and what they do after the bank bailout. That was the end of my legitimizing of the corrupt bums that are shoved down everyone’s throats every election. The only people BOTH sides represent are their big money donors so they can keep their cushy little job screwing the American people.

        Then we got the ACA, passed by the Democrats and only the Democrats, that has been delayed about 30 times now, illegally I might add and has not done one thing that was promised (lied) to do. The country changed that day, as it stopped governing. As soon as the government mandated that the people MUST have an economic product, they became rulers. I will bet that you supported the actions of the Government when they passed the ACA. Congratulations! I’m sure you felt happy and victorious.

        But by allowing and supporting YOUR side to rule by virtue of dictating an economic activity, you have given your consent for the OTHER side to do the same thing, except when it happens again, you may not like it. Then you will jump up and down and scream at the top of your lungs that you don’t want that (whatever the next government dictation will be). They will simply look at you, laugh loudly, and say “It was Ok when you liked it and other’s didn’t, now it’s your turn”. Enjoy your newly supported dictatorship that so excitedly wanted. Because you will soon be one of those who I always warn “be careful what you ask for” and understand what it means.

        WAY TO GO!

        • Independent1 says:

          It’s amazing how TOTAL MORONS don’t like it when people point that out to them. You’re clearly in a MORONIC CLASS ALL YOUR OWN!!!

          Calling people utterly ignorant when they point out where your views and those of the GOP are disastrous to other people’s lives.

      • paulyz says:

        Remember, it was Obama & the Democrats that TOOK $716 Billion from Medicare & raised taxes another $500 Billion to ram Obamacare down our throats, while lying about it. It is the Democrats that never support a Lock – Box on Social Security so they can take funds from it to buy votes by offering unfunded programs, going even further into debt.

        • bobnstuff says:

          Check your facts and then come back. The President didn’t take money away from Medicare. He stopped paying twice and three times for the same things. He also fixed the whole in the coverage. Your talking point is out of date, I guess your over lord didn’t inform you.

          • Gary Miles says:

            Bob, you are a reasonable person. The ACA is an economic disaster that hasn’t come into full view yet. Let me explain a little. We have a shortage of medical providers, it’s been this way long before the ACA. The fact that more people are getting healthcare from expanded medicaid is NOT going to lower costs, it’s going to raise them because the demand exceeds the supply, This ALWAYS causes a cost increase. Now add Obama’s amnesty to the picture and you can see an even further increase in cost, because the supply is not increasing to meet the demand. Eventually the supply will become overwhelmed with the demand and it will result in the only possible economic solution, rationed health care.
            It great that more people get insurance through govt handouts, the Medicaid expansion on the Feds side expires, leaving the States with the whole cost. Many States are already spending much of their budget on social care and Medicaid is the biggest. When the expiration date comes due, the States will fail to honor the payments when the money isn’t there. Once again, the demand while overload the supply and the system will collapse under it’s own weight.
            This is a clear example of “be careful what you ask for”. Combined, the economic result will be death panels for the elderly and sickest. It is an economic inevitability.

          • bobnstuff says:

            Here’s my thinking on this. In countries that have gone to universal health care has been adopted,
            the cost of health care has go down and the quality has go up. How this can be you are asking. It seem that when people go to the doctor
            on a regular bases they are healthier and require less care. Preventive care does pay off. These countries spend much less and live longer. We are the only developed nation with an employer based health care system. It’s a sad commentary when the people of Cuba have better health care then us. We spend more and get less. One
            other side effect is that our industries are at a disadvantage on the world market because they pay for health insurance that their competition in other countries don’t have to. We should get our
            business’s out of the health care business,. You could call it socialist but instead look at it as a very large group plan These illegal that are being given a delay on deportation are getting health care at the ER which is the most expensive type you can get and we are paying for it anyway. People use the term Amnesty for what the President say he is
            going to do but all he can do under the law is delay deportation and then it’s only on the ones that aren’t being a problems and have
            family ties. If he did nothing they still would after being pick up be waiting 600 days for their hearing that the law requires before deportation because that’s how backed up the courts are. If the congress really wanted to do something about the illegals they would have given the president the money he asked for to hire more judges.
            I could go on about my thinking on the illegal immigrants but I will save it for another time.

          • Gary Miles says:

            Thanks for your kind and respectful reply, not something I’m used to on predominately liberal sites. I’m hoping that at this point you know that I’ve been in the healthcare industry for some time and have Represented members of the Teamsters in several contract negotiations. This allows me some info on healthcare spending that is often stated by the media that is totally false and misleading. To begin, Preventive care does no such thing and that has been proven through numerous studies. Preventive medicine rarely prevents anything and standards of healthcare have changed within certain aspects within healthcare to show this. The VA and self insured healthcare providers being at the forefront. Regular market healthcare is catching up but at a slower rate. They will soon have no choice, as preventive healthcare will drastically change in the next few years. The supply will not support the demand. (I would suggest getting smart on natural healing products).

            One of the things that is missing from your post is who is really paying for socialized healthcare. Taxes are quite higher in countries that have socialized healthcare. That is usually a forgotten part of that plan. Countries like Canada and the UK are beginning, although slowly, to allow private insurance into the country, because the taxes cannot support the cost. Why? Because the demand exceeds the supply because the supply is leaving for better paying markets. This is a circle that will never end, because countries can only tax so much and, like most professions, doctors will follow the money, which is not in countries with socialized medicine. A prime example is easy, just look at all the doctors we have from the Middle East.

            The immigrant issue is small, but it can grow. I do not consider it a major player in healthcare, the economic death blow is already in place and will not likely change, even with a Republican President. Unless the SCOTUS rules the ACA unconstitutional, it’s here to stay. Don’t for one minute believe the Repubs will not keep it in some form or another. When government gets control, it stays. Those who asked for it will one day regret it, head my word. I can say this because I’m a Vet and get all of my healthcare from the VA, aka Socialized medicine. The media reports aren’t telling anything close to the whole story. My care has been fairly good so far, but I’m only 50. I know others who are not so lucky, many others..

            here’s the bottom line that can’t be avoided, economic law will always cause a raise in prices when the demand exceeds the supply. That is inevitable. We had a doctor shortage in the early 2000’s that has only gotten worse. Here’s why it will get worse. The govt (Medicare and Medicaid) do not negotiate terms related to payments (costs), they dictate what they will pay. This, in itself will cause a bigger shortage, because what the govt is dictating doesn’t allow for an ample amount of profit to run the business (overhead costs, labor, taxes etc).

            Believe me when I say that I really wish this could work, my heart says that. My mind and knowledge knows it is impossible, economically. The end result if we continue down this road, is rationed healthcare and ….death panels. It is simply an economic inevitability.

          • Gary Miles says:

            Thanks for at least listening. far too many stick their fingers in their ears and say Blah, Blah Blah. One more small point. People from all over the world would come here for healthcare they couldn’t get in their country. I do laugh at those who say it’s because they are rich. Rather, it is because we had the best Free Market healthcare in the world. Now, we will be like the rest of the world. Think about that for some time. Thanks for the kind chat!

          • bobnstuff says:

            I understand were you are coming from and see your point of view. Here is my problem. I pay 23% of my income in health care and I’m really happy with how it’s going. The ACA did bring down my insurance about $60 per month but I still pay to much out of pocket. I’m insured through my work place and they keep changing carriers on me. I have friends in other countries and they can’t believe how much we spend. There taxes aren’t that much higher then mine but of course their government doesn’t spend near as much on defense, A number of people at work go to the VA and they aren’t complaining. In two years I will be on medicare and I hope it work out. I have check with my PCP and he has no problems with medicare. I don’t have the answers but I know that there must be a better way. Unlike many people on these sights I still believe that the government can be part of the solution and I don’t care if it’s socialist or Buddhist as long as it works. Right now I know nothing will be fixed until we get the egos out of office and get some statesman in. I have followed politics for a lot of years and have never seen anything so fouled up as the mess in Washington right now.

          • Gary Miles says:

            Bob, I truly feel for you and I say that from the heart. Health problems are no laughing matter nor are they a political issue. I have my share, although minor compared to many others. Before I get back to the ACA, two years ago I talked my Mother into moving to Pa. She don’t get much from SS so she qualifies for elderly housing programs run by the Counties through the State, paid for by lottery proceeds, no tax dollars. Since moving from Ohio, she now has affordable housing (that she loves), more food assistance (she now has more spendable money) and by being a citizen in Pa she is also provided a supplemental health insurance plan at no cost to her (lottery funds again). Her health expenses are quite minimal for being 70. Even if she were to need additional care, any expenses Medicare don’t pay, the supplemental does. All of this without taxpayer dollars being tapped.

