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Sunday, December 17, 2017

5 Responses to These Russian Oligarchs Are Making Donald Trump Rich

  1. now the news is coming up with his family of all the B/S thy have done the law is catching up with them . but the sad thing is thy are all brain washed by DUMP 45 ! the thing with that is he just uses even his kids like every one else in his life . he will and all will see him throwing his kids under the bus to save his racist ,hateful , evil illegal butt . He cares about no one but himself . id say there is a place a big spot in HELL for him but truthfully I don’t even think Satan doesn’t want him there

  2. . DUMP piles his BULL so high and wide but in time the whole big pile of DUMP 45 BULL CHIT will be flushed down the toilet where he belongs . even there is too good for that MORON !! this DUMP 45 tax plan he says its not good for him or his family ! but it shows that him DUMP 45 AND HIS BRAIN WASHED KLAN WILL BE MAKING $$ 1 BILLION $ WTH THIS TAX PLAN ! he is such a pitiful , pathetic .PATHOLOGICAL LIAR ! he is the EVIL one e is the ones that give this POS his range and HE DONNY DUMP BRAIN DEAD FOLLOWERS ! there’s time when one has to blame the people of the country for putting a POS like this in the white house the brain dead are beyond help for no life in their heads . the thing the country needs today are the people that set back and say my one vote don’t matter . it is those vote that matter the most . when all added up it would be those votes that will keep trash out of the white house like DUMP 45

  3. . as it is now the gang of pinheads =GOP thy care about nothing that has to do with the country these CLOWNS stand for party over the country and the people . the country can go to hell in a hand bag and thy are ok with it as long as its then in charge . sick as it sounds that’s the way thy think . and then thy try to blame the Democrat’s for all that fails . the GOP would be happy with the greedy rich 1 & 2 percent of the people having every thing and the 98 to 99 % just feeding them . one has to wonder ? me so more , how the people on the country can let these thing happen to them and their children .dose it not matter to you that the GOP only want to use you like DUMP 45 dose all his evil life uses people for his own evil greedy ways .thy want to take away the health care for the people to feed the greedy rich 1 & 2 % of the country’s people not giving a rats butt about the 98 & 99 % . will ever the people wake up and see just what the GOP is doing ? ands learn thy care nothing about the people of the country only the very few .

  4. 11-19-2017 latest news on DUMP 45 is his General said he would speak up if the DUMPSTER DONNY gave an illegal order to launch a NUKE weapon . REALLY GENERAL ! you would say something if the DUMP 45 CLOWN was to do that ? first off general (these days one has to wonder how you ever got that rank of general in the first place ?) by hanging with the DUMP 45 clown . let me help you some GENERAL first off (ITS ILLEGAL ) so if you didn’t speak up then it would be your butt in trouble not DMP 45’s . see the clown is not crazy , nor insane he knows every thing he dose always and means things just the way he dose things ALWAYS ! unfit that one might say is true . but only for the reason that one that is that evil, racist hateful and a pathological liar yes one like this is unfit to serve as the POUS such a POS should be in jail for all the evil illegal things he has done and still dose every day he breaths air !

  5. From what I understand, there’s a Trump tower in Florida, I believe, that was sold out to Russian buyers who were looking to launder money. The tower is totally empty….no one lives in the apartments….they were just purchased to launder money for the Russians. Trump was fully aware of this and although he says he was not the developer, doesn’t own the building, etc., he still reaps money each month from the use of his name and a percentage of the monies collected each month!

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