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Monday, March 18, 2019

Is Trump draining the Potomac swamp — or stocking it  with “a whole bunch of new critters”?

Checking in on the president’s often-repeated campaign promise to reform the business of government — by banning lobbyists, enforcing ethics, and stemming the influence of big money — Seth Meyers finds that the capital is just as dank and dismal as ever. If anything it’s actually a bit worse, because the Trump administration actively helps its appointees to conceal their violations of ethics rules.

But why fret about the details? If feels so good to scream “Drain the Swamp!” And the Trumpsters still chant on cue as if they believe it’s happening.


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3 responses to “#EndorseThis: Seth Meyers Ventures Into Trump’s Undrained Swamp”

  1. dpaano says:

    Unfortunately, many of his “followers” don’t bother to read newspapers or listen to anything but FAUX News, and you KNOW what kind of BS they put out! I’m sure most of his followers have NO idea of the problems they’re going to have with the proposed healthcare plan or the proposed budget! They won’t realize it until it hits them in their pocketbooks, which will be too late!

    • Beethoven says:

      Even when it hits them hard in their pocketbooks, many of them will blame someone–anyone–else but Trump and the Republican Party.

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