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Sunday, October 23, 2016

WATCH: Ryan Was For Stimulus Before He Was Against It

Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan may slam President Obama’s stimulus package as a “monstrosity” today, but he wasn’t always such a vocal opponent of deficit spending.

MSNBC’s “Up with Chris Hayes” has unearthed a clip of Ryan back in 2002, pushing for a stimulus package under the Bush administration. While Ryan argued against temporary payroll tax cuts in June by saying “I’m not a Keynesian, so I don’t think sugar-high economics works,”  his case for a stimulus package in 2002 would make Keynes proud:

“We have a lot of laid off workers and more layoffs are occurring, and we know, as a historical fact, that even if our economy begins to slowly recover, that unemployment will longer on and on well after the recovery takes place. What we have been trying to do, first in October, then in December, is to try to get people back to work. The things we are trying to pass in this bill are the time-tested, bipartisan solutions to get businesses to stop laying off people, to hire people back, and to help those people who have lost their jobs. It’s more than just giving someone an unemployment check: It’s also helping those people with their health insurance while they’ve lost their jobs, and more important than just that unemployment check, is to do what we can to give people a paycheck. We’ve got to get their engine of economic growth growing again, because we now know, because of the recession, we don’t have the revenues we need to fix Medicare, to fix Social Security. To fix these issues we’ve got to get Americans back to work—then the surpluses come back, then the jobs come back. That is the constructive answer we are trying to accomplish here on, yes, a bipartisan bill. I urge members to drop the demagoguery and to pass this bill to help us work together to get the American people back to work and help those people who’ve lost their jobs.

As hypocritical as Ryan’s posture in 2002 appears, commentators like Suzy Khimm of The Washington Post have argued that it actually gels with his current political ideology.

“The Bush stimulus was distinct from Obama’s not only because it was far smaller, but also because it focused predominantly on tax cuts for businesses, as opposed to aid for states and ordinary households,” Khimm wrote.

More problematic is Ryan’s denial that he requested stimulus funds, despite the fact he “sent letters —with his signature—to the Energy Department and Labor Department asking for millions of the program’s dollars on behalf of two companies in Wisconsin.”

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  • Paul Ryan’s shifts are identical to Romney’s. Mitt champions spending reductions to help reduce our budget deficits when he visits places where that is an important issue, in Florida, where one fourth of the population are senior citizens, he promises to restore the reductions in projected MEDICARE spending over the next ten years, which magically transforms him into a champion of big government and out of control spending.

  • howa4x

    Thank god we now have 2 flip floppers on the ticket instead of one.

  • Justin Napolitano

    The Ryan speech of 2002 should be used in an Obama campaign ad.
    The Republicans have no agenda other than lie their way to power and then use that power to completely destroy the middle class.
    Ryan has to be considered one of the greatest hypocrites in history.

  • Justin Napolitano

    Ryan flip-flops so much he could break the Michael Phelps record of gold metals if flip-flopping were an Olympic event.

  • yes of corse he was . but know paul ryan,s with the king flip floper of the country (maybe the world ) and his flip floping is just to keep up with the king anti-christ romney

  • yes of corse he was . but know paul ryan,s with the king flip floper of the country (maybe the world ) and his flip floping is just to keep up with the king anti-christ romney

  • highpckts

    Ryan along with Bush voted for the stimulus and the auto bailout before Bush left office! Now he’s trying to explain why he did? Yeah, I’ll believe that!!

  • Yes, Ryan is Romney’s twin. They both have their pants on fire. Originally from MA under Romney’s governorship. Bad!

  • I really don’t believe Paul Ryan is as dumb as he often sounds. I think he says one thing in private and spews a different story in the media. After all he can’t afford to antagonize his tea party base who care nothing for the truth of a matter.

  • Landsende

    Ryan was very vocal about his objections to the stimulus until some of his big money donors wanted a piece of the pie then he abandoned his moral scruples to accommodate them. When it comes to big money donors politicians will overcome their moral objections and sell their souls to the highest bidder.

  • Standing_For_Integrity

    Hypocrisy is alive and well in Paul Ryan, as it was in Rush Limbaugh’s diatribes against drug users. Psychology has identified that people who handle their internal conflict through the use of Externalizing defenses (blame, Acting Out, Bullying, Projection) often are secretly ashamed because they know they do the very thing that they rail against most vocally. Paul Ryan needs to work with a good individual therapist before he will capable of any real integrity.

    • DurdyDawg

      I wouldn’t be willing to help him if I were any kind of moralistic therapist, would you? Best just to offer him a tin cup and let him fend for himself like he wants the majority of Americans to do.

    • ralphkr

      Ah, but, Standing_For_Integrity, you are forgetting that Ryan does not need integrity or have you forgotten that he is a conservative Republican?

  • George Davidson

    Paul Ryan is like the old saying you cannot stay on cow back and curse cow;