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Friday, October 28, 2016

The Senate voted unanimously on Wednesday to move ahead with the bill passed by the House of Representatives last Friday, which averts a government shutdown while defunding the Affordable Care Act.

The Senate will now begin the process of amending the House bill and is certain to strip the House’s language defunding Obamacare, in addition to likely making several other changes that could include shortening the time period covered by the continuing resolution. The bill currently funds the government through mid-December, but Reid reportedly hopes to change that date to November 15 in an effort to pressure Congress to work quickly on a long-term budget deal.

One thing that Reid will not change is the overall spending level adopted by the House. Despite the misgivings of some Senate Democrats, the Majority Leader will adopt the $986.3 billion spending level that was put in place by the budget sequester and maintained by the House bill.

Senator Reid has said that he hopes to pass an amended budget bill “sometime on Sunday,” which would give the House under 48 hours to pass the Senate bill, or amend it further and send it back to the Upper Chamber. If Congress cannot come to a final agreement by October 1, the federal goverment would shut down — with deeply damaging effects on the economy.

“Every hour that we delay here is an hour closer to shutting down the government,” Reid said on the floor after the vote. “We have wasted enough time…let’s start moving forward to get things done.”

Before the Senate voted, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) spoke for over 21 hours in protest against the Affordable Care Act. The marathon speech — during which Cruz mixed apocalyptic rhetoric about the dangers of Obamacare with stalling tactics such as reading Green Eggs and Ham — was cheered by some on the right, but also drew criticism from members of both parties. Majority Leader Reid reiterated that it was not actually a filibuster, and called it “a big waste of time.” Senators John McCain (R-AZ) and Chuck Schumer (D-NY) sharply criticized Cruz for comparing his opposition to Obamacare to the fight against Nazi Germany.

“I resoundingly reject that allegation,” McCain said. “That allegation in my view does a great disservice.”

The vote ultimately passed with an unusual amount of bipartisan support; even Senator Cruz voted “aye.” Despite their support for opening debate on the bill, however, Cruz and his colleagues on the right are certain to oppose the inevitable vote to close debate later in the week.

“The next vote we take will occur on Friday or Saturday and it will be on what is called cloture on the bill,” Cruz noted during his speech. “That is the vote that matters.”

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  • tax payer

    He ( McCain ) lost during the Presidential Election and should sit, and listen to others that know what they are talking about. I voted for him, but others thought Obama was a better candidate and now they are sorry he got their vote.

    • yeehaw

      @Tax Payer….How is that Never-Never Land thing working for you????

      • tax payer

        I have no idea what you are trying to get across to me, so maybe in Spanish I’ll understand it.

    • Billie

      No their not sorry. Very few are.

    • docb

      Yes, considering he was fool enough to put palin in the line for President ..most are sorry they voted for mccain! He has only gone downhill from his 2008 loss…and is bitter and angry …Even the Syrian rebels called him out for his grudge against Obama!

      • idamag

        One day McCain wants to drop a bomb on Palestine. Then he wants to drop a bomb on Iran and now he wants to drop a bomb on Syria. I am wondering if he is getting senile.

        • docb

          Wondered the same thing myself…when Leibermann had to travel with him to the ME to keep the countries and scrummages straight!

      • joceandre

        He is senile and wearing Depends and sitting in his mess in the senate,and expects the rest of us to wallow in it with him. What a sorry bunch those republicans!

    • howa4x

      I voted for Obama 2x and thought that MCCain was a good soldier but was out of his time, and the pick of Palin really drove me away. Romney was an out of touch member of the 1% who criminally hid his money off shore and only returned it under an amnesty. Bain capital made him Rich by loading companies with staggering debt and then charging enormous fees prior to selling it off in pieces. The only thing Romney did was to implement Obama care known as Romneycare in Mass. 3 yrs prior to having his plan adopted nationally by the man you despise.

      • tax payer

        You say I despise him and you are wrong because I only don’t like the way he runs this country. He’ll be gone and someone else will take his place like someone else took my place, when I retired. Some people feel the company will go out of business once they retire, but I just took my Pension and never looked back. Once Obama leaves office that will be it for him and some will look as to what he did in the eight years he served our country, and some may say he did good and others will say he didn’t do a good job.

