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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

On the evening of Super Tuesday, a radiant Ann Romney stepped up to the microphone at a Boston rally and took her best shot at changing the subject.

“Do you know what women care about?” she said. “Women care about jobs. Women care about the economy. They care about their children, and they care about the debt.”

Translation: Please, please, please stop asking my husband about Rush Limbaugh.

I hear you, sister.

As all of the country knows, Limbaugh called 30-year-old law student Sandra Fluke a “slut” and a “prostitute” and asked her to post online video of her sex life. Mitt Romney’s response — “it’s not the language I would have used” — didn’t exactly close the distance between him and the millions of mothers whose hair was on fire.

We wanted fatherly outrage. He gave us a CEO’s shrug.

I still am trying to figure out what exactly Republican presidential candidates think they’re going to lose if they criticize Limbaugh for publicly trash talking a woman young enough to be their daughter. What part of their base are they afraid to alienate? Or claim, even?

Now, it could be I’m just spoiled — being from Ohio and all.

Here in Cleveland, Dan Gilbert — the majority owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers and the founder and chairman of Quicken Loans — was one of the first to drop his advertising on Limbaugh’s show after the pundit’s vile. Yes, it’s fair to ask what took him so long, but I always have told my kids you can’t ask someone to change and then not give him the chance to do it. Living the lecture here.

Secondly, I grew up with a dad who liked to sit on the front porch with a baseball bat on his lap whenever a boy showed up to date one of his daughters. He never used it. Then again, he never had to. He laid the ground rules early. It used to drive me crazy, of course, to have every boy be so afraid of my dad. Still, I did feel that special brand of ain’t-I-special teenage confidence born of fatherly love and boyfriend paranoia. In retrospect, a blissful time.


Back to Ann Romney. She’s right, of course. Women do care about the economy. And children. And debt. And it’s nice to hear at least one Republican acknowledge that.

However, we women are complicated creatures, capable of holding any number of thoughts in our heads. At the same time, too. Nothing but trouble for the Romneys of the world.

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38 responses to “Romney’s Woman Problem”

  1. leeneegirl says:

    Right on Connie. New York Staters are with you!

  2. concernedusa7 says:

    You do not question AUTOCRATS, it is their way or you better get on down the highway!

    Does Mitten really care about all women, only to get their vote!

  3. 1olderbutwiser1 says:

    This woman must be one of the type who has exceptional sexual cravings, just can’t help herself. Suprise, pig****, I’ll keep my money, you learn to keep your pants on. I’m already overtaxed. Let your “friends” leave money on the nightstand, use the loot to buy your own preferred birth control method apparati.
    As far as Mitt goes, maybe his old lady should be checking his shorts for stains when he comes back from Ohio or New York.
    Why shouldn’t women trust Mitt? (Are you stupid or what) He’s a politician !!!!!!!!

  4. VlastaMolak says:

    I would rather have Mitt Romney than a man who is making US and the world less safe from Islamic terrorism by whitewashing Islam, bowing to Saudi king, whose subjects orchestrated and committed crimes of 9/11!

    Romney may be wooden looking, but at least he does not pretend to be a common man, as the current White house resident does, while at the same time caving into banking and oil interests…

    I would rather have a President who can organize an Olympic event, or re-organize business, than a president who can organize “community” to bitch about it ;-)!

  5. whitewater says:

    IMHO the GOP has some serious issues in trying to come to terms with women in general. This problem with women is by no means limited to Romney. I think the women of our counrty may be the “deciders” in this upcoming presidential election. GOP beware….

  6. Femme Fact Fiona says:

    One of the reasons why there is so much “hate” in the US today is the lack of community in cities and towns. If you think organizing an Olympic event qualifies you to be a good President, then you have my sympathy, also developing businesses to fire people in order to make money, that is even worse. So who removed Bin Laden from the face of the world? The GOP is boasting that they did it, which is a bold face lie, and you speak of our present President being a Muslim sympathizer, we have never seen him worship in a mosque, only showing respect to an elder statesman,something you would never understand, regardless of who he is or where he is from, as “respect” does not exist in the GOP dictionary. If you have self – respect you do not publicly say the things Limbaugh said, neither would you ignore it or call such statements entertainment. Responses from the GOP have been for the most part quite sad. Leave religion out of your discourse, Romney is an avowed Mormon, last time I checked that was a cult. In fact the largest genocides that ever took place in the US before Oklahoma, were enacted by Mormons on Americans. So much for bowing and scraping before terrorists, everyone who supports him is saying that was alright as far as I am concerned. Learn your facts, and be respectful of women now and in future, we do not forget that easily.

