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Sunday, October 23, 2016

A riot can be many things.

It can be an act of communal madness, reflecting the emotional imbecility of those who believe the best way to express joy at their ball team’s win is to overturn a car.

It can be an act of opportunism, a chance, under cover of darkness, influence of chaos, suspension of order, to smash and grab and run away, arms heavy with loot.

And it can be an act of outcry, a scream of inchoate rage.

That’s what happened this week in Ferguson, Missouri. The people screamed.

To believe that this carnage — the windows smashed, the buildings torched, the tear gas wafting — is all about the killing of Michael Brown is to miss the point. Brown, of course, was the unarmed 18-year-old African-American man shot multiple times by a Ferguson police officer on Saturday.

St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar — Ferguson Police asked his department, as an outside agency, to investigate the shooting — has said Brown was walking with another individual when a so-far unnamed officer sitting in a police car stopped him. According to Belmar, the officer was trying to get out of his car when one of the two individuals pushed him back inside, where there was a struggle over the officer’s weapon and at least one shot was discharged. He says the officer came out of the car and fired, striking Brown, who was about 35 feet away, multiple times.

Witnesses say Brown, who was to have started college this week, had his hands up when he was shot. Police have not said why the officer felt the need to stop him in the first place.

Details are still too sketchy for us to draw hard conclusions about what happened that afternoon. But it is all too easy to understand what happened afterward and why good people should be paying attention.

Because, again, this is not just about Brown. It’s about Eric Garner, choked to death in a confrontation with New York City police. It’s about Jordan Davis, shot to death in Jacksonville, Florida, because he played his music too loud. It’s about Trayvon Martin, shot to death in Sanford, Florida, because a self-appointed neighborhood guardian judged him a thug. It’s about Oscar Grant, shot by a police officer in an Oakland, California, subway station as cellphone cameras watched. It’s about Amadou Diallo, executed in that vestibule and Abner Louima, sodomized with that broomstick. It’s about Rodney King.

And it is about the bitter sense of siege that lives in African-American men, a sense that it is perpetually open season on us.

And that too few people outside of African America really notice, much less care. People who look like you are every day deprived of health, wealth, freedom, opportunity, education, the benefit of the doubt, the presumption of innocence, life itself — and when you try to say this, even when you document it with academic studies and buttress it with witness testimony, people don’t want to hear it, people dismiss you, deny you, lecture you about white victimhood, chastise you for playing a so-called “race card.”

They choke off avenues of protest, prizing silence over justice, mistaking silence for peace. And never mind that sometimes, silence simmers like water in a closed pot on a high flame.

One can never condone a riot. It is a self-defeating act that sells some fleeting illusion of satisfaction at a high cost in property and life.

But understanding this does not preclude recognizing that the anger we see in Ferguson did not spring from nowhere, nor arrive, fully-formed, when Michael Brown was shot. It is the anger of people who are, as Fannie Lou Hamer famously said, sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Silence imposed on pain cannot indefinitely endure. People who are hurting will always, eventually, make themselves heard.

Even if they must scream to do so.

(Leonard Pitts is a columnist for The Miami Herald, 1 Herald Plaza, Miami, FL, 33132. Readers may contact him via email at [email protected])

Photo: David Carson/St. Louis Post-Dispatch/MCT

  • TerryW

    I’m white and I’m pissed. It’s 2014 for God’s sake. Not the 60’s. Cops treat blacks like pit bulls, assume they’re dangerous and shoot to kill. I’m disgusted at racism, we are all the same regardless of color. We are the human race, we are supposed to be intelligent and take care of each other. You don’t see golden labs beating up black labs, or calico cats singling out black cats for fights. What is the difference? It’s color, that’s all. How ridiculous we are. How boring life on this planet would be if everything was one color, and that includes the human race.

    • joe schmo

      I’m white and I’m pissed because this was an excuse to riot. Yes, I believe this young man should have been restrained. He was uncontrollable. Maybe using a safer method such as taseing would have been the answer. Still no excuse for looting. How primitive we still are. Your deduction on cats is ridiculous.

      • 2010HDSTGLIDE

        I agree with you. Have any details been released concerning the police officer involved? The whole story is not out yet, it will be interesting to get the facts if that is possible.

      • sleepvark

        joe schmucko, how’s that application for the local KKK chapter going, you racist tool. Your every word here reeks of self entitlement and abysmal ignorance. You automatically adopt the attitude of fear, Nothing new, that’s always the crux of your wimpy cries for sympathy for the oppressed white folks. Go change your tampons and get a job.

