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Monday, March 19, 2018

9 Responses to Senator’s Son Sues Sheriff Arpaio

  1. So, Sheriff Joe is going to use the Urkel “Did I do that?” defense? Good luck. Oh, and someone better tell Teflon Donnie that he cannot pardon someone from civil charges or any awarded damages.

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  2. Malicious is an appropriate term in describing Joe and a host of others too numerous to cite here.

    Recently, since 2008 at least, we’ve had Joe, Roy Moore, Harvey, and many others who have troubled our minds with disclosures of histories of predatory sexual behavior by perverse individuals, cases of inordinate greed, acts of vengeance laced with a vituperative mind-set, cyber-meddling and deception on an unprecedented level with the aid of new technologies, and an Administration determined to destroy the planet and the children in America.

    By systematically destroying the environment with the unforeseen side-effect of introducing new toxins in the air and water which will cause genetic defects while lowering semen count levels at the same time, and the encouragement to become addicted to TV and extremist programming spreading lies and conspiracies on a daily basis, and overuse of social media resulting in hampering the mind’s ability to function properly. Rendering many youth and adults incapable of being able to converse intelligently and from a perspective that allows for an appreciation of the diversity of talents of all humans—talents now suppressed from being able to express itself.

    Orwell’s “1984” is in progress; the science fiction story “Solaris”, written by Stanislaw Lem is being played out. Many youth will be offered up as sacrificial lambs by adults in Big Business, politics, financial institutions, in order to satisfy the greed of a plutocracy adept at manipulating the hoi polloi of American society.

    • Sorry POORly informed AofP, but President Trump in undoing all the harm obozo meted out during his 8 years of illegal EOs. President Trump has restored dignity to the USA image and made us, once more, the leader of the free world. He is MAKING America great again each and every time he wipes out one of obozo’s EOs,

      • Sorry, UNinformedVoter, but your Cheeto-Headed hero has effectively destroyed our Executive branch, and the reputation of our Government throughout the world. He changed his plans about attending the conference in Vietnam, suddenly deciding he had to attend once he heard his Lord-and-Master, Vladimir Vladimirovich, Tsar of All Russias, would be there, so he could render proper obeisance. He has effectively given away the candy store to the Chinese, and has destroyed trade agreements all so he can help lose more money for America while making himself richer.

        • Sorry POORlyl informed fire, but you’re assessment is off base!
          I live outside the US almost 6 months a year. I can tell you the civilians living overseas are pleased that the USA is once again the leader of the free world. obozo did his best to destroy that image during his 8 years. The business outlook is rosy and hoping.

          obozo is the one who gave away our manufacturing skills. President Trump has PERSONALLY saved or created thousands of union jobs in less than a year in office. obozo did his best to move thousands of union jobs offshore.

          And lest you forget, under obozo, the rich got WAY richer and the poor got WAY poorer. So tell me again (more lies) how President Trump has destroyed our great country. You can’t and you know it. Just about everything you’ll list as a negative is probably really a positive action.

      • You have to have a dim mind to think that way. If President Obama’s EOs were illegal, then Trump’s ones to dismantle Obamas were just as illegal. Not to mention disgusting.

        • Sorry POORly informed drd, but you are most certainly WRONG! It’s NOT illegal to overturn something illegal. Hell, the courts do it all the time!
          obozo was a fool to think he could legislate via the EO route. He couldn’t get his party to support his ideas and used the easy way out. No matter, now that President Trump is unraveling the harm obozo did, America is becoming great again.

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