            On the ACA, the true cost’s have not been borne as of yet. The government has hired thousands of people to run, maintain, design, enforce and whatever else they do. This is going to be very expensive and deep in the ACA those cost’s will be coming out in the form of numerous taxes, which will always be paid be the consumer. While your price may be down now (your a lucky one) don’t expect it to say that way. One of the problems that I see is that people equate healthcare and healthcare insurance as one and the same. I grew up without my family having insurance for most of my young life. Healthcare was very cheap back then. This is explainable, in simple economics:

            Let’s say that the government decided that everyone must add oil changes to their care insurance plan to fight Global Warming (don’t get me started with that subject, LOL). It cost’s me about 30 bucks and I do my own oil changes. It’s about the same at Wal-Mart these days. Now add the cost of Wal-Mart having to hire an employee(s) to handle all the insurance paperwork to get paid for the oil change. Now, the same government wants to provide for the poor and they now require separate paperwork to be completed, plus adding a big fee to the disposal of oil to pay for the government supplements and the NEW employees they have to hire to manage the program, process the paperwork, enforce the fee’s and process payments. I’m sure you get the gist that a 30 dollar oil change is now 100 dollar oil change. Now, my friend, you can see what the ACA is going to do to the price of insurance and healthcare. Now add in the demand overwhelming the supply and we have a volcano ready to blow. This is now being played out in the VA, as the demand has grown ten fold due to recent wars but the supply has stayed the same. We have had a doctor shortage since the early 2000’s.

            Another thing to consider. The government DICTATES prices for services to healthcare providers. When the cost exceeds the payment (which it already has) to the point that healthcare provider won’t take Medicare or Medicaid, it’s just more lava in the lava chamber.

          • bobnstuff says:

            Using you scenario Everyone must get oil changes so there is an increase demand for them, Two things happen, one people come up with better and more efficient systems to
            change your oil and Two more people move into the oil change business. The cost of the oil goes down because of the efficiency of scale and competition in the market place. We have a interesting thing going on in my area. The two big health systems both have hospitals less then half a mile apart. The ER service is great and
            each is trying to out do the other in care. They have even improved their food. Both are teaching hospitals and both are part of world class systems. If you are going be sick I live in the best place to do it. With in 45 Minutes from my house I have 12 hospitals. The reason for the shortage of doctors rest on the AMA and their attempt
            to keep prices up by keeping the number of doctors down. That and the cost of med school is adding to the problem. Industries that are self
            regulated do not always keep the public’s best interest at heart. The shortage was and is being created by the medical profession themselves.

          • Gary Miles says:

            Well said. Using the free market approach, it’s possible that over time cost’s could level off. Then with the crazy oil market it will fluctuate. With the ACA we have no such Free market solution. Just the opposite as doctors are retiring, leaving the profession of going into a Specialty. This doesn’t help the situation and with young doctors, or those that want to be doctors, are looking at the cost of schooling versus what their getting into, as you pointed out. But this has been an issue since I worked at a major Hospital in 2001-2010. As a Union Rep with the Teamsters, I was privy to hospital info that is not reported by the media. Even in ’03, the 450 bed hospital (biggest in Y-town Ohio) was short 25-35 doctors on an annual basis. The AMA was a non-player there, not quite sure how they could affect such a thing anyway. The industry, healthcare and health insurance are not self regulated, they are now both at the whim of government, free market solutions are impossible under the current situation.

            What I can say is that the members I represented were underpaid, which has now been made even worse. The hospital always demanded limits on full time employees because of benefits, namely healthcare. It was 80-20 full time to part time, now with layoffs and other reductions, the numbers sit at 50-50. I’m still in contact with Chief Steward and will always be concerned for the folks there. Great people to work with and most really took their job to heart.

            It’s nice talking with you. Having a polite conversation is always welcome and appreciated.

            I mentioned PA for a reason. I don’t know where you reside, but if you have considered relocating upon retirement, the State really takes good care of the elderly. It’s why I came here from Ohio. I’m an elderly caretaker fulltime. The pay sucks, but the many other benefits I get from working in my own home make up for it. Plus, I have always had a soft spot for the elderly, ever since I was a young boy. I wore out two snowblowers one year helping the elderly keep their drives and walkways clean, plus I was cheap. 3 bucks, if they could afford it, free for several who could not (I just didn’t go to the door when I was done, they would always call my mother and my mother supported my decision). Life sure was less complicated back then!

          • bobnstuff says:

            I live 21 miles from downtown Pittsburgh and yes it is a good place to grow old in. I’m right on
            the edge of most of the programs age wise. I moved back home to take care of my parents and live in the house I grow up in and now it’s my
            turn to grow old here. My wife worked in elder care and I know there are some great programs out there. Now for how the AMA figures into
            all this. To get into med school you must get past a board of doctors then to get you licensee you must get past a board of doctors. The med schools are run by doctors and they have limited the number of students to keep the shortage going. Add in the fact that the Medical field is one of the largest donors to politics and you got a problem. My PCP was trained at the University of Pittsburgh but the doctor my parents had was trained in the Caribbean, I wasn’t impressed with him but Mom liked him. We get off shore doctors because our med schools just don’t train enough. The idea of letting Vets use Private doctors
            may be a short term solution to some of their problems but the what they really do need is more doctor of their own. The needs of the Vets are not always the same as the rest of the world. Here is a place I would like to see my tax money going. Why can’t we pay for Vets to go to Med School and employ them in the VA hospitals. I believe that as a nation we do not do enough for our men in uniform both while serving and after. Congress will spend millions on a tank but won’t pay a living wage to the guy who drives it.

          • Gary Miles says:

            Cool, I’m a few miles South of Tionesta. As good distance from any city. I’m not a fan of cities, too much violence and people just aren’t very nice. Plus I get an immense amount of time to do everything deer hunting. From scouting, putting up stands and ground blinds and getting thousands of pictures (also into wildlife photography). Just got finished snow blowing. I don’t get much time for political chat, which is probably good, except during the winter, then it’s back to cutting and splitting wood, put in the garden and all the great outdoor things that make life fun.

          • bobnstuff says:

            I live just far enough out that I could walk across the street to hunt. My neighbors would laugh at me with
            my “toy” snow blower. They all have “real” tractors. I’m on vacation this week but I think the weather is out to get me. Enjoyed the chat, always good to share ideas and get different points of view.

      • Gary Miles says:

        I wanted to reply on your concern about SSI for the Handicapped. I have received some good information that may ease your mind, which is the purpose of this reply. The GOP is NOT going to deny SSI to the handicapped. I’m guessing these claims come from Left Wing media rag that just loves to attack the GOP and the Right Wing at every possible turn. The whole “claim” is based on a proposed rule change . You probably read something like this:

        With a little-noticed proposal, Republicans took aim at Social Security on the very first day of the 114th Congress.

        The incoming GOP majority approved late Tuesday a new rule that experts say could provoke an unprecedented crisis that conservatives could use as leverage in upcoming debates over entitlement reform…

        House Democrats are sounding the alarm. In a memo circulated to their allies Tuesday, Democratic staffers said that that would mean “either new revenues or benefit cuts for current or future beneficiaries.” New revenues are highly unlikely to be approved by the deeply tax-averse Republican-led Congress, leaving benefit cuts as the obvious alternative.

        First, the SSI benefits for the handicapped have NEVER been funded by any Congress, money must be transferred from the General fund to the fund that provides the SSI for the handicapped, which it will in the future. There is no way that anyone will take these funds or deny them, that would be political suicide. With that said, you can calm down on the matter as the discussion within Congress will be to deal with fraud. It sucks that these idiots in politics scare the crap out of people over absolutely nothing.

        Remember what I said earlier about getting back what you liked. The Senate rules where changed by Reid, which the GOP didn’t like. You may have liked it, now another rule change is happening that you don’t like (although it’s just scare tactics with no truth to it). But, what comes around goes around.

        • Gary Miles says:

          , from the Soc. Sec. Admin website:

          “What are the Trust Funds?

          The Social Security trust funds are financial accounts in the U.S. Treasury. There are two separate Social Security trust funds, the Old-Age and Survivors Insurance (OASI) Trust Fund pays retirement and survivors benefits, and the Disability Insurance (DI) Trust Fund pays disability benefits.

          Social Security taxes and other income are deposited in these accounts, and Social Security benefits are paid from them. The only purposes for which these trust funds can be used are to pay benefits and program administrative costs.

          The Social Security trust funds hold money not needed in the current year to pay benefits and administrative costs and, by law, invest it in special Treasury bonds that are guaranteed by the U.S. Government. A market rate of interest is paid to the trust funds on the bonds they hold, and when those bonds reach maturity or are needed to pay benefits, the Treasury redeems them.”

          Now lets put aside the funny book keeping issue about “different” accounts. Since we were dealing with the “SSI” issue.

          SSI is NOT the same as OASI under Soc. Sec. It is under the act but it is a program which allows the qualification requirements of OASI to be “waived” in order to include others who do not meet the OASI requirement. This happens to include “developmentally disabled” children and adults. “Waiver” programs include joint funding by the Feds and States and are administered by the States under authority granted by the Feds.

