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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Washington (AFP) – Last month was the hottest June since record-keeping began in 1880, according to a monthly report by U.S. government climate scientists.

The combined average temperature over land and ocean surfaces was a “record high for the month at 61.20 Fahrenheit (16.22 Celsius),” said the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

That meant June was a total of 1.30°F (0.72°C) warmer than the 20th century average for the month, surpassing the last record high temperature for June set in 2010, said NOAA.

Taken alone, the ocean’s global surface temperature in June was the highest for any month on record, breaking the past record set in 1998, NOAA added.

“Most of the world experienced warmer-than-average monthly temperatures, with record warmth across part of southeastern Greenland, parts of northern South America, areas in eastern and central Africa, and sections of southern and southeastern Asia,” NOAA said in a statement.

“Similar to May, scattered sections across every major ocean basin were also record warm.”

Sea ice in the Arctic declined faster than normal for June, and was nearly five percent below the 1981-2010 average, NOAA said.

The findings are part of an ongoing trend of rising global temperatures.

June has been warmer than the 20th century average for 38 years in a row, the agency said.

Its report last month also found that May was a record-setter, also topping the previous high set in 2010.

The last time June broke records for being cooler than normal was in 1976.

AFP/Jack Guez

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  • VoiceofReason613

    Still one more wake-up call. Averting a climate catastrophe must become a c,enteral focus for society today. Hard to believe that Republican politicians are all most all still in denial. Kudos to President Obama for using his executive authority to make a difference, but far more needs to be done.

  • atc333

    No matter, the GOP Right Wing will never let scientific facts get in the way of Political and economic dogma. Better to keep the GOP coffers full by denial and protecting the very sources which create this ever increasing problem.

    • Canistercook

      GOP and right wingers are not denying the climate changes, it has done that for millions of years!

      • Sand_Cat

        Actually, they tried that for years, and some of them still do, despite your denial. So now, as it becomes increasingly evident that GOP “doubt” about the science was a fraudulent propaganda point driven by politics, you’re all starting to switch to the second stage of right-wing denial: it’s happening, but there’s absolutely nothing we can do about it.
        You’re like someone who answers a murder charge with “people die all the time; it’s just a natural process.”

  • howa4x

    Short term greed vs long term damage is at the heart of the climate debate. We are being held hostage to the needs of the privileged few in this debate. These people only see their drive to accumulate more wealth than anyone else, as motivation for their earth killing policies. Republicans of course have hitched themselves to this devilish crew and will do their bidding, using the myth of jobs as their as their mantra. The reality though is more jobs right now are being created installing solar panels and wind turbines, and that is where the growth is. But lets not forget our gluttonous lifestyles, that is creating lots of jobs in the illness sector of our society, which is responsible for care and medical intervention. Forget foreign threats, we have eco terrorists that inhabit and support a major American political party, and they are planting the seeds of our future destruction as a species. Now that’s terrorism on a grand scale, that Bin Laden couldn’t even dream up.

  • Canistercook

    Based on how long the earth has existed how long do we have records for!

    • johninPCFL

      Based on the Bachmann calendar, basically for all of it. Remember, the earth was created a few days before Adam and the Bible has all of the rest of history in it.

    • Sand_Cat

      They actually go back pretty far: information about temperatures and climate in general can be gathered from ice cores.
      But there you go again: not actually denying the science, just attempting to ridicule it, relying on the (often willful) ignorance of the vast bulk of those who agree with your position.

  • Allan Richardson

    Climate change can occur either due to completely natural causes, or due in great part to human activity. The evidence is overwhelming that THIS time, we are causing far more change than nature alone would, by putting carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere in the last two centuries that was collected in coal, oil and gas deposits over periods of millions of years.

    By analogy, a house fire CAN be caused by lightning or by human activity, deliberate or accidental. If your house is on fire and it is obvious that you fell asleep and dropped your cigarette on the carpet, saying that house fires are caused by lightning does NOT excuse you for smoking in bed.

  • N.R.Jothi Narayanan

    Ozone hole in the atmosphere , Emission of green house gases from the emission of industries, high level of consumption of fossil -fuel ,global warming, an in depth study on climate science -accepted.
    Is there any record on the green house gases & the level of radiation from nuclear weapons, war ordnance ( chemicals-explosives/ammunition ) for the past 100years -since first world war in 1914 to 2014.
    Do the global warming agents released in the war is an unavoidable or acceptable, since we are not ready to live without war proving the famous saying,
    “If you want peace you should be ready for war!.”
    My request is to avoid global-warming by avoiding war though its contribution may not be huge but substantial. As a centenary year of the first world, shall we stop the war in all parts of the world by remembering the lives lost in 1914.
    A request to UN and world powers. I request President of USA to address the
    ill effects of wars in the centenary year of world war 1. The technology of Artillery has been advanced since world war 1 but “the art of living” ?
    N.R.Jothi Narayanan. HSE consultant (chemical/gas/oil).