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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Ryan Attempts To Distance Himself From Akin: ‘Rape Is Rape’ [Video]

From the moment that Rep. Todd Akin shared his outrageous opinion on “legitimate rape,” Democrats have eagerly tried to connect the Missouri senate candidate to his congressional colleague, Paul Ryan. It’s not a particularly hard case to make, considering that Ryan has co-sponsored 38 anti-abortion measures during his time in the House, including joint efforts with Akin to ban federal funding for any abortion that wasn’t caused by “forcible rape.” In fact, Ryan has a higher lifetime voting score from the National Right to Life Committee than Akin does.

Sensing his vulnerability on the issue, Ryan attempted to distance himself from Akin today during an interview with a Pittsburgh CBS affiliate.

“Should abortions be available to women who are raped?” interviewer Jon Delano asked Ryan.

“Well, look, I’m proud of my pro-life record. And I stand by my pro-life record in Congress. It’s something I’m proud of,” Ryan replied. “But Mitt Romney is the top of the ticket and Mitt Romney will be president and he will set the policy of the Romney administration.”

Unlike Ryan, Romney has said that he favors exceptions to allow abortions in case of rape or incest. Another bold stand from the “courageous” vice presidential nominee.

Delano also asked Ryan whether he still believes in a distinction between “forcible rape” and other assaults.

Delano: “You sponsored legislation that has the language ‘forcible rape.’ What is forcible rape as opposed…”

Ryan: “Rape is rape. Rape is rape, period. End of story.”

Delano: “So that forcible rape language meant nothing to you at the time?”

Ryan: “Rape is rape and there’s no splitting hairs over rape.”

Despite Ryan’s efforts to bury his anti-choice record, there is still plenty of material for his opponents to use against him on the issue. In addition to the fact that the official GOP platform endorses Akin and Ryan’s extreme position, Ryan won’t be able to duck his long legislative record on the issue.

For example, this morning a video from 2000 surfaced in which Ryan harshly denounces the women’s health exception in an abortion bill:

“This is not a political issue. This is a human issue,” Ryan declared. “The health exception is a loophole wide enough to drive a Mack truck through it. The health exception would render this ban virtually meaningless.”

Expect to see this video — and others like it — in Democratic attack ads soon.

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  • Elsa

    Just more proof the guy is a liar of the worst kind.

  • AirmanFirstClass

    American values are at the top of this. Rape is NOT a concensual act. In the event of this act, the victim has the opportunity to have the semen removed by an Emergency Room attending physician.
    This removal does not violate any laws that anyone can conjure up.
    A woman has been violated. Her esteem has been ripped from her and FEAR has been introduced into her mind.
    Anyone thinking or imagining this act is anything other then the taking of a womans soul, respect, confidence and reputation should look in a mirror and ask themselves, WHO ARE YOU?


      If the woman is kidnapped, raped, and held against her will for a few days, and she becomes pregnant, then, the pubs say,” congratulations” , we lawmakers have decided you are going to have a baby, mama !!

      • DurdyDawg

        They won’t even take responsibility for their demand by taking the child (through volunteer means) and rearing them themselves.. instead they crow, “We did a good thing, now you’re on your own.” and then whine because the mother has to get on welfare in order not to be arrested for failing to care for the child. Theses fools are psychotic without compassion except for that which suits them.

      • Maybe This Is A Way Bachmann Can Make More Money From Government By Fostering More Children With Her Do As I Say Not As I Do Bull Shitting Ass Just Like The Rest Of Her Lying Knuckle Dragging Money Hoarding Party !!! Ryan Lying Ass Took Bail Out Money But He Don’t Remember Also Live On Social Security!! Like I Said Do As I Say Not As I Do Bullshit!!

      • All the Republicans asked for Akins resignation, they certainly didn’t congradulate him.

        • jarheadgene

          THE only reason they quickly asked for it….is he EXPOSED them for what they stand for….and now RYAN his Congressional Boyfriend is trying to ignore his “Forceable” language they both tried to put into law…..laws like HR 3 …they have been WASTING our taxpayer money the entire Obama administration because they are determined to get him out. Tried to vote down “Romneycare gone National” also know as the Affordable Healthcare Act down 33 times. Have written over 30 laws addressing such important things as HR3 ….”Redefining and classifying rape”….. Now how is that HELPING AMERICA?