          So while SSI is technically under OASI and thus subject to this restriction on moving money between “accounts”, it is not being specifically targeted. As the Dems are trying to claim.

          • Gary Miles says:

            I also have more info that would serve to ease your mind on SSI payments for the handicapped. Basically, it is not a subject that needs to be debated as it will not be denied by anyone. While I may have some different views on things, I would never want anyone to worry over political nonsense put out by media. This is shameful and I wish you would expose your source as they should be called out publically and admonished for causing undue stress to people just like you. I’m not sure if you are affected by the program, but that don’t matter, LIES must be exposed for what they are, LIES

  3. charleo1 says:

    What? Republicans want to cut programs that help the poor, and Middle Class, to pay for tax cuts for billionaires, and corporations? I’m shocked! Who knew this? Have they always been this way? I thought they were all about the same, politicians that is. So I didn’t bother to vote or anything.
    But they seemed fine, theses Republicans, very patriotic. I liked that. And always talking about family values. I mean, who doesn’t like values, or families? I Like Kim, and Kanye. Personally I worry if he truly lovers her. I worry a lot about that.

  4. bobnstuff says:

    In the world of the Republicans the view of the Democrats have no value even though these people also represent their voters. The right wing of the republican party doesn’t even care that the more moderate members also represent there voters. With them it’s their way or no way. Is this how the congress suppose to work? If I’m represented by a Democrat I get no
    representation at all.

  5. Dominick Vila says:

    The use of dynamic scoring to determine cost is likely to be influenced by how important Federal government programs are to the far right. Increases in “defense” and intelligence/security agencies, will be downplayed. Conversely, increases in the cost of social programs will be exaggerated. The goal is to influence public opinion, convince people that funneling public funds to certain private sector industries is necessary and inexpensive; and convince the public that the cost of social programs is unsustainable.

  6. Kurt CPI says:

    “Making rate cuts appear less expensive than under a traditional cost estimate” – sounds like Enron’s accountant is back in business! This goes right back to the Citizens United (AKA Citizens Sold-Out); It’s just another way for politicians to reward big corporate donors.

    Dionne’s other major point is open for interpretation. It is more than just the percentages of 30 hour vs. 40 hour employees as to whether raising the bar for the definition of “full-time” will have a positive or negative effect on payroll hours on the whole. While I don’t dispute the numbers, they simply don’t account for the single most important bit of information- the fact that virtually all 30 hour employees previously had no employee coverage whereas 40 hour employees largely did. I believe that if you include only previously non-covered 40 hour employees in those statistics that the conclusion would favor raising the bar.

    • johninPCFL says:

      The point of the 40-hour week versus the requirement to cover insurance is not that trivial. The impact is that a 50+-employee employer cutting back 40-hour employees to below 30 hours is nearly impossible without hiring loads of new employees and incurring the payroll and training costs. To do this simply to limit liability for coverage would be ideologically driven, not driven by costs or business concerns.
      Raising the full-time bar to 40 hours, however, makes it easy. Make your work week 39 hours and nobody gets coverage. You may have to hire one employee in the entire company to make up the work loss.

      • Kurt CPI says:

        My point was that the wage and benefit packages offered to traditional full-time (40 hour) employees already included healthcare plans long before the ObamaCare employer mandate. Those offered to 30 hour employees did not. Under the 30 hour mandate, dropping hours to 29 means not incurring a brand new, HUGE cost that simply did not exist before. The 40 hour employees were already covered, so nothing changes. Skilled, trained employees are a companies greatest asset. Healthcare is a large factor in recruiting and maintaining a base of qualified people. Dropping the healthcare plan that those employees have had for 40 years is an unlikely scenario. Any company that did that would not be competitive in securing long-term employees.
        Logic tells me that raising the threshold will indeed result in part-time workers getting more hours. The down side is that the taxpayers will foot the bill for part-time employees’ healthcare instead of the employer.

        • Independent1 says:

          “The down side is that the taxpayers will foot the bill for part-time employees’ healthcare instead of the employer.”

          But what many don’t realize is that the cost to the taxpayers for subsidizing the health insurance of those whose incomes are too low to support it, is greatly offset by the savings taxpayers realize due to the much lower money they have to pay to reimburse hospitals in their states, or even just keep them open. Because of the greatly reduced number of people hospitals treat who can’t pay for their care, hospitals across America have already saved more than 6 billion in reduced unpaid for care this year; and states across the country are realizing millions in lower hospital reimbursements costs which are funded by the taxpayers.

          It will take time to realize just what the cost to taxpayers is for helping Americans get health insurance. And for where I sit, whatever that cost is, is well worth it given that ACA has already resulted in saving over 75,000 Americans their lives and is continuing to save lives every day.
          Who here wants to put a price on what those lives are worth??

          • Kurt CPI says:

            No argument there. My meaning is that those people will get coverage either way, but struggling small businesses won’t incur a tremendous cost (as much as $6,000 per yr per employee) that they previously didn’t have. The taxpayers would pick up the tab, but as you said there are offsetting factors. In addition to the ones you already pointed out, more small businesses will remain open and employing at least 50 people, those 50+ private-sector employees pay taxes, and those same employees are NOT collecting unemployment – also a taxpayer expense. There are more…

          • Independent1 says:

            Yeah! You make good points. And I wasn’t trying to downplay your comment about the taxpayers picking up the tab. I was only trying to point out that there are offsetting savings to taxpayers that I’m not sure many Americans realize.

            It seems that all Americans are hearing from the GOP is how much ACA is costing them – few are pointing out that the reduced costs to hospitals resulting from as much as around a 40% reduction in people who can’t pay for their care is resulting in a great savings to taxpayers – not to mention the thousands of lives that are being saved – all this primarily in the states that have gone with supporting ACA and expanding Medicaid.

            Too me that’s one tragedy of the GOP rhetoric – millions of Americans don’t realize just how much their GOP governors and legislatures are costing them – not only in dollars but also in improved medical care.

          • bobnstuff says:

            Here! Here! Well said.

  7. Independent1 says:

    Talking about GOP governance. I have some questions for the right-wing biased bloggers on the NM.

    If GOP governance is so great, why is it none of you can identify more than 2 or 3 things the GOP has done that really benefits America (or even you) since the Great Depression? (I’ll give you Eisenhower pushing for the interstate highway system and Nixon creating the EPA – but other than those 2.)

    And if GOP governance is so great? Why do GOP run states lead the nation in the following:

    Infant mortality (babies dying at or within 1 year of their 1st birthday).

    Americans who do not have health insurance.

    The percent of their citizens living far below the poverty level.

    States run by corrupt politicians.

    Just general violence (rapes, homicides, robberies, etc.).

    Firearms related accidents and homicides.

    2-3 year shorter lifespans on average.

    The need for FAR MORE federal aid, including food stamps and welfare.

    A disaster to your pocketbook if you’re an investor: even Fox News has run an article that says Democrats far outperform Republicans in stock market and GDP returns/gains.

    And presidents who have a knack for creating recessions, in which all Americans suffer, being responsible for 14 of the 17 recessions America suffered through since 1901 and all three of the depressions.

    States where people say the are depressed and fed up with life (They lead by far in surveys of America’s most miserable states and cities) .

    And why does the state that should be the shining example for the Red States, Texas, rank within the 10 worst states in the nation in 100% of 23 different socio-economic measures like, police & fire protection, its infrastructure, what it spends on education, the unaffordability of homeowners insurance, how well it provides for their less fortunate citizens and a number of others including having the most polluted environment in the nation.

    Is there one right-wing biased poster here who can explain away all these evidences that GOP governance is nothing more than a disaster?? including a disaster the health and well being of every unfortunate American who live in a red state and really are too cllueless to realize the added dangers they’re living with????

    • johninPCFL says:

      While Eisenhower was an officer in the army he professed no political affiliation. After all he had to serve the President, no matter the party.
      After he left the army, he also had no political affiliation until he was being pressed by both parties to run for office. Truman made the pitch for the democrats, a cabal of GOP senators for the GOP. The GOP guaranteed that he would spend none of his own money in the election…plus he’d get Nixon (fresh from the Alger Hiss case) as his running mate.

      • Independent1 says:

        Your so right. Ike was no Republican, although he was maybe even more tightfisted than one. He actually leads all presidents since 1900 in having had spending policies that resulted in throwing American into recessions – there were 3 of them during his 8 years covering almost 1/2 his time in office.

        And it took him a while to get the GOP to buy into funding the interstate highway system – I believe they initially agreed to allocating 40 billion to building it – he did that by convincing them that American needed a better highway system in case it was ever attacked and the Army needed a better way to move troops around the country. Ike was really impressed with how well the Germans were able to move their troops around with their ‘Autobahn” network of roads toward the end WWII.

