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Sunday, December 17, 2017


Photo: Weapons and ammunitions belonging to Sandy Hook Elementary school gunman Adam Lanza in Newtown, Connecticut are seen in a picture released by the state’s attorney’s office November 25, 2013.   REUTERS/Connecticut Department of Justice/Handout

135 Responses to The Sandy Hook Lawsuit: What it Means for Gun Victims

  1. Much as I sympathize with the families, it is not the companies’ job to decide to whom their guns should be sold: it is the government’s, a job it has deliberately and inexcusably neglected. Suing those politicians who cater to mass murderers or the Federal and State governments as a whole would be a more just case, but unfortunately a futile one.

    That’s not to say the companies and their advertising / lobbying arm, the NRA, are not culpable scum.

    • Yeah we should sue the politicians-government for allowing the automobile industry to sell all those cars to drunk drivers, and those other folks who get in accidents.. I mean just think of the lives that have been lost, that could of been saved …
      You people just can’t think clearly, there’s a screw loose or something in your heads..
      That culpable scum you speak of is protecting the last vestige of freedom in this country and you’re trying to get rid of it, GodDamn idiots All of ya..

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      • “That culpable scum … is protecting the last vestige of freedom in this country.”

        And still another Turd Party knucklehead crawls out of the woodwork…

        • And we here from yet another Crankytool Liberal mindless idiot speaking about something they know nothing about.

          I have no party affiliation, In the USA we have two wings of the same party, both are owned and operated by the same puppet masters, This presidential race in-particular should illustrate that fact to anyone that can think very clearly, just two flavors of the same tyranny, only I gotta say the left is the most destructive of rights and freedoms, The easiest to lead around by the nose with trumped up hysteria and the most hypocritical, I think its because you folks think you’re so smart, so the ends always justifies the means in your view, in short you are all just shortsighted Boob’s

          • Oh yeah. I can tell from your (grammatically incorrect) posts that you’re a real fart smeller…. er…. smart feller. Doubtless you’re the brightest kid down there at the Hootin Holler Elementary School. Your mom must be awfully proud…

          • Liberals crack me up, whenever they don’t have anything substantive to say you-they always resort to attacking their opponents intelligence, education, their breeding, And even their place of origin, I think this one liberal trait is very telling, It is elitism that allows you to believe that you are morally superior and that superiority should allow you to tell people how to live and think regardless of the law, or common sense, your opinion, your emotional thinking should supersede the Law because you “care”, and that caring should entitle you to tell people to do as you say, not as you do, towing the line doesn’t apply to you folks because everyone knows that if you’re a Liberal its OK for you to be a fascist racist hypocritical lying P O S because you mean well, and the ends always justify the means when you’re smarter then all the idiots and you mean well, especially if its you dictating the means, if its you wheeling the strong arm of a fascist police state government, besides everyone else is just so stupid, so uneducated and by proxy so evil, that they need to be forced to see things in your politically correct way, because if their opinions don’t match up with the current popular consensus thinking of the Liberal lemming collective mind set, they must be silenced discredited or worse…

          • Humm So how many accounts do you have?
            Do you think that by having multiple accounts that that gives you a larger voice? In some kinda twisted force multiplication theory? All’s, and yeah I used All’s again, it does is allow you to show your stupidity under multiple names, I know as a liberal it’s hard to tell because at least until Bernie you all sound the same anyway, you still do all sound the same but at least the Bernie supporters recognize Hillary for the international criminal and not so veiled war mongering neo-con that she really is..

          • A hypocrite….wow…..first you say that CrankyTwo (because he appears to be a liberal) has resorted to name calling; then, down further in your post, you do exactly the same. Interesting!! Why is it okay for you, but it’s not okay for someone to disagree with you?

        • Oh it’s just stupid on the face of it to disarm the American people, especially those red necks you think you are so superior to, They will be the ones that end up getting the country back once you idiots lose it..

          PS; would you ever de-claw your Cat? or take away say 6 or maybe even just 7 of it’s claws?