  • johninPCFL

    So, after wasting time jibber-jabbering for a day to stop consideration of the bill, he voted to move FORWARD to consider the bill? He didn’t even have the consistency of conscience to vote NO after spending the time? What an idiot.

  • howa4x

    This is all Kabuki theatre designed to dupe republicans out of contributions. The republicans won’t shut down the government because they know the backlash would be huge. and might spell the end of the GOP as a viable national party. They are depending on a media that makes each piece of news into a minor/major drama series to raise cash. The end game for republicans is to get a compromise that delays the Mandate 1 yr so they can use that as a rallying cry in the 2014 elections. If the healthcare law goes forward and people begin to see the benefits then the GOP will look like dangerous fools. Boehner knows this and so does Rand Paul. If the democrats and Obama grow a backbone and take this to the wall the republicans have no option but to cave.

    • bikejedi

      wow Great job by Cruz . He perfectly displayed why the terms Dem Liberal and Hypocrite are interchangeable . If all of you Liberals like this Train Wreck so much why are you all asking for and being granted ALL of the Exemptions . There have been over 1400 Exemptions handed out to ONLY liberals and 20% of those exemptions have gone to Liberals who supported Obama and this evil bill until they READ IT …Sweet Mother of Liberal Hypocrisy …Meanwhile the IRS’s Union wants an exemption and all the Private Unions who supported Obama now say it will be the end of the middle class because of the part time exemption get used to even more people working part time America

      • 788eddie

        bikejedi, what are you talking about???? Where are you getting these “statistics?”

        • bikejedi

          Just google it . You can start by googling the ACA exemptions in Nancy Pelosi’s district . TY for the civility by the way

      • howa4x

        Well here we go again. I’ve read the Bill all 2000 pages and a lot of it is about how to bend the cost curve in Healthcare. There are trial programs underway to do that in many hospital systems. One is in Medicare which is the fix it 1st time program meaning they won’t reimburse hospitals for botched surgeries. There is a dual driver of cost in healthcare. the 1st is the fact that most Americans 60% are over weight, which raises their risk profile for diabetes, heart disease and cancer. The 2nd is that Big Pharma makes drugs that only maintain your health status but don’t really cure you. They realized they can make more money that way then coming up with a cure. This is why people with diabetes and heart disease never get off medication. So as I understand you want to go back to the way it was prior to the ACA. Insurance companies had final say over your healthcare. It was they who determined through managed care what procedures you could have and which were denied. In order to keep profits high they could drop marginally health people of deny coverage to the same group. Health insurance companies were publically traded and the ROI for them was 20%. Most of the personal bankruptcies were caused due to unpaid hospital bills. the uninsured went to emergency rooms for primary care visits and if they couldn’t’ pay the bill the hospital systems would bill the state for reimbursement, which is you and I. So You seem to think that because of the ACA all the righteous companies who are run by good Christians are making everyone part time. How many of these companies provided healthcare coverage prior to the ACA? Maybe they think that they could raise their profit margin by doing this and blaming it on Obamacare? Did you ever think of that possibility? UPS said they would give people money to buy insurance through the exchanges because it was cheaper there. NY, and Calif saw a major drop in insurance rates, as did all the states that started exchanges. The funny thing is this is bedrock republicanism. The GOP always wanted personal responsibility for health which this is, since everyone has to buy insurance, and felt that competition would bring down costs which it has. So why are all you republicans against the plan that is yours?

        • bikejedi

          You might be surprised to know that myself as well as a lot of other people on the right are ok with a healthcare plan but this thing is a train wreck . It is designed to take money from Employers and Producers in the Private Sector and redistribute it to Entitlement voters as a Free benefit . It cant fund itself as the young people they are counting on to fund it have no incentive to pay into it when they can just opt out .
          I would support a ” fair and balanced ” plan based on a consumer sales tax say of 1% …this would be easily acclimated to and EVERYONE would pay into it from poor people to the rich . ..Problem solved and NO EXEMPTIONS for the Liberals who wanted this

          • howa4x

            The way this was set up was at the request of the insurance companies who are still in control of healthcare. A public option is the most cost effective way to deliver health care and could be funded by your 1% idea but the republicans won’t go for it. The reason there is a insurance mandate is because there was a trade off with them. They the insurance companies agreed to refrain from dropping people for pre existing conditions if the govt made everyone buy insurance to keep profits at current levels.. This way the ins co’s wouldn’t be left with only insuring sick people. What I don’t understand is why republicans are against this. It keeps the insurance companies in control of health care so it’s capitalism at it’s best and Romney tried the same thing in Mass and no one is complaining, about him. Obama modeled his plan on Romney’s and his advisor was Obama’s. Health care costs will always go up due to the indicators I wrote about which is the poor health of Americans. We will see a healthcare Tsunami in costs as the obesity crisis keeps widening. We all need to think this through and come up with solutions that are not based in ideology but in facts.