        • plc97477 says:

          How can we make the gotp believe that helping the poor and elderly will help the military? That would be the answer to everything.

      • jamesowens says:

        eisenhower in his farwell to the union when he left office warned true Americans that we had a worse enemy than the communists coming for us . he warned of the oil corporations and the oligarchists from texas .

  8. midway54 says:

    Now that the Plutocratic Party is the majority in both chambers of Congress, we can all watch its continued wars against the middle class, against dissent, and against opposition to its policy that all citizens must fend for themselves in all circumstances irrespective of the cause of their plight as a means of keeping out big government and socialism in favor of what they call the truly American Way. God help the 99% as the knives come out. All of this thanks to the lowest voter turnout in 70 years comprising just a third of those eligible. Clearly, the reliable dupes and yahoos in the Red(neck) States came out to enthusiastically support the agenda of our plutocracy being carried out by the its Operation Phornicate program.

  9. Frank KIng says:

    Republicans governing is like the “Theater of the Absurd” –just one big fraud perpetrated on the American people to line the pockets of their cronies in and out of congress. The nation is still in economic-fiscal-financial crisis as a result of the last right wing bunch that took us from prosperity to poverty creating a mess at home and abroad that will not be rectified in the short term or even long run with their control of the government and our lives. Beware the “Ides of March”

  10. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    Anyone who reads any post from any right winger or Republican these days needs to filter it through a licensed professional psychiatrist. No matter how they slice it, they are not after democracy…they are into “Force.” These idiots obviously believe they can and will force Americans into a corner. We all know how history proves what the result of that is: Massive Revolts.

    I have NO intentions of being forced to spend money on red states that I don’t have. I have NO intentions of EVER being led around by the nose by some young snot nosed punk right wingers.

    These are not Americans. Americans do not divide into right and left solely for the purpose of forcing others to do their will. That’s dictatorship by any other name.

    The problem is that right wingers are indoctrinated by manic lunatic power freaks who send these twerps out into society armed with mouths like megaphones and then armed to the teeth like Rambo. Should we be afraid of them? Was Washington afraid of the British? Was Sherman afraid of Lee?

  11. angryspittle says:

    The rabid GOP obstructionists remind me of dogs chasing a car. Now that they have caught it WTF are they going to do with it? They have proven that they can’t fucking drive the damn thing. What are they going to do? Chew the tires?

  12. ExRadioGuy15 says:

    I dunno why The National Memo is just realizing this NOW, when, if they had paid attention to the many posts I’ve written on comment threads of their articles, they’d have known EXACTLY what the GOP were/are doing with the power they have.

    But, for the uninitiated, here’s a recap:

    The GOP have 10 Tenets: bigotry, hypocrisy, elitism, Fascism, greed, corruption, arrogance, incompetence, insanity and unintentional comedy;

    The GOP’s political “Kissin’ Cousins”, aka, the Firebaggers (LIbertarians), have 5 Tenets: everyone for themselves, extreme fiscal conservatism, radical social liberalism, assumption of risk and delusions of grandeur. The reason that there are so many Firebagger Republicans is that the GOP agree with four of those tenets. They only partially agree with the other one, radical social liberalism;

    Therefore, the GOP Cons are Fascist psychopaths, the GOP Tea Partiers are Fascist sociopaths and the Firebaggers, whether within the GOP or not, are Fascism-suborning sociopaths;

    All the way back in 1920, the GOP began a Fascist “gaslighting” propaganda campaign that still survives today. In fact, with November’s election results, not only has the campaign survived, it’s thriving. That campaign is the reason why the GOP has the power it does. Without it, there’d barely be a Republican Party now;

    The GOP’s governing philosophy is: “screw the poor, middle class, elderly, disabled, Veterans, minorities, women and children, the wealthy and big corporations need more wealth and power!”;

    The GOP truly represent just three groups of “people” now, and, if you don’t fall into any of these three categories, you’re truly represented by Democrats now: fetuses, rich old white Con men and big corporations.

    On Facebook, I wrote a note right after the election results were released where I predicted exactly what the GOP would try to do with their Congressional majorities. So far, I’ve been completely correct and I will continue to be until the end of the session.

    I correctly blame the voting majority of the GOP, the Progressives and Moderates (two-thirds of the VOTERS of the party; nearly none of the politicians of it) for this mess. Most of them stayed home instead of doing the correct thing, which was to go to the polls and vote for Democrats, who truly represent them now. This “protest” was nothing of the sort; all it did was to effectively give the GOP more power.

    If GOP Progressives and Moderates want to “take their party back”, they need to stop voting for Republicans…they needed to stop doing that years ago. Their next chance to purge the corrupt, greedy, Fascist, insane and incompetent forces of their party will be in 2016; let’s see if the “Progs” and “Mods” have the courage, intelligence and inclination to do so.

  13. Gary Miles says:

    It’s sad, but when one read’s comment’s here and then goes to a right wing site and reads the comments there, it’s almost like reading the same stuff, except the left calls the right Blah, Blah and Blah and the Right calls the Left Blah, Blah, and Blah. All the Blah’s are exactly the same. No wonder this country is heading into the gutter, every body is Blah, Blah and Blah and nobody has a lick of common sense.

    • paulyz says:

      Yes Gary, what they want the masses to do, argue back & forth with Millions spent on misinformation. Hopefully after what you have seen happen to OUR government the last 6 years & the threats to our Liberty, you can make intelligent decisions. Many Americans did finally wake up as we have seen from the last historic election. Glad to see you understand what is happening.

      • Gary Miles says:

        Glad to have someone on my side that gets it as well. If I can only get past the emotions…….

      • bobnstuff says:

        The lose of liberty started in 2001 and never got any better. Other then making you buy insurance just what new liberties have you lost? I agree with the Bah Bah that Gary is talking about. The American public have become sheep and the wolves are after us. The job of our elected officials has become getting re-elected not serving the people. As long as it takes big money to be elected big money will call the shots.

  14. jamesowens says:

    3 strikes and your out
    no straight talk – no bottom line -no honest speaking -lies damn lies and twisted facts- we need to apply a 3 strikes and your out rule to politicians-
    An independent fact checker monitors their speeech and every lie counts -3 strikes and their out- they were elected as our representatives and if they cant tell us the truth then we dont want them to speak for us

    • Gary Miles says:

      We wouldn’t have anyone left in politics if this were true (which I like). Obama would be long gone under these terms!

  15. paulyz says:

    Liberals , give it up with your lying propaganda. Americans in LARGE numbers showed us clearly in a Republican landslide election that what you Socialists with Obama rammed through isn’t working & has never worked. It is the Conservatives that are the responsible Americans, & are as outraged with the GOP “leadership” as with the Democrats.

    Enough with the status quo of Big Government politicians that run a government of the government, NOT of the people.

    • Blueberry Hill says:

      Geez, what an idiot. Time to pull your head out of the cesspool, your oxygen must be cut off. The Rs cannot lead and never could govern. Read your history books, high school ones would be good enough for you.


      • Gary Miles says:

        Why not engage the message? Attacking the messenger is counter productive and shows a zero some level of intellect. Post something of substance, not psychobabble

        • Blueberry Hill says:

          Because trying to reach you baggers on an intelligent level is beyond you all and a waste of my time. Scoot along now.


          • Gary Miles says:

            Really, I have a 127 IQ, give it a try. I’m also not a bagger, a Republican, a Democrat or any other name other than American .

          • Blueberry Hill says:

            Since my IQ is 158, it wouldn’t be a fair match-up, besides, I can’t stand baggers or their lack of intelligence. Besides, if you are really 127 you would have used the correct word of “sum” instead of “some” in your first contact.


          • Gary Miles says:

            So far your IQ has only shown to be 15.8. Come on Mate, lets debate. pick any subject and present your POV! Even on this article if you like. Calling people stupid because your POV is different don’t make you smart, it makes you scared to engage those you disagree with and prove it. So far, you have been nothing but a mouthy coward.

          • Blueberry Hill says:

            KMA! You are not worth my time. Please take a course in grammar.


          • Gary Miles says:

            That’s all you got? Just another grammar cop. Figures. Can’t run with the big dogs so you sit on the porch in your own urine!

    • Matforce says:

      Wasn’t the turn-out from a disenfranchised electorate the lowest in 72 years (since WWII)? All those angry, disillusioned and flummoxed US citizens that don’t have the time it takes to investigate the lies trotted out there by right wing think tanks, abstained.

      The cunning tactic of relentless propaganda that appeals to the worst instincts in our human nature (hate, anger, fear, etc.) were used to perfection. All of the disingenuous, divisive and deceptive right wing rhetoric has done its work, mobilizing their base, while confusing those who are too busy working longer hours to earn less into a sense of, “What’s the use?”