        • joe schmo

          Your favorite word! Why should I be surprised. You must be a child of 1865. You know the time that ran out. This is always your excuse to pacify a crime used as an excuse to loot.

          ** Black males make up about 7% of the
          U.S. population but commit 49% of all the murders in the U.S. (Why do you think that is?)

          In the U.S. about 8,000 African-Americans killed each year – 93% of them by African-Americans. That is 7,400 blacks killed by other blacks
          and the blacks treat this with indifference,.

          Where is the outrage from prominent members of the African-American community? Where are the words of condemnation and sorrow from Rep.
          Sheila Jackson Lee, Rev. Al Sharpton, or Jesse Jackson over the fact that members of their own race are summarily executing each other?

          Unfortunately we have a President and an Attorney General who support and promote ‘racial’ hatred.

          Guess you are part of the problem……

          I’m happily retired:)

        • idamag

          This nut is probably a charter member.

      • browninghipower

        You have no idea what the fuck you’re talking about, as usual. What a bore.

        • joe schmo

          ** Black males make up about 7% of the

          U.S. population but commit 49% of all the murders in the U.S.

          In the U.S. about 8,000 African-Americans killed each year – 93% of them by African-Americans. That is 7,400 blacks killed by other blacks
          and the blacks treat this with indifference,.

          Where is the outrage from prominent members of the African-American community? Where are the words of condemnation and sorrow from Rep.
          Sheila Jackson Lee, Rev. Al Sharpton, or Jesse Jackson over the fact that members of their own race are summarily executing each other?

          Unfortunately we have a President and an Attorney General who support and promote racial hatred.

          As usual the very people who you propose to save are the very people that you keep in chains:) Where’s the sanity…. Oh that’s right, you are no longer sane Americans….

        • idamag

          He is obviously a racist. I am happy to see they are fighting back. Terrorists are terrorists, whether al Qaeda or racists in the south.

          • joe schmo

            The truth came out this morning. Brown robbed a convenience store, period. The reason he got stopped was because he was walking down the middle of the street holding up traffic and he was caught red handed with the goods (a box of cigars that he stole). The cops were doing their job. Would you rather have the police never go into largely ethnic areas? Do you really want businesses to leave? What about all the innocent people who live in largely ethnic areas, what do you think will happen to them when no law enforcement comes in for an emergency? You are asking for more and more lawlessness. You are the race baiter’s. Get over it!

            Sorry, don’t live in the South. I live in the West… the most liberal state in the Union.

      • U should read TerryW’s comment one more time. Go out side, take a few deep breaths for clarity & look around your neighborhood & the racial/cultural composition & ask yourself this: how often do you invite people of other races/cultures into your home? How often do you invite their kids over to play w/yours & THEN, join in w/them at play? When was the last time you double-dated w/a couple of a different race/culture or even a MIXED RACE couple? If your answer is none of the above, you’re a racist & renders your comments moot. Now, of course you could give an affirmative to all of the above questions, w/us being none the wiser, but I have a strong feeling you are unaware of the history of education, post-1954, employment & union history, post-1980 & economic realities, post-2001 – all of which combine to twist reality for folks like you, into the fantasy, TV-land experience that faintly passes for reality – for folks like you. It’s not your fault though. Throughout the Federalist Papers, we, that 1st American generations’ progeny, were warned to steer clear of factionalism in society, but especially, in our polity. You, my fellow American, have fallen square into it – unwittingly of course…

        • joe schmo

          LOL, one of my best friends is a Conservative African American with a masters in psychology….Good try. Sorry I don’t live in lthe dark ages of racial separation like you all do. I believe in the right of all ethnic groups to get a good education, work hard and have a great job. What I resent is your side pacifying African Americans and Hispanics through the use of welfare and other social programs. These programs only spawn laziness and inactivity. It keeps people ignorant just the way you like them:) This ensures their vote for your demonic party….

      • EriktheRed

        WHO was uncontrollable??

      • Joseph Kelsall

        Maybe?Therein lies the problem.

    • idamag

      I’m Caucasian and I am p.O.’d, too. It is getting close to Nazi, Germany with the Black race taking the place of the Jews.