          • Ah. Max. I know I shouldn’t enjoy the mentally challenged, but you’re just too much to resist. Your posts scream infantile, impotent rage as if you think you can shout down others in print, or convince someone of something other than that you probably shouldn’t be should be allowed out without supervision.
            I see you’ve taken a liking to me, and feel compelled to validate my posts by showing the irrationality of the opposition. Sorry, Max, hope you don’t mind too much if I laugh at your expense. By your customary tone, I can tell I’m by no means the first or only.

          • Ha ha See ya in the morning as Bill..
            Whats Irrational is disarming the American people , the last thing standing between freedom and a tyrannical fascist government run-amuck ..
            You folks really are shortsighted hysterical idiots…

        • You’re the one that’s not prepared, is this comment supposed to represent your razor sharp wit?
          Your mother wears combat boots…

          Ha ha… What a goof….

    • The NRA and the gun manufacturers block every attempt to control the sale and possession of guns. Hopefully, this will be a major “smack down” for the gun nuts.

      There is no reason for civilians to have this type of gun. Even hunters do not need weapons that have huge magazines. Most could get off 2 maybe 3 round before the game is gone. A 3 shot magazine is the most that any one should ever need.

      My late uncle was an avid hunter. all of his hunting rifles were single shot. He was a good shooter. Said if he could not get it in 1 shot, it was gone before he could recharter another round, even with an automatic.

      • Automatic weapons are illegal you blithering idiot, but they shouldn’t be, and the 2nd amendment has absolutely nothing to do with HUNTING FOOL!!!!!!!!
        They want to disarm the public and you idiots are helping them…

          • Yeah, you don’t even know me, but one of these days we could have an EMP event maybe solar maybe nuclear, or maybe a financial collapse, or any number of man made or natural disasters, including war, I think that is what all the zombie apocalypse movies are meant to depict, is the day civilization dies by one method or another, Then what are ya going to do? Be one of the starving zombies, as you run out of SSRI’s or those bevzo’s you pop every-time you get a little stressed? withdrawal will come on fast and you’ll be helpless and nuts, you think you’re going to call a cop? Ha ha then that gun nut next door will be your best friend as s/he protects your dumbAss from roving bands of well armed gangs, and that same nut will probably be feeding your worthlessAss as-well, You people are so short sighted it is sickening, Disarm law abiding folks leaving only people with a complete disdain for the Law, any Law, except the law of the jungle armed to the teeth, along with an increasingly militarized and ridiculously aggressive police state on the other side, You’re nothing but Fools All of ya…
            And don’t give me any of that “we don’t want your guns” BS..

          • I’m sorry, Max, I just don’t have those in-bred fears.

            I think your philosophy of fear moves us one step closer to, as you put it, a “zombie apocalypse.

          • Did you know that the current scientific opinion is that the neanderthals died out because they didn’t have the ability to foresee events using experiences from current or past events or plan for tomorrow?..

          • No, next I’ll be saying some of their worst traits survived thru interbreeding-gene transfer and you and most modern liberals got a heavy dose of those bad genes.. I am a Jeffersonian liberal a Liberty first Constitutional Libertarian, I liked the 60’s liberals they were all for the Constitution and civil rights, modern Liberals are just unthinking pseudo intellectual elitist idiots..

          • Hey Max, It’s reassuring to realize that you’re an endangered species; a true conservative wing-nut.

            See you in November. And don’t think you’ll emigrate to Canada after Hillary or Bernie wins (and takes the Senate, and maybe even the House). My friends in Canada say they don’t want our disillusioned rabid right.

          • You’re delusional Hillary will be in prison if there’s any justice in this World, along with the entire Bush crime family, of which she is a member in good standing along with her Husband, and Bernie is just an old Communist fool, Good luck with that, every-time he opens his mouth he spends trillions MORE,,, …

            And i really doubt the election will even take place, there are way to many possible national emergencies brewing, So Obama can get away with canceling the elections, and you idiots won’t see it for what it really is, you’ll just applaud your Manchurian hero.. Fools all of ya, just Fools..

