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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Republican presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney won a convincing victory in the New Hampshire primary Tuesday night, making him the first GOP candidate to win both there and in the Iowa caucuses and sending him on to South Carolina’s primary with the wind at his back — and conservatives who oppose him lacking an obvious alternative around whom to coalesce.

Speaking in Manchester before a raucous crowd of screaming fans that frequently broke out into chants of “Mitt, Mitt, Mitt,” Romney promised to take the fight to Barack Obama by drawing a sharp ideological contrast on the size and role of American government.

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9 responses to “Romney's New Hampshire Fortress Holds Strong”

  1. SandyJ says:

    I so wish the Republicans would choose an electable candidate. Not that I’d vote for him/her, but because we need political balance and meaningful challenge between the parties. Real debate. Substantive debate between leaders with integrity and respect. I’ll vote for Obama no matter what, but if I were a Republican right now, I’d be squirming. Also, as a moderate, I’d like to feel good about the other guy. I’d like to be pleased the country has two good choices.

    Romney has a history in Bain and the world knows it now and will know it more in the near term. Also, his church is self-contained and doesn’t need government to run things well except to the extent the bigger the output, the more they can pillage. People outside their church are mere pawns in their greedy hands. Any of you who think the Mormom church is like other denominations, READ. Start with No Man Knows My History: The Life of Joseph Smith by Fawn Brodie to get an accurate view of their beginnings. Then get intimately involved in the Mormom church family-wise for a couple decades. Also try working for them and having them work for you. Family? You bet . . . theirs. The rest of us are props in their world.

    Bain is typical. I’ll hold out for separation of church and state. Those old guys in SLC aren’t qualified to run the U.S..

  2. XIBIS says:

    Amen, sister. As a former Mormon (5th generation, no less), I can vouch for everything you say. The injunction that Mormons should be “in the world but not of the world” is huge. The “gentiles” – everyone except the Mormons, including Jews – are all second class citizens. And don’t think the 12 Old Men in SLC won’t be involved if Mitt Romney is elected. As a practicing Mormon, Romney believes they are Christ’s living apostles and the president of the church has a direct line to God.

  3. DavidH3326 says:

    The entire field of Republican candidates is an embarasement to our electoral system and demeans the office of the Presidency. None of the candidates has issued one true statement about President Obama and they have framed their whole campaign on how much they can smear the President or each other with false propoganda. They have made numerous statements about how bad government is and how much government they would eliminate, but they fail to mention that most of the economic problems that we are facing today were the result of the disasterous 8 years that george W Bush served as president and they have yet to articulate any specific programs that they would attempt to put in place that would benefit the American people other than the richest 1 percent if ,heaven forebid, any one of these lunatics became president.

  4. kurt.lorentzen says:

    Well, it’s nice to see that the Republican bashers and Mormon bashers were the first to weigh in. For those who suggest that people should read about Mormonism before rushing to judgment, I agree totally – but be sure you include more than one source. And it’s exactly the same when judging conservatism and liberalism. If you get your information only from socialist blogs or FoxNews, your bias is a certainty. Let me re-assert that I am neither Republican nor Democrat, but being a moderate I see good and bad in both creeds (and they are both creeds, not unlike Mormonism or any other religion). I think we need a moderate government – one that will not abandon the downtrodden in favor of making a few wealthy, but also one that won’t spend us into a financial state such that we can’t even help ourselves, let alone provide for the aged and infirm. For the most part, it’s government intervention that causes both. Manufacturers and Wall Street Banks are given our tax dollars (ok, borrowed money that our tax dollars, our children’s and grandchildren’s will have to repay). Government programs of sponsorship, grants, medicare payments along with huge PACs financed by drug companies – you get the picture. Capitalism isn’t bad. Everyone deserves the opportunity to be successful, “The pursuit of happiness”. It’s government manipulation of capitalism that creates bias and permits wealth to be shifted to a few. Both parties represent extreme views on one side of economics or the other. Neither represents anything new.

