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Sunday, May 28, 2017

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99 Responses to Rosenstein Briefs Senators: Russia Probe Is Now A Criminal Investigation

  1. So much corruption in politics, and decades of rigid partisanship have rendered the Wash. DC community unfit as an entity to be trusted to tell you what time of day it is without lying or expecting some gratuity. Trustworthiness and objectivity are rare commodities among politicians in America.

    And now, we have to go around Robin Hood’s Barn to try and extract the truth from a mess which has at its focal point, a quisling named Trump and his pal, Putin, along with countless knaves and other potential quislings. The current Congress for the most part represent the most highly paid reprehensible people in America, and for this quality they are repeatedly voted into office—an obscenity that defies an adequate assessment.

    • Well said, but what do you want to put in its place?

      Criticism, even well deserved criticism, abounds, but workable solutions are rare.

          • I am not a guilt handling preacher.
            As for Trump let him go his chosen path!
            I did not say who chose it! It is beyond US.

          • I find Aaron’s comments are most often pretty accurate. Trump is just the current grifter-in-chief, more buffoonish than most and more adept at milking a situation for his personal benefit but otherwise just another one in a long line of self-serving demagogues. Although Putin is a much more competent executive self-aggrandizement is a trait he and Trump share and will form the basis of any agreements they may arrive at.

          • Self aggrandizement is the core base of capitalism.
            It is deeply rooted in human nature including Aaron’s who loves to pontificate and point fingers at whomever does not “believe”.

            Trump is caricatural but there are such things as paradoxes!
            The fact that the whole “righteous” system is after him the way they are makes him interesting.
            The warmongers and fearmongers are worried. One, Ailes, just died.
            Peace is BAD for their business.
            For me this is GOOD NEWS. You can quote me on that.

          • “Self aggrandizement is the core base of capitalism.” Yes and greed certainly is part of human nature but so is altruism. It’s obvious which aspect of our nature American culture and economic system nurtures. Why would we expect our politics to be any different?

            “The warmongers and fearmongers are worried.” They are always worried and themselves live in constant fear. They project their own agendas to feel justified for their malevolence and greed. I agree that peace is bad for their business and hope that your
            optimism is justified but I won’t hold my breath.

            Ailes’ demise just means one less dirtbag in the world but unfortunately there are many more like him.

          • Tell Eleanore about this.
            She wants conflict between Russia and America at all cost (MIC troll) and War for the rest of the world.
            It is a criminal posture.
            Yes get rid of your dirtbags even the ones that look soft and nice… They are the worst.

            Altruism comes far far behind greed.
            Some people even coined “social solidarity” as communism which is the biggest NO-NO Taboo in America and the “Free” World…
            Long time before you change the formatting.
            Good luck.

          • We didn’t “get rid” of Ailes. His own karma caught up with him, finally.

            I’ll let EW speak for herself. I agree on little of what she says except on Trump where I mostly agree.

            “Altruism comes far far behind greed.” Depends on how you mean that. I think that the majority are more altruistic than greedy though often blind to the plight of others. I’d agree that greed is beating altruism because the greedy ones are the ones who chase power so relentlessly.

            Not sure what you mean by social solidarity and communism but it is true that right wingers try to dismiss any thing that relates to reducing the plight of the poor by labeling it communism.

            “When I give food to the poor, they call me a saint. When I ask why the poor have no food, they call me a Communist” – Dom Helder Camara

          • Greed is innate, altruism has to be taught.
            The poor have no other choice than being generous and helpful to each other!
            The rich have concentrated wealth on a very few due to money pumping machines capitalist banksters and industrialists have designed.
            The poor are manipulated to the point that they vote for their exploiters. Blind victims.
            Without proper refereeing by the state the social contract is deficient for the majority of people who do not revolt anymore as they are divided and crushed.
            This vicious circle is what you get in your country today.
            Up to you to turn things around once you have understood what is at hand.
            We are cheering you on ! The future of humanity depends on it.

          • I agree on all except “Greed is innate, altruism has to be taught.” Both tendencies are innate and both are learned with a wide range of variation in how the traits manifest in individuals. Ours, and many other cultures, promote greed so we see it being a dominant characteristic in the society.