  7. Shifu says:

    Those that complain about POTUS bowing to The Saudi’s – or whatever ridiculous right wing rants that come from Fat Limbaugh and False News- he sure didn’t bow to Bin Laden now did he?

  8. tutidiez says:

    Can you Imagine Romney facing Mahmoud Ahmadinejad or Bashar Al Assad when we Know he is Scared to Dead of Bully Limbaugh, Romney is a complete embarrassment to the Country the American People and specially to Women, being a Presidential Candidate and unwilling to condemn this kind of outrage disrespect against this young Law student Sandra Fluke, shows the cowerdness, the insecurity and the poor capacity to make the right decision in case of emergency or any other important issue, specially if that will in dislike of Limbaugh.

  9. Howz 1 says:

    Bush invaded Iraq not to keep the world safe from Muslim extremeism but to get his hands on the oil, every thinking person that lives outside the Fox bubble knows that. As for caving in to Saudi kings, Bush helped the Bin Laden family out of America after 9/11. Romney is oil and gas interests. What do you think Bain, where he made his money, invested in? As for Banking interests Romney wants to remove the consumer protections put there by Obama and go back to winner take all economy where to 1%’s wealth grew 256% under Bush. You live in the bubble so you have a hard time with facts and history. Now lets talk about terrorism. Bush tried for 5 yrs to get Bin Laden and it was Obama that finally killed him, and also most of the top leadership of al Quada. All this dosen’t take away fro the issue that Romney is precived to be dangerous to women’s health, and is caving to the right wing like you to show he will support an end to contraception. Get outside the bubble and listen to more than Fox. It may help you from looking foolish when you write.

  10. sweetz36320 says:

    You want to take our private lives and mess themm up. Look at how many babies will be out there in the trashcans on th streets is that fare to those babies. I say let th pwwople have their birthcontrol things. I don’t believe that it is right to insert anything in her private places which dos hurt her as well.Rape is Rape it doesn’t matter who it is.

  11. sweetz36320 says:

    obamma you have mmy vote I don’t care if your green!!!

  12. PatrickHenry says:

    Gov. Romney does have the support of many women in America, and it’s obvious this story is just to associate Gov. Romney with a statement by Rush Limbaugh.. Gov. Romney stays focused on the issues, not get sidetracket by this diversionary tactic, of which I admire him for that. p.s. I never hear President Obama make statements to Ed Shultz, Bill Maher, Democratic leaders, or the black panthers about their very un-civil comments!

  13. Obozo Must Go says:

    All this “war on women” and contraception stuff is nothing more than a smoke screen thrown up by the Obozo Admin as a way to keep us from talking about his abysmal and disastrous record as the failure in chief that he is.

    Here’s some of his disastrous record just to keep us on track…
    1) Obozo comes into office $9T in debt. 3 years later, $16T in debt
    2) 2 years complete control of the government. NO budget as required by the Constitution. Still has no budget
    3) A new bankrupting entitlement program called Obozocare jammed through congress against the vast majority of Americans who were against it (and still are) and with the blessings of the idiot Pelosi who said “we have to pass the bill before we know what is in it”
    4) Persistent unemployment that has been the worst since the Great Depression, especially among blacks and young people. His administration keeps claiming unemployment is going down, but in reality, they manipulate the formula by reducing the # of jobs available.
    5) Promises to close Gitmo…. instead, he spends $750K on a soccer field for terrorists.
    6) Gas prices are up 100% across the nation. And Obozo is so dumb he actually believes that increasing supply has no effect on prices… what an idiot!
    7) Real inflation rates are close to 8% or higher. Who measures inflation without food and fuel??????? Obozo does!
    8) SOLYNDRA!!!!!!!! need I say more?
    9) Fast and Furious!!!!! If this was a Republican Admin, all of you nutjobs that write on this web site would be going justifiably balistic!! It would be the lead story on ABC, CBS, NBC, MSLSD, CNN, etc. etc.

    Gotta run, but I’ll continue to refocus the discussion on what is important and not these foolish smokescreens the left throws up to obfuscate Obozo’s true failure as a socialist in the White House.

    Have a nice day!

  14. Dianrib says:

    We wanted Mitt to show some courage and defend women against Rush’s obscene comments on public radio for 3 long days ! Rush slandered this young law student horribly. She should sue his A## good. Clear Channel has condoned this assault .They must set minimum standards. Obama showed class by calling this women and expressing his horror at what Rush did to her just for speaking up for her friends health issues. Real men do not talk like Limbaugh.

