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Friday, January 18, 2019

Mark Sanford’s heralded engagement to Maria Belen Chapur is apparently over. The rep. from South Carolina released the news to America through a Facebook post. That’s how Chapur found out, too.

Gallantry has been in especially short supply this month. Prominent American men have been roughing up their women in spectacularly public ways — ranging from coldly calculated mind games to a knockout punch.

September opened with former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell’s unsuccessful attempt to swat away felony charges by making his wife take the entire rap for rampant corruption. The governor’s lawyers smeared Maureen as “manipulative,” “unpredictable,” “deceptive” and, most famously, a “nut bag.”

For a taste of the media response, Google “Maureen McDonnell under the bus.”

McDonnell had long touted his traditional values, pasting pictures of his photogenic wife and children on every available surface. His master’s thesis was on family breakdown and contained the line, “As the family goes, so goes the nation.”

Guess family values week is over.

To think, many Republicans had put McDonnell on their list of potential presidential candidates.

As for Sanford, an antiseptic breakup note marked the latest in a series of callous behaviors toward women and just plain weirdness. Recall that as South Carolina governor, Sanford sneaked off to Argentina to visit Chapur, a TV journalist there, for nearly a week. He told his staff that he was “hiking the Appalachian Trail” and could not be reached. Recall that his disgusted wife threw him out of the house and initiated divorce.

To pretty up the adulterous activity for his socially conservative voters, Sanford framed the affair as an unstoppable joining of soulmates. He promised to put aright the perceived wrong by marrying Chapur. And he layered on top of that an inspirational journey of redemption, starring himself.

“I’ve experienced how none of us goes through life without mistakes,” he said in a campaign ad when running for Congress. “But in their wake, we can learn a lot about grace, a God of second chances, and be the better for it.”

Two years went by, and Chapur eventually demanded an actual wedding date, which he wouldn’t make.

“I think that I was not useful to him anymore,” she told an interviewer. “He made the engagement thing four months before the elections.”

The ex-wife is now trying to restrict Sanford’s visits with their 15-year-old son. She also wants the court to order the congressman to have psychological counseling and take anger management classes.

True to form, Sanford is now blaming his ex-wife’s custody fight for his inability to wed Chapur. Don’t blame the ex-wife, Chapur responded.

To think, many Republicans had put Sanford on their list of potential presidential candidates.

To be clear, narcissistic abuse of women is hardly a Republican monopoly. Consider the Democrats’ 2004 vice-presidential nominee, John Edwards — who declared devotion to his cancer-ridden wife on the campaign trail while fathering a child with a tawdry filmmaker.

Between the McDonnell and Sanford stories emerged the video of football star Ray Rice punching his girlfriend, now wife, cold in an elevator and then dragging her limp body out. The now-former Baltimore Ravens running back saw no need to blame the woman for provoking the attack. She did it for him.

Say this for the Rice assault: It was straightforward brutality. It happened in a moment and without burdening the public with baroque explanations. The victim knew exactly what had happened to her, once she came to.

But what are Rice’s prospects of getting a second chance? The practitioner of psychological cruelty tends to be slicker than the man with the fist. And the businessmen running the NFL are a tougher sell than the electorate.

Meanwhile, September isn’t over.

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Photo: PoliticalActivityLaw via Flickr

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32 responses to “A Rough Month In America For Women”

  1. sigrid28 says:

    The statistic is 80%: An 80% greater chance of things getting worse when a woman finally leaves her abuser or makes the decision to extricate herself from domestic violence once and for all. This is when the children are also at greater risk than they were before, so maybe she won’t decide to leave just yet, to give them a little bit more time to enjoy of the beginning of a new school year. She doesn’t want to ruin Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas for them, or ruin the month of a child’s birthday or graduation. So that is what comes next, clever Froma. That is what is in store for the rest of September.

