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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Ryan: ‘I Don’t Have The Time’ To Explain How We’ll Pay For Tax Cuts

In an interview on Fox News Sunday, Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan told host Chris Wallace that “I don’t have the time” to explain how a Romney administration would pay for its new round of tax cuts for wealthy Americans.

When Wallace asked Ryan how much his and Mitt Romney’s tax plan would cost, Ryan repeatedly claimed that “it’s revenue neutral,” while declining to get into specifics.

Wallace eventually told Ryan “But I have to point out, you haven’t given me the math,” to which Ryan responded:

No, but you…well, I don’t have the time. It would take me too long to go through all of the math. But let me say it this way: you can lower tax rates by 20 percent across the board by closing loopholes and still have preferences for the middle class. For things like charitable deductions, for home purchases, for health care. So what we’re saying is, people are going to get lower tax rates.

Video of the exchange is below, via ThinkProgress:

While it may take Ryan too long to go through the math, the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center at the Brookings Institution managed to find the time. According to their research, Romney’s plan would have to raise taxes on about 95 percent of Americans in order to achieve revenue neutrality.

This helps to explain Ryan’s reticence. Although both liberal and conservative observers of the Republican presidential campaign have lobbied Romney and Ryan to lay out more specific policy proposals, it turns out that the Republican ticket’s actual plans are a very tough sell to voters.

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  • jarheadgene

    WE the PEOPLE don’t have the time for you either Mr. Ryan! Enjoy your early retirement.

  • Maybe he can start by explaining how he is going to “restore” the $716B in future MEDICARE savings from his budget. Fear not, a campaign that can transform a CBO warning about potential MEDICARE spending increases if ACA is repealed into “Obama took $716B from MEDICARE to pamakes y for ACA, and Romney will restore it and repeal ACA” makes the Swift Boat attacks look like child play. Hopefully, there are enough seniors out there who are not yet suffering from Alzheimers or senility able to see what the GOP is trying to sell us.
    Another item Ryan should address is how Mitt Romney’s original plan to give the wealthy an additional tax break, offset with the elimination of deductions that favor the middle class, has suddenly been transformed into no new tax breaks and focus on the well being of the middle class. Darned, at least Goebbels had the courage to be consistent in the misinformation and propaganda he espoused! Maybe Machiavelli makes a better metaphor to describe the character of Tea Party members.



    Now with a national audience looking on, the RoMoney-Ryan pairing will jump at the chance to demonstrate what whack jobs the pair is in reality.

    Understand that RoMoney will debate in his socks so that when he puts his feet in his mouth it will minimize the damage to his dental crowns.

    Of course remember that if RoMoney-Ryan win, we all loose, except for the rich five percent that is.

  • ca19th50

    Why should we give him the time if he doesn’t have the time? How arrogant he and Romney are

  • ryueire

    What are these fools going to do when the debates come and they are put under pressure to explain what their math is? Keep on attacking the President and sticking to the lies, or say “trust us we know what America needs”?
    I mean, really, unless they’re planning on winning by stealing/cheating in the election, there is no sane explanation of how these guys continue to spout this crap.
    If Heaven forbids, another situation like Bush 2000 happens, America should get ready for another war. A civil war where the top 1% should be overthrown.

    • Ed

      “unless they are planning on cheating or stealing the election”? Well the repubs have made no secret that that is what the voter suppression laws are all about. And I suspect they are planning an Ambush for Oboma wednesday night, even if it is made of lies!.

      • jebediah123

        Ed made a comment about “voter suppression laws”. Has anyone really thought about this? Do you realize what makes this country AMERICA?? What separates America from the likes of say—Laos or Vietnam or any other dictatorial country—-is the right to vote. To FREELY choose who you want for your local or national leaders.

        Does the constitution say you don’t have that right if you are poor? Or because of your poverty you forced to move often—staying with different relatives as your financial situation might dictate? Does this make you any less a citizen of the U.S.? Does this give you any less right to vote?

