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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Romney’s First General Election Pivot: Contraception

Romney’s First General Election Pivot: Contraception

Now that even Newt Gingrich admits Mitt Romney is all-but-certain to be the Republican presidential nominee, the former Massachusetts governor who once earned broad bipartisan plaudits for his moderate positions on everything from abortion to healthcare can begin his “etch a sketch” reset for the general election. And the issue on which we can expect the most cynical shapeshifting is contraception, Romney strategists well aware that improving his share of the women’s vote is their man’s only hope at the White House.

Since the Obama administration announced the Affordable Care Act requires employers to provide family planning services for female employees (even if the bosses are right-wing Christians), conservatives have been scrambling to recast it as a matter of religious liberty and not women’s rights. But most indicators show their PR effort to have been a resounding thud, and Romney’s share of the female vote has plummeted to comic lows; one recent Gallup poll showed him trailing Obama among women by 18 points in a dozen key battleground states, an extraordinarily poor starting position.

With Rick Santorum fading from contention, and Gingrich — who had promised to remain in the race all the way to the convention — acknowledging Romney is “far and away the most likely” GOP nominee, Mitt can start trying to repair to the damage. He said as much to Newsmax on Wednesday, promising, “I think this [contraception] will pass as an issue as people understand our real position.”

But the very thing that should make Romney more appealing to women than most Republicans — his pro-choice admonitions in Massachusetts — makes grassroots conservatives, just waiting for a fresh betrayal, wary. He will have to tread softly in revealing his “real position,” which they might suspect to be another flip-flop on choice. The GOP platform he’ll be running on will surely contain a hardline stance against abortion rights, so whether this stiff Mormon who married his high school sweetheart can convince the rest of us he isn’t completely stuck in the 1950s will make all the difference in November.

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16 responses to “Romney’s First General Election Pivot: Contraception”

  1. Romney will say anything to get elected. In this case, it’s the right thing, albeit after mixing and sipping, but apparently not swallowing, the conservative Kool-Aid on contraception.

  2. Clarpark24 says:

    Alienate the middle and lose, or alienate the base and lose. Oh what a tangled web we weave when we decide it’s our turn to be president without having anything in particular we hope to accomplish.

    Is there a way to amend the Constitution to prohibit presidential candidates with Daddy issues?

  3. grannyk8 says:

    How long does anything he says last?

  4. like all of these amoral puppets, his ” position” is butt up , to the controllers of his wealth and continued health.

  5. RealSixty says:

    How can the GOP be so lax in principles and gullable to let Romney be their candidate? Are they just stupid and desperate?

    • Peter Daines says:

      They want to win. They realize that Romney has to flop on some of their issues to even have a chance at winning, and anything is better than that horrible communist who let gays tell people that they are serving our country, and (god forbid) actually provided healthcare to the people…

    • Jon says:

      Don’t underestimate these cretins.. The Pubs created NDAA with all it’s ‘camps’ and surveillance droids (look at the ‘yea’ votes).. They know if Obama is re-elected, a whirlwind of armed conflict will break out prompting the President to initiate martial law.. This the Pubs will feed to those who believe they must hide behind closed doors else find themselves in camps.. A new hatred will surface and in 2016 the Pubs will win by a landslide giving them complete access to this military police state.. THEN 1984 will be a a cakewalk compared to the power that will be unleashed by the pubs and corporate america. It will then finally be… A new world order.

  6. William Deutschlander says:

    The GOP of the modern era 2010 forward, is so far afeild from reality and the ability of the United States of America to survive, that the GOP is HOPELESS!

    I refer to the U S A surviving as a Republic that governs as a Democracy!

    The chosen course of the GOP is AUTOCRACY evolving into a DICTATORSHIP, declining to a third world nation much like Iran!

    If the ELECTORATE decides to reject the Obama Administration, after the Obama Administration saved the U S A and the World from a HORRENDOUS ECONOMIC DISASTER, that would have been UNBELEIVABLY DEVASTATING for decades forward, BROUGHT ABOUT THROUGH REPUBLICAN NEGLIGENCE (FIDUCIARY DUTY) and MALFEASANCE, we then can say good by to the forefathers great experiment, called DEMOCRACY, what once was the envy of the WORLD.

    SELFISHNESS and GREED our our present day ENEMY for The United States of America! As predicted by our external ENEMIES we will have defeated ourselves from within!

  7. joyscarbo says:

    Mitt should be known as “Flip Romney.”

  8. howa4x says:

    Of course Romney promises to change positions, that’s what hes been doing all primary season. No one told him to pander so slavishly to the ultra right. Now conservatives knew he would betray them so what will they do? Will their hatred of Obama blind them to Romney flipping them the bird.The truth is Romney will say anything to any group he is in front of, even if it contridicts what he said yesterday. His whole campaign has been an etch-a sketch. 1st erasing what he did as governor, and being against the Blount amendment, and then exactly 1 hr later get on the radio and be for it. Mitt seems to be running against himself,and showing the country a sort of split personality(being kind) or a cynical personality that thinks because he is a member of the 1% he can say anything he wants and not be held accountable. Well Republican base prepare for the biggest insult ever. All your hard work and soul searching to get him to this point, is going to result in him becomming more like Obama everyday.

  9. Peter Daines says:

    Not only was it healthcare, but it was the conservative version, not the liberal one. 😛

  10. RealSixty says:

    Romney is the same guy who said “let the auto companies die” . Did you see Lutz, the vice Chairman of GM last night on Colbert report?
    He said Romney made an error. If you add up all the erroneous statements from this man, I would say he is not worthy of presidency in our country.

  11. Bigspender says:

    Romney is the perfect republican candidate, i.e. a serial liar who no seems to like very much. Republicans are faced this year with their usual dilemna — how to choose which GOP candidate they hate the least.

  12. joyscarbo says:

    THIS JUST IN: When Romney was asked if he supported the Ledbetter Act that allows women to access the justice system to sue when they are not being equally pay. His answer? “We’ll get back to you on that.” WTF?! Really?! When pressed, Romney said, “I wouldn’t repeal the Ledbetter Act.” Are you kidding me, Mitt? Do you even WANT to be president?
    And FYI…the GOP overwelmingly voted AGAINST the Lily Ledbetter Act. We have Obama to thank for helping women to get the same pay as men for equal work.

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