          • Well yes so it may. But…
            A child has to be taught to give not to take!
            Otherwise he will take all and “kill” whatever resists his urges.
            Like Aaron who wants to burn a juvenile like me like old firewood…
            The guy is a doom preacher! No generosity just dominance.

          • “A child has to be taught to give not to take! Otherwise he will take all and “kill” whatever resists his urges.” True of most 2 year olds and those whose development ended at age 2, like Trump. How much of generosity is learned and how much is maturational development is an open question. Perhaps cooperation vs. selfishness is a better continuum to evaluate.

          • The sense of nuance is called for on this.
            How do you know Trump has stopped developing at 2?
            He is POTUS is he not?
            I always had the impression he represented your nation well.
            That only gives you more worries to take care of.
            Good luck.

          • “How do you know Trump has stopped developing at 2?” I just look at his public behavior: bullying, narcissistic, poor intellectual skills, blaming others, lying, pouty faces, weak social skills etc. etc.

            He is POTUS but look at what he ran against, a clown car of idiots in the primaries and a Dem who is almost as unpopular as him.

            “I always had the impression he represented your nation well.” Wow, whatever gave you that impression? Maybe you are being sarcastic in that Trump does represent the image of the “Ugly American” quite well. Who do you think represents your country well?

          • Erasmus, Bordet, De Duve, Mercator, Rubens, Magritte, Sax, and many others.
            This is a small buffer country were Germanic meets Latin.
            It is highly diversified. Life is good and social protection adequate even though liberalism tries to weaken it constantly. (They fight communism remember) !

            Belgium has been run over many times through history by conquerors. We know how to lose and survive.
            Belgium the vassal has waged proxy wars on behalf of a few suzerain that induce them as they know so well to do.
            I lived in the USA five years with an acute sense of what was going on. It was an opportunity not to be missed.
            American people deserve much more but they are tied down and think they are free.
            The system is ultra dominant. No illusions left! Sad.
            Do something.
            You have to remodel the deep state format completely.
            A very intelligent minority of Americans is hostage to the rest.
            Let them express themselves and listen to them.

            Let us get out of the feudalism the victory of Buffett, Soros, Madoff and a few others, over the poor brought us all into.
            Lots to do. Unbelievable.

          • Rather than be a fence-sitter, cheering others on to do what is best for humanity, why not get off your smug high horse and do something for humanity.

            You’re quite adept at quoting worthless principles and showing off a knowledge that begins and ends in words.

            I, and millions of others, are engaged in doing just that to the best of our abilities on a daily basis, but I see no trace of your presence, nor any signs of your involvement, except in your constant efforts in this forum to impress yourself.

            Not one mention of what you aspire to that is of benefit to humanity. Trump has similar selfish aspirations, you know.

            Prove to me otherwise, that you’re being of service and of some use to humanity. We can compare notes, because service to humanity is the core principle of being a Baha’i. What are the core principles of your godless philosophy??

          • Altruism is in last place on your list of attributes. Greed, self-infatuation, and egomania are at the top, based on your responses. Your mother didn’t teach you these negative virtues, but somehow you convinced yourself to add them to your repertoire of non-virtues.

          • Alain—Relax. You’re delirious and need to be readmitted to the pyschiatric ward. Your mom would be very disappointed to see you still behaving like a child.
            You talk about war-mongering like some crazed Teuton from the northern forests, who got detached from your regiment of Lombards and Visigoths. Please join us in this the 21st Century.

          • Alain, you continue to denigrate your mother and your father by making an ass of yourself publicly in this forum. Why do I say that? Because you’re supposed to be a noble and intelligent being possessed of spiritual virtues. Since you have no religious grounding to speak of, your posts reflect a personality of someone who is essentially feral-like in behavior—no sign whatsoever of any redeeming features. The uninformedVoter shares the same qualities as you.

            Since you are a reflection of what your mother taught you, and given that she was a noble woman, one can safely conclude that you’ve turned your back on what she taught you as a lad.
            That being the case, every nonsensical post of yours, with its usual bile, is your way of saying you hate your mother.
            I don’t wish to go into why you hate your mother, but at least you shouldn’t be content with denigrating her so shamelessly day after day.
            If I were to encounter you, I would take a heavy belt to your behind and wear it out to a fare-thee-well on your mother’s behalf. Shame on you for disrespecting your mother. You, Alain are a cad, and dishonoring your mother as you do may very well result in serious consequences in the next world.
            Ponder this, and let’s see if you’re smart enough to comprehend what I’m telling you.