          • bikejedi

            Uh excuse me but the 1% sales tax was a Republican Idea …along with portability across state lines to increase competition and tort reform ..Let me ask you something common sense wise …If our Companies are already having a hard time competing with the Chinese ( mostly because if unfair tariff advantages favoring the Chinese and their much cheaper labor ) how do you think forcing these Companies to pay more for Insurance is going to effect the price of their goods and services …think about it …If their overhead goes up they have to pass that on to the consumer …this will also mean goods we manufacture and sell here will cost more to the consumer …Before Obamcare most ins policies were about 4 to 5 K per employee and now that these companies are being forced to pay the bill for all of Obama’s entitlement crowd those Insurance policies are going to be around 10 k …These are conservative estimates based on a map of insurance policy prices . .You think that insurance Companies had input in this and that they agreed if the “Govt made everyone pay into it “. That isnt going to happen …do you really think that young Americans in good health are going to buy insurance or take the Tax Penalty ???? Especially since you have the pre existing condition thingy in there . Think about it …Hipster on a bike gets hit by a car and the Ambulance scrapes him up …on the way to the Hospital he takes his phone out and taps on the BUY INSURANCE NOW APP and walla …he’s covered …Americans should be encouraged to take better care of themselves …People should have better self respect for THEMSELVES so they don’t become obese and others shouldn’t have to foot the bill for someone who willfully doesn’t take care of themselves . Those people should foot the increased cost for a fat boy policy themselves …What ever happened to self responsibility in this country ??? I do get your point that these are problems .

          • howa4x

            I agree with your 1% solution but Grover Norquist doesn’t and won’t let the republicans hike taxes so that idea is probably dead on your side. I agree with portability as long as insurance companies still have to abide by state laws in the state they are in. Most of what I read about companies say they find it cheaper to give the employees a stipend and have them go to the exchanges in the ACA to buy coverage. Currently is cheaper in the states that have set them up than for the company to buy group coverage. This is why the ACA is working. Even though it is painted as a train wreck. I do still say that companies have to offer some kind of coverage to employees since that is the cost of production. If they are not in anyway going to do that for their employees then why should they enjoy any tax advantage since the govt would have to subsidize the buying of their insurance. The threshold question to you is: Is American there for the corporations health or it’s citizens?

  • bikejedi

    Great job by Cruz . He perfectly displayed why the terms Dem Liberal and Hypocrite are interchangeable . If all of you Liberals like this Train Wreck so much why are you all asking for and being granted ALL of the Exemptions . There have been over 1400 Exemptions handed out to ONLY liberals and 20% of those exemptions have gone to Liberals who supported Obama and this evil bill until they READ IT …Sweet Mother of Liberal Hypocrisy …Meanwhile the IRS’s Union wants an exemption and all the Private Unions who supported Obama now say it will be the end of the middle class because of the part time exemption get used to even more people working part time America

    • George D

      Well BikeDeadEye…….Well union workers are freeloaders….government civil service workers are deadbeats….guess it looks like you and the Tridangle TeaGaggers with their Limpballs are telling us the Corporations and Stock Market Players are the real citizens and they should get special loans and special low tax treatment while your pals ravage our public education, infrastructure, and the right of workers to work collectively to get higher wages form those same Corporate Super Patriotic Citizens. You have a line of crap that your Neo Con pals have been hammering up with the overflowing money for your political pact and bought off most news services with the Koch/Murdoch fortunes. If we did not know your lesser paid mouths got burned by the State of New York for their postings damaging businesses in groups like Yelp. But, fear not, years and decades of loading the Supreme Court with the best Neo Cons money could buy, beginning with Regan have paid off for you. Frankly, I am tired of seeing your 1% eat like ravenous pigs digesting our nation’s wealth and telling us that you put out and the trickling on us, will make us grow. We are not mushrooms……do not put crap on our heads and have the likes of the Canadian Cruse tell us it will be good for us.