            And besides my extended family and I have already relocated to Chile, yeah we still have homes and business interests here in the US and other places but we are hedging our bets, You people are insane, And not only falling for the planned destruction of this country but you have been fooled into actually helping to destroy a once great nation..

            Good Luck to ya ….

          • Whoops…..there you go again, resorting to name calling because someone doesn’t agree with you!!! Can’t you just understand that not everyone has the same opinion that you have and agree to disagree? There’s nothing wrong with having two sides to a coin!

          • “There’s nothing wrong with having two sides to a coin!” Indeed!!

            One side is heads the smart side the other side is tails the DumbAssed side, That needs to be pointed out..

        • Again, just another conspiracy myth that has been perpetrated by the NRA….no one is trying to take away your guns!!!!

          • What is wrong with you?
            All you have is worn out liberal talking points..

            Complete lies by the way, ever here about the slow boiled frog?

        • Oh I DO understand the 2nd Amendment. Try reading what Mason and Jefferson thought about it. Then read some of the SCOTUS decisions. After you have gained some knowledge on the subject, let’s visit some more.

  2. I don’t want assault weapons in civilian hands. The answer is to outlaw assault weapons. The notion that anyone should be able to sue a company for selling a legal product is ludicrous. Ban the guns and get them out of civilian hands.

    • They were illegal until the republicans in congress kissed the NRA’s (Not Real Americans) ass and made them legal.

      • We need new laws banning the sale and ownership of assault weapons. Suing a company for selling a legal product is not the way to solve this problem.

      • Actually they have always been legal, except for a brief period from 1994 to 2004 when the law was allowed to sunset per the way it was written. ANd even then the law was written that it had to have 2 features from a list of features to make it.

      • So interesting to read, David. A few decades ago a friend’s daughter discovered that her .22 caliber Olympic games quality target pistol met the definition of an assault weapon.

        • ralphkr — an “assault weapon” is one that is capable of both semi and full automatic fire. Not surprised that the Libtards would classify her (High Standard?) pistol as such.

          • At that point of time, David, her target pistol was considered an assault weapon because the magazine was ahead of the trigger. By the way, an assault weapon does not need to have full automatic fire to meet the legal definition of being an assault weapon. You do need a special Federal license (rather expensive) on any weapon capable of fully automatic fire whether a 50 caliber heavy machine gun or a machine pistol.

          • What the uninformed call an “assault weapon” is not what the military called one. I hope she did well!!

          • But, David, nowhere in your or my posts did I see ANY reference to what the military term an “assault weapon” but merely references to LEGAL definition of an “assault weapon” and, in legal terms, there is absolutely no requirement that an “assault weapon” be capable of full automatic fire. As I pointed out, a fully automatic weapon has extremely stringent Federal requirements to be legally possessed by US inhabitants.

            I agree that it is unfortunate that we, who are familiar with weapons, have the tendency to refer to semi-automatic weapons as automatic (meaning an auto-loader). We tend to refer to handguns as revolvers or automatics and long guns as pump, bolt, or automatic BUT, in actuality, they are actually Semiautomatics, i.e., they auto-load the next round while a TRUE automatic fires as long as the trigger is depressed until all rounds are expended.

          • You are right. The uninformed frequently mistake a semi from a full automatic. Many gun owners perpetuate the error by calling semi automatics as autos. The last time I got a Class III permit, I had to get the permission of the county sheriff and pass a background examination and pay a $500 transfer fee. I assume the price tag has gone up. Did your daughter’s friend do well with her pistol?

          • Wow!!! When I shot IPSC we paid a lot for custom guns. Looks like it is the same for other shooting disciplines. Have a blessed day.

          • Yeah, David, I was stunned by how much that pistol cost since it was far more than what I had paid for my Weatherby rifle and the most expensive hand gun I ever bought were my S&W 44 magnums and even the long barrel with scope cost less than $250. If you check the site I posted you shall see that the cheapest Pardini (I’m not positive that is the brand she had but looked like them) today is $2199 (Appears to be intended for International) and they go up from that.