            Now—Format that!!

          • You don’t make any sense at all Aaron.

            One final point:

            I am a 69 year old egocentric juvenile alright.

            Second final point:

            My mother died tragically on the 7 August 1948 deep in dark Africa (Congo). I was exactly 10 months old.
            Take a load of that Aaron.
            It will explain the first point, I am sure.

            I had and still have many surrogate mothers as well as fantastic female lovers and platonic girl friends too.
            They all love my resilience, freedom, energy and general culture!
            Eat your heart out and try to make me feel guilty with your fake religion on this one.
            A hint here. Yes I am in love with little old meeee…
            Ha Ha Hhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!
            Big deal that I share with 99.99 % of humans and beasts.
            Silly Aaron. You are a hopeless gimp.
            I have and need NO god.
            I know more about various religions (including yours) than most believers who never read anything in fact.
            They just follow talkative fear-mongering (haa the after-Life roasting in fire; a scary classic) charlatans.
            Just having fun passing time. Forgive me.

          • A lot of nonsense, Alain. You just keep on denigrating your mother. You still show no respect for her by your childish rants, pretending you have intelligence, when all you have is a collection of knowledge but lack intelligence on how to put it together in a cogent and sensible form.

            “The sign of intelligence is contemplation; and the sign of contemplation is silence.”

            So far, you show no signs of having contemplated anything, just like Trump and materialist fanatics like yourself. And therefore it shows by a lack of intelligence in your posts—just a steady stream of nihilism. Sartre, Kierkergaard, Ayn Rand, and other limited minds suffered the same disease of the mind as you—their sayings and promptings began with words, and ended in words.

            Today, they’re only remembered for their perverse, cold, and godless ideas, that did little to benefit humankind, but served only to titillate their out-sized egos and helped ignite the mad one-way dash towards a gross materialism. You are following faithfully in their footsteps–a perfidious avocation—and serves as your “religion”.

          • A 69 year old juvenile egocentric—Is that something you’re proud of, or do you just say that to waste time?

            One thing that’s clearly juvenile is your public masturbation of your ego. Your rants are centered around appeasing your enormous psychological appetite. It’s all about yourself. This is the state of your poor soul in this latter stages of your life. While there is still time, you should endeavor to change from an inward perspectiv and seek to be outgoing and be of assistance–real assistance—to humanity. Just spewing philosophical nonsense only is beneficial for your ego, Alain. And has no benefit for others.

            “O Son of Being! Bring thy self to account each day, ere thou art summoned to a reckoning. For death unheralded shall come upon thee, and thou shalt be called to give account for thy deeds.”—From the Writings of Baha’u’llah

            And also:

            “O Son of Being! Free thyself from the fetters of this world, and loose thy soul from the prison of self. Seize thy chance, for it will come to thee no more!”

            Alain, you’re tarried long enough in life, showing no efforts to have been beneficial to humankind. Why not change that pitiful accounting of your life, while you still are able to draw breath in this earthly realm.

          • Just plain boring!
            I told you my mother died when I was 10 months old stoopid.
            So stop mentioning her influence on me cruel bozo loser Aaron.
            Did I ever mention your Ma’ and Pa’? Never. I am polite.
            These are vulgar and inappropriate ad hominem maneuvers…
            Who gave you an education? Bahia Imams?

          • You’re still being quite dense, Alain. You’re no longer aware of the nature of the soul. Yes, your mother may be physically dead(I only have your dodgy assertion that such is the case), but her death is a death of her physical being. Her essence, the soul is as aware of events in her new realm, and is aware of your ill-mannered nature. It is on that level I’m referring to, but you’re quite in the dark regarding the concept of the physical world and how it relates to the spiritual world. Your mom taught you this, but you’re stubbornly attached to the state of profound ignorance.
            And I will continue to remind you of all this until you show some signs of intelligence. You said you didn’t know God, but you knew a dog. Would you have the dog use the internet instead of yourself? I and others would have a better conversation with your dog than with you.

          • To write such a cruel, oafish post you must be profoundly sick terminally Aaron.

