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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

IMAGE: Pedestrians cross the street behind a billboard showing a pictures of  US president-elect Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Danilovgrad, Montenegro, November 16. 2016. REUTERS/Stevo Vasiljevic

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4 Responses to What We Know About The Russia-Trump Campaign Contacts

  1. “Behold the confusion of the tribes of the defeated”—(An Islamic Hadith cited in several places by Abdu’l Baha in the Baha’i Writings)

    The confusion befuddling fuddy-duddies left and right in Trumpland and in Congress is a most unusual sight. Every day is guaranteed to reveal something fresh regarding the dysfunctional nature of Trump, his aides—and also further highlights how unprincipled and undisciplined so many in Congress. This grandest mistake made by that lackluster antiquated notion called the Electoral College has a magnitude that will certainly have a who book dedicated to it, as well as extra chapters added to amended copies of various publications on American Government.

    On another note, the degree of corruption having already gnawed its way into American society by way of a contentious, partisan, and belligerent style of communication style of governance unique to America was noticed long ago, as I’ve mentioned before. Even before 1938, Baha’u’llah was intimately aware via some innate knowledge of the root causes of what was ailing America, and which is why He designated America as “The Cradle of The Administrative Order of The Baha’i Faith”.
    When I and other American Baha’is heard of this long ago, many of us admittedly had a sense of pride well up within us thinking that our country had been singled out to be in the vanguard for transforming the world spiritually. But hang on—Shoghi Effendi went on to express that America was chosen not because of some inherent and innate superiority over other nations in the world. On the country, and this took the wind out of my sails and that of other Baha’is, America was chosen because it had evolved the most decadent form of governance, not to mention a form of racism that exceeded in its caustic nature all other forms of racism present in other nations, then and now.

    And Trump, thank God, along with the now endemic bellicose and totally materialist nature of the GOP(which has become something akin to an innate quality), is confirming what Shoghi Effendi had discerned nearly a century ago about our divisively partisan style of governance.

    Time for replacing this irreparably flawed system with something entirely new and based on an entirely different premise. Not the Jeffersonian ideal based on an inequality of the races and the effort to efface every trace of spiritual qualities and egalitarian considerations in the way government should govern.

    In the meantime, Trump, Putin, the GOP, and others are sure to keep reminding us of the Elephant in the Room that has assumed an immensity stretching from coast to coast, and from Eurasia to Yakutsk.

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  3. Wow… Comey is looking worse and worse… if that’s possible.
    Publicizing an email find for one candidate that was likely to provide nothing new… is stupid and possibly election-breaking in the final week… sure…

    But to also HIDE any information about the other campaign being in constant communication with the Russians, and their ongoing investigation into the Russians rigging the election?….

    That’s just appalling.

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