          • For years I shot a Weatherby .300 mag as my deer/elk gun. Go out now to buy an off the shelf Colt 1911 and you will drop about $700!
            What caliber Weatherby do you hunt with?

          • In the states I used a 30.06 (but not my sniper rifle as it was too heavy too carry for hunting) and in Alaska I used the Weatherby 300 while a hunting partner carried a 375 Weatherby.

          • 300 Weatherby is a hard hitting weapon. I’ve taken elk, white tail and antelope with it. In my older age, I rely more on my 22-250. I went to FBI sniper training (not at Quantico) and used a tricked Rem 700 in .308

          • After I got out of the service I bought an army surplus 30.06 rifle through the NRA and it turned out to be a brand new never fired rifle complete with scope and heavy barrel identical to the one the Rangers had given me sniper training on.

          • Thank you for your service to our country. I am an Air Force veteran. I was a Flight Engineer on a Jolly Green Giant. Yes, was in Vietnam. Didn’t like it so, when I got back, I didn’t reenlist and went to school.

          • It’s nice to see a civil conversation between two “men” that actually have some inkling as to what they are talking about, quite unlike the highly speculative hysterical BS propaganda that these liberals exchange ad nauseam…

          • Thank you. I take it from your comment that you also have a clue as to what is going on about firearms. The libtards are absolutely ignorant when it comes to this subject. To hear them attack the NRA and extol Black Lives Matter makes me want to vomit!

          • The new Liberal left is absolutely void of anything even resembling logic, they are pathetic hopelessly deluded Fools, And the worst part is they actually think they are the smart ones, They don’t know they have been fooled into policing their own open air prison, Most of what they call conspiracy theory is real, and most of what they think is real is just propaganda made real by the bought and paid for media, bought and paid for politicians, bought and paid for government and tax free foundation sponsored scientists, psychologists and other “experts” and really the saddest most pitiful thing mostly just plain old popular consensus of the blind leading the blind down the road to hell..

          • Be careful…what you are saying could cause micro aggression on the Libtards! They may need to find a safe place. I damn sure know they will when (not if) the Muslimes attack again.

          • Can you believe they are actually protecting everything about the Muzzies and denying that there is even such a thing as radical Muslims? while they have been condemning Christians forever and Conservatives are evil primitive thugs in their minds, When for the most part the Muslims will never assimilate into western culture-society, they keep pushing sharia law, And sharia law is anathema to absolutely everything the liberal left believes in, and not in just a plain old disagreeable way like the Christean’s or the Conservatives, But The Muzzies Will KILL their StupidAsses cut off their heads throw them off building rape, murder, kill, & terrorize, how many times has the News had radical Christean’s cutting folks heads of or blowing themselves up? Or any other group for that matter, in modern times anyway, No they, the Liberal left just believes what they are told to believe, they just repeat what they are told to repeat , They don’t waste anytime actually thinking about what they are told to believe and repeat, they have leaders and experts that do all that for them..

          • Yes! It is ‘politically correct’ to put down Christians. But, don’t say a word about Muslimes or their pedophille prophet Mohammed.

          • Sorry to disappoint you, Max, but according to the TEA Party members I am personally acquainted with I am a full blown communist/socialist/anti-American traitor. I had the temerity to point out that their beloved Medicare and VA hospitals ARE government run health care and, for said traitorous statements, was banned from future meetings. My children & grandchildren consider me somewhat more conservative than Attila, the Hun. My great-grandchildren have not expressed their opinions yet but pre-schoolers don’t usually have political opinions.