  15. Honest responder says:

    Femme Fact Fiona you said it a lot better than I could. Therefore, I 2nd your response to Vlastamolak. I respect his right to vote for Big mouth Romney, but still feel it’s a stupid thing to do. Obama may not be (and probably isn’t) the best we’ve ever had, but he is much better that the other possibilities the GOP has given us. I can’t understand why they are all afraid of “OLE FAT BOY, DRUG PILL POPPING, FOUL MOUTH, GOP LEADER RUSH LIMBAUGH.

  16. Sleipnir says:

    VlastaPolak keeps posting the same thing hoping if he posts them often enough maybe people will believe him. Yes, President Obama bowed to the Saudi king. It’s a form of respect to a visiting head of state. Every president has done it not just President Obama. Were you outraged when GW Bush held hands with the Saudi king and lied about weapons of mass destruction so he could invade Iraq thus getting the US into a war that has cost the lives of service men and women and raising the national debt 115% because he wouldn’t raise taxes to pay for the war. The economy is finally improving and unemployment is going down and we’re out of Iraq and Osama Bin Laden and other taliban leaders were eliminated. Instead of jumping into a war with Iran Obama wants to use sanctions. it was GW Bushs administration that started the bailouts of the financial industry because of lax oversight of them that caused the taxpayers billions. Is there more Obama should do, yes, but as long as the teapublicans continue to refuse to put the good of the country above partisan politics it will be politics as usual.

  17. Bigspender says:

    Romney feels he must pander to the looney right wing to be the GOP nominee. Perhaps he’s right. Romney simply cannot be as stupid as his speeches suggest therefore once the nomination is rapped up, we may see the REAL Mitt Romney emerge. Not the serial liar and “severe conservative” we’ve come to know and distrust. After all, he did initiate a universal health care plan that has been highly successful in Massachusetts and was the blueprint for the Obama plan. So is there another Mitt Romney inside waiting to emerge that people can respect? I guess we’ll see in a few months.

  18. Maricia12 says:

    Romeny’s entire life, as a devout Mormon, has been about putting women in their place. The LDS church does not let women become leaders or priests in their church. Young women do not go on the required 2 yr Mission as the men do. It is ok for women to work outside the home as long as they know that their husband is head of the household and is the boss. They can happily raise kids, cook, clean, and teach, especially their religion. So, will a man like this, who does not believe women deserve equality in a church setting, want to have women in his cabinet or put any trust in their judgement? Women have a right to be suspicious. We have not even begun to talk about all the flip flopping he has done over the past few yrs. Do you really want to take a chance on him changing his stripes again.

  19. Maricia12 says:

    When Romney did not stand up to Rush Limbaugh’s rude lies about Sandra Fluke, he missed an opportunity that he can not get back. He should have been outraged but all he could say was those are not the words I would have used. What words would he have used, harlot, woman of ill repute, wayward woman. ???? Just what would he have said if Limbaugh had said those things about his wife, his daughters, or other female family members?

  20. Obozo Must Go says:

    The answer is no one but a bunch of sheeple who gravel at the trough of every distraction thrown out there by Obozo and the leftist media. Let’s focus on the real issue…. OBOZO IS A FAILURE OF EPIC PROPORTION!!!!! He is a committed radical leftist and he must be thrown out to prevent further damage to our country. I’m a libertarian leaning individual and am not too happy with the Repub choices, but hell, I’ll vote for a fire hydrant before I vote for a commtted Marxist radical like Obozo. You all should do the same! Have a nice day!

  21. wayneonly says:

    Great article, Connie. You said what Ann Romney couldn’t say, that her husband had no balls. While I don’t believe that government should force insurance companies to pay for contraceptives, I believe that contraceptives are a good thing. After all, the government isn’t pushing insurance companies to pay for Viagra or Cialis, nor should they. Our government has done more harm in the last 20 years than they have done good.

    Slepnir, I agree with you on everything that you say about Obama. However, I think that the timing for the Healthcare Bill was wrong and turned many voters against him. He would have served the country better to have pushed for restoring the Glass-Steagall Act which was repealed in 1999 (under Clinton) by the Gramm-Leach-Bliey Act. The G-L-B Act was what deregulated banking laws that lead to the crisis of “Too Big to Fail” banks and the collapse of the housing markets which in turn lead to the bailouts and the 2007-201? recession. Of course the banks are doing great now and a lot of 1%ers got rich through the bailouts, but the majority of us are still suffering. But our government isn’t supposed to help the masses, we only vote, we don’t pay their campaign expenses.