            I know all about your weak gods who are for most (especially the monotheists ones) as airheaded, birdbrained, boneheaded, brain-dead, doltish, dopey, dorky [slang], dull, dumb, dunderheaded, fatuous, gormless [chiefly British], half-witted, knuckleheaded, lamebrained, lunkheaded, mindless, obtuse, opaque, senseless, simple, thickheaded, thick-witted, unintelligent, vacuous, witless and dimwitted as their believers.

            I shall not answer anymore the brutal, savage, inhuman, barbarous, bloodthirsty, murderous, vicious, sadistic, wicked, evil, fiendish, diabolical, monstrous, pernicious, abominable; callous, ruthless, merciless, pitiless, remorseless, uncaring, heartless, stony-hearted, cold-blooded, unfeeling, unkind, dastardly caricature of a human that you are Aaron.

            You only remind me of unmatched fathomless stupidity.

            Finito. Basta. Over and OUT.


          • Alain, you’re still quite agitated and losing your mind. Must I keep reminding you that you’re continuing to heap shame on your mother by thinking the way you do. You have no respect for her memory, and choose to waste each day of your life shaming her. I realize you hated your mom, otherwise you wouldn’t be posting such vile thoughts.
            Try counting to 10—if that’s too ambitious a task, try counting to 5. As you count, tell yourself that you will try to be a better boy and will present yourself more respectfully in memory of her.

            Now, run along.

          • Last War-ning !!!

            Ye ugly, creepin, blastid wonner, detested, shunn’d, by saint and sinner, How dare ye set your fit upon me, ye head Louse!
            Gae somewhere else, and seek your dinner on some other poor body!

            My protective mother is sacred and a poison to lice.

            Take thou heed that thou speak not to Alain either good or bad… Genesis 31:29

            The Force & The Might say :
            Leave Alain and his Ma’s soul alone and Keep Clear. Hear?

          • Still ranting like a lunatic. More shame being heaped on your mom’s memory. Are you really so stupid as to not realize that you are harming her? Probably you are, since you have severed your connection with God, and your soul is suffering from a steady state of atrophy. They say ignorance is bliss, but to remain ignorant of the necessity for a healthy spiritual life, and how to maintain such, is dangerous indeed.

            Each day that you rant and rail against me is a strike against yourself, adds extra pain to your mom while she seeks to progress in the next world, and you waste an extra day not rehabilitating your soul.

            You may think I’m trying to make you feel guilty, but that’s a moot point since you show no impulses that indicate the capacity for guilt. And without that capacity it is nary impossible for you to feel any sense of shame.

            Which therefore leads you to compulsively react like a madman who has lost complete control of his emotions.

          • “The fact that the whole “righteous” system is after him the way they are makes him interesting.” Yes, in the way a pack of jackals fighting over a zebra is interesting.

          • You are not a “guilt handling preacher”, whatever that juvenile remark is supposed to mean.
            No, you have no moral compass, no sense of religiosity based on any sound and fundamental understanding of the Religion of your parents and grandparents. And therefore, you are essentially a rudderless, bitter little man, adrift on a raft of your ego, in the middle of an ocean of unbelief. In essence, you are as a dead tree. And a dead tree can’t bear fruit, and is therefore only fit for the fire. It ‘s a pity your parents didn’t have the mental or spiritual wherewithal to teach you this while you were growing up.

          • Death menaces again Aaron! By Fire too!
            You are loosing your cool mate.
            Going into penitence is the only way out… and bring back some gifts for forgiveness.

          • And a pleasant good morning to you as well. I realize that in your native land you may have a different way to show courtesy compared to other people on the planet. And so I realize you’re doing the best that can be expected from you.

          • You do not realize anything out of your formatted mind Aaron.
            I have no god to throw at you so take it easy and watch your words. You are adding insults to injury.
            The day you realize you were a sad fool will be redemption for you.

        • And all you have is complaints—not even a prayer. Why? Because you’re a bleak soul, a desert of a human being without a conscience.
          You ramblings once again graphically point out the miserable job your mother did in raising you. Otherwise, if she had the presence of mind she would have taught you the priority and necessity of Religion. As it stands, based on your posts, your mother must have been weak in the area of developing spiritual virtues, but correct me if I’m wrong.
          I hope I’m wrong about your mom, so won’t you please try to convince me otherwise?