      • dalnb

        Romney, Ryan and Akin will want to name the baby also; most likely after the Koch Brothers or Karl Rove!!!!

    • What you some you said is the truth, but i disagree with you on one point you said “In the event of this act, the victim has the opportunity to have the semen removed by an Emergency Room attending physician.
      This removal does not violate any laws that anyone can conjure up. Well how do you know it is all remove, there might be one who get away, That is what after pill is for but they want to ban that also, because they said life is conceive right then. But the rest of it I agree with you.

  • I’ve searched for 30 minutes and cannot find an authoritative copy of the 2012 GOP Platform. What are they hiding? Are they ashamed of what they stand for? Romney/Ryan are already backing away from parts of it. What shall we believe? The Flip-Floppers who will say anything to get elected? (This is not hyperbole. Romney’s record proves the claim.) Or shall we believe the GOP Platform that has been very consistent for decades? (Though their record on Deficit Reduction and smaller less intrusive Government has not been as consistent unless you have a million dollars in Investment Capital.)

    • BDD1951

      It’s my understanding that their platform is completed at the convention.

      • DurdyDawg

        Don’t expect much more than what you’ve already been given to date.. News is Robme will give over his 2011 tax return but that’s it (2010/2011) as he’s deemed that the law states a presidential candidate doesn’t have to produce more than to years return.. Where he dredged this tid bit up is another mystery. The dude is intent on hiding his past.. These two years were placed to legitimize his giving his fair share like the way he snuck through the gov. position.. He’s a crook, no doubt about it.

    • johninPCFL

      It has yet to be adopted. It won’t be official until after the convention.

  • They don’t believe in the bible, what they believe is thier politics, They want to have everyone do as they say, women take heed they are worse than a abuseive husband. They are all heavy weightd they think.

  • Airman, you describe the trauma of rape fairly. However you ignore the emotional content. How could you suggest that a woman who has just suffered such indignity jump right up, run to an Emergency Room, and under go a medical procedure reminiscent of her recent trauma? Your cold hearted, insensitive proposal puts your agenda before any human consideration.

    This is indicative of most Republican thought. No consideration of the human element. No concept of the suffering your propositions cause. Life gets tough enough all on it’s own. We don’t need Systems and laws that make it more difficult.

    I assume you are male from your alias. You really don’t care about this issue at all, since you can never experience it’s consequences. It’s all theory and conjecture to you.

  • Ryan should have went to medical school and maybe he would learn more about women and the elderly and Romney could be his intern.

  • Do either of these clowns know what they’re talking about? Either you have a conviction and stand by it or you don’t. Don’t flip-flop. If you can’t trust your instincts on what you believe, then get out of race. Period.

  • It doesn’t matter what Ryan says NOW. He’s voted for and backed bills exactly like Akin. He and Akin a buddies. They both hate women and want us all barefoot and pregnant, with no rights at all. BTW, there is a jobs bill that would create jobs, but the repugs won’t let it pass because it would highlight the progress Pres. Obama wants for this country. They want the economy to pick up, which it is doing, and then claim credit for it if they are elected. Sick is a mild way to describe their thinking and actions.

    • dalnb

      I Hope you have told this to every family member, relative, neighbor, friend and associate. The Romney/Ryan team is getting another 100 Billion dollar infusion from the Koch Brothers, Karl Rove and the Las Vegas Casino owner to saturate the media with ads.
      The Obama team is being outspent and will need the “word-of-mouth” efforts of every supporter.
      We Can Not Go Back To The Bush Era As Romney Has Sworn To Do!