    • janis mcdonald says:

      I used to do some volunteering at a local women’s shelter where the women were actually given temporary apartments for themselves and their children and swore to tell NO ONE where they were staying. One of the biggest problems they had at the shelter was that some of the women would leave the fire escape door unlocked so their boyfriends could sneak in — obviously the boyfriends were being told the location of the shelter. These were not middle-class women planning one more Christmas etc, but too many of them “needed” their men for whatever reason. As I heard one woman put it: My boyfriend’s in jail right now. But when he’s out, and he’s not beating me or cheating on me — he’s a wonderful guy! (She had two daughters with this guy so far!)

      • sigrid28 says:

        No social bracket is exempt from the effects of domestic violence. Another universal: Women’s healthcare is tied to the life of the family and its welfare. And its ancillary: No one can keep a secret.

        • WhutHeSaid says:

          So tell me, why do you write your posts as if women were the only victims of domestic violence? They aren’t, and domestic violence is reprehensible no matter the gender of the victim. And since children can’t be described as ‘women’ nor always as ‘her’ — why do so many people post about violence against ‘women’ and seemingly forget that the real issue is violence against other people?

          • sigrid28 says:

            Thank you for the thoughtful question. First of all, for the last fifty years, the statistics in the field of study examine women as victims of domestic violence,perhaps because that is the largest pool. I think better research has provided insight more recently into violence within LGTB relationships. There has always been a component of men as victims, though not a large percentage. I always mention children, because they are the collateral damage in these upheavals of the home life. Like many, I think I associate domestic violence with the prevalence of misogyny in our culture, which keeps women’s wages below those of men and otherwise limits a mother’s ability to strike out on her own with her children to avoid a violent relationship that cannot be stabilized. Another proof of misogyny in our culture, is the Republican party’s designs that interfere with women’s health care, even trying to proscribe safe and effective means of contraception through legislation, which of course has an enormous effect on the well-being of the family. A second example would be the Republican refusal to endorse the ACA, which has made the lives of millions of American women so much better through giving themselves and their children access to health care for the first time. A third example of misogyny would be the attack on teachers in the Republicans plan to eliminate the Department of Education, since teaching has always been a women’s profession in this country; this bad idea also harms children, whose education has always been the province of their mothers. I could go on and on. What struck me as I was thinking about all of this again last night, before I read your post, is the way we seem to have lost the appreciation for the joy there is in caring for each other. I have been a caregiver all of my life, so I see the benefits and have learned to cope with the inconveniences. A simple thing like my mother being sure to make gravy when her parents came for dinner, because they expected to have gravy, now strikes me as something she was pleased to do, like the many things she did for my brother and sister and for my father. When my son and I lived with my elderly father, we became Cubs fans because he was, and we came to look forward to those games very quickly. As a card-carrying member of the parental wing of the Autism Society of America, I know the satisfaction of helping a disabled child make progress without beating him or letting him disrupt our lives altogether. Both men and women know this pleasure in really HELPING someone else, and in sometimes accepting help ourselves. It is a kind of gift to be able to please another person, don’t you think?

          • WhutHeSaid says:

            To answer your last question first — yes, indeed it is a gift, and doubly so because everyone is a winner when people actually find ways to help each other.

            I absolutely despise misogyny AND misandry. Both are forms of bigotry. I have supported equal rights for women all of my life, and I’ve seen a lot of progress made over the years. Clearly not enough progress, but the fight goes on.

            I know that the GOP is currently choc-full of despicable bigots and racists of all kinds — especially the vile and despicable Tea-Bigots, who I consider nothing more than a regurgitated form of the KKK. I don’t know why any woman would vote for these people, but they obviously do.

            Yes, women are the victims of domestic violence more often than men, or at least these cases are reported more often. I can tell you this much: I’ve been hit more times by former girlfriends and my ex-wife more times than I hit them — which was a total of zero times. As a young boy I was physically abused by my mother, but never by my father. I realize that this may not be a typical scenario, but that meant little to me then and it means even less now.

