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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Ron Paul Warns Of United Nations Dictatorship in 1998 Video

It’s getting harder and harder for Texas Rep. Ron Paul to distance himself from the nutty, conspiratorial newsletters that were written in his name throughout the ’80s and ’90s. The latest clear link? A 1998 video unearthed by amateur opposition researcher Andrew Kaczynski, in which Paul claims that the United Nations is planning to strip Americans of the right to own property, guns, and practice free religion.

The video, which was produced by the extremist right wing John Birch Society, echoes the paranoid tone of Paul’s various newsletters. It suggests that the United Nations is planning to impose a global dictatorship, leaving the U.S. Constitution “consigned to the ash heap of history,” among other conspiratorial warnings.

Alongside ominous footage of burning crosses and a building labeled the “United World Temple,” the video’s narrator also warns that the U.N. plans to burn all churches that don’t submit to the “anti-Christian attitude of the almighty” U.N. government, and incarcerate their pastors.

“If the United Nations has their way, there will be curtailment of our right to practice our religion,” Paul says in the video. “They are not going to be believers in the right to practice our religion as we have seen fit throughout this country. And therefore individuals who are interested in this subject certainly cannot be complacent about what the United Nations is doing.”

As Mother Jones points out:

This is exactly what you’d expect from the John Birch Society, an organization that has spent four decades urging the United States to leave the United Nations. It’s not what you’d expect from a serious Republican presidential candidate. It’s not even the kind of language you tend to hear from Paul on the campaign trail, where he’s more likely to talk about raw milk than the New World Order. And that’s been Paul’s best defense; the newsletters just don’t sound like anything he’s ever said.

After seeing Paul endorse the John Birch Society’s radical conspiracies on tape, voters may find that defense much more difficult to believe.


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16 responses to “Ron Paul Warns Of United Nations Dictatorship in 1998 Video”

  1. RadicalEzrael says:

    “I believe in the right to bear arms…there are proposals made that they would repeal the 2nd amendment.” Then he makes a hypothetical argument “if” the UN had power over the US. Of course, at this time that is entirely hypothetical.

    But he is right, there have been many discussions in the UN in regards to lowering or stopping arms sales in order to curb crime.

    The rest of the movie is just the John Birch society, not Ron Paul. They merely lifted an interview and added it to their video.

  2. RadicalEzrael says:

    Initially put forward in 2003 by a group of Nobel Peace Laureates led by Oscar Arias, it was first addressed in the UN in December 2006 when the UN General Assembly adopted resolution 61/89 “Towards an Arms Trade Treaty: establishing common international standards for the import, export and transfer of conventional arms”.


  3. jmlewis573 says:

    All things considered, it’s like he was predicting the future. I mean that’s almost 15 years ago and just look at us now. We are in the middle of a war on terror against Al-Queda,giving up our rights by the month. Then under the UN we bomb Libya in some NON-WAR crap costing us out the butt so we can hand it over to who else? AL-QUEDA!!! TSA is popping up everywhere to save us from these radicals and we give them what? Libya with weapons and all!!! This is just the tip of the iceburg. Now this author is trying to use Ron Pauls warning about the UN against him. What a JOKE. Look around, pay attention. Step back and look at the big picture for just a moment. Distance yourself from the main stream media and investigate for yourself.God willing, you will then wake up to the rest of the story. Main Stream Media is no longer credible. Go to and watch how they give us news to fit their agenda

  4. Hankk says:

    Ron Paul must be taking some of his junk from G.H.W. Bush’s 1000 points of light and new world order speeches? hankk, MI

  5. RachelContreras says:

    Ron Paul is a danger to the freedom of America, anyone who has this mentality does not belong in polititcs let alone running for president. I do believe he wrote his newsletters and now is trying to cover his own a## by lying to himself and the rest of the people. It’s really kind of funny how people will belive a liar before they really stop and think of the evil that person is trying to spread!!!!!

  6. slacker787 says:

    He appeals to the stupid and the irrational fears of the most ignorant among us. That is why he is such a favorite of the tea party and the intellectually challenged in rural America. The best thing for Obama would be for Paul to win the nomination and guarantee him a second term! The ironic thing is his supporters are too stupid to see this is the truth! They think they are in the majority, LOL!!!!

  7. ballyhoe says:

    We Americans better wake up. We all should become awarw that our Bill of Rights, as well as our Constitution are no longer considered valid by our Congressmen, as well as the President! We now live in a Militaristic Nazi Police State Dictatorship which is probably controlled by the C.I.A. Things are so controlling that there seems to be no turning back! When the Senate passed S.1867 it was an outlaw bill passed ignoring The Bill of Rights and the Constitution. It was {is} illegal!!!

  8. terango.lf says:

    I’ve encountered this absurd rhetoric before at the lunch counters of countless truck stops and on the CB radio. If you asked them where they heard these ideas, they would say they read it and never once metioned the John Birch Society. I’ve even heard a radio evangelest in NC preach this as gospel. The preacher was spewing some nonsense that if we elected Al Gore, it would be the last president we would ever vote for; because if elected, Gore would appoint Bill Clinton as our UN representative which would then selected as the first one world government president and then disolve the US government and the take our religion and guns away. I’ve even heard Ted Nuegent preach the same things on his radio talk show in Detroit. We should be scared of these messangers more than the message.

