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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Senators McCain And Graham Celebrate Victory

Senators McCain And Graham Celebrate Victory

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16 responses to “Senators McCain And Graham Celebrate Victory”

  1. EDWINB says:

    Senator McCain described Amb Rice as being “Not too bright”. This from a man who chose Sarah Palin as the person who would be one heart-beat away from the Presidency. Go figure……

    • Not To mention his brilliant Naval Academy grades or the number of airplanes he crashed in peace time.

      • Sand_Cat says:

        Yeah, not to mention his own appearances before the press. One of the MSNBC hosts showed the highlights of McCain’s frequent appearances on Sunday “news” shows; everything he said was wrong, every prediction failed to come true, etc.

  2. howa4x says:

    for a party that lost the women, and afro american vote, I wonder if stunts like this will help them win them back

  3. adriancrutch says:

    Being an old white man (57), I’d have to say the entire republican party hasn’t a brain cell in it’s head! Their next move is to band-aid up their phony rhetoric. Their so silly and frighteningly insano! Repubo-apocalypse

  4. Lynx says:

    Unless hearings into Bengazi meets the jaundiced conclusions of the two beloved Republican senators, why bother. This is just a step up from the “birther” bruhaha that the Repug’s beat to death before the election. The President could nominate JC himself for the post and “Bozo” McCain and “Clarabelle” Graham would still pitch a fit.

  5. Newborn says:

    This is the revenge of the Old White Guy over the delicate brown skin lady.

  6. one_veteran says:

    Any one who really wants to what happened just needs to look at the State Department for 2011 & 2012 where the repukes cut State department security budget by over 500 million in 2 years from what was requested. (But repukes don’t understand 1st grade math)

    • SueTX says:

      I was all for Susan Rice until I found out she’s heavily invested in the Keystone XL (along with a lot of other DC politicians). If passed as SoS, she would be ruling on that issue, which would be a serious conflict of interest.

  7. Ed says:

    This was just another “lynching”. No way were the repubs allow three of our highest officials to be lack.

  8. SAit it before, say it again” McCain and McConnell are OLD MEN who are breain dead. Time for them to GO HOME and sleep awhile. They do NO GOOD for our country. Attacking a VERY SMART woman, one who was way ahead of their mentla capabilities, is the latest prrof of their stupdity and their venom towrds Obama. Why do people keep electing losers like them? No clue.

  9. LS says:

    We all know why a dummy like McCain would make such a comment: over half of his brain is lost to cancer and his situation will only get worse. Recall that Sen. McCain failed out of the academy almost dead last over half a century ago!

  10. lourdmar says:

    two spoiled brats getting paid for being nasty…while decent Americans are out of work.

  11. Lord Barrington says:

    This is too, too much. Fvck them.

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