          • VA hospitals are a military benefit that should work a hell of a lot better than they do, the only thing socialist about VA hospitals is how crappy the care is. If you serve this country and are injured in the service of this country then you are more than entitled to the best care Man kind has to offer, Besides believe it or not I think that if we stopped all the WARS and reeled in our military reach, And got rid of all the Globalist criminals that are destroying this country on purpose that this country could afford to take care of anyone with any malady, Just think of the trillions spent in Iraq alone, Its funny how we always have more then enough money to prosecute War after war or bring in illegal aliens galore or war refugees by the millions, But we can’t take care of our own, Old folks that have worked their entire lives only to be left behind by inflation and the devaluation of the dollar should not have to live in squallier or worse die in squallier..
            Liberals are the biggest supporters of the worst people that promise the most and deliver the least, Modern Liberals are weaponized zombie fools that will believe in politicians and big Government no matter how disastrous believing in those things gets, they will just spout statistical lies and close their eyes, and do it all again, The Right isn’t much better just tell em we need to go kill some folks just demonize some people in the media and they are all for it… I have no party affiliation because its all just two wings of the same scam on the American people..
            If you want to know exactly where I stand read this..

          • Yes, Max, VA hospitals are a military benefit but that does not gainsay the fact that they are government health care. After WW2 our VA hospitals were among the best in the USA. A number of factors, not the least of which is that wounds that were a guaranteed fatality in WW2 and Korea are now survivable due to the more efficient evacuation and emergency treatment of the wounded.Combine the drastically increased long term patient load with the political unwillingness to provide adequate funds to the VA and you run into the current mess.

            And speaking of “statistical lies”, Max, in 2007 the US spent MORE per person on medical care than any nation with universal health care while millions went without any health care except for Emergency Rooms. The only nation that came close to US medical expenditure (75% of US cost) was Switzerland whose ‘universal health care’ is run by “non-profit” insurance companies. I also find it interesting that you think that liberals are the ones pushing for big government since the Federal government grows far faster with Republican administrations than Democratic administrations.

          • Americans are rated at 51st in health even lower than some third World countries, because in America the “more” HEALTH CARE you get the shorter your life span, The average life span of a MD doctor is 56 The USA’s health care “business” is a chronic disease business, Actually promoting and inducing chronic disease.. And like I said before both parties are just two wings of a one party system, Liberals are the ones that try and do away with our god given rights, Liberals are the ones that destroyed the Blacks as a race in this country.. Liberals are the ones being conned into open borders, etc etc.. The Right wants the war on drugs, they want to dehumanize and lock drug addicted sick people or people marginalized by socioeconomic realities in our industrialized privately owned and run for profit prison system as slave labor and to fulfill occupancy contracts, the Right try’s to legislate morals, the Right will fall for any demonization or dehumanization of any people on Earth for the purposes of War mongering, etc etc etc

            Look! In order to know where I am coming from first you must understand that I think a giant multinational corporate plutocratic criminal cabal runs the planet and NOTHING happens that they are not behind!! Everyone!! in high office is owned by them , EVERYONE!! in one way or another, some are sympathetic or like minded to their agenda of global domination some are blackmailed or their families and lives under threat and some are just bought and paid for, All you need to do is listen to JFK’s secret society speech or Eisenhower’s military industrial complex speech, (See below )and then read that link on my last post..

            All of America and most of the World is being duped, we are all now in a open air prison, and much like a student body President or a student government at a high school is largely just ceremonial and still under the control of the principle and the school staff or the school district , The people of America and of the World are now under the control of a highly sophisticated all encompassing criminal kleptocratic technocracy..

            Yeah I know, you’d rather talk some more of the dependent1’s BS-statistical lies, after all that’s more comforting and believable, You need the Republicans to be the evil red team so you can root for your hero Democrat blue team to win as everything stays the same so you can blame everything staying the same on the other team blocking what your hero team has endeavored to do and so goes the vicious cycle problem reaction solution over and over, besides you’d like to think you’re in control of your life, your mind and your reality, Wouldn’t you?……. You’re NOT!!!

          • Not just the liberals, Max, it includes conservatives too. This is a very complex subject and people have varied opinions. It doesn’t matter if they are so-called “liberals” or so-called “conservatives,” which has NOTHING to do with the discussion at hand.

          • Says the uber partisan Liberal..

            This discussion is months old we have already gone rounds, What brings you back?
            Is that really your picture you’re using as an avatar?
            Did you know you look just like that disguise that Arnold wore, you-know, that lady disguise in Schwarzenegger’s Total Recall the one he is hiding in to get onto Mars, the one that has a malfunctioning head that betrays him, then he throws the head like a bomb.. Just an observation..

