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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

New York City (AFP) – New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez filed a lawsuit Friday against Major League Baseball for allegedly buying the testimony of a key witness in the doping case built against him.

The filing, made in New York State Supreme Court, claims that Major League Baseball commissioner Bud Selig and others in the organization are trying to “improperly marshal evidence that they hope to use to destroy the reputation and career of Alex Rodriguez.”

A closed-door arbitration hearing has been conducted this week at the New York offices of Major League Baseball regarding the 211-game suspension imposed against Rodriguez by Selig.

Selig says the superstar tried to impede the investigation into the Biogenesis clinic doping scandal, the biggest black eye to a sport that has endured doping damage for more than a decade.

The Biogenesis scandal has prompted 13 suspensions of at least 50 games, one of the stars banned being 2011 National League Most Valuable Player Ryan Braun.

Rodriguez, the active leader in career home runs with 654, appealed the ban and was able to play out the final weeks of the season as a result. A decision is expected on the suspension before the start of 2014 pre-season workouts.

“A-Rod” did not name the Yankees in the 31-page lawsuit, which seeks damages that would be determined at trial.

Rodriguez’s lawsuit claims Selig wants to make an example of him and “to gloss over Selig’s past inaction and tacit approval of the use of performance enhancing substances in baseball … in an attempt to secure his legacy as the ‘savior’ of America’s pastime.”