        Do not kid yourself—-the feeble excuses the Republicans have given as a basis for their suppression laws are nothing but a thinly vailed attempt to TAKE AWAY THE CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT OF MANY POOR CITIZENS TO VOTE. Because most of them vote Democratic.

        But think ahead. Think what would happen if all four of the following offices were controlled by the Republicans—-the supreme court, the presidency, the house and senate. Who would they LEGALLY take away the voting rights from next? Some one who is not Christian? Or a gay person? MORE IS AT STAKE IN THIS ELECTION THAN IS APPARENT.

        Now you may read this and say—Legally manipulate existing laws to take away YOUR voting rights??—-That could never happen in America. Think again—-it’s happening in some states already.

        • I read in the Tulsa World this morning that it is lawful in Oklahoma to purge the voter rolls of those inactive people who haven’t voted in the last two general elections. The rolls were purged in 2011 so be sure to check with your election board to see if you are a registered voter. You have until Oct 10 to register. Oklahoma is a red, red state but we need to make it a blue state again.

    • ryneire, bear in mind that what Republican will consider a resounding victory will be for Romney and Ryan to stand next to the President and repeat the cacophony of Lymbaughesque lies and hyperbole that characterize what passes for meaningful debate in the surreal world of the Tea Party.

      • It doesn’t matter what the GOP/TP thinks; it’s what the undecided voters think. And this just doesn’t pass the smell test.

    • re-read the above article Ryan only promises lower tax rates “Not” lower taxes for the middle class. Romney/Ryan look like a scene from the movie Donnnie Brasco where Al Pacino gives Johnny Depp $500 christmas gift then asks for it backs as Depp leaves Pacino’s apartment.

    • They are planning to win by stealing the election, evidence – OH, PN, FL. I too fear that a Romney/Ryan win coupled with news of intimadation and disenfranchisement at the polls will lead to civil unrest.

      At the debate Romney/Ryan who cannot share their true vision for this country will try to zing and one line the President.

      The President has shown his cool under fire. He actually believes what he says and if he can lay out his vision and not react to Romney he will do well.

    • The Republicans are counting on VOTER SUPPRESSION LAWS to hold back a large section of the Democratic voters, all for the sake of “Protecting” us from voter fraud at the polls.

      HOWEVER, THE FRAUD PERPETRATED BY A REPUBLICAN OPERATIVE OF THE “HOLIER THAN THOU” REPUBLICANS HAS SPREAD TO AT LEAST 11 STATES, and is on a scale in the 10’s of thousands, possibly 100’s of thousands of fraudulent votes. Contrast that to the extremely low number of actual cases of voter fraud that has been found at the polls in over a decade of searching.

      And to the Republican leaders who claim that they had no knowledge that this was going on, I have one question.



      In all fairness, every voter that was registered by these criminals should be purged from the records. Every one who registered would then have register again.

      As distasteful as this seems, it is only fair to the people who registered, and had their registrations destroyed or modified.

      It is truly sad that a political party has to stoop this low in order to “win” an election.

  • Ed

    Old legal saying; “If the facts are on your side, lay out the facts, if the facts go against youi, dance, if neither works POUND THE TABLE!”

    • mynx1

      That’s the Republican mantra, lol

  • dggrundhoffer

    Ryan you are a liar

  • “I’m late—I’m late— for a very important date! Hello—goodbye…I’m late!”

  • old_blu

    I didn’t know I was going to have to know math, I woulda studied harder.

  • IT’S amazing how ROMNEY and RYAN DO NOT have the time to explain to the American public how they are going to pay for its new round of tax cuts for the wealthy. They say it would take too long to do the math. That’s BS. And that’s what you want to believe over Obama????? HOW STUPID ARE REPUBLICAN VOTERS ?????

    • Don

      Just stay away from TOWNHALL as thst is the Romney – Ryan sight and if you CAN get on, good giving your name and password or use your Facebook passageway.