          • First of all, I don’t consider myself an “uber partisan liberal,” whatever the heck that is supposed to mean. Second of all, I just got around to reading this…..sorry I’m a little behind. As for my picture, yes, that’s me (I don’t have an avatar and don’t really need one). Have NO idea what disguise you’re talking about because I was never really a fan of Arnie!

          • I’m sorry for you..

            At least you didn’t say you don’t watch TV..
            Most of you modern pretentious Liberals like to say that..

          • Good to know that you survived Vietnam in relatively good shape, David. I only served 4 years and got out because I was disgusted with all the politics in the military. Obviously, I am much older than you and just missed the end of Korea so never saw combat in the service and only used my sniper training (and my personal army surplus sniper rifle) as a deputy sheriff.

          • Interesting point, C.T., and I am intrigued that it is only $200 now. I just figured that since our sheriff had been complaining to my father about having to pay $350 for his Thompson Sub-machine gun license back in the 1930s that A) there was a license and B) that it would cost considerably more 8 decades later since back then you could buy a pretty nice car for $700 but today you can only get a pretty nice bicycle for $700.

          • I can’t say that there may not be any other fees involved on the local/state/federal level such as processing fees, a fee for the required full FBI background check, etc. The transfer tax amount of $200.00 was set with the National Firearms Act of 1938 and was never updated or changed even with the 1968 and 1986 amendments to the NFA.

    • At one time a single shot musket was an assault weapon , If we continue on this track we will be back in feudal times, in England during the dark ages having so much as a butter knife was illegal because it could be used against the local officials , Right now in the UK they have billboards and tv commercials that say “Turn in a Knife and save a Life”..

      Disarming Law Abiding Americans is wrong and just plain AssBackwards , I don’t even think fully auto weapons should be illegal, Any law abiding American should be able to have any small arm self defense weapon that the police or military are allowed to have, I would even increase that to larger weapons, such as tanks and artillery,Right now you need a permit for heavy weapons, Right now you can even buy a ex-Military fighter jet or turboprop plane if you wish no permit required, just lots and lots of dough, but you don’t see folks strafing people or dropping bombs on folks with those now do ya… The powers that be want Americans disarmed, and you people through hysteria are helping them, they are not a benevolent force, they want complete control and compliance, and they can’t get that until the most well armed nation in history is disarmed………….

      • Nobody is talking about “disarming” law abiding Americans; it’s just that they never should have been allowed to get hold of military assault rifles in the beginning. They were designed for the battlefield. That’s where they should stay.

        • That comment is just so stupid, You are being so duped, used as a tool, a useful idiot, You have NO!!! idea what you are talking about, you are just repeating things that people you think are smart say, when those same people you think are smart think you are a fcking idiot-tool to be used, To Disarm The American People..

          • Aside from horrendous sentence structure, Max, you appear to be foaming at the mouth.

            There is no reason for military-style weapons to be in civilian hands. They cause more problems than solve them.

          • horrendous sentence structure Ha ha ha what a fcking idiot, Hey you sound just like a dumbass liberal,

            A caricature, a joke, a comic book looney tune exaggeration of the modern hysterical liberal panty-waste … Ha ha … What a goof…

          • And you, Max, sound like an idiot conservative. Why is it that when someone doesn’t agree with your comment and calls you out on it, you resort to name calling. Why can’t you have a valid debate without resorting to sounding like a 10-year-old? There are going to be people who don’t always agree with you, but that doesn’t make them wrong to have a different opinion from yours. Give me a break and grow the heck up!!!

          • Because contention is the name of the game when addressing the closed mind of the modern Liberal zombi….
            I argue with Conservatives as-well , but at least they don’t want to give up “All” our God given rights in the name of political correctness..
            Modern Liberals are a new kind of Blind Stupidity…
            You people are very dangerous, not only to our country but to humanity..
            I am a real Liberal, a Liberty and Civil Rights Liberal, a yesteryear Liberal, you people are Blind mind controlled FOOLS!!!
            You’re being lead around through mind control and well thought out propaganda by the super powerful, used as tools of mass destruction, You will be the demise of humanity if you’re not stopped..