          • No complaints from me, only intelligent solutions.
            You just continuously fart your religious gibberish that no one in a right mind can adhere to.
            What a waste you are.

            And leave my mother alone, you pervert.

            Convincing you is like trying to teach reading to a roach.
            Waste again.

      • As I’ve directly and indirectly said many times in my posts over the past couple of years, the place to investigate for yourself can be found by an independent investigation of the Writings of Baha’u’llah.
        I’ve talked at length about the Baha’i Electoral Process, about the Oneness of Humankind in dozens of a variety of perspectives, each perspective tied to the tenor of the articles presented in this forum.

        As I recall, you had an unkind and thoroughly biased responses in which I took get pains to elucidate the salient points of Religion, of Progressive Revelation, and of the Message of the latest of such iterations in this Universal paradigm—namely, The Baha’i Faith.

        Religion is the very foundation of human society and for the orderly workings of society as well as serving as periodic reminders of the necessity to cultivate spiritual values. This is an area of human thought that grows dimmer and out of focus due to a divisive aspect which consumes humankind. Thus, we have the Trump phenomenon, religious fanaticism, partisan bickering, cyber warfare, etc., etc.

        It is my sincere hope that you would investigate with an unbiased mind the claims of Baha’u’llah by Google-ing the numerous references I’ve included in the past.

        For your convenience, let me give you the link to start from:

        http://www.baha‘—the official Baha’i website.

        • Thanks for the link to your Boola Boola website. I’m not going to use it. I believe that the problems of this world have to be solved by practical people using tried and true methods. Far out, esoteric religions leave me cold.

          • Are you truly that culturally ignorant that you won’t even make an attempt to spell the name correctly? I wrote it down, so you should at least be intelligent enough to transcribe what I wrote. Or maybe you’re so self-centered and sheltered from new ideas and different names that you insist on being an ignoramus.
            When I was in high school and first heard the name, I thought to myself that it was a funny-sounding word. But I was mature enough to keep my thoughts to myself, and decided to investigate with an open mind.
            And here you are, a grown man(I assume) who lacks the same maturity I had as a youth.
            Little wonder then that so many lives have been lost at the hands of those who shared the same degree of bigotry and a know-nothing attitude as you.
            As a result, you are indirectly responsible for the lives of those lost at the hands of assailants who think as you. You have a demented sense of what it means to be a human being.

          • Are you truly that culturally ignorant that you won’t even make an attempt to spell the name correctly? I wrote it down, so you should at least be intelligent enough to transcribe what I wrote. Or maybe you’re so self-centered and sheltered from new ideas and different names that you insist on being an ignoramus.
            When I was in high school and first heard the name, I thought to myself that it was a funny-sounding word. But I was mature enough to keep my thoughts to myself, and decided to investigate with an open mind.
            And here you are, a grown man(I assume) who lacks the same maturity I had as a youth.
            Little wonder then that so many lives have been lost at the hands of those who shared the same degree of bigotry and a know-nothing attitude as you.
            As a result, you are indirectly responsible for the lives of those lost at the hands of assailants who think as you. You have a demented sense of what it means to be a human being.

      • Not if the guilty are treated with the disdain of their actions. Once these wankers are publically taken care of there will be those who will work for the nation and it’s people else face the same fate. Hopefully the wrong ones won’t be given attention. We need to stop voting for people who have the money behind them and pay attention to the true representatives who present their credentials, their past failures and achievements AND their tax statements for at least ten years to date.. High priced ads, smooth empty suits and choking elixirs should be shunned like the plague.

  2. The wheels of justice grind slowly, but they never stop and they’re never wrong.
    Glad Trump will face Mueller’s investigation when he returns from insulting Saudi Arabia, Israel, the Vatican, Belgians, and Italians.
    After that, the whole world will be happy to see him locked up.

    • PD.

      Would urge you not to prejudge what the investigation will uncover. Let evidence speak for itself.

      Of course the Department of Justice investigates potentially criminal matters. That’s what they do. Would you really be happier if the DoJ investigated political matters at the demand of the President? Or Congress? Or even on their own?

      It is the very impartiality and disinterest that will provide the groundwork for any potential prosecution. Politics can come later.