      • Gary Miles says:

        Maybe people have figured out that the corrupt system doesn’t represent them and have finally decided not to legitimize corruption. Smart people. Those who voted just agreed to be ruled by an elite ruling class that could care less for them. Pro wrestling has more credibility than the Federal government. All they care about is who fills their campaign coffers and to do whatever they can to get the “useful idiots” to vote. The belief that you have a choice on election day is an illusion. They tell you who you get to vote for, a dickhead Democrat or a repulsive Republican. Pick your master!

        • bobnstuff says:

          You are lumping all elections together which I know you don’t mean to. Local elections are the most important ones and the ones you personal effect. I pay more in local taxes then any other and the services of local government are the ones that can make or break your day.

          • Gary Miles says:

            You are quite correct, I do vote in local elections. Even in such a rural place as I live, candidates will say that not belonging to one of the parties is political suicide in getting elected, because the parties put out the money. WHY? because the parties have the monopoly on the entire process of elections, from the primaries to the election, if a candidate isn’t “with the party” he/she will not win. It matters not which party, as they are both doing the same thing.

          • bobnstuff says:

            In my local elections you must be a republican to win, on the county end you must be a democrat. It’s the primary that really count. I’ve been involved with the republican although I hear the democrats are a lot more fun.

        • Matforce says:

          You say it well, Miles!

          Citizens United has got to go!

          The $64,000 question is…. How do we get equal representation for “we the people,” as well as for what is good for the national interest of the United States of America as a whole?

          One of the reasons I’m inclined to be so skeptical of the Repugnant party is their knee-jerk support for anything corporate. These profit-protectors:

          1. Voted unanimously for every Free Trade Agreement that came down the pike; from GATT, to NAFTA, to WTO, to the Korea, Columbia, Panama, Free Trade Agreements, to the secretive, upcoming TPP Free Trade Agreement Obama hopes to “fast track” through a Republican Majority Congress, one of the ONLY things Republicans agree with Obama on.

          2. Favor financial Sector deregulation with the raw deal of granting banks the benefit of all the winnings from risky investment schemes, but “socializing” Wall Street losses with bailouts when they bet the farm and lose.

          3. Favor campaign finance rules that have, in essence, handed over our representative form of government to moneyed interest, assuring Super PACs will supplant “we the people” in favor of what benefits the !% and “transnationals.”

          Google S3816 (2010) what it contained, what organizations supported it, what organizations opposed it, and the vote count… Telling!

          • Gary Miles says:

            The answer to your question begins with exposing and understanding the LIES that are fed to the people every day. Start there. Forget what Group “D” did and what Group “R” did. They are both traveling to the same place, just on different roads. Example, NAFTA began with Bush 1, signed by Clinton. Bush 2 did the Patriot ACT, Obama renewed it. There is little difference other than the BS they feed us on TV and what their media whores feed us daily by their respective fans. The ACA made us the RULED, not the Governed. It can only go down hill from here. The real answer is to get rid of the corruption, and both political cartels and their leadership.

          • Sterling Harris says:

            You have excellent insight

        • charleo1 says:

          Although you don’t realize it, you just revealed the
          ultimate futility in having a meaningful conversation
          with you. Because unlike the majority here, who are trying to work the problem, and find solutions. You seem to have gotten lost in a maze of half truths, and dead end, pseudo-story lines, and contrived narratives. Until at last, your only way to make sense of the whole thing, is to conclude that all paths eventually lead nowhere. And anyone who holds out even the slightest bit of hope for anything else, is either a naive greenhorn, or worse. Probably worse. So, this has become your prism, and your prison, thru who’s bars you view the World. Cynicism, and nihilism rule. And so for you, the question is always a simple one. Not, are there solutions? But when, and how long will it take until those solutions become the failures I clearly see them as, even before they are tried? And when are people finally going to give up, and see the wisdom, in my refusal to believe in anything, except my certainty that we’re all hopelessly lost? And, that is my response to your message.

        • 788eddie says:

          Gary Miles, you are a cynic, and as Ambrose Bierce once pointed out, a cynic is a man who knows the price of everything, and the value of nothing.

        • Phil Johnson says:

          ” Those who voted just agreed to be ruled by an elite ruling class that could care less for them.”

          1. This hyperbole is wrong on both logic and syntax. It’s “couldn’t care less” to make grammatical sense.

          “The end of democracy and the defeat of the American Revolution will
          occur when government falls into the hands of lending institutions and
          moneyed incorporations.” ~ Thomas Jefferson, So. “those who voted just
          agreed” to countenance no such thing; at least the Warren apologists
          believe in the premise that “In a country well governed, poverty is
          something to be ashamed
          of. In a country badly governed, wealth is something to be ashamed of.” -Confucius – and want to do something about it instead of whining. about how hard it is to live here.

          Really? Why are you “casting aspersions on my asparagus” (courtesy of that sage philosopher, RW L. Gohmert)?

          are very depressing. I find this to be a common trait of those on the
          RW; all is gloom and doom. It appears to resonate with their
          representative and solon brethren. They don’t have a plan, either, just
          more cut and slash or plain obstreperous blockading of any meaningful

          • Gary Miles says:

            Sorry for sounding so depressing. I’m quite happy and just siting back and watching all the gun control in Chicago work so well. Plus watching John the Boner BS the Right while Obama BS’s the left. If you find that depressing, you should.

          • Phil Johnson says:

            I agree with 788eddie and charleo 1 and won’t repeat what they said, except to underline the fact that I have read a lot of your other answers and none of them show you to be anything but a nihilist. If there is happiness in that, God bless you. I have a feeling that you are a stay-at-home on election days. Thus, L’Amour’s observation still applies.

            If the foo sh..s, wear it.

          • Gary Miles says:

            That’s cool! You and they have the right to express their opinion, be what it may. I am not the type to be offended, it’s senseless. You have been warned, using historical facts that will eventually happen here. It don’t have to be so and history can be stopped when it comes to the USA IF people wake the fu(k up and see what’s happening. It is classic history, all over again. I don’t care if I’m liked or disliked, it matters not to me. You are free to have your opinion, thankfully, because of people like me..

          • Phil Johnson says:

            “You are free to have your opinion, thankfully, because of people like me..”

            Excuse me, that is a real turnoff. What arrogance. We are free because of our history and our Constitution. You flatter yourself stating that like or dislike is a factor in the common sense equation. It’s not.

            Actually, we agree on one thing (finally). We have to wake up, that is true. GOTV. GOTV. That will happen only when most of us care enough to GOTV.

            aures lupi

          • Independent1 says:

            More evidence you haven’t got a clue what you’re talking about. The violence in Chicago is due to the absolute lack of gun control in the Red State of Indiana which is about 20 minutes away for any hood in Chicago who wants to go out and buy a gun. When are you RWNJs going to wake up and get off Chicago as the evidence of anything; other than being just one more big city with violence??

            Now Memphis is another story. It’s really not that large a city but leads the nation in being the most violent city, in the most violent state of course – the Red State of Tennessee.

          • Gary Miles says:

            Violence in Chicago is caused by criminal’s killing other criminals on a regular basis. The fact that most of them are black and possibly gang members too LWFF’s like you don’t mean a thing. Indiana has the same requirement for laws as every other state for the legal purchase of guns and people can also go to any gun store in Illinois and do the same. The law abiding citizens in Chicago don’t have a prayer in defending themselves from the criminal element (which don’t go to gun stores to buy their illegally owned guns). Detroit is on a better path and crime is dropping (go check it out for yourself).

            None of this matters because the debate has already ended and it really never started. Guns ARE LEGAL to the law abiding. When are you going to get this through your thick skull! It isn’t going to change and even if it was to change, little results of indoctrination centers like you don’t have the courage to come take them, do you?

    • bobnstuff says:

      What large numbers? What landslide? we had the smallest turn out in years. The President has cut the size of government, not adding jobs like some other presidents have done. It’s the so called conservatives that almost caused the government to crash in an irresponsible action. The last true conservative republican was Goldwater. What we have now are the paid shills of the altra rich.

      • paulyz says:

        Read my reply above.

        • bobnstuff says:

          What large numbers? The republicans got less then 18% of the registered voters. Sullivan and Gardner didn’t even get 50% of the votes. How can the election be about large government when the government is shrinking not getting bigger? How
          is it a mandate if no one votes? Lets face it the voters found no reason to vote. The republican got power but if they believe it’s a mandate they may shot themselves in the foot come 2016 when people do vote.

    • Independent1 says:

      Wait! What?? You realize that the GOP won its seats in the Senate in 2014 with votes from only 17% of the registered electorate and even less than 50% of the 37% of Republicans in America?? And do you know that the 46 Senate Democrats are in Congress on the votes of 20 million more Americans than the 54 Republicans have??

      That’s right clueless!! The 46 Democrats were elected with 20 Million—that’s 20 million more votes than the 54 GOP idiots who are only there for two main reasons: a bigger chunk of Democrats stayed home in 2014 than Republicans; and 2) GOP GERRYMANDERING!!!!!!

      • Gary Miles says:

        SO WHAT?