            Domestic violence by women is real, and we see the worst examples in the news almost every day when a reporter recounts the gory details of a mother drowning her children, or shooting them, or just beating them to death. Husbands and boyfriends get shot, stabbed, and even burned to death — often in their sleep. We even hear about cases where the wife has hired or tried to hire a professional hit man to kill her husband for the insurance money. Gender doesn’t matter — bad people are bad people.

            As I said before, I’ve read statistics that say that 40% of all domestic violence victims are men. That’s not a small percentage. I often wonder how many times men actually report these events because society does not generally treat them as serious, and in fact often openly ridicules the man, refuses to believe him, or simply ignores the event altogether.

            I get it: domestic violence is a serious problem. But the problem is not domestic violence against women — it’s domestic violence PERIOD. So why don’t people just talk about it like it is — domestic violence against people. That way there is no gender bias (read: bigotry) against anyone, and nobody gets the implied message that violence is OK to inflict on some people but not others. There is no rational argument for doing it any other way.

  2. nana4gj says:

    And, yet, all of this is an even more dire statement on the status of men in this country. Something has gone horribly wrong with American men, obviously. No doubt, there are some who will blame that on women, too, their mothers, to be precise, since mothers have often been used as the cause of all that is wrong in the world.

    Certainly, one could argue that some women have devalued themselves by inviting exploitation and disrespect in inviting men to objectify them.

    Maybe, men are having a difficult time dealing with the other kind of woman in America who uses her mind, and not her body, to make a place for herself in this country. In fact, we often observe that when these women speak, they often make more sense these days than do the men we used to rely upon.

    I don’t have all the answers, but I do observe that the American man, if threatened by today’s American woman, is weakening himself, in pathetic and offensive ways, and that is not good for society.

  3. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    As a senior woman whose generation spawned feminism back in the 60s, I concur. Men in the US in just the last 20 years have gone in the wrong direction. What I see around me are angry middle aged men who take out their anger and frustrations on women.

    In the age I grew up in, women were expected to “work” behind the scenes. It’s archaic to think it was barely half a century ago that a woman couldn’t get a telephone installed without her husband’s okay, much less be considered “the head of the household.” Men doing laundry? Wasn’t going to happen.

    So, let’s look at what has really happened in just 2 decades. We send our kids to schools where they can be blasted by automatic weapons, we can’t trust our money in banks or buy a home without putting mortaging banks through a thorough vetting process. Women’s salaries still lag behind men even when women own their own businesses.

    We’ve already lived through countless wars that seem never ending and endure arm chair male political bullies who firmly believe it’s “their way or the highway.”

    And let’s not pretend that men still are not among the US’s, for that matter, the world’s wealthiest vs. women.

    No one trusts a word out of a Wall Streeter’s mouth for fear of another round of Madoffing or worse, having to bail out banks whose CEOs think taxpayers are an inexhaustible supply of profit.

    All anyone has to do to see what’s gone so horribly wrong with men today is to listen to their words. When it isn’t anti-government, it’s anti-president, anti-woman, anti-education, anti-labor…anything but anti-profit or anti-corruption.

    You younger ladies may have the patience of Job with men. I do not. I refuse to be bankrupted by men who have zero ability to understand fair play.

    The number of militant men are growing. The proof of this is that there isn’t a single female member of ISIS or ISIL. US Congressmen and Senators are no better. Their refusal to accept women as their equals is the reason this country needs more women in politics and less men with big money influencing our government.

    Woe to your children if the corruption of corporations continue.

    • aabsalooka says:

      I am a man of your generation. I am anti-corruption, while pro-women, pro-education, and pro-labor. While I agree with most of your comments, I have noticed in our own time a shift in how male children are raised. I have watched many of our own generation raise the most self-centered, spoiled, self-indulgent little shits in history. It saddens me that many of those who did that have been their mothers. Fathers in absentia who behave like perennial adolescents make matters even worse. Just look at popular TV and movies today, and televised advertising. Grown men acting like fraternity dipwads is presented as somehow funny and cute, somehow to be expected. Popular culture portrays quiet, studious, kindly men as weaklings and nerds. Aggressive chest-thumping males are portrayed as heroes and sex symbols. In culture and in behavior, just like in nutrition, we “are what we eat”, and we have been eating cultural junk food for quite some time now.