  • bcarreiro

    He can’t admit he’s going to screw the middle class (overworked and underpaid) … the wealthy (overpaid and underworked) dont have to do the math. As they watch their bank accts grow by doing nothing at all(take from the 98%) as they have with the bush administration. charitable deductions is the biggest loophole there is!!!capital gains tax should be raised another 6% and persons who make 250,000 …pay your share. the more u make the more they take, this should not only apply to middle class citizens. Middle class should get a tax cut of 6%!!!

  • alumahead

    The 47% thing Romney uttered really hurt, but it was choosing Paul Ryan as his running mate that really turned the tide in Obama’s favor. The seniors were the last demographic standing that Romney hadn’t yet alienated.

    So what does Mitt do? He opts for the Medicare Killer as his VP. Sweeet!

    • It was suicide, No member of the Armed Forces of the United States that are protecting his as# pay taxes. Hundreds of his millionaire buddies, don’t pay taxes, people that are barely surviving on Social Security, don’t pay taxes. His comment alienated ALLOT of the seniors in the country. The other thing regarding Social Security, it’s all politics. It’s not a separate account anymore, it’s part of the National Budget, “It’s going to go bankrupt”, the only way that could happen is if the United States defaults.

      • Justin Napolitano

        No richie, SS is not part of the general fund. There is and always has been a SS fund and it has 2.7 trillion dollars in it in the form of special issue treasuries. These treasuries are the same as those sold to retirement funds and foreign countries. It is important to correct that myth.

        • No Justin there hasn’t always been a Social Security a fund. When Reagan was President he took the Social Security fund and put it into the general fund. This was done on the advice Allen Greenspan(I think that is his last name) who later became the head of the Federal Reserve. He told Reagan he could take the access money that Social Security was receiving after Reagan raised SS taxes by 2/3% on the people that were working so they could be paying for the Social Security that people were drawing and pay on their own future Social Security payment to make it look like trickle down was working. Greenspan told Reagan that no one know what he done for 30 years and so it wouldn’t matter. When Bush 1 was elected he put Security Social money back into a it’s own account and along with Congress passed a law that made it a law that Social Security money could not be used for anything else and to do so the person doing it could be sent to jail. Of course that law didn’t keep Bush 2 from dipping into SS funds twice to make his bottom line look better nor did it stop him from using the SS fund as security for the loans from China to support his two wars. That is two reasons why Bush 2 should be jail now along with Cheney.

  • SaneJane

    Let’s see the math and the tax returns.

  • mynx1

    If you don’t have the time to explain your plan then we the people don’t have the time to waste our vote on you!

    It’s not what you say it’s how you say it and to me his “well, I don’t have the time” remark sounded pretty condescending

    Obama 2012

  • montanabill

    Get serious with this crap. Of course Ryan didn’t have time to go through it on National TV. The suggestion that he was trying evade it is ludicrous. We also know that the only taxes the Democrats want raised are those on the top 10% which is just stupid when you want investment in the U.S. to create jobs. No, they aren’t going to invest when they are being threatened with more taxes, a Hugo Chavez ‘share the wealth’ mentality, and the ever increasing mountain of regulations. But you want them to have the money to invest when we finally get some kind of a sane environment for business so that they will want to starting investing in the U.S. again.

    • mynx1

      You seriously believe that the millions of people on the lower end of the prosperity spectrum would really buy into that crap. Sure go ahead give more money to the rich people. I’m sure they will remember the sacrifices we’ll make to give them that extra money.

      Easy to say when your belly’s full and a safe place to lay your head.

      • montanabill

        I get the feeling you haven’t figured out yet who is turning the economy to crap and profiting from it. Four more years!

        You and the government are not giving money to the top 10%. That is your primary wrong thinking.