        • EriktheRed says:

          So, let’s see how well the GOP does when more than 38% of the electorate votes again.

        • Independent1 says:


          IT WAS NO LANDSLIDE!!!!!!

          And WHENEVER, Republicans govern, they generally ALWAYS govern with a MINORITY of Americans behind them – AND USUALLY, because they’ve RIGGED THE ELECTION!!!

          That’s SO WHAT!!!

          • Gary Miles says:

            Good Lord, you remind me of a twelve year old girl screaming hysterically as she run’s to her mommy and cries ” my tit’s ain’t growing”. Grow up, please!

          • Blueberry Hill says:

            It is refreshing to know that there will be less open seats for Rs in the next election. Even the Rs want to get rid of the Tbags. We will return, we just need to stop the damage that these lunatics want to inflict on us for the next 2 years. These idiots don’t get it that even Rs need health insurance, for one thing.


          • Independent1 says:

            Yeah! 24 Repubs up against only 10 Dems; including no Dems up in Red States.

            See this from

            Senate Republicans will have to work hard to retain their recently won majority as they face a tough 2016 electoral map.

            They have 24 seats up compared to Democrats’ 10, including seven in states President Obama carried twice. Democrats won’t have any red-state senators facing reelection and could be buoyed by a favorable presidential-year electorate.

            Republicans do have some margin for error after their sweeping 2014 win netted them nine seats for a 54-seat Senate majority. Democrats won’t have it easy either, with Senate Leader Harry Reid (Nev.) facing a strong challenge.

            But Democrats are cautiously optimistic they can win back control just two years after losing it — and Republicans admit that they have a fight on their hands.

            “It’ll be tough but it’s definitely not impossible. We only need four seats if we win the White House and we start off with four very vulnerable Republicans,” said one national Democratic strategist.

            “There are just some hardcore blue presidential states,” said a national Republican strategist.

            Here are 10 senators in danger of losing in 2016.


          • Blueberry Hill says:

            If the slimy Rs keep it up, it will be tar and feather time. They did more damage in 3 days than anyone else has done in a year. The assholes who put these lunatics in office will suffer the same as the rest of us. It will be interesting to see how well they fare.


          • paulyz says:

            So, if elections are so rigged for the Republican Party, why is it the Democrats that always Oppose Voter ID? HMMM?

          • Independent1 says:

            Is that a trick question?? Gerrymandering and needless voter ID laws are just two of the ways that Republicans RIG ELECTIONS!! Most of the others are all types of illegal voting fraud tactics like: standing in voting lines and claiming to be certified vote collectors, taking votes then throwing them away. Calling people on the phone and illegally claiming to be a certified vote taker and doing the same thing. And Putting fake voting information on bill boards that mislead voters as to the correct places and times for voting. And on and on. Republicans have no shame when it comes to cheating at elections.

            See this:

            Republicans Admit Voter-ID Laws Are Aimed at Democratic Voters

            It’s been clear for a while that the voter-identification laws the GOP has been pushing are aimed at suppressing Democratic constituencies. And Republicans are fessing up, says Jamelle Bouie.When liberals decry voter-identification laws as tools for voter suppression, they aren’t arguing ex nihilo. The evidence is clear: identification requirements for voting reduce turnout among low-income and minority voters. And the particular restrictions imposed by Republican lawmakers—limiting the acceptable forms of identification, ending opportunities for student voting, reducing hours for early voting—certainly do appear aimed at Democratic voters.

            Indeed, in a column for right-wing clearinghouse WorldNetDaily, longtime conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly acknowledged as much with a defense ofNorth Carolina’s new voting law, which has been criticized for its restrictions on access, among other things. Here’s Schlafly:

            “The reduction in the number of days allowed for early voting is particularly important because early voting plays a major role in Obama’s ground game. The Democrats carried most states that allow many days of early voting, and Obama’s national field director admitted, shortly before last year’s election, that ‘early voting is giving us a solid lead in the battleground states that will decide this election.’

          • paulyz says:

            Man, you are a hopeless, gullible, kool-aid drinker. EVERYONE knows that the fraud is in the Democrat Party, and Democrats always say there isn’t any fraud as their excuse to oppose voter-id. But you say there IS fraud, hmmm.

          • Independent1 says:

            Talk about being hopeless and gullible!! If it’s me that’s that way, kindly explain why JUDGES have negate voter-id laws in more than 1/2 a dozen red states because THEY REALIZE that voter-id laws put UNFAIR RESTRICTIONS on lower income Americans AND HAVE THEREFORE DETERMINED THEM TO BE UNCONSTITUTIONAL????

      • Blueberry Hill says:

        The Rs did all kinds of cheating to take over the government; from gerrymandering to stealing to blocking voters. I believe even their counting was not legitimate. 20 Million more people voted for the Dems. That means we have at least 20 Million more people than the Goofies have. We only need to do the math to know that a lot of hanky panky went on. Great Post.


      • Lynda Groom says:

        You are going to confuse him further with facts and figures. They’ve got a narrative based upon their agenda and attempting to educate them with reality is a horrible waste of time and energy.

        • paulyz says:

          Enjoy some reality, not twisted “facts & figures” like they indoctrinate you at school with.

          • Lynda Groom says:

            Please proceed further down the rabbit hole of your own making.

          • paulyz says:

            Enjoy your ignorant, uninformed, brainwashed, life, absorbing all the propaganda until all of our Liberty is lost, including our children’s.

          • Lynda Groom says:

            If you mean logic and reason over hyperbole you’ve got a point…if not just more words.

          • dpaano says:

            I’ll take “facts and figures” over your reality any day of the year!!! At least most of those “facts and figures” can easily be proven.

      • paulyz says:

        I guess then you could say the same as to why Obama was elected, 4 million less voted for Romney than for McCain. But after 6 years of disillusionment under Obama’s lies to ram through his failed policies, many young people didn’t even bother to vote for him. Many discovered the propaganda they had been fed in school was in fact BS.
        As for gerrymandering which was started under Democrats when they were in power for so long, now it was the other Party’s turn to turn it back.

        • Independent1 says:

          Sorry, but as usual, you’re full of hogwash. Gerrymandering was employed by the Republican party even before it was ever tried by the Democratic party. And the Democrats HAVE NEVER implemented gerrymandering to ANYWHERE NEAR the degree that the GOP has done it over the past 4 years!!!

          See this:

          In 1889, the Dakota Territory entered the union as two states, North and South Dakota. The move was orchestrated by the Republican Party, then in control of Congress, to promote the admission of more states in territories leaning toward the party. By the rules for representation in the Electoral College, each state carried at least three electoral votes regardless of its population, meaning Republicans could dramatically increase their presidential chances by letting in the greatest number of GOP-leaning states. (Wikimedia Commons)

          • paulyz says:

            Republicans need to always keep up with the tricks of the Democrats. They must waste their time in power just reversing all the debt & damage by the Democrat /Socialists.

        • Independent1 says:

          And don’t forget, aside from winning those senate seats ONLY IN CLEARLY RED STATES, and taking over a few governorships WHILE ACTUALLY LOSING SOME CONTROL OF THE LEGISLATURES WHERE THEY WON THOSE GOVERNORSHIPS, the GOP LOST EVERY OTHER RACE AND INITIATIVE THAT WAS OPEN IN THE 2014 ELECTION – every race in a BLUE State other than the governorships AND ALL THE BALLOT INITIATIVES MINIMUM WAGE INCREASES AND including losing all the PERSONHOOD IDIOCIES!!!

        • dpaano says:

          Don’t you DARE speak for all Americans….you have NO idea where most Americans are at politically. In my opinion, and this isn’t scientific fact, I believe Americans are generally all centrists…some are a little left of center; others a little right of center; but basically, center. But, I don’t speak for most Americans….and you shouldn’t either!

    • EriktheRed says:

      Kinda remember you wingnuts saying the same thing after November 2010.

    • dpaano says:

      First of all, it was NOT a landslide election…..a very small percentage of the American people actually voted. It’s a known fact that midterm elections do NOT bring out most voters. Wait until 2016 and see who wins and then we can talk about it. Landslide, my rear!!!! Give me a break!