  • a_farmer_now

    I see racism every day. It often manifests itself in seeming invisibility. Whites passing people of color without acknowledgement is an all too common occurrence. We are kind to those of our clan, race or particular demographic. But we seldom are kind or care about those “different” from us often making excuses as to why. Rarely do I witness a simple acknowledgement or hello from a white person toward a minority person. Its as if they’re “invisible”.. American today is twisted by what is known as the “American Dream”.. which is based on exploitation of our fellow countryman and domination of those in foreign lands. What happened in Ferguson is not easily explained..the action/reaction having many fathers. Behavior modification is very painful for many, …so don’t expect any meaningful introspection emanating from the press or the citizenry.

    • joe schmo

      That’s because your side has made racism an issue.

      • browninghipower

        Oh fuck, you’re here again, posting your usual bullshit and ignorance. Forget your meds again, moron?

      • a_farmer_now

        The “ostrich” rationale… oh yes, but you must first have a head… fascinating. I’m often reminded that perhaps the blame rests with our rather poor excuse for an educational system and utter failure of our religious institutions….

    • idamag

      I may not speak to you on the street because I do not know you. I don’t speak to anyone I don’t know because it is the way we are here, right or wrong. If you smile and speak, I will acknowledge you and might even engage you in a conversation.

      • whodatbob

        Self centered egotist!

  • pisces63

    He missed one, depending on the date the story was originally printed. John Crawford, 22, was shot to death by police in Beaver Creek, Ohio, while speaking to his girlfriend and picking up a toy air rifle for one of his two children. He was shot holding a toy air rifle in the toy department at Wal-Mart. A lying idiot called 911 and told of a black man holding a gun in the store and waving it around. They shot him in the toy department. I hope that bastard rots in hell who made the bogus call.

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    First of all, the black man who died at the hands of a Stetinylind Guido bunch of cops clearly stated for all who watched the video, “I can’t breathe.” Second ..he was selling loosies on a NY street…like the cops don’t look the other way any other time in NY? Third, these Stetinylind cops stood there talking while the man lay dying on the sidewalk..not a single one bothered to administer CPR…why? Because these Guidos from NY would never stoop low enough to save a dying BLACK man.

    That chokehold by four cops was totally unnecessary. Of course the guy was struggling..Most of us do that when some asshat Guido cop is showing ass using a choke hold that cuts off your air.

    As for the shooting in MO…cops are using all manner of lies and deception as they always do to get off from shooting an unarmed man. In MO? Shooting a black unarmed man is like shooting ducks.

    Today’s cops are the same product of white middle aged men who absolutely refuse to be accountable for their actions even when it’s been photographed.

    • whodatbob

      Eleanore, I agree with your post up to the point where you state, “In MO? Shooting a black unarmed man is like shooting ducks”. This is an offensive generalization! Causes you to sound like an East Coast elitist!

      • Eleanore Whitaker

        An East Coast elitist? Really? I worked with an engineer who was black and was born in “Missourah.” I was stunned when he joked about not having learned to ride a bicycle there as a child. With my East Coast elitist ignorance showing, I asked why.

        His response and I quote, “In Missouri, if you’re black, riding a bicycle is target practice for the cops.”

        Want to try again?

        • whodatbob

          Well, I am unable to speak for what happens in “Missourah”. Citizens of “Missourah” have more in common citizens of Arkansas then citizens of Missouri. In metropolitan St. Louis my children played and rode bikes all over the neighborhood with their black, biracial and white friends without problems from police.

          Ferguson is part of metropolitan St. Louis.

          Knowing the low opinion East Coasters have Mid-westerners and Southerners we wish you could accept that we are equal but different as you do with people of a different race.

          • Eleanore Whitaker

            It’s not midwesterners or southerners East Coasters don’t like…it the politicians you elect who live off East Coasters taxes. Of 17 “red” states, 10 have the highest records for welfare which is paid by federal taxes. These 10 states also have the highest records of unemployment. East Coasters don’t understand what’s with all that hanging onto for dear life to businesses that long ago became antiques. People on the East Coast have no problem moving from one business to another. This isn’t rocket science. When men like Inhofe, Issa, Cantor, Ryan and Cornyn take tens of billions for their most profitable businesses in the form of federal tax subsidies, you bet East Coaster want them gone. Why should we get out butts out of bed every day at 5 AM and work harder, longer and for less so those in southern and midwestern states can slog along and gripe about their plight. Time to get off those pity pots and move butt like East Coasters have to.