  9. Norway Paul says:

    1. America is the #1 arms provider to the world—good business AND THE NRA !
    2. Religious Freedom-Mormons aren’t Christians and Romney is inelligible to
    be a Presidential Candidate. Christian prayer should be reintroduced to the
    public school system even though all students may not be Christians.
    3. Family Values- A supposed #1 value for our country even though America has
    no national HEALTH CARE POLICY for all families and children, NO NATIONAL
    4. Morality (Religious and Personal Values)- As most of the candidates have
    shown us and Americans too it is all right to commit infidelity, disregard
    our fellow man and children and in the name of profit, money and
    shareholders and our capitalistic system—-enact as many illegal,dishonest,
    unscrupulous acts as possible to make money and provide solely for ourselves
    regardless how many people, businesses, or institutions are greatly
    negatively affected (latest Wall Street,Banking and Economic Disaster) !
    Current movement to not supply FED. Money to independent Radio and TV
    Stations (NPR,FREE RADIO ETC.) as a means to control the MEDIA and MESSAGE.
    Finally, RIGHT TO ASSEMBLY- The forceful attempt to shut down the TAKE BACK
    bargaining and other states to destroy UNIONS and RIGHTS established in the

  10. cocosjungle says:

    So, Norway Paul, When you say, “Mormons aren’t Christians and Romney is ineligible to be a Presidential Candidate,” are you saying that, in your humble opinion, only candidates who belong to religions you personally certify as “Christian” are eligible to be POTUS? Funny, I don’t remember reading that in the Constitution.

  11. jimmyags says:

    i wonder how many of these “head in the sand” supporters of ron paul bothered to read any of the letters or watch the video before dismissing it as part of some mythical left wind conspiracy? probably the same number that convicted obama of guilt by association over the rev wright.

  12. cocosjungle says:

    Norway Paul sounds like one of those “Christians” that want to use the Federal Government to force all people under it’s control to live according to his personal “Christian” dictates, much like the Taliban forces those under it’s control to live according to sharia law. Sounds like Norway Paul wants a Christian version of sharia law in America. Too soon we forget that the terrorists in Bierut were Christians, not Muslims. Extremists like Norway Paul may be the future terrorists in America.

  13. Dean May says:

    I like guns A nice rifle – maple stock, a nice shotgun or pistol. I like shooting – used to hunt – may not rule out -birds not to fond of killing now. Sure have no compunction against defending my self or others. Twice in my life I’ve carried guns meant for people not animals – Law enforcement & the military – both for the government. And when I was in the Army for 3 years back in the 50’s – even with those ancient weapons if we would have been ordered to take over your position most of you would not have even seen us. Mortars, Artillery Tanks, Airstrikes 50’s & now Missiles Rockets & Drones. You are way behind in the arms race so until you have drones in the garage & tanks in the driveway quit trying to use defend yourself against the Government to whip up the ignorant. put down your pistol & start using your mind – the government is not a “them” it is an “us” We vote – we petition – we contribute. Like Pogo says “we have met the enemy & it is us” We put the Bastards in not just 4 years but 20 -30 years ago we started turning this country into a corperatoxy. Through the supreme court & corporations are people (when is one of them going to run for President) & trickle down has been around since Reagan – the stock market is good – large corporations are more profitable than ever so where is our trickle down – where are the jobs where are our bonuses.
    But this deal about guns is a smokescreen a diversion to get your mind off “No Jobs”
    “Protect the Rich” ship jobs overseas agenda. Put down the pistol and figure a way to help US with your mind.

  14. pabrown says:

    Do you seriously think this is the UN is the one taking your Constitutional rights away? It’s your own government, started by George Bush passing the Patriots Act to strip rights from Americans. Then it was renewed and S.1867 was passed giving YOUR government (PS: Not the UN) the right to pick up any American and hold them without counsel if they ‘suspect’ them of being a terrorist. The UN didn’t do that. Get your facts straight.

    And does anyone seriously believe that if the fundamentalist backed GOP takes over the US government next year that you will be able to worship in the church of your choice? What about a mosque? Or a synagogue. Or a temple? If you really believe in freedom of religion, that has to mean all religions, not just the ones you or the GOP approve of.

    The war that cost America ‘out the butt’ was Bush’s war in Iraq. An illegal war searching for WMDs that never existed, supposedly in response to a terrorist act which they had nothing to do with. Bush couldn’t go after the real agents behind 911 — the Saudis, the Bush’s good buddies — so he picked the country that a) had oil America wanted and b) had embarrassed Daddy Bush when he didn’t take out Saddam when he waged war against Iraq (another failure that costs billions to be added to the trillion dollar bill for the latest unwon war.

    TSAs? TSAs are American government employees, not agents of the UN.

    You are one paranoid dude if you think the UN has some kind of plan to create a world church and impose it on America. But I will give you this: you are quite funny. Thanks for a good laugh at the end of a rough year.

  15. EATHERICH says:

    G.H.W.Bush, conspired with and supported the 9/11 attacks to force the patriot act down our throts. we have no rights.

  16. ajaxgeneral says:

    “OUR CURRENT GOVERNMENT AND THE FUTURE GOVERNMENT THAT THE REPUBLICANS, T-PARTY AND CONSERVATIVE RIGHT WOULD HAVE !!!”… I have read Norway Paul’s blog over and over and I just do not see (as others do) that HE’S saying those things.. My interpretation is, he’s saying our G’ment is saying (and doing) those things.. “Mormons aren’t Christians and Romney is inelligible to be a Presidential Candidate”.. I’ve heard the far right spewing (and spreading) that vomit all over the Nation in an attempt to discredit an otherwise Christian (be they Mormon or Catholic OR any other religion in-between?).. What we need to do is stop fighting and accusing each other and focus on the groups that are causing our woes.. Vote the Ba$turds out of our lives and start over with humane representatives to OUR cause. And their out there, we just have to dig deeper and stop allowing self-interest groups to decide for us.. To give us candidates of THEIR choosing in relation to their wealth and making us choose according to their evils.. FREEDOM FOR AMERICA!!

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