  16. Sterling Harris says:

    profits for the “job creators” or should that read job cremators, highly
    favorable tax rates for the job creators so the theory of coddling them and
    allowing them to keep most of the money they make should have produced a flood
    of well paid jobs otherwise trickle down laissez faire economics was a crock
    load of excrement we were sold seeing profits are zooming take home for CEO has
    them building gilded mansions and driving million dollar cars with a fleet of
    other million dollar cars in their garages, scattered through their other
    mansions and yet wage stagnation has been going on since Reagan, with a brief
    respite under Clinton for the rest of America, the one’s that can’t afford
    lobbyists, the ones who have lost the ability to collectively negotiate wages,
    the one’s who are stuck in minimum wage jobs as the service sector booms, a
    sector that can’t be outsourced although the profits sure are into tax haven

    raising the minimum wage because the obscenely rich will cry if they miss out on
    a new mansion every year and have to make do with only one new mansion every 2
    years, a smaller fleet of million dollar cars, an upgrade to their private jet

    years instead of annually and cutting their meal allowances down to less than
    $10000 a day.

    is broken and it’s not the working poor that broke it but they’re the ones that
    have been demonized while they have been locked out of a life of value, respect
    and decency, why a whole party sees millions of hardworking Americans as
    freeloading vermin while corporate subsides rise and rise along with the
    profitability of those corporations.

    party of let them starve catering to the fabulously wealthy ultimate moocher
    class, a class that eats for free at the best restaurants, that buys politics so
    it serves them like cheap waiters and political prostitutes. A stuffed envelope
    to the right people is so much more important than a nation eating healthily,
    children not going to bed starving even in the world’s richest

    not that Republicans don’t care, it’s more a case that they care too much for
    federal money to go to corporations and the robber barons so the rest can make
    do with the crumbs are the spoils of class war are divided up by the

    the Kochs worth doubled under Obama yet they are so dissatisfied at his
    performance then it boils down to a radical agenda of scrapping the minimum
    wage, denying a decent education for the permanently dispossessed and the right
    to destroy the environment with a powerless and unheard population being robbed
    of democracy and opinions as much money equals loud can you hear me now speech
    and no money equals
    loud can you hear me now speech and no money equals you don’t matter in the
    grand scheme of things and are surplus to needs section of population. Or a
    Republican utopia.

    • Matforce says:

      The once robust, gainfully employed middle class with ample disposable income that formed the world’s premier consumer market has been offered up as the sacrificial lamb on the altar of Wall Street gods, while Wall Street returns have been deified as the Golden Calf (or should I say, Bull?).

  17. Sterling Harris says:

    Deceptions of the (GOP) Satan the Devil
    put the matter in a single phrase, the greatest deception of Satan is to prompt
    you, me and everyone in the world to believe that he is not Satan. He
    manipulates us to accept something quite opposite. Satan wants people to believe
    that he is a righteous spirit being who has nothing but your interest (and the
    interest of all human beings on earth) as his chief desire and that his ultimate
    goal is to promote your welfare and prosperity. Truly, he wants you to succeed
    and be prosperous if you will only do things his way. Using the vernacular of
    the present day, though Satan is truly a bad guy (the worst of the worst), he
    projects himself to the world and to you and me as a good guy (the best of the
    best) and Satan has accomplished his task quite effectively. Truthfully,
    however, Christ Jesus accurately called Satan a murderer from the beginning. He
    goes about as a roaring lion to devour whom he might, but the impression that
    Satan wishes to give of himself is utterly different. He wants to express to the
    world (and to you and me) the very opposite characteristics. And believe me,
    Satan has managed to pull off the grandest subterfuge ever conceived in the
    history of the world.

    us understand the teaching that PROPOSITION ONE provides to us. It shows that
    God is in complete control of all the nations and governments of this world, and
    he sets over them on some occasions even the worst of men to govern and to
    chastise them. He even sets up on other occasions those who deceive and those
    who wish to be deceived. God also created and controls the chief of all rulers
    of the earth. That happens to be the spirit power called Satan the Devil

  18. Sterling Harris says:

    GOP are the reason Democracy no longer exists as it once was. So, my advice
    would be to stop talking about Obama..The Republican Party is merely a
    coalition of gangs.
    The Republican Party is not really a party. It doesn’t
    stand for anything except re-electing itself, The neocons are only oriented to
    an aggressive, imperialistic foreign policy of big defense establishment and
    suppression of our civil liberties. That’s bad.
    That’s basically the heart of
    the Republican Party, In that mix, how can you find anything that’s going to
    stand for conservative economics, fiscal rectitude, free markets, sound money?
    It’s not there.
    The Republican Party is basically irrelevant to the economic
    crisis that faces the country

  19. Sterling Harris says:

    anyone even slightly familiar with the rantings of Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly,
    Glenn Beck and many other right-wing pundits and entertainers knows, despite the
    progress made over the last 50-plus years, there’s still plenty of hatred,
    ignorance and bigotry in American politics. But unlike days before, when appeals
    to ethnic resentment or other forms of illiberal thinking were made clearly and
    unashamedly, the way bigotry works in U.S. politics now is a bit more cryptic —
    and perhaps all the more insidious for it.bigotry today hides its true self
    through euphemism and appeals to seemingly innocuous touchstones like tradition
    or religion. But while that makes it harder to “prove” that an appeal to hatred
    is just that, the role bigotry plays in supporting unethical public policy is
    still too large to be ignored.

    when Sen. Mitch McConnell and much of the Republican Party claimed that their
    primary purpose was to block any chance that President Obama might have for
    reelection, and it seemed to me that action at the grass roots, the rise of the
    Tea Party, accompanied that agenda or substantiated it.On top of that, there was
    the rhetoric of the media pundits — Fox News and people like Rush Limbaugh and
    Glenn Beck and Mark Levin and Michael Savage as well as a kind of evangelical
    fundamentalism that verged on intolerance — [in which] Obama started being
    called “the Food-Stamp President,” “the Affirmative-Action President,” “an
    Imam,” “a foreigner,” even an “anti-christ.” I saw posters that identified him
    with Hitler, placed his head and his wife’s head on the bodies of chimpanzees
    and portrayed the White House with rows of watermelon on the lawn

    It also seemed to be the case — and this is perhaps the most important thing — that
    the bigot is no longer the same as he was in the 1950s. It’s no longer Bull
    Connor. It’s no longer simply the person who explicitly embraces the inferiority
    of people of color or women or the inherent perversity of homosexuals. It seems
    to be today, the policies that are directed against these groups are covered by
    the language of freedom, the language of liberty, the language of individualism.
    I thought it was time to write a work on the bigot, or a work on prejudice, that
    emphasized as much what people do in opposing the strivings of previously
    excluded groups as what they say about them. the bigot isn’t always white, he’s
    not always male, he’s not always rich, and he’s not always conservative. But
    having said that, historically, the fact of the matter is that there’s been a
    marked tendency that links bigotry with right-wing movements. I think that’s
    empirically true.Now, conceptually, I would put this in three ways. Some
    conservatives aren’t necessarily prejudiced, or aren’t bigots. But conservatives
    tend to emphasize three things, in my view: Tradition, and tradition’s fine if
    it doesn’t simply work for their interests and their particular privileges. In
    other words, the issue is, is one willing to embrace tradition simply because it
    exists? So for example, there is talk in the South about the great heritage of
    the Confederacy. One criticizes the Confederacy for its racism and the response
    is, “That’s a part of our tradition!” Well, so what? The tradition itself may
    very well be tainted by bigotry, whether racial or gender or what have you. So I
    think the issue there is, is tradition taken up in a critical way or is it
    simply used as a kind of blanket excuse for the maintenance of privilege?

  20. Eric Lipps says:

    “Dynamic scoring” is just the latest GOP shell game designed to build a case for tax cuts (David Stockman was“taken to the woodshed” for ratting out the Reagan administration by admitting that its ballyhooed 1981 tax cut “was always a Trojan horse to bring down the top rate.”) The former party of Lincoln and Eisenhower has taken to heart Ronald Reagan’s famous Freudian slip: “Facts are stupid things.” They’ve become a political Frankenstein’s monster with Reagan’s brain, Nixon’s ethics and Dubya’s
    crazed political messianism. Oh, and—not too deeply buried—Jefferson Davis’s views on race.

    • Gary Miles says:

      Eric, a nice question. When a government can print their own money, why do they need to collect taxes?

      • latebloomingrandma says:

        I guess because gov’t is not a game like Monopoly.

      • Independent1 says:

        That’s what the dictatorships in the world do which falsely call themselves communist but which are not based on true communism because it’s only an elite who really own anything and control everyone elses lives. Since the people living there own nothing, how can you tax them?.

        Fortunately, we live in a democracy run like a republic where everyone should have a stake in the game, i.e. contribute to running the country. Otherwise, how do any of us have a right to participate in running America or be able to criticize it the way we do?? Any of our opinions on how the country is run are only valid because we have a little stake in contributing to what it costs to keep it running in the form of various taxes.

        • Gary Miles says:

          Only a communist would possibly know true Communism truly is. Thank you for the wonderful lesson., but you are clueless as to what kind of government we have. Hint, we are not a Democracy!

          • Independent1 says:

            I’m sure you’re going to love this:

            The percent of employed people working for the federal government is at the lowest level on record

            Since reliable data first became available shortly before World War II, the percentage of all employed people working for the federal government hit an all-time low in December.

            An article at Business Insider picked up on the big picture trend, noting that the number of total government employees in the workforce was lower than it had been in a half-century. They had a version of this graph, showing that the declining number of government jobs in recent years has meant that a smaller and smaller percentage of the expanding workforce is comprised of government employees.