      • Thanks for your wise counsel, DB. A more sober, restrained translation is:
        I am glad concepts like ‘Honesty’, ‘Accountability’, ‘Responsibility’ — and other terrifying virtues — await Trump on return from his planned visits abroad. Mr. Mueller embodies these virtues. Trump rejects them.
        During the tour, Stephen Miller, chief architect of Trump’s failed Muslim Ban Executive Orders, has written Trump’s speech to his Islamic hosts. No one on Team Trump is completely aware of the deep cultural significance of the Western Wall (or, maybe they think it has something to do with border security). Then, over to the Vatican, where Trump can continue to air his derision for the Pope. Later, a quick trip to the “obsolete” (AKA: Not-Putin-Approved), dead-beat NATO, and, finally, Trump’s stop at the G7 Summit (where everyone has read his delusional interview in The Economist and can hardly wait to chat him up on global economic issues, energy policies, and international security.)
        Unlike an alarming percentage of US residents, Middle Eastern and European citizens are highly literate and fluently conversant in world affairs. Trump’s typical campaign-speech patter will only highlight his ignorance and cement the world’s perception that the US president is shamefully incompetent and quite possibly a direct threat to their own wellbeing.
        After Trump’s performances during this tour, the rest of the world may wish to see him safely sequestered and securely restrained.

        • Missed the Economist interview. On the other hand, I rarely read Trump interviews as they only depress me. It’s not like he’ll say anything new.

          The foreign trip certainly carries disaster potential. I mean how many people do you know who’ve dissed the Pope?

          My hope remains that Trump will generate laughs rather than gasps from the foreign audiences.

          You saw where his briefers were putting Trump’s name into the briefings? Apparently he pays more attention when he’s mentioned in a paragraph. You really can’t make this stuff up.

          • Yes, that was his briefers’ method of battling his short attention span as they tried to prepare him with the information he needs to know so he won’t be an embarrassment on this trip. He is really like a small child in some ways.

          • Lord help us all as we contemplate what his greatest Faux Pas could possibly be on this trip 😑

          • We already know that he has ADHD….his lack of ability to focus on anything of great length, his impulsiveness, etc., are all symptoms of ADHD. His is more severe than most.

          • The only thing that the Trumpus will generate will be fear! These countries depend on the U.S. as a valuable ally, but with the Trumpus in charge, they have much to worry about! As for Trump, he’ll just complain about how he’s part of a “witch hunt” and how many people attended his inauguration! Maybe he’ll pass out his little map showing the red states that supposedly voted for him….you never know! You DO know that when they ask him a question he can’t answer, he’ll deflect into something self-aggrandizing.

  3. That was actually a thinly veiled “bow shot” warning them not to screw up the DoJ’s investigation by granting total immunity to anyone and everyone who they wish to testify. Remember, Ollie North was convicted by a jury, only to have that conviction overturned based on a promise of immunity for his testimony before Congress!

  4. DJT says this a Witch hunt, quit picking on me. I’m sooooo being persecuted more than any other politician in the history of the world 😤

    • In the (in)famous TV reality Show known as Trump world, the “star” character mouths off like the Wolf of Wall Street on Steroids in Act I. In Act II, out comes the high handed, sneaky cheating to win, hundreds of fines and dozens of lawsuits, all of which are handily swept away by paying off his victims.

      In Act III, the “star” decides to strike the ultimate blow for power: the presidency. Not realizing government is not his skanky business. Whereupon the visibility and demand for open accountability ties a noose around his neck.

      What to do? Pull out the sympathy card and the Finale is the attempt to make his “base” believe the whole world is against him.

      As Shakespeare once wrote: The past is prologue. Too bad the star of this TV reality show doesn’t realize that.

    • What a jackass….apparently, he’s forgotten the Clintons, especially Hillary during this past campaign; Nixon during Watergate, Obama during his administration for MANY things, etc. He seems to think he’s the ONLY person in the world that’s being picked on!! He’s best sit down because it isn’t going to get any better!

  5. Denials, denials, denials. What a way to run a government. Great way to run a corporation though. You lie and then deny. You lie and backpedal. You lie, deny and absolve yourself of accountability.