  • howa4x

    No matter how they try to twist this the rape of a woman whether by direct force or intimidation is still rape. No woman should have to bear the child from being raped, that is inhuman to even ask her to do that, let alone force her to do that. I’ve met women who were victums of incest, and the scars they carry are enough with out forcing them to carry a child from that act which would always be a constant reminder of what happened Not only would this child be unwanted but it will be hated. Do we need more of them, than we already have? This debate is secretly about women having the right to preform pre marital sex, that is why these same groups are against contraception too.
    The real problem in this debate is that the anti abortionists are not victums of rape or incest, but are usually religious and married in stable relationships or if single are indoctrinated religiously, or clergy who don’t marry. None of these people know the pain that a woman goes through after one of these tramatic events, and this is the real tragedy of this. These people are like their ancestors from the middle ages where religion was so important that the chruch used their power to force women to be burned at the stake if they sinned. Today they want to psycologically tourture women instead of phisically, but the effect is the same. They want women to throw out 40 yrs of freedom and submit once again to what the religions want.
    America was founded on the seperation of church and state. The people who created our constitution saw the danger of what happens when societies are ruled by religious order instead of social justice. It is odd today that the very people who run around yipping about this document(tea party) don’t even know what it says and very few have read it. though they understand the part about the 2nd amendment but got lost on the rest.

    The religious right has taken over the GOP and have brought back the fire and brimstone of vengence against women, and completely disregarded the understanding ,compassion, empathy, and forgiveness that their savior preached.

    • You Got That Right And Why Ryan Running Away From What He Believe Is Amazing!! Akin Just Said What The Whole Damn GOP/Tea Party American Taliban Members Believe, I Guess They Did Think It Would Blow Up In Their Faces!! It Is Only Just The Tip Of The Iceberg IMMORAL Crap They Plan For America!!! If People Are Smart They Will Stop Voting These Traitors And Terrorists In Offices!! If Not We Are About To Be Another Third World Country Just You Watch And See!!!

      • Silly question. Ryan is running away from the “Forceable Rape,” and “Legitimate Rape,”and his and Todd Akin’s, exactually the same, votes on that kind of thing because it just might keep him and Romney from getting elected. We need to keep this on the front burner all the way to the election in November.

        • dalnb

          I Hope you have told this to every family member, relative, neighbor, friend and associate. The Romney/Ryan team is getting another 100 Billion dollar infusion from the Koch Brothers, Karl Rove and the Las Vegas Casino owner to saturate the media with ads.
          The Obama team is being outspent and will need the “word-of-mouth” efforts of every supporter.
          We Can Not Go Back To The Bush Era As Romney Has Sworn To Do!

        • m1a0n3u0e1l2

          If they (Ryan and Akin) were so fervent in acting the way they did, why are them trying to run away from it? When were them right, now or before?



    So where is OBOZO and his other creepy friends who have critical things to say about non-issues and lies.

    So here we are with an example of how these whack jobs think and the cute guys are nowhere to been seen.

    So Obozo is your wife ready to stand there to help test Rep. Akin’s theory about raped women?

  • I don’t know how a man who championed legislation last year to redefine forcible and statutory rape and who has done everything he could to undermine women rights can distance himself from Todd Akin. They are two peas in a pod.

  • joujou228

    I just have to ask, do these republicans think we’re totally stupid? I could understand if they wanted to offer a diffferent choice/vission about the economy, or social issue different from Obama, I would listen, but to add another flip/flopper to their ticket is insulting.

  • emadis41

    I appreciate life, and like those who defend life, but life is not for the unborn alone, nor that starts at conception as Mr. Ryan and his GOP claim. Beside the life of the women who are raped should supersede the presumptive life of the unborn. I also understand their stand as they claim it is religious, but I am also lost where to find this in the Bible. The Bible advocates killing the fetus if it is a result of illicit relation via a strange concussion.

    The GOP platform is totally wrong, because legislation will not end abortion, education well, however, it is unfathomable to force a woman to carry to a term a child that came as a result of rape. The GOP wanted to kill all kind of parents’ say on planning their familly, as they want outlaw invitro (tube) fertilization and fertility treatment all-together.

    In Short, the GOP whom they claim to espouse individual freedom are robbing these women from their rights. they also trying to kill organizations that help women for political purpose only.

    • highpckts

      And they violating the separation of church and state!!