          • Amen, from one ‘Yankee’ elite to another ‘Eastern’ elite!!! Subsidizing red state welfare has got to end & making red state welfare ‘kings & queens’ aware of their ‘plight’ – sponging off the Blue-state prosperity feeding the treasury – that in turns feeds red state welfare dependancy has to end! Thanx for making the point that is WAY TOO OFTEN ignored by the media – ESPECIALLY the FOX network, that’s great at pointing out who ‘mythological’ & non-existent ‘welfare’ cheats we can never seem to find… in REALITY…

          • whodatbob

            If they exist nobody likes welfare cheats

          • whodatbob

            Most of your BS only indicates you dislike the repucks as much as I. As for work ethics I would match mine or any of my children’s against any one. Physical labor to pay for collage, 12 hours (2 6 hour shifts) a day for 30 + days all summer. 12 to 18 hour days during tax season. Your hard work seems normal to me.

          • Mikey7a

            My father, his parents, and Grands, were all born and raised in MO. Dad moved to Miami, next door to my mother, the rest is history. Why am I telling you this, you might ask?

            You never knew WHO was going to be at our house for Sunday dinner. Or, us at their homes. Black, Hispanic, Arab, Jew. It just didn’t matter to my dad. I am so proud to have been raised by this guy with a 5th Grade education, and a work ethic that literally killed him at age 61.

            My reward? Knowing to judge people individually, by their actions! Elanore, you might try to realize that we are trying to be a more tolerant people. If we are so full of hate, and vitriol ourselves, how can we ever get a message of tolerance through, to the other side?

          • whodatbob

            Point well made! Difference in our stories is my mother and father are were born and raised in Louisiana moved to St. Louis, Mo. when I was in grade school. Learned my work ethics from my father and uncles.

            Been to the North East to work a few times. Never meet such a group of self centered, opinionated, egotistical people.

            Southerners and Mid-westerners are by far more tolerant. Just all around nicer people. The East Coast, perhaps better terminology would be Northeastern Elitists, are upset because they are unable to push their BS down us.

          • idamag

            Be honest. You know you are in the minority in the South.

        • idamag

          I was on a committee with a nuclear scientist, from Louisiana. He was Black. He told us about police chasing grade school kids with dogs for sport. Whodatbob, you might be a decent person, from the South, but be honest. You know that racism is alive and well. I was visiting relatives, in Georgia, and although, they are decent people, being well educated and all, friends of theirs were blatant about being racist.

          • whodatbob

            Ya, ya! And he has some gres gres in his pocket to ward off the evil spirits. He is an excellent story teller, he makes things up.

          • idamag

            Your racism comes through in the idea that my friend must have been into voodoo. BTW it is gris gris not gres gres. My friend was (he died) a devout Catholic, as well as a nuclear scientist. I never had any inkling that he would make up stories.

          • whodatbob

            You are correct I meant gres gres (typo). As a native of New Orleans raised in the Midwest and a Life long Catholic and Democrat many people I know carry gres gres and are devout Catholics.

          • Eleanore Whitaker

            I think I see racism more deeply having been married to a man whose family were from the deep heart of the south. As a Yankee bred and born, it was their brand of racism was the most unusual thing to observe. It was as if racism was a second skin to them. I never understood how such acceptance of racism could be possible. It seemed that they were totally ignorant of their own culturally inherited racism. What I did learn was that the reason the lower classes in the south and midwest hate minorities is because of what is known to most of us as “plantation mentalities.” These whites were the lowest class just about the blacks on plantations. Once free slave labor was gone, these poor whites became sharecroppers who wrongly believed they were doing work their inferiors had previously done and it was a humiliation that to this day breeds hate and bigotry.

  • whodatbob

    St. Louis news has given us almost 24 hr. coverage of this story since Saturday afternoon. We still do not know what transpired before Micheal Brown was shot and killed. His friend, the only witness either does not remember what he saw or is not truthful, I prefer to believe the former. His story continues to change. Sat. Brown was shot in the back turned around was shot several more times all captured on his cell phone. Sunday morning after it was determined that an autopsy could determine how many times he was shot and where the projectiles entered, no longer was he shot in the back. Next iteration Michael had his hands in the air walking back to surrender. In the chaos Micheal’s friend was not sure exactly what happened and is trying to gather his thoughts in a way that puts his friend in the best light. The policeman’s memory of this incident will also put him in the best light. It is too soon to judge.