      • Eleanore Whitaker says:

        Women of my generation were the first to figure out that if we had to do all of the caregiving to our kids, our parents and spouse’s parents, clean house, run errands, shop for the groceries and do the laundry, who needed a man?

        I realized that having a man around the house was like caring for a 3rd child. Most men of my generation were spoiled rotten by their mothers who are now in their 80s and 90s. Those were women my generation recognized traded their freedom and their brains for an apron.

        Today’s men are just like yesterday’s men…it’s all about how much they can get away with. In business, at home and in marriage, the more they try to get away with, the more they think they can.

        I never remarried after my divorce. Raising two children on my own, paying off my mortgage on my own, working one full-time and 2 part-time jobs just to earn what equaled my ex’s full-time salary meant I didn’t need a man to be my 3rd selfish child.

        The only real problem with today’s men is they are too full of themselves and too overindulged and think everything must be handed to them on a silver platter. Fortunately, our younger generation of women go their merry way and make lives without these big babies playing albatross around their necks.

      • ralphkr says:

        Oh, come on, aabsalooka, there is nothing new about shows & movies depicting families with the man a hapless dupe and the day being saved by the wise sensible wife. I remember listening to radio shows in the 30s and 40s and, invariably, the popular ones all had a male doofus getting in a jam and his sensible wife or sister or mother having to bail him out. There were some popular show that had almost all male casts with females rarely appearing but they always had one or more men messing things up and having to be rescued from sticky situations from the “father” figure.

    • WhutHeSaid says:

      Sorry, Eleanor — in this case you are off the mark. There ARE female ISIS members, and plenty of them. I’ve attached a picture to this post, and here is one of the many links to an article about the subject:

      Painting one-half of the population with a broad brush is always a mistake. I’m not defending men who do stupid things, and you are absolutely correct to “let ’em have it”, but in reality there are plenty of women in this world who are every bit as bad or worse than the men you decry. There are plenty of female ‘bullies’, and women clamor for war too and always have. You do a disservice to the men who actually fight for the right of women to be treated equally, and an equal disservice to yourself by claiming that men have gone “horribly wrong” and implying that women are all suffering these “horrible” men while trying to balance the halos on their heads.

      Please consider a more balanced perspective, because gender bias isn’t a good thing no matter which gender it’s pointed at.

      • WhutHeSaid says:


        • Eleanore Whitaker says:

          Wow…you found 4 women? How wonderful! Now…can you show us how many MEN are in ISIS troops around the globe?

          • WhutHeSaid says:

            What’s your point? To quote your post: “The proof of this is that there isn’t a single female member of ISIS or ISIL”.

            My point is that you were wrong. I only needed to find one to prove my point, but I actually provided pictures of 5 and a link to an article that described more. You could have found them just as easily, and just because I only posted 2 pictures doesn’t mean that that’s all of the women that are ISIS members.

            So have the grace to accept the fact that your statement was wrong, and perhaps even contemplate why you feel compelled to defend an inaccurate statement. Your reason(s) for making such a statement without actually researching it’s validity I’ll leave to you to explain if you feel inclined to do so.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            We know what YOUR point is, don’t we? You found 4 women in ISIS…WOW….that must must must mean ISIS was founded, created, designed and totally controlled by women right?

            To show your stupidity, you need to read the passage from the Koran that has ISIS male control freaks concerned: Women who kill them insure men go to hell…It’s why …..DUH…..Kurdish women fighting ISIS are such a threat. Try again Mr. MANhood…your superiority is insecurity hidden in the closet.

            Too much Viagra on the brain? Try not overdosing…you guys are getting a tad to control freak and as women all know, that always backfires in your own backyard.

          • WhutHeSaid says:

            Boy, you just lash out at anyone you perceive to be male, yes? That means that you are a bigot.