  22. ladyj says:

    utahugh I wish I could understand what you said but what you post is stupid. Write in english at least people can read it. Obozo who is cleaning up the mess that the Republican past president had created. He getting us out of wars which the Republican started. He bring down the unemployment, he also got BL and other leader, but bush got his family (BL) out of the country. Obama would most likely have a budget but he had to clean up the Republican mess first. If he could do what he wanted to do who knows things might be better, but the Congress that we got in there now, is stupid which they want everything their way. They all should be vote out.

  23. MoonsterUX says:

    We heard Romney and Santorum and their less than adequate replies to Mr Limbaugh. It is disgusting that a public media figure would call a college student who is defending the payment of health services for birth control or progesterone medication. so I guess I am a slut also as I took the ” pill ” to work on my infertility problems. Men are such inhuman pieces of stupidity sometimes. and no why should health services pay for some guy over forty who can’t get it up. Harsh but it would certainly be plausible for a man with an infertility issue. Yet to digress to such disgusting language and Mr Limbaugh is a closet pervert if he wants to see someone’s sex life on view. What a sicko and woman hater.
    Yet we never heard what Ron Paul a Doctor and Newt G said as the media has tunnel vision

  24. tjones1942 says:

    Why do Republicans not remember George W Bush and what he and his policies did to this country. When he left office we were on the brink of a depression that matched the Great Depression which was a Herbert Hoover fiasco, another infamous Republican. Seems like whenever Republicans get involved our economy goes down the drain. I see you failed to identify yourself. Is that because you are a coward who like to be critical, but doesn’t really know anything.

    The Republicans are systematically trying to limits the civil rights of women. It is obvious in the States that have a Republican Governor or State Representative or senators. It is time to throw out as many Republicans as possible and get the middle class represented.We need to help elect the Democrats and hope they act now instead of trying to work with the idiots that comprise the Republican or Tea Party groups.

    The do nothing Republican congress must be defeated and put out to pasture. It’s time. We need to get a big Obama win in November.

    Romney has changed his position so many times we can’t tell what he really believes in today and if it will stay that way tomorrow. The only candidate worth anything is Ron Paul because he says what he believes and does no change his positions like Romney. Vote for Obama. Vote out all the Rebublicans.

  25. samirmondle says:

    Apropos Shakespeare’s…”Frailty, thy name is Woman”; is it really a Woman problem or is it a Man’s, rather Institutions of Men: the Church (those Priests without passion), the Politicians (those extreme Right), and the Commoners? Such people can actually kill.
    I find the woman most inspiring. I was born off one. “It is the glory of civilization to have created the woman, whereas nature stopped short at the female”., to add a touch of our amorous sense.
    Consider each man’s stance. Where is the love, the affection, the tenderness, the compassion? Must these me words only? “full of sound and fury signifying nothing”. Man – take a hard look at yourself, and the fact that without a woman you were not born; without a daughter you knew no affection; without a heart throb you would not have even known that the heart exists.
    Connie’a article is very well written. Congratulations Connie.
    Samir, NY

  26. Obozo Must Go says:

    ladyj and tjones….. You leftist nutjobs that defend Obozo conveniently forget that OBOZO HAS BEEN THE PRESIDENT FOR THE PAST 3+ YEARS!!!!!!!!!! HELLLOOOOOO!!! MCFLY!!!! IS ANYONE IN THERE????? Bush was bad, but Obozo is a complete disaster for America. Do you forget that Obozo controlled the entire government for 2 years? That’s exactly why he pissed off so many Americans that he got is a$$ handed to him in the 2010 elections. After seeing an unbridled Obozo, America wanted gridlock on him. If Bush was so bad, then why has Obozo made things worse? Oh wait, to a bunch of useful idiots, you dont care that the national debt has gone from $9Trillion to $16 TRILLION. I suppose Obozo’s $1.5TRILLION+ annual deficits are actually Bush’s fault, too, arent they? Is it Bush’s fault that Obozo still smokes like a chimney? Oh that’s right…. everything you think Obozo does that is “good” is Obozo’s doing, but all that is wrong is Bush’s fault. That’s the way it is right? By the way, dont think for a second that I am not equally critical of Republicans that are complicit with a leftist, socialist agenda. It’s the socialist ideology that I despise, not party labels. Just so happens that the DumbocRAT party has been hijacked by leftist radicals. More on this in another post. Just remember, when in doubt, blame Bush!