    The looting and burning were outsiders taking advantage of a family’s grief.

  • Daley Butler

    This man was stopped because he was black, that’s true, and according to police theory if you are walking down a vacant street you are a threat. In other words you are an excuse for a bully cop to exercise his authority. After the stop I believe he would have shot anyone, no matter their color, if he had acted in similar fashion.cops need to change their policies and realize there comes a time when it is best to stand down.

    • What do you liberals think would happen when this regime dismantles our military and arms government agencies against Americans? Most PDs now are equipped with military equipment they are too happy to use. Every warrant is now a reason to use that new found force, kicking in doors under no knock warrants for nonviolent crimes. Our Emperor has been promoting the divide between all of us on the basis of race, sex, party lines, wealth, religion and origins. The more we fight amongst ourselves, the more reason he has to take power.

      • Daley Butler

        I’m afraid you got it mixed up. The escalation of police power is a Bush/ Cheney phenomenon.

        • Sorry. After 6 years you can’t blame Bush anymore. This is the Emperors doing. This regime has been vetting military officers by asking if they would fire on American citizens. Those that say no are being removed. Those that say they will are promoted. At the same time, government agencies like homeland security, dept of agriculture, IRS, and the postal service are being armed and trained how to deal with Americans. Our military are being trained on how to go door to door to remove weapons. Our police are being armed with military equipment. This did start with the unconstitutional Patriot Act, but the Emperor has enhanced the Bush policies. There has been more spying on American people under this regime. There has been more constitutional violations under this regime. No. You can’t blame Bush for what this tyrant we have in office is now doing.

          • browninghipower

            I for one am sick and tired of fucking assholes like you and your mindless idiotic bullshit take on life in America. Just get the fuck out of here. I can no longer take the time to attempt to rationally discuss issues with people like you. Facts don’t matter; logic no longer matters to you. I expect you’ll only read my first angry words and puff up your chest and try to turn them on me. I no longer care. You are no longer worthy of any respect.

          • Interesting that a liberal would have a firearm name. This is my country. I have served this country, and knows what it means to be an American. Why don’t you try serving, or even just read a few history books. Not the liberal version of history, but the real history of America. Americans have fought for the rights and freedoms we are losing daily. We need to fight once again to assure that our children will have those same rights. Unfortunately, we have a tyrant in power that seems to want to turn this country into a communist police state. I bet you support that, don’t you? Try serving and fighting for this country, then talk.

          • browninghipower

            I did serve you miserable lying fuck…Vietnam, infantry. And I proudly own several guns. I don’t believe I’ve lost a single right, accept under fucking fascist repukes like you and the Tea Party. And as to you whiney little religious fucks, you are the fist one that’ll take my freedoms away if iI let you. You’re the ones who kill abortion doctors and bomb clinics asshole…not Liberals. But we’re starting to fight back and fight back we will. Take your lies and billshit and shove them up you ass. Your time is coming to an end. I’ve fought for my country and my rights and no one no fascist slime or religious nut or ignorant fuck will take my rights ANY OF THEM away. Got it? Obama may be a schmuck at times, but the real threats to America came from Bush/Cheney and their ilk. Tyrants…yeah.

          • So why would a vet who served be backing a communist takeover of America? I don’t have any use for either party. They both are self serving and care only about their parties agenda. What we have is a choice between two evils, and I would prefer the evil that at least pretends to follow our constitution. Remember that oath you took? The one that you swore to defend the constitution against all enemies? We have such an enemy in our white house, so why would you back communists?

          • idamag

            You got that right. They are the ones who will take away our freedoms, like the right-to-vote.

          • Daley Butler

            Is it okay with you if I say our freedoms are based on a concept and a war that was started by our founding fathers, or did all that happen under Bush/ Cheney as well? Just curious as to how far back you are willing to look for a beginning.

          • I can agree that our freedoms and rights are based on concepts and a war we fought to attain those rights and freedoms as stated in our constitution. These are the same principles that we must follow to assure our existence as a country. We have allowed our rights and freedoms to be eroded away under the guise of “national security” or “for the children”. We fought for these principles throughout our history. We need to continue fighting to keep them safe from an oppressive government.

          • Daley Butler

            Now maybe we can understand each other. my point is that you have to start with the seed to make something grow, and Bush/Cheney planted tyhe seeds of our currently advancing police state. If you plant an orchid seed you grow orchids, if you plant thistle seds you grow thistles, and thistles outgrow orchids every time. Calling Obama emperor, or any other name other than president does nothing to correct the problem. If you think he has too much power, then change your congressmen to stop him. They have the power to do so, simply by enacting legislation which them seem incaple of doing unless it directly benefits the party.

