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Saturday, April 21, 2018

20 Responses to Scarborough: Trump Is In Early Stages Of Dementia

  1. Mama Bear,

    Would it be fair to point out that I said essentially the same thing, albeit making less money, a couple of weeks ago?

  2. Mama Bear,

    Would it be fair to point out that I said essentially the same thing, albeit making less money, a couple of weeks ago?

  3. Dr. Scarborough looked in the mirror while describing how Trump Derangement Syndrome is living in his head . . . . rent free 🙂

    • A normal person behaving as he does would definitely be a tad past the early stage. But with all that he had wrong with him all his life, he could indeed be in the early stage – for him. It’s really hard to tell.

  4. That this man is totally insane is a valid point….again, WHY are the Republicans in the Senate and Congress allowing him to totally annihilate the Republican Party with his lies and tweets? They don’t seem to give a damned that he’s embarrassing both the GOP AND this nation and is getting worse as each day passes! In the end, he will either have us in a major recession if his tax plan is passed; AND/OR he’ll have us in a total all-out nuclear war with Korea. Apparently, he doesn’t realize that if NK decides to drop a bomb on either the east coast OR the west coast, the fallout alone would make this entire continent totally unlivable! He seems to think that he alone with survive, which is probably true since they will “whisk” him away to the huge underground bunker nearby, but what he DOESN’T understand is that when he comes out of that bunker, he won’t have ANY voters left to lead! He also doesn’t seem to understand that if a bomb hit either New York or Los Angeles, this would totally ruin this country’s economy and leave it bankrupt. Oops…..he’s very familiar with bankruptcy, and he probably thinks he’ll be saved from that as he has before…..unfortunately, as the idiot in office, he will be the one to blame (if any of us are still around)!! He’s is WELL past the early stages of dementia and he needs to be taken out of office immediately before he does anything worse to this country! And, if the GOP doesn’t understand that, then they will be the ones that will be blamed for any actions that he takes!

  5. His various versions of insanity were described by various people, including myself. That it is being called early dementia is funny, as schizophrenic behavior with irrational projecting fits the bill as well.
    Uncontrolled delusions, not seeing reality when it is presented.
    Of course denial has been part of his persona for years.
    And it only gets more interesting now that Flynn has pleaded guilty to making false statements to the FBI with regards to Russia late last year and early this year before Trump was inaugurated. And the fact Trump appointed him as Intelligence Chief means either Trump knew, or he was so out of it he shouldn’t have even been inaugurated in the first place.
    As for the GOP, they are busy trying to ram across, like their abortion of a health plan, the tax reform that will screw everyone but the wealthy. So they don’t and won’t address the “elephant” in the room.

  6. Donald may have dementia, but I know of no one with a dementia that leads to a racist, rabid, and puerile nature. Forgetfulness and crankiness are benign in comparison with what Donald displays.
    What compounds the dementia is a sadism that developed in his younger days, defense mechanisms were developed and honed while in the prime of his life, greed had long taken hold of his day-to-day decision-making, and there’s no telling what the long-term effects are for a child growing up in a household with a dad an avowed supporter of the KKK.
    No, it would be unfair to link dementia as a major factor, or even a minor one, given what we’ve seen over the past decades of Trump riding roughshod over the tri-state area.

  7. “confusion, memory problems, personality or behavior changes, reduced concentration, loss of ability to perform everyday tasks, and apathy” But how can we tell? Trump has exhibited those characteristics for many years

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