            Do try to actually read what other people are posting and keep your personal failures out of it.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            I won’t dignify your male supremacy by defending what you want to label “bigotry.” That would limited to race…not gender. Most intelligent people know that. And, since the days of the Neanderthals, men have lorded it over women at every possible opportunity..I’m just not one of them.

            You are a loser. That’s why you don’t like facts when presented. As for failure, sugar pants, when you McMommy was still changing your Pampers, I owned two businesses. I’m a published author and an SEO copywriter of more than 3500 blog articles and website..Try again loser….You need to look at how “famous” and how “successful” you are…most pathetic losers never see their own failures…that’s why they love to sit in judgment on everyone else. You’re a phony to your marrow. Now, let’s hear all about YOUR oh so successful life.

          • WhutHeSaid says:

            You are not only a bigot but a hypocrite as well.

            For your information, the term bigot is not exclusive to race. I’d tell you to look it up yourself, but you aren’t honest either, and everything you’ve posted lately seems to have only one purpose: expressing your hysterical hate for all men.

            I don’t give two shits if you’re an author or the Queen of Sheba. Your intolerant rants against all men without any distinction between those who actually deserve your vitriolic hyperbole and those who do not tell the real story.

            You don’t know how old I am, ‘sugar pants’, what I do, or how successful I am. That’s one of the dangers of hysterically running off your mouth on the Internet. Nor does it matter one little bit — I proved that a point you made was wrong, and you lack the intellectual honesty to examine that fact and deal with it.

            You’ve become nothing more than the bitter female equivalent of the male ‘bullies’ that you rant about, devoid of any honesty or humility.

            I would tell you that I’ve often up-voted your posts and agreed that your ‘target’ was deserving of the criticism you aimed at them, but then of course I’m male and that overrides everything in your bitter little mind.

            Wake yourself up and actually listen to your own rants before everyone simply writes you off as the bitter old harpy that you’ve been projecting.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            I know you think your MR. MAN routine of supremacy is the last word that should EVER be heard….Sorry if blockheaded male ego gets in your way of common sense.

            Check the EEO/AAF laws on the US government books. Bigotry refers to racists. I know this because I worked with HRD professionals. Women, for your shocking information are considered “minorities” according to EEO/AAF laws to protect women from bully men like you who think your word is law.

            I can’t imagine what your McMommy ever did to you. But, in today’s world, women ARE and always will be YOUR equal.

            Your post is so rife with gender bias, it’s hard to know how you miss it when it’s like shit in your Pampers. It just hangs there waiting for your McMommy to change your diaper.

            Grow up little boy. Nothing you say will stop me from speaking my mind. Nothing you do will force me to ram your BS down my throat. Hate that, don’t you Bully Boi? Sorry if your MANhood shows me it’s nothing more than WUSShood.

          • WhutHeSaid says:

            Copy & paste the parts of my post that are gender bias. Nothing I’ve said insinuates any kind of supremacy — least of all gender supremacy.

            You seem to think that being an author or blogging gives you some sort of immunity to people challenging your posts on the facts. It doesn’t. You likewise seem to believe to think that your ‘success’ as an author lends you some sort of righteousness that cannot be challenged, or lends you some unassailable credibility or proof of virtue. Likewise, it doesn’t. Adolph Hitler was an author too, so what’s your point? It doesn’t mean much.

            The gender bias (read: bigotry) is all yours. I’m not telling you that you can’t speak you mind, but I’m telling you that you project the persona of a bitter, bigoted asshole. You seem to think men have no right to challenge your posts, but they do and they will. You need to get over yourself.

            You were simply challenged on one of your statements, but you act like you are the victim of some horrible assault or crime. Get a clue.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            Pardon me if I find your posts excessively bullish and obtuse. I provided facts. Only a blockhead refuses to accept links I provide that are verified on several other links.

            As an author and an SEO copywriting of 3800 articles, let me clue you in…I know what I post can be proven in a court of law. Your posts can’t. That’s the difference between you, as the blockhead and me as the experienced author.