          • idamag

            The “Supreme” court helped and a whole lot of stand-your-ground laws and the NRA’s take on the 2nd Amendment. I have several guns, but I don’t need to wave them around in public.

          • EriktheRed

            Oh, HERE are some examples.

            Got any links to back this stuff up that aren’t wningut sites?

          • I rarely give links because unless they come from a liberal propaganda rag, they are attacked. And the liberal propaganda has nothing to do with truth, so they would not have anything but what is part nof the regimes agenda. There are many sources if you want to actually do some looking and thinking for yourself.

          • EriktheRed

            IOW, you can’t back this stuff.

          • IOW, you are not willing to look for yourself and are unwilling to think anything that you are not told to think by the liberals.

          • charleo1

            “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.” … Voltaire

        • mike

          Now that is funny!!!! Back to Bush again.

      • herchato

        The divide between us on basis of race, sex, wealth, religion, and origins started long before the emperor or any of the rest of us were born. Will probably be going on long after we’re gone.

        • Very true, but the Emperor has been excelling at division.

          • EriktheRed

            Can you actually give us some examples of our “emperer” doing these things?

    • idamag

      Police Departments need to vet their potential officers very carefully before hiring them.

  • ExRadioGuy15

    One of the 14 defining characteristics of Fascism (to all of which the GOP adhere, btw) is “obsession with crime and punishment”. Missouri, Kansas and several other states are “Red” (Republican-governed) states. So, this doesn’t surprise me at all that the the white ruling minority of Ferguson is corrupt as all get-out and that African-Americans are protesting against that.
    While I agree that the rioting and looting is unnecessary, the fact that the white minority of the town is focusing on that instead of finding out the truth clearly shows how Fascist they are.
    Essentially, in the “Red” states, we’re seeing “apartheid-like” situations, where a majority of African-Americans/Hispanics are ruled by Caucasians. All courtesy of the party of Fascism, corruption, greed, incompetence, elitism, bigotry, hypocrisy, arrogance, insanity and two other things: Republican 🙁

    • Allan Richardson

      What puzzles me about the latest example is HOW the apartheid-like regime could still exist with a two-thirds black majority, most of whom I would assume are eligible to vote. Are most of the black residents too apathetic to register and vote? Are there any black residents, or white residents who believe in fairness, willing to run for local offices? Are the voter suppression laws so strong that most of a two-thirds majority cannot register, or cannot vote? If these black voters voted, assuming that they can, of course, they could turn Ferguson into another Atlanta next election day (not that Atlanta is perfect, of course). Obviously, the “white power structure” got its power back in Jim Crow days, but how has it survived 60 years beyond the Civil Rights act? I hope the media give us some more details on this question, and some proposed solutions. This would be an excellent campaign issue for Democrats; no need to exaggerate, just the facts…

      • whodatbob

        Without all the facts HOW are you able to refer the death of Michael Brown as an example of an apartheid-like regime? That is presumptuous on your part. Known facts:
        1) a young Black man was killed by a white an on duty Ferguson policeman,
        2)Ferguson Chief of Police asked for help which went up the line to the FBI agreed to investigate.
        3)The only eye witness has changed his story several times, so all other info is hear say.

        Wait for the FBI to complete an investigation before we pass judgement on the citizens, elected officials, or police of Ferguson.

        • Allan Richardson

          There are more facts than are involved in this single case. Aside from the eyewitness who has ONLY been interviewed by the media, while the police have not even ASKED him to provide a story, and as far as I know has NOT changed the essential part of his story, with which the victim’s family members all agree, that he was AFRAID of guns and would not have WANTED to grab one from anyone, there are the COMMUNITY facts, which Missouri law has required all police to compile since 2000.

          Going back at least that far, possibly farther, the town of Ferguson has had a two thirds majority black population, but that 67% has accounted for almost 90% of the TRAFFIC stops, the other 33% of white people only about 10%; and OVER 90% of actual ARRESTS for all causes. Yet Ferguson has 100% white city council members and almost 100% white police. There is a long standing situation in Ferguson, in which the one third white minority of the people have maintained an almost total control of its political structure. THAT is the “apartheid” factor, just like pre-Mandela South Africa.