  27. JessicaAbell says:

    This is a great article! To those of you griping about your taxes, having religious institutions provide health care that includes contraceptives isn’t going to increase your taxes… um, duh. Most women already have access to contraceptives through our employee’s insurance especially because the insurance companies are also efficient at connecting dots. (Prenatal care + labor + maternity care = a lot of $$ vs. birth control…) Besides, Rush is a disgusting hog and I think even he knows he was out of line for describing that law student as he did. Romney should take some coaching from his wife he wants any women to support him.

  28. Obozo Must Go says:

    Well documented – Fluke is NOT that poor little law student you all think she is. She is a 30+ year old abortion activist plant who chose Georgetown Law specifically to attack their religious tenets. She is backed by a front organization run by Elizabeth Warren (yeah, that Elizabeth Warren, the one that says Chairman Mao, communist, and murderer of tens of millions, was her hero). The whole story is manufactured to distract away from Obozo’s attacks on religious liberties and freedom of conscience. And like I have said in prior posts, the whole thing is nothing more than an election year gambit run by Obozo to distract away from his disastrous record of failure. Keep your eye on the ball people, it’s Obozo’s record that is the issue in this coming election. I know the useful idiots will be distracted by this “slut” talk and contraception, but dont let it distract you sensible readers out there. Have a nice day!

  29. Humanity says:

    I left the republican party a few years ago when it became obvious that they are no longer my fathers party. They have become extremists and they scare me. They want to raise taxes on the 99% and reduce taxes on the top 1%. They want women barefoot and pregnant and at home with no rights. They want to eliminate the poor and middle class and to have all of us (99%) to be slaves to the richest people and corporations in the world. It is like a sci fi movie, where people are constantly being side tracked by issues (labor unions), (birth control), (abortion) and(new voters ID laws), and eliminating (medicare and social security), that take them away from what is really happening in America. The tea party wants to save money at any human expense. The evangelists want to control government and eliminate peoples rights..calling it Freedom? They want to eliminate the church and state that is in our constitution and take women back 50 years. I have been doing a daily research for the last 5 years. I plan to vote for President Obama, who has done more for this country than any recent president in my lifetime. Yes the GOP agrees with Rush L. in theory but would of used differant words. To vote for any republican if you make less than a million dollars a year, is like cutting off your right arm. You will pay in loss of freedom and in more taxes.

  30. Howz 1 says:

    If he didn’tcause all the damage that he did we would all have a good laugh on Bush. You remember the guy that had trouble stringing a sentence together. Well right now presidential historians are ranking him just above the bottom. Now is is just below Hoover, and just above Nixon on the ultimate bottom. Funny they are all Republicans

  31. levinemj says:

    In reading through a lot of the comments and the lack of respect for our president and the nasty tone of their comments tells me what is wrong with the Republican Party. Let’s get back to issues and stop with the nastiness. We do not have to agree on everything but we do not have to attack each other personally. Women should stick to-gether on our health issues and not let the men take it away from us.

  32. Obozo Must Go says:

    Thank you for having left the Republican Party! With friends like you, who needs enemies? Besides, anyone on here that actually believes you were a Republican is as stone cold stupid as you! If that is the case, I have a bridge to sell you. Just go to to claim your prize. Real conservatives dont base their thinking on the emotions of jealousy and envy like anyone that proclaims this 1% and 99% bulls#@t. That’s the thinking of the leftist nutjobs and dirty, lazy bums at Occupy Wall Street. Have a nice day!

  33. ibbhf says:

    In reading your very nasty, false and disjointed comments, who could ever believe that you have a clue about anything. you do more damage to your own cause than good. Do all of us a favor, get medication.

  34. Obozo Must Go says:

    Is that medication that I have to buy myself? Or can I expect other people to pay for it for me? I suspect you’re in the “let other people pay for it” camp…. personal responsibility and accountability be damned!!!