          • Gary Miles says:

            Yes, I do love how the Left wing media paints a picture that is incomplete.. Over the last few decades, local, state and even the Feds have done something that seems to have been forgotten by the left wing pundits, despite all their bitching in years past. Thanks to public unions and their unsustainable demands, these governments have reduced employees and OUTSOURCED to sub contractors who are not considered government employees. They are however, by virtue of another Illegal Presidential action, required to pay what the government demands they be paid in wages.

            Notice your little link never mentions government contractors, only actual employees.

          • Independent1 says:

            And there you go spewing more of your distortions of the truth – our government has been farming out its work for decades – there’s no more of that today; your fabricating more lies in an effort to discredit the truth. The master RWNJ mantra – what a bunch of crap you are!!!!!!!

          • dpaano says:

            And that’s why we can’t seem to get anything done….infrastructure is falling apart, the IRS doesn’t have enough agents to actually go after the scofflaws that don’t pay their taxes, and I could go on and on…..we need more government employees to do the job of running this BIG country….not fewer! The Republicans aren’t saving us any money by cutting back government….they’re COSTING us money in the long run!

          • Independent1 says:

            Absolutely not! All they’re looking to accomplish is funnel as much money from us taxpayers’ pockets into their pockets via the pockets of the wealthy that they can shove in every possible dollar via tax cuts, subsidies and any other fraudulent means possible. It’s not small government Republicans want – they just want the government departments that are keeping them from running businesses anyway they want to run them gone (even if that ends up killing people and destroying our country and the planet).

            There are 330,000 less federal government workers today than when Reagan left office in 1989 while America’s population has increased by more than 25% – by 70 million people. So a 330,000 person small government is being asked to serve 318 million today while when Reagan left office there were less than 250 million people living in America. As you point out – it makes NO SENSE it’s totally idiotic – just like the mindset of Republicans – idiotic!!!

          • dpaano says:

            YEs, and it’s just as I’ve been reading….they are aiming at an imperial presidency. They’ve stacked the Supreme Court; they’ve taken over both the Senate and the House, they’ve stacked governorships in the various states, they’ve tried to make the Christian religion as the No. 1 religion in the U.S., they’ve cut funds to major departments so they can’t do their jobs (and then they blame it on President Obama), and they are doing everything possible to take over the government and run it as a one-party group. It’s pretty sad!! We can’t allow this to happen! We MUST get Democrats out to vote in 2016, it’s imperative for all our futures! We CANNOT allow our country to become one of the 1% and the rest of us as their “serfs.” This is what our Founding Fathers and their predecessors ran away from England to get away from.

          • Independent1 says:

            Absolutely! We need to do everything we can to wake up the American people to the dangers you point out that many of the misguided, ignorant to reality, Americans are putting America in today by voting against their best interests.

            And the focus many GOPers put on the Christian religion as you noted is also just a charade: billionaires supporters of today’s GOP like the Kochs, Adelsons, Waltons and more are really trying to turn America into the planet’s first nation run by Corporations and the super wealthy. Had Romney gotten elected in 2012, he would have been nothing more than a Corporate/Wealthy American puppet sitting in the White House working to revamp every law in American in a way favorable to Corporations and the wealthy that run many of them.

            The only reason they keep pretending to be Christian, is because they know they need the support of misguided evangelicals and other fake Christians in America to succeed in their take-over attempt. An example of that was that all these monied people supporting Mitt Romney for president in 2012 who is a Mormon, and Mormonism is by far not a true Christian religion.

            The Mormon’s belief system is in some cases 180 degrees from the beliefs of true Christians. The fact that Mormons pretend to be truly supportive of Christianity is a charade. Much of what Mormons believe in is totally counter to what ‘true’ Christians believe in. One example is the fact that early Mormons, and even some sects of Mormonism today, still believe in polygamy; when Jesus made it clear that with his coming God would only recognize one marriage in a person’s entire life. Suggesting that God suddenly decided to forego that commandment for Joe Smith, is an absolute abomination!!

          • dpaano says:

            Agree 100%. The biggest problem I see is that there are many branches of Christianity; i.e., Lutheran, Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterians, etc. What’s the problem with the Jewish or the Catholic religions (Mormonism is definitely NOT a religion in my book). The “evangelicals” are giving some Christians a bad name. Not all of us Christians think the way that they do, and we certainly don’t believe in making this a one-religion country. If that happens, we might as well be like the Muslim countries wherein they require you to be Muslim or you’re a dead man! I don’t think the American public wants to see that happen, but it certainly could if we continue to let these “fake” christians and evangelicals have their way! Hang in there Independent1….we have intelligence on our side (hopefully) with the Democrats. Republicans are totally illogical!! We just have to figure out a way to convince the rest of the country that the GOP uses lies and scare tactics to get their way….people need to fact check EVERYTHING that comes out of their mouths!!!

          • Independent1 says:

            Here’s what TRUE COMMUNISM looks like: it’s the way God would like to see True Christians living (as the 1st Christians were guided by the Holy Spirit):

            From Acts 4:

            31 And when they had prayed, the place was shaken where they were assembled together; and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and they spake the word of God with boldness.

            32 And the multitude of them that believed were of one heart and of one soul: neither said any of them that ought of the things which he possessed was his own; but they had all things common.

            33 And with great power gave the apostles witness of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus: and great grace was upon them all.

            34 Neither was there any among them that lacked: for as many as were possessors of lands or houses sold them, and brought the prices of the things that were sold,

            35 And laid them down at the apostles’ feet: and distribution was made unto every man according as he had need.

            36 And Joses, who by the apostles was surnamed Barnabas, (which is, being interpreted, The son of consolation,) a Levite, and of the country of Cyprus,

            37 Having land, sold it, and brought the money, and laid it at the apostles’ feet.

          • Gary Miles says:

            I am not what one would call very religious. I have found that the misinterpretation of religious scripture is very dangerous. I’m surprised you would attempt to apply Biblical scripture to a government philosophy that leads to starvation and death. It is also sad that you would even attempt such a thing, considering the horrible murders of innocent people of what many consider the misinterpretation of the Koran. While I am no expert on Biblical scripture, and would prefer that one who is more educated on the matter discuss this issue with you, I think I can say that claiming something written 2000 years ago as an excuse for the tens of millions of innocent deaths at the hands on Communist’s appalling.

          • Independent1 says:

            I’m not sure what you’re babbling about – there are no countries on the planet being run as true communism. They’re all nothing more than dictatorships hiding behind that name.

          • Lynda Groom says:

            We are a Republic and always have been.

  21. terry b says:

    Hard to count on the crazies that head the current GOP to ever do the right thing. We have to count on Clinton to win in November or the entire will go into the pit. A place that the crazies would feel just right in being. Looks like I will be praying again. Hope to not loose faith in god and the country which will happen if the crazies are in control of all of the three areas that when collaborating with each other will truly condemn America as a nation of idiots!

    • Gary Miles says:

      Might I suggest that you limit your faith to God. Not so sure that false prophets called Clinton would go over well with the good Lord. Have not anyone learned anything from the past?

      • terry b says:

        Don’t sound so silly. Clinton is no prophet but just a good person. Have you learned nothing from the past? The current GOP is referred to by many people as the American version of the Nazi party. If you have even a modicum of intelligence you would know why that is. That is why I prayed so hard for Obama’s reelection. I don’t want to see the rise of the fourth Reich that Hitler promised to occur in America. In Nazi Germany it was the Jewish people, minorities and homosexuals hat were reduced to second class citizens. Replace the word Jewish with women and you have the GOP version of the Nazi’s. Try to use a little intelligence in any future reply. Ignorant people seem to like Rick Perry, Scott Walker and Rick Santorum who are great examples of those who are believers in fascism and religious fundamentalism. Both of those beliefs seem to beget evil. Are you smart enough to figure that out? I’m guessing that you aren’t but I would love to be proven wrong.

        • Gary Miles says:

          Terri, Nothing personal was intended. It is my belief that those who desire power are evil, all of them. Neither of the Clintons have clean hands, no politician does. As far as the rest of your comment, I think it’s quite funny that reading comments on a Right Wing site , I find that they same the very same thing about the Liberal’s as you say about them. I find that most of the talking points on both side are ridiculous and shows nothing more than a large group of people who have become brainwashed by the propaganda machines known as the media. Sad really, that so many are divided, which is the goal, so that the elite ruling class can stay in power and continue to become wealthy. All the while both sides are claiming that the other are NAZI’s and that each side is waging war on women. Both sides are racist’s too, so the claims go. It’s a great big circle jerk!

      • Don51 says:

        Gary, where in the world did you pull the idea of Clinton as a prophet, much less a false one? Only the Christian fundamentalists claim such… to the greater disgust of most Americans!

  22. Daniel Jones says:


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