  • notopoliticsasusual

    Yes, rape is rape and murder is murder, but abortion is also murder. I question if someone should die because of the sins of their parent. A child should be killed because that childs parent is a rapist? Sorry not a popular answer but murder is murder and killing for that is wrong

    • I don’t believe in abortion, life is precious but why bring a child into the world which the mother did not want. If they force her to carry it to full term, and she hate the guy who rape her, and do not want the child, when the child is born that trait will be with him. Mothers feeling is what the child learn from while in the womb. If the mother is happy well then the child would be happy. if the women got hateal in her hearth forcing her to carry the child, thee child feeds on that and then the child will come out with a negative outlook when she,him get older. Traits comes from both parents. So what kind of life will the child have?

  • sickoftpubs

    Ryan should not dodge the fact that he was the one who co authored the bill about legitimate rape with Akin. It is the truth and he should not run away from it or lie about it. He may be good looking on the outside and that gets him in the door. But on the inside he is an indecent human being who has nothing better to do with his time but to find ways to legitimize rape. It is an absurdity. Romney should drop Ryan from the ticket. He is being weighed down by the insensitivity of the Tpubs zealotry and misogyny. Only a person who hates women could possibly come up with a definition of “legitimate” rape. At least Akin brought this into the open by being honest about the Republican Tpubs platform and plank. That is more than I can say for Romney or Ryan.

  • sickoftpubs

    Paul Ryan should have to be held accountable for his opinions on abortion. He calls it a human issue. Then let the humans involved make the decision in the privacy of their own homes. Whether he believes it or not, we do not need a politicians help in making private human decisions. I hope the Obama team can make him accountable for his misguided moralistic views.

  • Another distraction to keep all your minds off the terrible economy: trillions in debt, Amnesty for Illegals while 23 Million Americans are unemployed, Medicare & S.S. bankrupt and taking $716 Billion from Medicare, 42 straight months of unemployment over 8%, lives shattered by loss of jobs & homes……………………..

  • TheSkalawag929

    Yesterday I copied a list that a woman posted in the Washington Post. I don’t recall the article. It was a list of things the government should cover since it would be the government forcing a woman to have a child after being raped.

    I think that her demands are fair.

    The government will cover:

    All medical treatment including birth of the “beautiful new child”.

    All testing for sexually transmitted diseases and treatment

    All child care needs for the child until the child reaches the age of majority

    All therapies or counseling required for the women to get through the problem

    All middle class housing and support needs for the mother unwanted child

    All educational needs and college support of the unwanted child

    All medical and psychiatric needs of the child this mother is suppose to love

    A monthly stipend for the mother until the child reaches the age of majority

    • Good points but I doubt if it will fly on the republican agenda. They will claim she was raped on purpose so as to gain undeserved welfare benefits.

      • TheSkalawag929

        That’s the beauty of it. The republicans painted themselves into a corner.
        Since they have taken away all her options, except the one that THEY have forced upon her, they should be responsible for all the things that I had listed.
        But you’re right. They would probably find some way to shirk their responsibility.

        • StanW

          So in response to a woman getting pregnant, the ONLY two choices are…
          A) Someone else pay for the care and upkeep of that child forever
          B) Kill the child

          ‘Monster’ is not too strong of a word for people like you.

          • 1LonesomeDove1

            Aw Stan, you know all he’s gonna do is end up screaming at you just like he did me, and all because he wants one thing and one thing only……….for us to shut up and bend to his will.

            It’s what they all want.

          • StanW

            He can scream all he wants, LD. I have already busted him on one outrageous lie. I’ll get him on his next one as well.

          • 1LonesomeDove1

            Same thing with the Skoldywag.
            I played along with his “I’m trying to be civil” game until he finally flew apart and showed his true self.

            This one should change his name to “Guess”, cause he doesn’t have a clue.


          • StanW

            Vega tells me all the time that he wants to be civil and play nice. Then, when I ask him to prove something he says, or I catch him in a lie, he melts down completely.

            ‘Civil’ to a Liberals means “Let me do or say anything I want to, while YOU have to abide by whatever rules I decide you have to”. Obama is the KING of doing this with all of his impotent lectures to the right on civility in politics.

          • 1LonesomeDove1

            And that’s the reason they love their O’Savior so much.

            These morons actually believe they can come to conservative sites and just tell us to shut up while they say whatever they want, and that we’re gonna do it.

            That’s first rate delusion there.