  5. dpaano says:

    It amazes me to see seniors and young people championing Romney….his plans will decimate Social Security and Medicare for the seniors and will NOT help the young people find jobs! With the economy slowly, but surely, ramping up under President Obama, I can not see how ANYONE could even consider voting for ANY of the Republican candidates. DavidH….I totally agree with you. At all the debates, all I’ve heard from these candidates is how much they can put down the other candidates or our president….nothing whatsoever as to what they will do to make things better (except a few budget plans….none of which are going to work). If Romney is elected, heaven forbid, we should all plan on moving to Canada before the Republicans consider putting us through another Republican downfall like their predecessor, GWB……

  6. docfox27th says:

    ” It’s government manipulation of capitalism that creates bias and permits wealth to be shifted to a few.” ………. Two things government did that tipped the economic balance of power: 1) the gutting of regulation by the Reagan-Bush ideologues, which permitted gross manipulation of the economy by the few and tangentially brought us the Great Recession; and 2) the great reduction in the progressivity of the internal revenue code. ………. Government used to have much more revenue, which permitted government to engage in constant job creation through highways, harbors, airports and various internal administrative projects in parks and monuments and forests. ………. When people, ordinary people, have money to buy more than basic necessities (and nowadays many can’t even do that even when employed), when discretionary spending becomes an option, the multiplier effect throughout the economy of those job-creating projects is immense, and the process of the multiplier creates yet more jobs……….. When Capitalism is permitted to run amok, liberty is diminished for all except the bosses, income of the most shrinks, and the quality of the environment and of lives is diminished accordingly. ………. I cannot fathom how so many think that Libertarian policies will bring a nirvana, when we have in our history books ample evidence of what left-alone business does to workers and their environment.

  7. kurt.lorentzen says:

    Regulations can be good and bad. Regulations that may seem reasonable for a large corporation end up strangling an upstart or small family business. Government should regulate to the extent that they maintain a level playing field for all. That can never happen under a political system where the biggest earners (corporate or individual) are allowed to create PACs that influence regulations through campaign contributions. That swings the pendulum in favor of the rich (and it occurs in Democratic and Republican administrations). Tax revenues increased under Reagan despite rate cuts, but that was a different economic era. Businesses were domestic, employing American workers, and that is the crux of the whole turmoil. Unless America can compete in a global market jobs will continue to move offshore. Don’t blame capitalism for being competitive. If you had to buy only US made products your selection would be extremely limited. Even US manufactured products are laden with imported electronics and small milled and formed parts. 40 years ago the US, despite being a huge consumer, was also the world’s supplier. That’s no longer the case and our taste for consumption coupled with our unwillingness to compete is driving us down. We’ll never go back to the heyday of the 50’s and 60’s, but new regulations must make it viable and attractive for manufacturers and service providers to produce their products on US soil with US workers. That’ll mean a lower standard of living to some extent. Fewer imports, higher priced goods. The result will be lower unemployment and increased tax revenue. We also need to fund Social Security’s shortfall starting now, before that deficit also becomes a lost cause – not seek to de-fund it with “payroll tax cuts” that amount to a pittance on an individual wage-earner basis. I challenge you to do the math on just how far a return to that pre-Reagan progressive tax code would go toward funding the Obama budget – not far. There’s absolutely no way we can tax ourselves out of the hole we’ve dug. We now owe more than the entire domestic output of the entire US. How do we fix it?
    1) Balance the budget (must include a debt repayment mortgage).
    2) Amend the Constitution to forbid campaign contributions except from individuals.
    3) Limit individual campaign contributions to something the average Joe can afford.
    4) Tariff imports – even those produced offshore by “American” companies.
    5) Offer tax exemption to all repatriated corporate money.
    6) Permit health insurance compainies to compete across State lines.
    7) Privatize Medicare – making sure the administrations of players have no ties to big Pharma, medical equipment suppliers, etc. – They work for us!

  8. Dr Trenga says:

    The whole problem here is that Romney is part of a cult!! Cults are Satan run!!
    BTW – my doctorate is in theology

  9. kurt.lorentzen says:

    The problem is that, despite your claimed doctoral credentials in theology, you fail to realize that all religions are cults by definition. And that despite your tunnel-visioned view of the world, there are many of us who actually believe in the tenets of the Constitution, including those pesky “Bill of Rights” amendments. They’re always getting in the way of someone’s irrational hate-mongering agendas.

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