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Friday, October 28, 2016

Should Congress Repeal The Affordable Care Act?

Should Congress Repeal The Affordable Care Act?

The National Memo is conducting a poll to survey our readers’ views on the Affordable Care Act. We’ll be sharing the results on our site as well as with TV, radio, and Internet opinion leaders.

As Congress considers a repeal, please take a moment NOW to let the world know what you believe!

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  • Congress needs to get on with HONEST government business. There will be time to change anything that needs to be regarding the Affordable Care Act. Stop wasting OUR MONEY trying to appeal it ! ! ! I do wonder if Congress knows what HONESTY IS !

    • billy10000

      there all corrupt including obama

      • Our President is the least corrupt.
        Romney has been able to do
        to pay ZERO taxes on his millions of
        dollars and hide all his money out of the U.S.A.
        In all honesty—-could you do that?
        NO YOU COULDN’T.
        That is how dishonest Romney IS!

    • If you want to stop wasting YOUR MONEY–
      DEMAND that your TAX MONEY not go to the
      Republican politicians health-care coverage
      that YOU ARE PAYING FOR!
      They want to take it away from EVERYBODY
      but themselves!

  • Stop Obamacare NOW; there are too many horrible surprises in it to take a chance on it.

    • Why are you ok with giving your tax money to the Republican
      politicians to cover THEIR health-care and
      pension plans who are are following the orders of the healthcare industry
      to gut any coverage NOW?
      Are you not aware that Republican politicians
      will allow the healthcare industry to write their own policies?
      Eventually the healthcare industries could determine what
      illness they want to cover, or deny you coverage altogether
      EVEN if you have a health-plan— whether it is an individual
      policy or through your employer.
      You are wishing for the gutting of everyone’s access to affordable
      AND the Republican politicians don’t want you to have what
      excellent coverage THEY HAVE.

      • jbd1975

        Idiot Kool-aid drinker! Your precious Democrat politicians have you paying for their health care and borrowing billions from China to pay for illegals free
        health care! WE ARE Bankrupt. Who will give you health care when noone has a job or money to pay for yours?

        • jbd1975 was that the year you was born in or your hat size if you have a child before the afforeable health care bill passed the healthcare industry could and did deny coverage too them even if they had coverage they also denied coverage to people that had pre health condition so before you make a stupid statement like you did my suggestion is that you read the health care law . see now they can do neither also a young adult can now stay on there parents plan

    • What horrible surprises?

    • Hagar2

      The sky is falling!!!!!!

    • nilvek

      shame is yours for suggesting that the sick and poor should suffer for
      want of medical care….. you have yours, have you no feelings for
      the needy?

  • its really a shame to see how ridiculously liberal the democratic party has become. what happened to democrats like sam nunn and his buddies? many of the liberals are to the point of being traitors to our country. we need to elect more conservative democrats and get these liberal traitors out of our party, before they do anymore damage to our great country.

  • Mark Porter

    It’s called the ACA or Affordable Care Act.

    Get used to it.

  • There should be health care for all, only the rich don’t want universal health care, they already have coverage. They think the poor should be left to die. But if all the poor die the rich will have to find another way to stay rich, after all they got rich by lying to the middle class and the poor. Not all but most rich people got rich, by lying, stealing, and cheating. I guess they thought that was the American way. What a sorry country this has become. Oh, and rich people don’t send their children off to war, because most of them did not go to war either. They start the wars to get richer and let the poor and middle class go fight and die needlessly. The rich should be TAXED to the hilt, and they should give willingly to help their country get out of the mess it’s in because of them.

    • nilvek

      you are confusing being rich with being selfish……all rich people are not
      guilty of being republicans and bible thumpers.

  • Rommey en Israel?
    Peligrosa visita? En la medida en que no va a para a incitar a la Guerra entre Iran e Israel. Esto puede desencadenar una guerra nuclear con consecuencias inesperadas y contra-intuitivas. Lo mejor es que Rommey no sea nunca Presidente de los Estados Undos. Elegirlo implique espearar lo peor!
    Dr Mario Rivas Espejo ( google/ yahoo;france )
    Director de Rivasstratégiacommunicaciones.

  • JQP


  • AreYouFree

    Lots of positives but when our rulers pull out the whip I resist. Penalize me for not buying ?
    Time to focus on our Lord Jesus ! He’s coming back ! Are you ready ?

    • nilvek

      why not believe in something real and forget the fairy tales about jesus ….

      how can an intelligent person believe such scheiser unless he is under

  • kdisg

    Hey Bunny, your forgetting that congress has absolutly no desire to do anything that will HELP or benifit us regular folks, woman, gays, the poor and the rest of thier list of people they hate. The tea party and the gop proved that many times over the last 4 years voting no on everything including stuff they voted yes too many times for bush the hate for Obama over-rides anything for america, they have become UN-AMERICAN in every way possible. sad but true, the lies they now tell arent just tiny, they lie about EVERYTHING AND HUGE!!!