          The black majority, if they CAN vote and if they DO vote, could flip the city government in their favor, like Atlanta. They are obviously unhappy with the way their police treat them IN GENERAL, not merely in the case of this one incident, so do they not CARE enough to vote, not KNOW that voting could give them a voice, or lack the POWER to vote and change things?

          Even were it to be PROVEN that THIS young man, contrary to the reputation he has among his family, friends, and community, somehow threatened a trained police officer to the point that deadly force was his only recourse, there would remain the REST of the history of black citizens’ experience with their elected officials and police force to be explained and corrected.

          • whodatbob

            Your stats are a little off Ferguson, MO
            2010 US census:
            Total Population 21,203 percent white 29.3, black 67.4
            2000 US census:
            Total Population 22,406 percent white 44.8, block 52.4

            As for your other stats, which I also read, do show a bias against blacks but are incomplete. A record of stops that lead to legal action as opposed to just a stop, plus a record of arrest that lead to legal action.

            Ferguson is a mature municipality in north St. Louis County not to be confused with the County of St. Louis City.

            Middle class blacks and whites have been moving out of the north county area being replaced by lower income blacks for about 40 years. Now it has flipped. to a black majority.

            There is no answer to why blacks do not vote.

        • idamag

          Liar, liar, liar. According to CNN there were three witnesses with the same story.

          • whodatbob

            At least my pants are not on fire! The police have tape of the angle Michael and his buddy robbing a convenience store just prior to the altercation with the policeman. CNN showed the tape but the heads were not shown.

            Can’t stir the shit if truth be shown and known. Another case of the East Coast liberal elitist bending the truth to fit their agenda.

          • idamag

            your pants are on fire. The video shows “allegedly” the kid stealing a pack of cigarillos.

          • whodatbob

            Funny! But my are not on fire yet. Every one should just calm down and not crucify the cop until all facts are known. Attorney for Micheal’s accomplice, Freeman Bosley Jr., a well respected Black attorney in our Metropolitan area and ex-mayor of the St. Louis City, identified both his client and Micheal in the video. It not an allegation it is a fact. Nor was it a kid steeling a pack of cigarillos but it is a video of 18 year Micheal Brown, legally an adult, taking several boxes of cigarillos. FBI questioned accomplice and showed video him, that is when he identified Micheal. Again, let us get all the the facts before we pass judgement.

            This morning CNN was still only running that portion of video in which Micheal’s face was not shown. Liberal elitist bias!

            If it is a cold blooded murder the SOB should have the book thrown at him.

          • angelsinca

            Childish rant. No one knows the full set of facts.

  • The insidiousness of racism is far too complex for a society that is in denial of so many things, concepts & realities. How are we suppose to understand that elected officials hate a Presidents policies before he was even able to enact a single one but more importantly, that they ‘STILL’ hate ‘his’ policies, even though they’re the EXACT SAME POLICIES AS THE ADMINISTRATION BEFORE? All of THEM!?!? So how does it register, that an armed law enforcement officer feels threatened by not just an unarmed teen, but an unarmed & goofy, gangly, UNTRAINED teen, in fighting & self-defense TECHNIQUES?!?! Does anybody else think these things thru to such a degree, or are the gross incidents of human rights abuses/violations the figments of the imagination of a nation in the midst of PTSD psychosis? Or are Blacks really deserving of denial of their basic, fundamental human rights? Forget their rights as American’s. We’re way beyond that now, here & for the last 149 years. This is something out of a completely different reality & if we truly believe in Democracy, the rule of law & how it all relates to this one single incident, we’d better make this a example of how NOT to ignore evidence, in order to prosecute the shooting of an unarmed teen by a random, trigger-happy adult. Being an officer of the law should now be secondary – or even a non-consideration, b/c of the uncontestable circumstances…