            Now you can start with your Nanny nanny nanny goat can’t catch a billy goat childish BS, grammar spelling sentence structure?
            Humm, what will it be?

          • Max is merely reiterating the myth that is perpetrated by the NRA!! For some reason, every time someone says something about making the gun laws more stringent, they get hyper and think it means that someone is going to come and take away their guns!!! Typical NRA BS!!!

  3. Sooo; if a drunk driver kills someone the family can sue GM, Ford, etc. If I cut my finger using a knife to peel something, I can sue the knife manufacturer. The courts will be full

    • Why, of course, itsfun. After all, if you fall off a ladder because you stood on the top rung or placed the bottom too close to the wall you have the right to sue those involved in building & selling a defective product (the ladder). Hence, all those stickers now affixed to ladders and the much higher price for them to cover the liability insurance manufacturers purchase on said ladders.

      • The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act does not prevent or immunize firearms manufacturers from being sued for selling defective products.

    • Hey, itsfun, passenger cars weren’t designed to kill as ,any people as possible and as quickly as possible.

      These guns belong on a battlefield, not on our streets.

        • Not these guns! they’re totally offensive!

          You could have an argument that rifles, and single-action pistols could be used for defense.

          Battlefield weapons should be relegated to the battlefield.

          • No guns = No bad guys with guns.

            My brother lives outside Las Alamos, in the high country. He has guns to protect him and his family (I understand this). However, somebody broke into his home when he wasn’t home and now all of his guns are in the hands of some bad guy. How useful was that for everyone?

            And you still don’t need military-style guns for personal protection. You don’t “fight fire” with flame-throwers.

          • Bad guys will always find a way to get guns. I hope you don’t think the criminals will turn in their guns if owning guns is made illegal. The thief’s in your brother’s case were just smart enough to wait for your brother to leave his house. They knew if he was there, they would have received just the lead from his guns. You fight fire with fire extinguishers.

          • If the pool of guns shrinks, so does the amount of guns available to bad guys.

            Besides, I’m not talking about getting rid of all guns; just the military-style guns. They are not needed in the civilian population.

          • I guess we will agree to disagree on some of this issue. I believe bad guys will always be able to find guns on a black market or elsewhere. I also don’t like having military rifles in the civilian population. I just feel that the criminals will always have access to them. I don’t know if it is true, but I have read that some police forces don’t even have access to some of the weapons the criminals use.

          • itsfun, I have also read that some police forces don’t even have access to some of the weapons the criminals use. That does not work to make me, as a civilian, feel safe for me and my family.

            Although I don’t necessarily support a position of getting rid of all guns, there are some that I would feel a lot more comfortable being removed from the civilian population.

          • I meant to thank you for a good talk and not calling me a moron or idiot as many do on this site.

          • Ironically enough you can “fight fire” with flame-throwers, it can be used to start a controlled burn to burn off the dry/dead undergowth in an area thus destoring any potential fuel for a fire.

          • C.T., these are the kind of things that NRA members point out when they begin to realize that they’re losing the war against gun control.

          • You sure like to make assumptions don’t you, and you know what happens to people who assume things. I am not an NRA member. I think both sides of the gun argument are extremists and have about as much intelligence as a bag of rocks. And as for “battlefield weapons” they are already highly restricted under the National Firearms Act of 1938 as amended in 1968 and 1986. The AR-15 model rifles that are available for purchase on the open market are nothing more than semi-automatic rifles with the external appearance of the military model from which they were derived. An AR-15 is no more or no less dangerous than a Ruger Mini-14 rifle.

          • I don’t think there’s a reason for any of ’em.
            Somebody wants a pistol (with reasonable limited mags); fine. Somebody wants a rifle; fine. Semi-auto weapons are good for killing humans. I’m not for any of ’em.