    • Justin Napolitano

      Montana, when taxes were as high as 70% the country did just fine and businesses did invest and hire.
      Today with most businesses paying about 17% after all deductions and loopholes they are sitting on their money or investing it in other countries. Threatened with higher taxes perhaps they would begin to invest it if for nothing more than avoiding higher taxes.
      The fact is that we must pay the government bills first and then think about lowering taxes second. We need to target getting the middle class recovered by direct means and stop the trickle down experiment that didn’t work.
      Who ever heard of building a house by putting up the roof first and then working on the middle section and foundation?

      • montanabill

        Context Justin, context. What was the economy? What was the ‘effective’ tax rate?
        If threatened with higher taxes, they will invest it, Justin. It just won’t be in the U.S.

        We can’t pay government bills because government spending is far greater than its income. That’s why it is called ‘deficit spending’. If you have done a little research and done the math, you would know positively that no amount of increased taxes on the rich would even begin to eliminate deficit spending let alone touch government debt. It is spending that has to be cut. If no good faith effort is made at cutting spending, you can bet that the wails for higher taxes will fall on deaf ears because we have played that game before.

        The economy is not a building so the example is false.

    • AMADAL

      Give me a fornicating break! He didn’t have time because he don’t have the numbers. When asked to give just one specific loop hole he will close, he stated that it was none of the public’s business. He and RoMoney would get with the congress after the election and decide which loop holes would be more beneficial to the country. What a joke–they have no plans. I, for one, refuse to buy a pig in a poke–no specifics, no vote.

      • CPANY

        Well said.

      • montanabill

        That seems to me to a reasonable answer and I won’t put out numbers that couldn’t be understood by more than a 3rd grade mind on TV either.

        Ryan has put out a specific plan for Medicare and people who have no idea what it says have demagogued it no end. At least they have proposed something, which is far more than Obama has done. He seems perfectly content to raid SS and Medicare and let them go bankrupt.

        Here is something you can take to the bank, if Obama is re-elected:
        By 2016: $5-$6 / gal gasoline
        fuel oil price doubled.
        $20 trillion in debt for our children and grand children to pay off
        Unemployment continuing to rise to close to 30 million.
        Up to 60 million Food stamp recipients.
        Iran will have nuclear weapons or we will be a war with them.
        Average family income down another 5%.

        And none of it will be Obama’s fault.

        • AMADAL

          Sounds possible, but that is what I believe if the Republicans take over and none of it will be Romney’s fault either. I think we will be better off continuing on the same course, not going back to the Dubya policies that got us here in the first place. Unfortunately, the debt will have to increase to get us out of this mess. The tax cuts that were supposed to create jobs didn’t create any. Taxes of 70% on the rich will create jobs so they can lower their taxes. It worked in the past and will work again.

          • montanabill

            First, you have to eventually come to the realization that it was the Neighborhood Reinvest Act, the Democrat controlled Congress and, particularly, Barney Frank that set the stage for our economic collapse. Bush may not have had the best policies on earth, but to his credit, he tried to stop the madness well before the collapse.

            The tax cuts that were supposed to create jobs did and they resulted in the largest revenue to government. That is fact and you can look it up on non-partisan sites. It was a Democrat controlled Congress that spent the new revenue and much more.

            Increasing the debt won’t get us out of this mess anymore than charging more on your credit card will get you out of a financial mess. You cannot stimulate the economy by taking away $1 from one citizen and giving back a fraction of it to another. You cannot simulate an economy already extremely in debt by borrowing more money that has to be paid back plus interest. That policy might work if you can afford to take on some debt that can easily be paid back. We are not in that position. We are already spending $1+ trillion more than we take in per year. It is certainly not stimulating the economy. View it as a gigantic and growing boat anchor. You cannot stimulate an economy by printing money. Commodity prices are set according to the value of money. If you devalue the money, commodity prices will rise to the appropriate value. One example you can clearly see is gasoline. It always leads to inflation.

            Exactly how will taxing the rich 70% create a single private sector job? You might create government jobs, but that is a drag on the economy for now and the future, not a growth factor. In the meantime, government has removed private sector growth money.