  • charleo1

    I hear the same predictable rants I knew I would find from the American Party of persecuted, and tyrannized White People, even before I checked out the comment section. They are dependable, if nothing else. And that is kind of the point, isn’t it? They are dependably biased, even as the variables and circumstances change. It’s always, too bad about the Black kid. Now shut up, and quit playing the race card. Quit trying to divide us, by talking about it. And as far as the African American communities are concerned, this is the backdrop that sets the stage. Police, White Police in particular, are deemed untrustworthy for just that reason. Too biased to differentiate an unarmed teenager, from the racial fiction too many Whites carry around in their heads, and hearts. This accounts for one large reason the 99% White city gov. backed by the 99% White Police force in Ferguson, Mo. has one big problem with the African American community there. Another is the consistent injustice from a biased justice system, that sends a full third of their young men to prison before the age of 25. And, when all is taken into account, what reason have they been given to trust any of it? Their streets are after all, filled with both Black gangs armed to the teeth, selling narcotics, which Police should, and do fear. But also filled with their kids. The parents of Black teenage boys especially, are demanding a Police force that can recognize the difference. Are they asking too much? More than you would for yours? They are demanding Police who are able to look at their kids, and see their own teenage boys. Caught up in their own sense of invincibility, and distracted with their music, their affect, and clothes, the opposite sex, and even their plans for the future. As incongruous as that might seem to the White power structure, as to how these ghetto kids, with their dilapidated schools, and scraggy apartment buildings, and grinding poverty, could be optimistic about making it in what remains a White man’s World. As the unemployment rates of Black teens, and of Black Americans overall, is double, and triple that of Whites. All the result then of that so called, “War on Whites?” Well, wait a fat minute! Let’s get this straight. If not for the “war,” on the poor mistreated, and downtrodden, affirmative action, wounded Whites, the Black unemployment would be, or should be, you figure, what? How many unarmed Blacks shot dead by a White Police force would be tolerable? How many would it take then, to outrage the American White Party? Before everything wasn’t eventually blamed on, “them?”

  • Irishgrammy

    After watching most of the evening the behavior from an American city police department that clearly has extreme racial bias along with the political officials who are not controlling their police department which assumes they tacitly approve of these outrageous tactics is beyond horrifyingly and all too real and, after reading the statistics in this city of over and aggressively targeting the Black community which is the majority populace in Furguson, MO it is truly an obscene reality of the original sin of the racist past and apparent present, of this Nation! It continues to this day in all of the South and many, other areas.. With the constant, daily hate filled remarks stoking veiled and overt racism with the absurd dialogue and hate/fear driven comments from the far right idiots, i.e., Limbaugh, Coulter, et al, and even sitting politicians, the Rep. from Alabama comes to mind immediately, along with the Steve Kings, Michele Bachmanns!, These haters too many to list, showing such contemptible disrespect to our President and indifference to the suffering of Hispanics and the current crisis along the border, to Muslims, even the vile actions directed towards women, is it any wonder an entire Southern town being run entirely by whites with a 67% Black population for decades, mistreated and targeted that the anger runs so deep. Add to that the killing of so many young Black men by police who are unarmed, how can this resulting bad blood be a surprise to Furguson, let alone to the rest of the country.. I know many whites cannot or refuse to make any attempt to understand what minorities live with daily, or how racism affects so much of their lives, I guess that ignorance feeds the stupidity of racism. ALL people of ANY race, want ALL the same things, to live in peace, to have a job, to love and be loved, to pursue happiness, and to have respect shown for their lives and especially their children’s lives……and to feel SAFE in their communities and homes. REGARDLESS OF RACE, CREED AND/OR RELIGION! And in this country that is what we “preach” to the rest of the world, but what do we show in reality……..this ugly racist garbage almost on a continuous loop, every week another assault and insult on what this country SHOULD be, but sadly is not now and may never be. This has been a sad and depressing disinfecting bright light on what this countries issue’s are over the last 6 plus years, and I can honestly say it has been beyond disappointing and a pure embarrassment and senseless. If I was a minority mother, I would hold my breath and pray every minute that my son came home every day safe and happily alive. That should not be the way it is for any mother in any country in the world, but that depressingly is not true, especially in this country where it should be a given!!!!

  • Maggie De Vore

    Come on people — you and I know there will always be idiots who wear a uniform and a badge and suddenly grow ten feet tall. They will pick on the most vulnerable and act like they just slayed Goliath. They are bullies and cowards and idiots.

    Makes me sick to my soul that this is still such a huge f…… issue. Do we behave with such hatred because we can? Because we are a ‘free’ country and have these privileges? Isn’t that carrying freedom beyond it’s natural bounds? If freedom foments hate then it’s become a form of mental illness.

    I grew up in a poor white immigrant town where most nationalities were represented and there wasn’t time for prejudices because we were into survival! We may want to look at that survival thing! Come on people — there really is room for all of us — even when we agree to disagree.

    There is never an excuse for violence, however, at times there is just so much any human being can take.