            You have a right to “challenge” anything your blockheaded heart desires. But, you only prove what most Americans are discovering about middle age men like you…You just want it ALL your WAY. Perhaps, you took that public statement by GWB back in 2005 “MY way or the Highway” (not male supremacy right?) a little too seriously?

            You don’t challenge. You ball faced lie. You use right wing skewed BS links you know are biased.

            Try posting something totally unbiased for a change. Maybe, then and only then your credibility gap would be as wide as the Grand Canyon..Yeesh…You must be an ace liar with all the practice you have. There are two ways a man lies…by omission and outright ball faced lies…Yours are the latter.

            As for assholes, yours must be suffering terminal hemorrhoids. You really think your bowel movements are 24K gold don’t you? Sorry, Chanel No. 5 they aren’t. And, Joi Boi…before your swelled head and bloated ego cart you off into the stratosphere, you put your pants on like everyone else does…one leg at a time..or..maybe that’s your REAL problem ..trying to fit your double wide asshole into one pant leg.

          • WhutHeSaid says:

            Listen, you idiot — I’m not ‘right-wing’ anything. If you weren’t so full of shit you’d see that NOTHING I posted has ANYTHING to do with right-wing ideology. You haven’t read a damn thing I’ve posted with comprehension, and I don’t give a rat’s ass how many articles you’ve written.

            I’m an Obama supporter for the most part, you dolt, and I despise the Tea Party and today’s GOP policies. But the fact is that you are apparently too stupid to even ascertain that fact before you go off on your bigoted anti-male tirade.

            Copy & paste my so-called ‘lies’ or ‘biased’ posts, you twit. You can’t because you are just pulling out the stock insults that you use any time anyone you perceive to be male disagrees with you. So YOU are the liar here.

            And let me clue you in to something else: I can insult every bit as well as you can, and you’re going to find that out in rather short order if you don’t actually take the time to read what was posted rather than fly off on some ignorant, bigoted tirade.

            I disagreed with ONE POINT that you made, and you responded by launching your bigoted — yes BIGOTED — anti-male tirade chock full of unwarranted insults, bigoted bile, and ridiculous accusations that have no basis in fact whatever.

            I don’t give a flying fuck that you’re an author — so was Adolf Hitler. So what? It means nothing. Any author worth their weight in buzzard shit should be able to read with comprehension, which you appear incapable of doing.

            Post your proof that I’m a) lying, b) gender biased, or c) wrong when I disagreed with your ridiculous claim that ISIS has no female members. If you can’t even do that much then shut your big mouth and keep your vile, bigoted misandry to yourself.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            Now now RichardHead….Take the condom off your “brain”….Your posts are proof of who and what you are…a member of Dipshits INc.

          • WhutHeSaid says:

            Congratulate yourself, because you are the resident Queen of Assholes. All because you can’t face the fact that you posted something inaccurate and somebody called you on it.

            Your hatred for men is your personal problem — not mine. Just because you are a failed author and a bitter old crab that has nothing better to do than blog all day doesn’t mean anyone takes your bullshit seriously. You are nothing more than a bitter, old, miserable, man-hating charlatan. I can certainly see why you are divorced — what other outcome could be possible given your vile disposition? I’m just surprised that you were ever married in the first place, and this like everything else you post is probably a steaming pile of horseshit. Either that or some poor guy was exceedingly drunk and ran for the hills as soon as he sobered up.

            I now see you in an entirely different light, because you are a proven bigot. You deserve the insults you get, and get them you will.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            I wouldn’t go handing out Congratulations any time too soon. But since you pretend to be the Master of the Universe when you’re really a Dipshit Inc. CEO, I’d be wary of labeling and judging others Big Wuss. I fail at nothing I’ve ever attempted. You hate that don’t you? I don’t have to prove who “I” do..besides the proof you’re a typical spoiled ass big McBaby who can’t wipe your own ass without help from McMommy.

            You see anyone who refuses to bow down and kiss your double wide “differently.”