  6. In a way, Rod Rosenstein is a master of timing. He is to testify soon at the Senate Investigation into the Russian election hacking. He kind of punched the GOP in the gut by making the Robert Mueller appointment in more ways than one: Mueller was appointed by Republican President GWB and was kept on by President Obama for 2 years until Mueller decided to retire.

    Rosenstein also deftly managed to take the Comey memo issues out Jeff Sessions hands. When Mueller was appointed without notice to the White House or Sessions, which was Rosenstein’s right, in effect, Chaffetz is now claiming he plans to retire June 30th.

    Watch the U.S.S. Trump sink now as the rats all begin to jump ship. rofl.

  7. Unless Trump is pardoned (I don’t know who will do it), he will end up behind the bars. No one has ever tried to sell the country to a foreign country, obeys whatever they tell him to do, praising every steps they take whether good or bad and still call himself the leader of the country. This kind of humiliation can’t be tolerated at all and the punishment of it is very severe.

    • There is a myth that successful mobsters are highly intelligent. This is not true. Trump is trying to run the presidency like he is the godfather. It isn’t working. It might work when you can use money and power to buy politicians and strong arm people into paying protection money, but too many eyes are on Washington.

    • From what I understand, if he’s found to have committed treason, this means that he and his ENTIRE administration would be dumped, as well as any EO’s that he’s signed, etc. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful thing?

      • For sure dpaano it will be a wonderful thing and something to celebrate for the whole week if not the whole month.

      • Dpaano..That’s true. If he does down for treason, anyone connected to him is also under suspicion.

        When I worked for CEOs like Trump, we called them “power pricks” and kept our distance. We always knew that sidling up to them as they cheated and cut throats to climb the corporate ladder meant going down with them when they got nailed for their cheating and lies. Watch who Trump takes down with him.

        The FBI was not the ones to EVER make enemies of. Trump is a laugh. He thought he could get the CIA, FBI and NSA federal employees to swear allegiance and corporate loyalty to King Donald. How wrong he is.

        The FBI already has changed the Republicans calling RussiaGate “a counter intelligence investigation” to a “criminal investigation.”

        Trump thinks all he has to do is what he does in business: lie, deny, spy and then absolve himself of wrongdoing. Not in government he won’t.

        No matter what the Republicans or right wing say or do, Russia must be punished for hacking into our elections. And, if it wasn’t to help Trump win, why hack into Marco Rubio’s voter registeries when it came down to only Trump and Rubio? Because Trump has major IOUS to Russia that Rubio doesn’t. Russia has a huge investment in Trump they don’t have in peanuts like Rubio.

  8. I have a question…..if we have Mueller investigating, why do we need both the House and Senate Intelligence groups doing the very same thing? Isn’t that a big waste of the taxpayer’s money? You KNOW, of course, that anything the House or Senate comes across will most likely go against anything that Mueller finds, and then we’ll end up having ANOTHER panel to discuss the differences…..more taxpayer money and more wasting of time!!!

    • You will now more precisely know how they waste their time.
      Taxpayer money is never wasted, it is pocketed somewhere! Do not worry.
      MIC showed the way and now this!

      • Wrong. We know the Russians hacked into the DNC voter registeries and also Marco Rubio’s. Former FBI assistant director, Clinton Watts testified to that under OATH two weeks ago in the first round of Senate investigations.

        What about testimony under oath don’t you get? And, Mr. Watts also stated that he believed that when the Russians hacked into Rubio’s voter data, the Rubio campaign didn’t know. That was more than obvious when the cameras focused on Rubio’s face during Watt’s testimony when Rubio looked as if he’d been punched in the gut. I saw it. I heard and you better not DARE to deny it Mr. Ruskie lover.

        • A scientist never denies what is not proven. Waste of time. ZERO.

          You see and know nothing. Only insults fill your lout mouth.

          I do not care about Yankees or Ruskies. I just don’t want them skirmishing in my back yard. NIMBY.

          YOU want War between Russia and America and you don’t give a damn about humans of the rest of the world. USA First as all bullies say.

          You will use any means to get it. You are a Fear and Warmonger. Simple.

          • Hello Alain, good rebuttal to one of the dumbest posters. She makes stuff up, like having a dozen different 30-year careers to make her lies look like the truth. Just stick to the facts and she just falls apart.

