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Friday, April 20, 2018

16 Responses to Sessions Should Quit Or Probe Clinton, GOP Members Say

  1. The best thing Jeff Sessions can do is to resign. As bad as his memory lapses are, succumbing to the demands being made by Republican Inquisitors, to satisfy the desires of the man-child in the Oval Office, will destroy what little is left of his reputation. The GOP demands to investigate Hillary because the law firm hired by her campaign, allegedly, paid a British company to gather dirt on Trump during the campaign is beyond ridiculous, and it is nothing more than vindictive retaliation, and a distraction, by people trying to divert attention from the most incompetent and corrupt man to ever sit in the Oval Office.

  2. Still chasing after that great boogie (wo)man named Hillary Clinton. She has to be the single most investigated woman in the history of the United States. Since 1993, no investigator has ever turned up anything even closely resembling a crime. Had these guys been in office in the 1930s and 40s, they probably would have demanded the same investigations into Eleanor Roosevelt. Had they been around in the late 1910 and 20, they would have demanded the same of Edith Wilson.
    Let’s face it, the GOP Clown Circus is terrified of any woman in a position of authority. Even Condi Rice, had she run for and been elected President, would have scared the living crap out of them. Because not only would she be a Woman and Black, she would also have been a Republican, and that is something their misogynistic, racist beliefs could not tolerate that anyone other than a White Male could ever be the GOP candidate for President.

    • Would disagree only to the extent that the Clinton hating goes back into the 80’s.

      Not sure that Condi Rice or Harris Faulkner, you know that Fox Reporter, scare the Republicans. It’s the D that counts.

      Though I, likely, will not live to see it, I’d bet Ivanka gets some Presidential “buzz” in the next 30 years. It’s the celebrity factor.

      • Did it to the Republican white bullies any good? All they did was empower ALL women to become more like Hillary…stand toe to toe with men like hick boy Gowdy, refuse to acknowledge that Lard Ass in Chief in the 2nd debate stalking her while she was speaking and constantly libeling and slandering her at every possible chance.

        Now more women are outing the Good Ole Boys than ever before. More women have been elected in the local and state 2017 elections than at any time in history.

        Figures why these morons want to force women to be pregnant. They can’t run for government jobs if they are …or so these boys think.

        What an absolute disgrace. First Weasel Sessions has to kiss Lard Ass over and over in public and take guff from Trump. Now Trump is so desperate to be rid of Mueller that he will demand Sessions return to the Senate so Trump can appoint an new non recusable AG to remove Mueller.

        If Trump dares to go this far, his life won’t be worth much to even Putin.

        • The culture of men lusting after teen-age girls, in an adulterous manner no less, is long overdue to be abolished. Roy and the rest of the GOP are following the script perfectly. Hillary has the innate ability to send these little boys into a tizzy.

          • The more the Republican bully males bash hell out of Hillary, the more women are going to react more stridently and start outing every man who has EVER molested them.

            I can’t be the only American female who doesn’t take BS from any man. The problem for many women in the south and midwest is that they grew up being taught their only identities came from men.

            I probably had the first mother who was a Feminist long before Feminism ever went public. I watched for decades as my Mom fought that glass ceiling all the way. I refused to allow any man to label me, make decisions for me or in any way control me.

            No woman leaves the birth canal with a man attached. Nor does any woman need to be dependent unless she is physically or mentally handicapped.

            But men need women to be emotionally handicapped. Those are the kind of men I avoid like the plague.

            The truth is that masculinity depends on emotionally dependent women. That isn’t to say there aren’t hugely intelligent men out there who don’t ever need to prove their masculinity to anyone. It is their second skin and is no threat to any woman. That’s the difference between the southern and midwestern boys who never get past their teenage raging hormones long into their dotage and men who function around women without feeling “outnumbered.”

    • I think a contest between Condi and Hillary would have been exciting and thought provoking. I didn’t much like Condi’s politics, but I respected her intelligence and drive. Two Madam Secretaries battling it out.

  3. Firing Sessions may be when the South deserts Trump.

    I hope it happens, because Sessions would be a really valuable new witness for Mueller. And would Stephen Miller, who used to work for Sessions in the Senate, follow? Two more witnesses against Trump.

    For me, firing Sessions is the quickest way to impeachment. Southern lawmakers might want payback, putting the necessary two-thirds vote in the Senate over the top. And if Trump’s new AG fires Mueller? Also a quick way to impeachment, especially after what Trump has said about McConnell, who is another Southerner.

    Is there anyone who believes that conservatives wouldn’t be better off with Pence?

  4. Oh ha ha ha. Jordan of OH and Gertz of FL. Upstanding citizens (deranged) duly outraged.
    It is bad enough that the Groping Obnoxious Pedophiles, aka GOP, want to desperately back Roy “I love teenage girls” Moore and Donald “I can grope any woman” Trump and any of the others who haven’t been revealed yet. They want to waste more money with a useless diversionary “investigation” of Clinton. It is not like she won, I guess it is because Trey Gowdy and others failed.
    I think they are all feeling the clock is ticking down on their “majority” and they are desperately peddling fool’s gold.

  5. Nothing like the Good Ole Guiltiest Boys of the GOP trying to sideline their part in the Russian election rigging right?

    Like this is really about uranium or the Clintons and not really so Sessions can replace Moore and then Lard Ass can replace Sessions with a new AG who doesn’t have to recuse himself and then the new AG gets rid of Mueller.

    Go right away boys. You must want to become recluses for the rest of your lives. Want to see what happens when Trump and his Republican election riggers get rid of Mueller?

    Trump won’t be safe on any public street without “his” army of security thugs.

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  6. When the Clinton’s are dead, gone and in the ground these poor souls will still be beating a dead horse. Besides trying to bring about a massive transfer of wealth to their moneyed elite and the donor class the party of NO has nothing of substance to offer. Thats why they are republicans.

  7. Either the sun has proven to be too hot for the politicians across the deep South, or the frequency of incest has badly tainted the gene pool, there is something not right for adults to be so stressed over a particular person the way the GOP is about Hillary.
    The homeboys in GOP-land are suffering some sort of derangement-syndrome.

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