            It did not work in the past. That is fantasy. Simply look at our economic situation in those days, look at the ‘effective’ tax rates (far different than 70%) and then look what happened when those rates were lowered. As a side note, during those periods there was a much more equal tax paying participation. Even at those tax rates, the rich were not paying 70% of all income taxes are they are today.

    • CPANY


      You are a pathetic individual. Ryan is running for the vice presidency, is Romney’s attack dog and he “doesn’t have the time” to explain his proposals? You actually believe that weak crap?

      • montanabill

        Do you watch reality shows?

  • jcbsdriver

    Everyone should read an article printed in Rolling Stone titled “Mitt Romney’s Real Agenda.” It is very enlightening. Pass it on to your republican friends and anyone who may be voting for R/R.

    I am aware that not everything read can be expected to be absolute truth, but if even half of this article is true or just leans towards the truth, it may convince some to vote in their best interests and not tow the conservative line.

  • quasm

    Mr. Decker;

    You need a history lesson. Past tax cuts by Presidents Kennedy, Reagan, Bush et. al. have resulted in an increase in government revenue. This happens because the economy is stimulated. It is tax increases, such as that proposed by Pres. Obama, which must be ‘paid for.’ They drive revenue producing wealth from this country.

    Dik Thurston
    Colorado Springs

    • CAThinker

      Well said Mr. Thurston… But these kinds of people don’t want to let data get in the way of their prejudice and refuse to let their campaign be led by facts (and fact checkers…) Teaching a pig to sing… But keep up the good fight!

      • Sand_Cat

        Yeah… keep dreaming. I guess you must include yourself and Mr. Thurston in “these kinds of people.”

        • CAThinker

          Wow – isn’t this interesting… I’m going to have to retract my support for Thurston’s post…

          I find myself intensely interested in this forum while at the same time battling the first wave of this year’s flu season. I went back and re-read Thurston’s post after your reply – when he said tax “cut” I read as “increase” – so my takeaway, in my fever-induced stupor, was that tax increases increase revenue and stimulate the economy – which is what I believe in and is the exact opposite of the point of Thurston’s argument. So aside from this retraction I guess I’m practical proof that you really have to be ill to buy what the Talipublicans are selling… Thanks for pointing it out…

    • Justin Napolitano

      Nice lie, quasm. If low taxes create all this growing economy activity and more tax revenues why is the economy struggling to recover and why are government revenues way down considering we have the lowest taxes in almost 80 years?
      It is beyond time to dispel that myth.
      I can make a good argument that since the Kennedy presidency the electronics, internet and computer revolution is as responsible as tax cuts for the increase in our economy and corresponding tax revenue. I believe the computer revolution was as responsible as anything for the demise of the Soviet Union because modern business requires open and free interchange of data and ideas.
      We had great economic growth when taxes were as high as 70% and I believe the reason is that business reinvested their money back into their business instead of paying it to their executives and stockholders. And I believe they did to avoid paying big taxes. Big business is sitting on more money today than at any other time in our history; they are hording the money instead of investing it.

      • quasm

        Mr. Napolitano;

        You are mixing arguments. There are many factors which drive the economy. It can still be shown that lower taxes produce greater revenue and stimulate the economy. A fact which you did not address.

        Best Regards;

  • If you close loopholes and deductions, how does anyone keep more money in their pocketbook? It sounds like that 20% lowered tax rate gets eaten up by not having any deductions.

    • mynx1

      Exactly, now you’re catching on, they say they’re for lowering the tax rate by 20%, but then when they remove the deductions you were use to having well then the gov will get more of your money minus the 20% they promised, in the end you will be paying more than you are today but they kept their promise

      Neat trick eh!

      An you can bet that the loopholes they will close for the rich will be items that are rarely used but they closed them. Wink Wink Nudge Nudge 😉

      • CAThinker

        This is the lie that my Republican friends keep ignoring and it’s frustrating – these are smart guys (albeit angry, old white guys) that keep trumpeting this tax break – what good is knocking 20% of your rate if you add $24K to your taxable income? DO THAT MATH and you’ll see all this tax break crap is… crap… and again only helps the wealthy…

  • pogo_patti

    Why not? You’ve had four years to figure it out! That’s enough time for the IRS to do an audit on a several corporations! How long does it take to figure out how to be honest?