            I understand your fellow ISIS members are heading back to the US…good. Now we will get to see you really show how much hatred you have for the president, the Government and anyone else you deem food for your little hate mill. Guess you’ll be shaving your head and your pubic hairs so you can fit in with your fellow ISIS compatriots? Now, we get to see all of you and your bullies with the big mouths how well you will do in US streets having to battle with ISIS…Armchair warriors like you are going to get to chance now to show how big and brave you hot shots really are. Get to it.

            Thanks for showing the world you’re a low class jerk.

          • WhutHeSaid says:

            What it really sounds like to me is that you are either institutionalized or need to be. You aren’t intelligent, you are an intolerable bigot, and you can’t read worth a shit. Although you claim to be a successful author, it’s clear that you aren’t much of a writer either. Let’s see if we can teach you how to read.

            You and your Tea Party cohorts are vile and despicable assholes, and every one you you sordid racists should be sent back to whatever European shit-hole that you came from. Just because you hate the black man in the white House is no excuse for your vile, hateful demeanor. Time for you to go back to the Fatherland, ja? Gehen Sie zurück nach Deutschland, du alte Hure.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            Sorry Penis Brain if I can’t accommodate your sick, pathological need to play judge and jury. I’m a published author of 2 books, I’ve written over 3800 SEO online blogs for businesses….I own a home I paid for on a SINGLE, not double income and raised 2 sons.

            The only asshole is a dipshit like you. You can’t stand anyone who is better than you, smarter than you and can be more capable of being self-reliant, independent and more sane than your penis brain can EVER be. You’re one sick, angry bully.

            You must be a real thrill to your Mcparents.

            Little angry men like you shrivel nuts in the jeans by age 50.

            But, you’ll get your fighter boi chance now that you’ll be fending off ISIS in our streets. Let’s see that mouth run when these terrorists are sticking an AR15 up your butt.

            Ach Tung Bossy Ass…you don’t get to tell me or any other adult who or what we are..You posts tell us what you are…a Class “A” Asshole.

          • WhutHeSaid says:

            Listen, you rotten, bitter old Koch Brothers whore — its not my fault that no man has given you a second look in 60 years. That’s no excuse for you to come out here and try to recruit for the KKK.

            I don’t care that you profess your undying love for Dick Cheney and Vladimir Putin. Please keep your despicable fantasies about having an orgy with them and a ISIS leader to yourself.

            You’ve published nothing, so stop lying. For God’s sake, your crack-whorish posts here are barely legible. Go get yourself a real job, you wrinkled old Tea-Bigot crab. David Koch is getting very impatient with you!

  4. howa4x says:

    I think both sexes have gone off the rails and you can’t just blame men. there are many women out there who also seek the brass ring and Mc Donald’s wife was no angel in this political tragedy. There are enough vicious corporate women in the republican party, and enough women in conservative politics who are more mean spirited than the men. These women are trying to turn back the clock on women’s rights. Also there are a lot of middle aged women who are a nasty as the men so it is not just one gender that is bad.

    • WhutHeSaid says:

      I agree that both genders have their issues. Although there are quite a lot of men who do despicable things, those who resort to painting half of the population with one brush (either half) are just lazy.

      According to the statistics I’ve read, about 40% of the victims of domestic violence are male. While I don’t dispute that ANY domestic violence is reprehensible, pretending that is only women who are victims and only men who are culprits is wrongheaded. The saying “Boys shouldn’t hit girls” is bigoted and ignorant, and implies that it’s OK for girls to hit boys, but not the other way around. The correct phrase would be “People shouldn’t hit other people”.

  5. Pamby50 says:

    Another problem is that people think that an order of protection will save them. Last week 2 women in Memphis were gunned down. Both victims of domestic abuse. One woman was shot outside her job. The other one was shot outside a Target.The one who was shot outside her job, had filed for divorce. She found that easier to do than to file for an order of protection. When they listed all the steps you have to go through, it’s no wonder some of them get frustrated. Worse, in TN it doesn’t matter if it the 1st, 2nd or 3rd time going to jail for domestic assault, the jail time is the same. 11 months & 29 days.

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