          • TheSkalawag929

            Or C) Mind your own business

            Name calling is about what I expect people like you to resort to.

          • StanW

            It is my business when I am being asked to pay for something.

            So tell me how my two options are wrong.

          • 1LonesomeDove1

            You’d better agree with him soon, or you’ll be put in the ignore box with me.


          • StanW

            Oh no, not the Ignore Box….

            The fear is taking me, I am shaking and about to cry… I am… wait a sec… OK, I’m over it!

          • 1LonesomeDove1

            Apparently, I’m out of ed’s ignore box, but he’s whining so bad I kinda wish I was back in it.

            He’s begging me so bad to lay off him that I feel like I have to brush him off my ankle.

          • StanW

            Hope you’ve had your shots!

          • 1LonesomeDove1

            I have. The regressive BS vaccine.

          • AdamMos

            GOP or Republican party is no longer fitting. I have a few suggestions for the new name

            How about the white people who hate the non white people party?

            How about the people who like to tell everyone what to do party?

            Or my favorite I have got mine so screw you party?

          • StanW

            You mean as opposed to the Liberals, or the “We’re smarter and better than you so do what we tell you and shut up about it” party?

            Save your pathetic stereotypes for someone that cares!

          • AdamMos

            Since you liked those so much I thouight of a few more:

            How about if you add us all up our IQs still dont reach 100 party.
            How about the destroy the environment in the name of profit party.
            How about the obstuct and delay and destroy the middle class party
            How about the vote against my own economic interest party.

            No need to reply Stan I would not want you use up your last brain cell.

          • StanW

            I like those, pretty typical of the Liberals. Very hard to choose just one.

          • AdamMos

            I got more!

            How about the we can take our white hoods off now party.
            How about tax everybody but me party.
            Finally our family trees are all in the shape of forks party.

            It has been fun, Stan. I am going to go and watch todays recording of Hannity. He is great, absolutely brilliant. He is definetely voting for Obama. Do you know how much money he has made off the first black President. He definetely wants four more years even if his taxes go up 4%. Bigotry sure is lucrative.

          • StanW

            WHITE HOODS, now THAT ONE is funny, especially since the KKK is the terrorist arm of the DEMOCRAT party and it was a Democrat that was a KKK member in Congress.

            The historical ignorance Liberals display daily is so humerous. Pathetic, but humerous!

          • The uncontestable fact is most liberals are smarter than you.

          • StanW

            Really, what an insightful comment. I’d ask for proof of your opinion, but I really do not want to hear your entire litany of swear words, so…

            Bless Your Heart!

          • TheSkalawag929

            I never said that your options were wrong. I just add a third one.

            Unless you have a family member, a lover or a friend that is asking you for money for an abortion I don’t see how you are being asked to pay for them. Perhaps you will enlighten me.

          • StanW

            Your third one was monumentally stupid, as was your original point. You start from the premise that once the mother has decided that she no longer wants the child, that either someone else should pay all the child’s bills, or she should be allowed to kill that child.

            While I have compassion for any women that finds herself faced with an unplanned pregnancy, that IN NO WAY means the child deserves to be killed.

          • TheSkalawag929

            I take it you don’t agree with my option.

            I start from the premise that it is not MY decision to make. I have no right to inject myself into someone else’s life no matter how much I disagree with their decision.

            You hide behind the claim of compassion and concern when you have neither, in my opinion.

            You are just a nosey parker without enough of your own business to tend to.

            If you must get involved why not get involved with the children that are already here. Try making a difference for the better in THEIR lives.

          • StanW

            Excuse me, but saving the life of a child IS my business when there are uncaring and unfeeling people around that think they can come up with a way to justify killing that child.

            All that is required for evil to prosper is for good men to do NOTHING. You feel yourself superior because you stand by while children are deliberately and willfully killed, and you justify it to yourself.

            Oh, and trying to change the conversation to include the plight of children already alive is a PATHETIC dodge. Try to stay on topic.

          • TheSkalawag929

            Call it what you will and do what you may. I still think you are interfering.

            No I am not superior. I just know that all things happen for a reason and that that reason may not be revealed to me.

            You see yourself as an instrument of God. I see you as an impediment to God’s plan. Judgement Day will determine which of us is right.