  • jjrjon

    Paul Ryan, its bad enough you’re running for VP. It’s even worse you don’t have the time to tell the American people how you and Romney plan on screwing us. You sound like a used car salesman to me. You should take time if you want people to vote for you two. We the public are tired to being Razzled and Dazzled by politicians like you, who think they are slick as you try to sell us your Animal Excrement (BS) . If it looks like BS and smells like BS, it must be BS…

    • I think you just insulted the used car salesman. LOL

      • jjrjon

        Mildred, way back when, used Car Salesmen were notorious when it came to selling used cars. You brought a smile to my face with your response. Thank you. I shall use a different analogy the next time. Again Thanks 😉

  • Paul Ryan — Typical right-wing extremist. Loads of promises — NO Detail

  • bcarreiro

    do you tell your kids that you dont have the time to help them with their math homework???

  • Oh please Paul take the time to try explain the unexplainable. The American people are already distrustful of the non-plan so a detailed analysis would be helpful. Of course the changes that Ryan/Romney will come clean is equal to pigs flying. Don’t hold your breath.

  • I get it. You don’t feel you have the time to tell me just how you’re going to screw me again.


    What a piece of crap is Paul Ryan.

    This arrogant clown expects us to accept his word in spite of his refusal to explain how he’ll accomplish his plan.

  • Bottom line here, friends, is that the likes of Ryan and Romney have great disdain for most of the American public and think we are all too “stupid” to understand his manipulative math. They have a plan but won’t divulge it. His attitude is so typical for a Randianite. Look down your noses at the rest of the world. What a hypocrite! And it is perplexing how some people still support these frauds. We are dealing with a bunch of power hungry, money grubbing weasels who say one thing and do another…to wit the 50k a pop dinner where Romney showed his true colors and made his slur against 47% of the public.

    • jjrjon

      Doctor T, the bottom line is $$$.$$$.$$$.$$$.$$$.$$$.00 Too bad we cannot compete with idiots like Romney and/or Ryan, because we’re part of the 47%ers. I think Romney made a new class of people for the United States. Scares me and I’m fearless.

      • Never fear JJ…the class they created will be soundly thrashed and the rest of the real politicians will wake up and do their job or they will be next…as to the tea baggers they are well on the way to talking themselves into extinction. Remember unwed women and minorities make up 53% of the vote…and a bunch of regular white guys are super tired of their shit too….so in the immortal words of Bob Marley “Every little thing is gonna be alright”

        • Gammaanya

          No, More Repukes will retain their seats. Akin will win in Missouri. just look at Indiana, idiots got rid off Lugar and put Moron in and now he is paddling back. Some people just don’t care about their country and fellow man, they care about their party, and get rid of Obama.

    • dalnb

      They consider the Romney 49% to be simple minded and ready to follow anything they say! Romney showed his “True” colors at a time he was unaware he was being recorded and he has tried hard to overcome his comments. His True and Honest opinion of a huge portion of America’s people was displayed in his intolerable comments!

  • 1standlastword

    Ryan and Romney are the BIGGEST shysters in suits I’ve ever witnessed!!

    They are video tape and fact checked to death caught lying, misrepresenting, obfuscating, withhold facts and BEGGING people to” just trust us”.

    Ryan is particularly smooth in his style and possess an approachable appearance that makes him especially dangerous because for the naive those are features highly influential toward believability.

    It’s a good thing he’s not on top of the ticket. And, it’ also a good thing people are getting a good long look at him now before 2016

    • Kock Rave Addlbrain…and the dark money crowd are even worse they can barely show their face. They probably look like those lizard zombies in land of the lost, sleestags in suits….quick question…WHY ISN”T KARL ROVE being tried for treason??? he totally outed a CIA operative! WHY Don’t we bring suit??? why??? why??? we were at war at the time it is still punishable by death …why??? why???