          • I can think of a lot of reasons for them: target shooting, hunting, self defense, nuisance animal abatement. Most pistols on the market today are are semi-automatic as are most rifles. Semi-automatic rifles haven’t been used in a military sense since approximately the Korean War era except for a few exceptions (such as snipers) where an automatic would reduce accuracy, range and efficiency. Semi automatics are good for hunters due to their adaptability and ease of care. I could probably still disassemble and reassemble an AR-15/M-16 in less than 60 seconds and I can disassemble my M1911-A1 in about 30 seconds, reassembly takes a little longer.

          • What difference does it make in how many seconds it takes to disassemble any gun?

            And the reasons you give for having them are pretty lame (sorry, just my opinion).

            These weapons are dangerous to the average human, and as we have seen, just as easily obtained by any terrorist as any other American.

            The NRA is fond of claiming “The only thing that will stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”

            How’s that workin’ out for ya?

          • Here we go…..the NRA mantra…..but oftimes even good guys with weapons screw up and do bad things, so that BS doesn’t hold water!!! After all, look at all the “good” cops who have shot alleged innocent victims. Those are supposedly “good guys” with weapons doing bad things!!! Plus, the biggest problem is that whenever a so-called riot breaks out, if “good guys” have weapons and choose to use them, how are the police supposed to determine whether they are actually good guys or bad guys with weapons? How many seemingly innocent people (with guns) could get shot by police because they were mistakenly thought to be bad guys? That hasn’t quite happened yet, but it’s a scenario that you have to think about. Maybe they need to get tee-shirts that indicate “Good Guy” and “Bad Guy” in order to keep them apart……think about it…..

        • For who? What are you so afraid of? I’ve lived 70 years without a weapon in my possession, and I’m fine. There’s no valid reason for owning a weapon for self defense…..a good bat next to one’s bed works just as well! If you’re a hunter, then that’s fine, but you still don’t need an automatic rifle that fires a multitude of bullets with one touch on the trigger!!! You don’t need that for hunting, trust me!!

        • Guns like the AR-15 were specifically designed for the battlefield. Like in wartime.

          That’s where they belong.

          • No the M-16 was designed for the battlefield, the AR-15 is the civilian version with the same outward appearance, using the same ammunition but without the ability to fire either in automatic mode or burst fire.

          • It can still fire a full clip, single-shot, as quickly as you can pull the trigger. There is no reasonable need for this weapon to be in civilian hands. It was made to be like a military weapon. Weapons like these should be reserved for the battlefield.

          • Any semi-automatic weapon can do the same exact thing. Hell with some training and practice a person can fire a revolver just as fast. In 1999 Jerry Miculek set a world record using a revolver and fired 8 rounds in 1 second.

          • Purpose of what? Just because you can fire a weapon as fast as you can pull the trigger doesn’t mean it should be banned. There is no fundamental difference between the Ruger Mini-14 and an AR-15 other than appearance, so why should the AR-15 be banned?

          • For Hunting or varmint control, for target shooting or for disaster preparedness and a little thing called the 2nd Amendment.

          • Actually they are not that easy to modify, if they were then they would fall under the NFA(National Firearms Act) rules. As for the “modification kits” you can buy on the internet, if you have possession of one and possession of the firearm it was made for you are considered to have constructive ownership of an NFA weapon and if it was not registered as of March 1986 you would be in violation of Federal Law and subject to some serious time in the Federal Pen. Any automatic weapon available for civilian ownership has to have been manufactured and registered as of March 1986 in order to be lagally owned and the Transfer Tax has to have been paid.

          • Thank you, CT….not being a gun affectionado, I have NO idea of most of what anyone says about these guns. I just know that I read somewhere that mod kits are available, but wasn’t sure what exactly these kits were used for. Thank you, again, for cluing me in.

  4. I agree that gun manufacturers need to be more cognizant of what they are producing and who they are selling it to. There’s a difference between selling a weapon to the government for military use in lieu of selling the same weapon to any individual who feels the need to own it for whatever reason!!!

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