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Friday, February 23, 2018

ORLANDO, Fla. — When Bernie Sanders appeared last week before an audience of 100 or so Democratic House members, the closed-door reception in a basement hearing room on Capitol Hill was distinctly cool. Lawmakers shouted, “Timeline! Timeline!” — pressing him to hurry up and endorse the party’s presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton — and there…

Photo: U.S. Democratic presidential candidate and U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders speaks about his attempts to influence the Democratic party’s platform in Albany, New York, U.S. June 24, 2016.  REUTERS/Brian Snyder

12 Responses to Sanders Faces Growing Pressure To Get Behind Clinton’s Candidacy

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    • Have you ever thought Ms Hillary and Tricky Dick have a lot in common? Do we really want another Richard Nixon in drag in the White House again ???

      • It’s clear you need a remedial course in history to go along with remedial arithmetic. Hillary Rodham was a staff member on the Congressional committee that prepared the case for impeaching Nixon. She has also been accused of so many “scandals” made up out of whole cloth by the vast, right-wing conspiracy groups over the past 25 years, and not one of them has ever been supported by any evidence — unlike Nixon, who was proven to have done all he was accused of, and worse.

        Even James Comey, when he was called in for the “emergency” hearing by dim-witted Jason Chaffetz, admitted that the hyperbole he had presented about “110 classified emails” was actually only THREE emails that POSSIBLY contained classified information, but that were not marked properly, and apparently were improperly deemed confidential in the first place. So that those 30,000 “missing” emails, and 110 “carelessly” handled emails, turn out to be ZERO improperly handled emails.

        Mrs. Clinton will be a superb president, and will be seen by history as having the stature of an FDR or Harry Truman.

  1. Pardon me, but FiveThirtyEight currently says Ms Hillary has a total of 2218 pledged delegates. The magic number was and still is 2383 so that means she is 165 SHORT of being able to demand anything. If I’m not mistaken, the FINAL decision as to whom the nominee will be will be DECIDED at the convention.

    So Bernie has every right NOT to endorse Ms Hillary simply because she hasn’t passed muster.

    In other words, the primaries were so evenly divided, neither received the required number of delegates so the field is still open until the convention. Pressuring Bernie to capitulate prior to the convention is an act of cowardice on Ms Hillary’s supporters.

    • Typical of a Bernbot. You count the total of pledged delegates only, but as a percentage of both pledged and unpledged delegates, to make it look as though Bernie has an equal number.

      Here are actual facts, Zye Zxe:
      Pledged delegate total:

  2. Sanders is not a Democrat so he has no authority to set the Democratic Party platform. He has already registered in VT as an Independent for his Senate reelection race. I hope he is defeated by fed up Vermonters.

    Bernie has become addicted to living the billionaire’s life of private jets, limos, and fancy pants accommodations on other people’s dollars. He refuses to reveal his tax returns so his naive little bots can’t see what a total fraud he is. He has more than 800 FEC campaign violations to account for and repay, including using over $1.3 mil in campaign funds to charter a 747 jet for 10 family members to accompany him to Rome to stalk the Pope. His hotel bill in Rome exceeded $13,000. That was an illegal campaign expense. He wasted over $600,000 on a private jet serving lobster to fly to Puerto Rico to be soundly defeated by Hillary Clinton. For the Sanders is was just party time on campaign funds.

    And he continues to demand that taxpayers pay for a Secret Service team so he can continue to pretend he is so, so important.

    • “Sanders is not a Democrat” Yes and that is cause for praise given the state of the party today.

      True Sanders should not solely determine the party platform but Clinton herself claims to oppose the TPP but the failure of her lackeys to include that in the platform put the lie to her words.

      People are advised to pay no attention to what she says and just review her record and draw their own conclusions. I have and can’t vote for her.

  3. “Every other progressive Democratic leader in the Democratic Party has gotten behind Hillary Clinton,” Very few Dems fight for progressive causes so it would be a short list. The only progress they are interested in, HRC is not an exception, is the bottom line in their bank accounts.

  4. Clinton supporters need to stop mixing it up with Sanders folks. This is a lose-lose situation for everybody. Nobody likes sore winners. Let people vent and move on.

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