      I will admit I kinda dropped out of the news cycle for a few years in the Bush era …just couldn’t take it. But shouldn’t we get on this and make an example of this blow hard pimp.

      • 1standlastword

        The Plame outing is shrouded in controversy which is why Rove is still out here stinking up the place.

        Even without the confusion of was it Richard Armitage, did Colin Powell know the truth, was it Scooter Libby or KKKarl Rove, the Bush Admin. had a Svengali like effect on congress so they fixed the law, applied smoke and mirrors and then slipped away in the night like theives.

        On the matter of the prosecution of an illegal war, I now believe Obama would have absolutely wasted his entire first term on prosecuting Bush as he would have looked like a villian (if he wasn’t assasinated) going after Bush while Americans were dying on the battlefield.

        And had he had a thirst for justice most Americans had we might be looking at a Romney/ Ryan Admin. and that would’ve added gas to the flames of the Bush awfulness that would have most likely spanned two presidential terms…or maybe Romney would have pardon Bush leaving the justice seeking Obama with a blackeye and nothing to show for it (if he survived an assasination attempt).

        It appears the fates gave us justice with the imminent extinction of the “republican” party as we watch it unfold with each passing hour of each passing day

  • Of course Ryan (Rand) doesn’t have the time to answer the tough questions. In the economy he knows that he’ll be doing exactly as President Obama is doing. But he cannot admit that. About everything else his answer is : get the rich richer, and they’ll trickle down their earnings so you too can become immensely rich. Yeah.

  • Don

    He needs time to figure out two time four equals 7 and 4/4ths

  • everyone know that the reason he cannot give details, because he has none. just like his morals

  • ZZZeke

    Lower tax rates with limited or eliminated deductions, like mortgage interest. That’s how it’s revenue neutral.

  • Ryan and Mitt are going to devastate the American economy if they get into the Whitehouse. Haha.

  • howa4x

    This is a redo of Uncle Ronnie with his Voodoo plan of trickledown. The math dosen’t add up but how would Ryan know? He voted to put everything on a credit card and explode the deficit while in congress, like 2 unfunded wars, the medicare drug program and of course tax cuts for the wealthy. So now here he is again with the same formula but very vague this time. No need to bore everyone with the details . It is really bad when a Fox reporter is pressing a republican canidate for details. So lets see we have a few trillion dollar deficit, and the republican plan is to cut taxes. Now where have I heard that before? I think it was GWB that cut taxes and expaned the deficit. Oh and there won’t be any revenue, not even from the wealthist Americans. Sure that will work hahaha!

  • I think Einstein said “If you can’t explain something simply you don’t understand it.” Of course he was Jewish with unkempt hair so he looks way to much like a 47%er to be on ryan’s radar.

  • Gammaanya

    They will win, because the 52% is STUPID, GULLIBLE,NAIVE and R/R know it.

  • nomaster

    Willard the Ratman and Ben the Rat Ryan have been playing everyone for children trying to make believe that they have it all planned out. In reality they have heaped lies upon lies, higher and higher until the eyes can no longer see the horizon of truth. The math don’t jive, the lies no longer can deceive.

  • dalnb

    Sure – just trust him; like we have trusted the Republicans in Congress to help get our nation out of the mess we are in. They have worked harder at seeing the Obama Administration fails than they have in trying to help ANY National Recovery efforts.

    Trust them, not on your life! – they got us into this mess, they have done everything they can to see we have no success in National Recovery, and now they want us to take their word!

    America is not full of idiots – we want our Quality of Life back and we will never see it under Romney and Ryan!

  • dalnb

    Trust him – – yea, just like his constityuents did that asked him to present and support their application for special funding to congress for Stimulus money. He told him he would, and he did, but then he argued aginst it. That is the kind of faith and trust we should place in our Vice Presidnet? No Way!