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Monday, March 25, 2019

'Romney-Gekko 2012:' It's Morning On Wall Street [Video]

Americans United For Change, a progressive advocacy group, thinks that it has found a perfect running mate for former Bain Capital CEO and current presidential candidate Mitt Romney: fictional “Wall Street” corporate raider Gordon Gekko, the Michael Douglas character who enshrined himself in America’s popular imagination by eagerly adapting the mantra “Greed is Good.”

The group has launced a satirical “Romney-Gekko 2012 campaign,” complete with a website, campaign signs, and a commercial: “It’s Morning on Wall Street,” a play on Ronald Reagan’s famous “It’s morning again in America” ad.

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3 responses to “'Romney-Gekko 2012:' It's Morning On Wall Street [Video]”

  1. labrown says:

    Obama has received more money from Wall Street Banksters than all the Republican candidates combined. In view of this reality, how can anyone take a commentary like this seriously?

  2. terango.lf says:

    GOP = “Greed Over Poverty”, or “Greedy Ole Party”, or “Greed Over People”, “Greed On Principle”, or “Green(backs) Over Pennies”, or…(keep them coming)…

  3. 1olderbutwiser1 says:

    The GOP has become what the democrats were 30 years ago. The Democrats have become downright socialists. The Tea party is what the Republicans were 40 years ago. See how the country has gotten more and more liberal as time goes by? The shame of this all is that we have become this way by spending our grandchildren’s money for social programs. We have now run out of their money….and if interest goes up on this national debt, we will all be broke very quickly. It will probably soon go up. Surely you don’t think the 1% will ever get their hands dirty doing a decent day’s work for a decent wage? No, they deal with papers and how the numbers are arranged on these papers, and use the horrendous government bureaucracy to extract this money from your paycheck, before your get your own little cut. Welcome to poverty. I think we need a candidate who wants to issue unfunded mandates for people who have been on welfare most of their lives, let’s see their success there. Make the reliefer work for his money so they can join in the resentment against those who have worked with their brains rather than with their hands.

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