      • bikejedi

        Union workers are free loaders ? Where did you get that from ??? Obama’s book ? A Liberal talking point ???? Most people in the Trade Unions are very hard working .. Now Public Unions is another matter …Ever go to the DMV ??? A lot of Public Employees feel they are royalty because a lot of them get their jobs by who they know or who they blow …Not all but a lot a lot of them are lazy and not even qualified for the jobs they have . In Chicago it is Rahm giving out those Tax deals to De Paul while he uses OUR money to build a private University a new Basketball Stadium for 18 freaking games a year …all the while he wont hire cops in the Liberal Murder Capital of America ( how are those gun bans working for ya hahaha ) Since most of the Tax Policy has been written by Dems and since it is all of Obama’s donors getting breaks and OUR Money to bail them out I dont think you have an Occupy Wall Street phony class warfare leg to stand on …Lets talk about George Soro’s hahahahaha

    • DurdyDawg

      I repeat:
      Have you actually been listening to your hero party? The insanity flowing from the rights pie holes every day kinda confuses me that their even regarded as human beings. Small wonder they don’t receive what they and you believe they’re entitled to.. Give these idiots an inch and they’ll only use it to start another bogus war just for the profit of it. You don’t like liberals then go live in a country that doesn’t have them. Not only will you be rid of those rascal libs but their stinking democracy as well.. I’ll help you pack your bags Bunky. You think the left are hypocrites? I haven’t seen even one of them create a bill then vote against it because their mortal enemies agreed with it.. So stupid.. So republican.

      • bikejedi

        Do you even understand that the Liberal Ideology their policy and their agenda are not what a Democracy looks like …I mean you are one of them and you don’t know you by definition are a Socialist and possibly a Communist ????? gee and you think Conservatives are dumb ????? Maybe you should ask another Liberal to give you the playbook or just read Obama’s favorite book …Rules for Radicals …then get back to me K

        • DurdyDawg

          I understand perfectly.. I understand that anything that has to do with the welfare of the PEOPLE (you included) is a socialism.. I know that you’ve enjoyed programs that cares about people is a socialism and I know that YOU have benefited from these programs since their inception.. I would mush rather share my wealth with others than watch even one of them die because of my inaction.. Yes socialism could be considered communistic but rather that than the Marxist regime that you and your dogs of war want.. The cradle of life is not how much wealth a man can make in his lifetime but how much good he can contribute to his country and the people living in it.. You want the ‘me, my, mine’ of a commodity that in the end will become meaningless to you.. I want to be known as a humanitarian that actually cared for my fellow man. YOU… are disgusting. The conservative way is every man for himself.. what the hell would you do if all the libs began thinking that? Because you’ve lived this way probably all your life, if a lib began challenging you materialistically you would easily fold because up to now you haven’t achieved your goal else you wouldn’t be so pissed off toward others not of your ilk.. Maybe that’s what we need to do, attack you where it will cause the most harm, in your little world of capitalism..

          • bikejedi

            You compare people who believe in the Constitution as Marxist ? Do you realize how you sound ? What kind of Govt program are YOU on and what kind of meds do they have you on ?…You said ..”The cradle of life is not how much wealth a man can make in his lifetime but how much good he can contribute to his country and the people living in it’ .. While service to your fellow man is a good thing I sure am glad that YOU decided for everyone else that this should be THEIR life mission …To most people their family comes first K . I care for may fellow man just fine but to make them all slaves to dependency ruins their joy of life and gives them no purpose .. People with no purpose aren’t happy . Don’t you want your fellow man to be happy and enjoy the opportunity and freedom to rise or fall based on their own talents and drive ? Have you ever seen a Socialist Country where that happens

  • Sand_Cat

    If time is of such great urgency, then why did they allow Cruz to blather on and lie for 21 precious hours?
    If they agree to the overall spending levels set by the house, then they might as well pass the whole load of crap unchanged.

    • silence dogood

      “Blather”? Cruz was elegant compared to that hysterical shrew who ranted on about why Texas should continue to kill babies.

      • Darius

        Since when he is someone a shrew for reading the stories of her constituents about a bill that mask itself as “saving babies”. You’re rather simple.