          • Dumb as they come and some suckers follow her like Remora follow a shark. Just blood thirsty vampires.

            Total Fear and Warmongers working for their greedy bosses that do not like Trump at all even though he signed some juicy contracts with the Saudis today!
            They would not know a hole in the ground.

          • Yup, these lefties never seem to be able to put facts together correctly do they?

          • Looking at things from across the pond (you know the favorite BattleFields) you all seem pretty scary to us and it is like the left might be further right as a sort of quantum political challenge.
            No trust is there now from the rest of the world. Including your best MIC clients! Keep trucking though. Whatever!

          • Alain, I’m sharing this with you as well. This was posted for the uninformed one.

            Since you have no religion, and know nothing of religion, you aren’t qualified to make pronouncements about what is fake about Religion.
            If you do have some belief, it is a worship of Trump. A form of humiliation you inflict on yourself every time you put on your pom-pom skirt, giving us the Trump cheer. Stop embarrassing yourself simply for a groper of genitals.
            You’re the sort of person that would invite Trump over to ply his trade on your women-folk. So sad!!

          • Sorry but it’s you who is impressed by fake religious standards. Poor Eleanore can’t even keep her lies straight. She’s been outed as being obsessed with penis envy. Perhaps you suffer from the same problem.

          • Since you have no religion, and know nothing of religion, you aren’t qualified to make pronouncements about what is fake about Religion.
            If you do have some belief, it is a worship of Trump. A form of humiliation you inflict on yourself every time you put on your pom-pom skirt, giving us the Trump cheer. Stop embarrassing yourself simply for a groper of genitals.
            You’re the sort of person that would invite Trump over to ply his trade on your women-folk. So sad!!

          • It’s comforting, but not surprising, seeing that your fake religion has failed you so miserably.
            You continue to worship obozo even as he performs sex acts on arab leaders. What a great photo op for the American public seeing obozo bowing over and unzipping the arab leaders’ pants.
            Since islam is such a warped fake religion, no surprise from obozo on that one.

          • Come now, Alain, your mother disapproves of your vulgar attitude. I realize you have severed your connection with her soul, but why not try to pretend that you can still intercede on her behalf as she progresses in the next Realms. That’s the least you can do rather than waste your time being an adolescent while still a 69 year old “man”(?).

        • Poor Elle, I see that I’m not the only one who calls you a liar for making up your own facts. I’m still waiting for the NY AG to announce something other than “all charges have been dropped” as he’s already done.
          And you wonder why you’re called “poor”!

    • Hello racist and bigot for using racial slurs; the Mueller investigation will verify that there was no connection. The intel committees have been looking for over a year and have found nothing. This is yet another one of President Trump’s tweets that will have been vetted and proven to be true.

      • You and Alain are truly two of the most distorted and ignorant individuals on earth. You, because you’re still ignorant of how to use the word “racist” correctly. And the reason for that is because you’re too incurious and prefer ignorane on proper word usage. As for Alain, he is too much in love with himself that he can’t understand how to form a cogent idea.

        You, Alain, and Trump are truly 3 Stooges.

        • Yup, the reason we’re laughing is that you were soooo stupid as to believe the FAKE MSM polls that said that hiLIARy was going to win.
          You just can’t seem to be able to handle getting your comments shredded to pieces and so you try to strike back using you fake religion. That argument has never worked for you in the past, yet you’e dumb enough to keep trying it.
          Your jealousy of Alain and me and certainly President Trump is giving you away. Get used to the fact that we now have a president that the rest of the world look up to.

      • Donald Trump, Richard Nixon, Spiro Agnew and John Mitchell all took oaths of office.
        John Mitchell wound up behind bars!
        Spiro Agnew made a plea bargain!
        Nixon accepted a pardon!
        Where will Trump end up?
        Perfectly clear?

        • Probation, restitution, fines, prison, plea deals, appeals, and presidential pardons are all legal resolutions of criminal cases.
          Trump will be investigated. If the investigation develops sufficient evidence, he may be indicted. He may be impeached. He may resign. If Trump is impeached by the House and Senate, he may be tried for his crimes just like any other US citizen.
          He may never serve a day in jail — more’s the pity — but he is not “above the law”.

  9. If that’s true and they follow through with it then all those associated with trump should at least be expelled from their positions and that would include pence.

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