            I am not trying to change the topic. I am trying to increase the scope of the topic.
            It is you that appears to consider the plight of children already here a “PATHETIC dodge” not me.

            I thought saving children’s lives was the topic.

          • StanW

            WHAT? Who said anything about an “Instrument of God”??? You really need to stop listening to the voices in your head and pay attention to what I really said.

            “increase the scope of the topic”? Meaning you are trying to bring up other topics to distract from your idiocy of the topic at hand.

            I am talking about saving childrens live, while you are trying to move the conversation on taking care of children already alive. Again, please stay on topic.

            And I am no more “interfering” with the abortion discussion than I am “interfering” with a heart-attack victim when I provide CPR for them.

          • TheSkalawag929

            We just disagree.
            I will leave at that.

          • StanW

            There has never been any question that we disagree. And that disagreement is simple. You think that unless a women wants the child, or someone else will support that child, the mother should be able to kill that child. I think the child is a unique human being that deserves the chance to life, and that the child has done nothing worthy of the death penalty!

            I’m still unsure about when the killing can take place. Most on your side of the aisle are fine with the child being killed just prior to birth, or even after the child has been born alive (President Obama’s position)

            So where do you fall. Are 1-year-olds safe from you? 6 months after birth? Where is your cutoff for the killing?

          • TheSkalawag929

            Pro Choice doesn’t automatically equate to the extremes that you wish to assign to it.
            Personally I agree with the parameters as set forth in the law today with exceptions for the life of the mother.

            My personal preference is that once conceived the fertilized egg should be given every chance to develop fully. But as much as it pains me, and it DOES weigh heavily on my heart, mind and soul, it is still not my choice to make prior to viability outside the mother.

  • ridemybroom

    only the stupid and the ignorant !!


  • Ryan?
    This fellow is, by far, much worse than akin.
    God bless America!

  • “But Mitt Romney is the top of the ticket and Mitt Romney will be president and he will set the policy of the Romney administration.”
    But I wonder who will be running the show should they get the White House? It already seems to me that it’s a case of the tail wagging the dog. Mitt the twit will be the figurehead with Ryan and his cronies pulling the strings.
    This is a very scarey scenario, which I pray does not come to pass.

    • Within 6 months of a Romney presidency, these two men will come to hate each other.

  • AliceR51

    WOW!Cant believe this crap.

  • dalnb

    Ryan displays a total lack of integrity; just like he did when he submitted his letter requesting stimulus and earmark money for constituents. When he was recently asked about it he said he did write the letter but he fought against if when it came to the floor.
    . I wonder when his constituents became aware of the fact that although to their face he was helping them but behind closed doors he was working against them.

  • dalnb

    This is where America is heading; rape the women, no abortion, children born out of marriage due illegalization of abortion under no circumstances, and no social support for them (because the Republicans decided it was costing to much)!

    Will the mothers be forced to name thier kids with the same first name: Koch, Karl, Mitt, Todd or Ryan?

  • highpckts

    Jacqui – so very true!! Mitt doesn’t have what it takes to run a country regardless of what he says but Ryan has very strong opinions even though he has to flipflop to get the office. He will be the power behing the throne! What amazes me all the time is we know their past voting records, we know what they stand for, we have proof and yet they continue to deny that or give an asinine reason why they did what they did! AND PEOPLE BELIEVE IT!!

  • highpckts

    PaulCandy – again! Get your facts straight!! He DID NOT rob Medicare of that money!! Quit harping on the same old tired stuff! Unemployment was at 11% before Bush left office!! SS was used as a slush fund by your cronies and they placed IOU’s in it’s place! Like we’ll ever see that again if Romney/Ryan get in office!!

  • highpckts

    Notopolitics does not care about that! Don’t you understand? It’s not about the human element or morals. It’s about being a good “christian”. It’s always do as I say not as I do!!

  • highpckts

    ExPAVIC – PaulCandy is here and yelling as usual!

  • highpckts

    Plenty of time for his accountants to go over them and make any necessary changes!! He’s a tax cheat and a fraud!!

