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Thursday, October 27, 2016

'Silver Spoon' Romney Wants To 'Obliterate' Workers' Rights In Ohio Union Fight

Mitt Romney’s support for an Ohio law eliminating most collective bargaining rights for teachers, firefighters and other public employees drew a sharp rebuke Friday from Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-OH), a populist 15-term incumbent, who told The National Memo: “He doesn’t understand — he grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth.”

The front-runner in the Republican presidential primary — who was the son of a prominent auto executive and Michigan Governor — bumbled through a confusing week where he seemed to rapidly flip from not wanting to take a position on Republican Governor John Kasich’s Senate Bill 5 to coming out emphatically in favor of it.

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  • Victor Estrada

    These are the same republicans that tried using false and misleading ads like the one that took the woman for the firefighters et al and was switch to make a fake endorsement. Good thing the a judge nip that in the bud. Republicans have some decency please.

  • Dianrib

    SHame on sell outs Romney Perry Bachman & Cain Pushing same old wealth favoring GOP Reaganomics Bush 1-2 -policies that led to Bush global crash / Paulson ( Goldman man ) 700 billion TARP scam on taxpayers – 2 long failed wars based on lies & profits. Iraq war was a huge gift to AL Quada / Bin laden Bush Cheney Rummy Rice could not- would not catch Bin laden Obama & CO did that Bravo

  • marcus weby

    we need to balance the budget we also need to pay for good fire and police protection. I think we should be able to reach a middle ground if we can get the greed out of the goverment office and hold them to the same standerd as everyone and make the same demands they make of the rest of U.S. The cuts in money need to be the same for all workers or managers reguardless of thier office or rank in office!

  • Esther

    An,y gov.who forsake to care for their teachers is doomed as a nation of ignorant people who will always look for handouts. Why would anyone not want a viable police force who give the people a sense of safety? Or the fire fighters who risk their lives saving lives and properties. Wake up America,get your priorities right.

  • cminhtown

    The best teachers with students scoring the highest on examinations (not to mention the highest percentages graduating) are definitively non-union charter school teachers. Nobody likes competition or an inclination to think outside the box or deviate from the norm but these are the fundamental elements of hope and change. Big government blows and more government isn’t going to fix bad government. At some point I hope we wake up and realize that the real answers will usually exist in the private sector. Competition usually proves what works through a process of trial and error. We don’t need mountains of complex taxes and regulations, just a handfull of well-thought ones that are actually enforced with real impunity.

  • gain2010

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