  35. @citizen says:

    I am a Democrat but I like to think realisticlly. The Evening News, the Daily Newspapers, countless television news programs and other media have witnessed Presidential candidates expousing their views and saying what they would do if they were elected. Has no one heard the views of the candidates (exception of Ron Paul)supporting the creation of another war, this time with Iran? Each and every candidate except Ron Paul has supported taking a stand that advocates and supports the use of force rather than diplomacy to resolve the issue of Iran building a Nuclear Bomb. They(Excluding Ron Paul) Show no hesitation at sending young American men and women to die. Yet, we the people and the candidates who support the idea of sending young Americans of to die are so blind that we cannot see that diplomacy kills no one and that an act of war is and should always be a last resort. We are so blind that we will not see (or don’t care) about the impact of losing one’s husband, wife, father or mother has on the surviving family members. Politicians are blind because they want to be blind. They seek power and prestiege at any cost. Few, if any, are ever dedicated to the principal of making America a better place for all its citizins. They seek power only to rule over the life of others and experience the prestiege of having been in charge of the greatest nation on the face of the Planet (that makes a pretty good bullet on your resume doesn’t it). Republican, Democrat, Independent or whatever, we the people had best stop listening to the rhetoric, lies and half truths that we take for gospel especially when we are soaked over and over again by the very ones who manufacture them. Having the power to say what goes on in America is like a computer when it comes to whom we put in charge, if we put garbage in we get garbage out. Choose your President carefully.

  36. reverend01 says:

    I have nothing against ANne romney. However, she is clearly in o position to speak for most American women. She could not identify with us if she paid a million dollars to get a clue. Yes, i commend her for stayign home and raising her boys. I wish the rest of the moms in the world had that option. However that is not our option. when you consider she married one of the 1% , it is clear there will nto be enough men left inthe 1 % category to go around to the rest of us so that we could afford that option if we desired to. she never had to concern herself with feeding her children from day to day, gasoline to put inthe vehicle to take them to a docotors appointment or rather clinic because of lack of healthcare insurance. agains not begrudging her her options .. Still the being glad that she had options and choices that most american women do not enjoy, does not negate the fact that her experience is nothing like and has never been anything like most american women/ moms etc, SHE ABSOLUTELY UNEQUIVOCALLY CAN’T SPEAK FOR ME. YES I AM A HARD WORKING SINGLE, COLLEGE EDUCATED HARD WORKING MOM, WITH THE SAME COMPANY FOR OVER 24 YEARS, HAVE A COUPLE OF BUSINESS ON THE SIDE, (THANK GOD), NO I don’t have any children out of wedlock (again I am grateful for this as well, though I love children) , With alkl that said, while I do care about jobs, the economy, I care about healthcare for everyone, Yes I care about the debt, however I also care about a fair taxicode. I care that a person that is rich pays less percentage of taxes than I do, while some consider me middle class. I conssidermyslef to be lower middle class with the high cost of living etc.

    LET’S BE CLEAR, CARING ABOUT THE AVAILABLITY OF CONTRCEPTION, DOES NOT MEAN THAT i HAVE A LIMITED CAPACITY TO CARE THE DEBT, THE ECONOMY, THE HATRED THAT IS BEING SPEWED ON THE RIGHT IN PARTICULAR, THE LEFT OFTEN TIMES IN GENERAL AND ALL IN BETWEEN. When is anyoen going to really care about the state of our nations emotional health!!!! All this anger, hatred, jealousy, prejudice, racism sexism and classism!! If God does not help us it will ultimately be the death of us. IT is hatred, pride and racism that blinds one to truth, yes all the way around. it is these things that has brought the moral decay that has lead to decay in every facet of the political life of our country and to the people of this great nation. At this point. I pray for us all!!

    Let’s be clear the sfemal strategist that referenced the fact that Anne Romney is no spokesperson the women of our country was dead on. I get it. she want to get to the whitehouse and jsut did nto want people attacking her husband and this was her last ditch effort to change the conversation so that we wouldn’t notice that Romney had nothing to say about how inappropriate that crazy radio persons comments were about the college student. some people will do or not do practically anything to win. Including just not stand up for what is right. And that is what Romney did in this caase nothing, jstu liek he won’t stand up for equal pay for women. some men jsut prefer their women at home withthe babies and the diapers and anythign beyond that , they can’t seem to wrap their minds around. BOTTOMLINE. THIS IS THE REAL!

    I AM NO REPUBLICAN, THANK YOU JESUS. MORE IMPORTANTLY I AM HUMAN AND I AM AN AMERICAN. BOTTOM line the republicans look at the state of things with all of the vitriol in the world and the best of them decided i am not even about to get in this mess or the race for the presidency. Bam, and what do you end up with a Mitt Romney. Many of them aren’t willing to admit how at this pointthey really want to pull their hair out because they can’t stand him, even they know he is fake, maybe not fake, but if not he sure is real good at faking being a phony. There jsut seems to be nothign genuine about him.

    Wow 4 years ago, McCain and now Mitt. way to go. That has to be disheartening to die hard Repubs. I feel for you.

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