  • oh b.s. you people listen to all the garbage that Obama and his band of merry thieves blab out
    each and everyday I think the american people should be able to see this for what it is. no wonder there is so much violence in this country look how obama and biden act like kids who can’t have their own way so they make up lies who cares what Ryan did years ago that dosen’t make him some assholes buddy it makes obama look like the ass that he is. People change remember the
    saying in 2008 change hell yes we have change not much but I have a jar full for my retirement
    but if we get a president in the white house who hates older people well then we will need all the change that we can get Lord knows we didn’t or won’t get it from Obama. It only matters what
    Obama says now get a life he is the biggest liar and user of all times.
    we need Mickey and Minnie in the white house to show us the way not idiots who lie and cheat
    their way to the top.

    • Nancy, what I look at is a House of Rep who stated at the start of Obama’s term, that they would do whatever it took to insure he was a one term president. At least that much they have done. Sure there is a lot of violence in this country, was here BEFORE he was president, and is going to continue after he’s gone. But now if we shouldn’t care what Ryan did years ago, shouldn’t the SAME rule apply to Obama also? Was Obama president when we had to bail out Wall Street, while at the same time CEO’s where being paid millions in “Golden Parachutes” from the same companies they had run into the ground, and who where standing in the “soup line” with their hands out? Or those people who lost were losing their homes, jobs, while tax breaks and cuts where rubber stamped? I’m not a person who LISTENS to what a politician says, both parties will say what they think people want to hear. I take it to the street, I SEE people who have worked all their lives to get a piece of the American dream, lose it. I watch jobs being shipped overseas…good jobs $15-20 range…to be replaced by $8-9 ones. Is Obama a liar? Show me ONE honest politician…who has kept everyone of his/her’s campaign promises. But don’t forget, Obama has had a House who is working against him. I guess the better question would be…what has the House and the GOP done to help this country.

  • It goes to show: a tree is known by its fruit. Ryan is the darling of the Koch Brothers, Tea Party, and the GOP. He has been paid for by lobbyist and Super PACs to make his stands in the past against women’s rights to choice, and because of that he can’t turn back the hands of time. His past, the bullying in the House, his aggtrssion, and impatience with those who would dare questin him will come home to roost. Romney/Ryan will be an embarrassment to the GOP and the death-knell to the Tea Party for years to cover because the covers has been pulled off of the true nature and terroristic intent of the GOP and the Tea Party. God doesn’t like ugly, and the way they throw around God’s name and distort the word of God to fit their evil agenda and instill fear into people they have no respect for will come back to haunt them. Like the Soup Nazi said on Seinfeld: NO PRESIDENCY FOR YOU! . . . NEXT!

  • I’ve taught our kids one very important lesson in life…if you are man/woman enough to make a decision than be man/woman enough to stand behind that decision. I guess this is something that AKIN’S/RYAN have never heard of…or were taught. I don’t like abortions, but I’m old enough to remember the “back ally” clinics and wire coat hangers…I like that less. I agree rape is rape…and no woman or child should be forced to carry a child, if that does happen, that was produced from it. I guess it’s easy to to talk smack about it…until it comes home to roost. Both of these people have shown us what they believe in, but now they want to crab step around it…well that’s NOT what I MEANT. But I agree with those that say, this is something the women of this country need to look at long and hard. Do you REALLY want to go back 40 years…just be property again? I’ve talked to my wife and daughters, and granddaughters and I really didn’t know they knew those kinds of words.

  • Our kids were taught, as we were, that if you are man/woman enough to make a statement, vote a certain way, then be man/woman enough to stand behind it. I guess these people were either NEVER taught that, or CHOSE to not learn it. With a wife and daughter, and now four granddaughters, PLEASE don’t try and explain to me what rape is. UNLESS both parties agree to sex, then it’s rape…and yes there can be rape in a marriage to. What I see is a party AGAINST the rights of women to have control over their bodies. Look at what the last Administration tried to do. To the ladies out there…it seems the choice is simple. Fight for the rights you have now, and have some men put you back 40-50 years.

  • m1a0n3u0e1l2

    Ryan reminds me a hen trying to shake off the dust after rolling up in a pile of sand. But after his insidious record on the subject, there is not a human way for him to distance himself from Akin. I believe he is even worst if not more senseless.