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   1.  ‘Death With Dignity’ Law Is Least Slippery Slope
   2.  Here’s One Easy Way For Republicans To Reduce Government Dependency
   3.  Midterm Roundup: Hagan Hanging On In North Carolina
   4.  Another Ebola Challenge: Disposing Of Medical Waste
   5.  Obama’s Second-Term Slide Mostly About Us, Not Him
   6.  Feminist Fighters: Kurdish Women Battling ISIS In Kobani
   7.  Zombie Ideas Live On Even Though They’re Wrong
   8.  U.S. Dept Of Justice Reveals Plan To Investigate Baltimore Police Department
   9.  Police Question Suspect As Bodies Of Seven Women Found In Indiana
   10.  Kerry In Southeast Asia Seeking Support Against IS Group
   11.  The Weatherman In Europe
   12.  Endorse This: Cliven Bundy Is The ‘Brave White Man’ We Need To Save America
   13.  ‘Fury’ Wins War At N. American Box Office
   14.  Study: IQ, Exposure To Violence Could Predict Which Kids Will Commit Murder
   15.  WHO Declares Nigeria Ebola-Free In ‘Spectacular Success’
   16.  Obama’s Decision To Aid Kobani Puts Him Squarely At Odds With Turkey’s Erdogan
   17.  Business Economists Report Solid But Slowing Growth In Third Quarter
   18.  Districts Drawn To Elect Minorities May Cost Democrats Control Of House
   19.  Senate Race In North Carolina Could Be Nation’s Most Expensive Ever
   20.  Nightmare
   21.  U.S. Chamber Election Spending At Odds With Immigration Push
   22.  Grand Banks Oyster Bar Draws Diners To The Hudson River
   23.  Do You Trust Your Government On Ebola?
   24.  The Blue-Collar Imperative
   25.  Father Dooley Explains It All
   26.  Despite Polls, GOP Still Quietly Opposes Marriage Equality
   27.  Weekend Reader: ‘The Republicans: A History of the Grand Old Party’
   28.  Midterm Roundup: Willie Horton 2.0
   29.  Can Kobe Bryant Run A Union And Save The NBA?
   30.  As Clean Water Act Ages, Washington State Groups Spar Over Its Meaning
   31.  Obama Administration To Allow Thousands Of Haitians To Legally Enter U.S.
   32.  Why Bush Rejected A Travel Ban In Avian Flu Pandemic
   33.  Air Travel: A Ban Or Not?
   34.  A Strategic Shift On Ebola Care
   35.  WHO Declares Ebola Over In Senegal
   36.  A Senate Race Where Democrats Neutralized Obamacare Attacks
   37.  Republicans Pave The Way To All-White Future
   38.  Endorse This: No, George W. Bush Wasn’t Right About Iraq
   39.  Obama Names Former Biden Aide As Ebola ‘Czar’
   40.  Yellen: U.S. Inequality Near Highest Level In 100 Years
   41.  Durbin Hopes Tide Turning Against Corporate Inversions
   42.  Democrats Blame Budget Battles For Fumbled Ebola Response
   43.  For Mark Pryor, This Is Not His Father’s Arkansas
   44.  Scientists Must Work With Facts And Question Status Quo
   45.  Lawmakers Criticize Dallas Medical Officials For Errors In Handling Ebola
   46.  Ebola Politics: Let Obama — And Frieden — Do Their Jobs
   47.  Book Review: ‘To Make Men Free’
   48.  This Week In Crazy: Atheists Ruined Columbus Day, And The Rest Of The Worst Of The Right
   49.  Fracking For The Cure?
   50.  Midterm Roundup: Joni Ernst’s Flip-Flop-Flip
   51.  U.S. Health Chiefs In Hot Seat Over Flawed Ebola Response
   52.  Ebola Patient Nina Pham To Be Relocated; Congress Grills Health Officials
   53.  Watchdogs Want Stronger Congressional Ethics Office
   54.  Beijing Cracks Down On Hong Kong
   55.  Despite His Safe Seat, Ellison Plunges Into Race
   56.  Ebola: Top U.S. Lawmakers Urge West Africa Travel Ban
   57.  Chevron Swamps A Small Town With Campaign Money And Bogus News
   58.  A Billionaire’s Climate Change Crusade
   59.  Obama: U.S. To Be ‘More Aggressive’ In Monitoring Ebola Response
   60.  Top Official At Dallas Presbyterian To Offer Mea Culpa To Congress
   61.  As Ebola Spreads, So Does Anxiety In Dallas
   62.  Poll: Minimum Wage Could Save Democrats In Tight Midterm Races
   63.  Putin Warns West Not To Blackmail Russia
   64.  Lockheed Martin Claims Nuclear Energy Breakthrough
   65.  Drought-Hit U.S. Town Learns To Live Without Water
   66.  Goldman Sachs Profits Jump On Busy Quarter For Mergers
   67.  Endorse This: You Won’t Believe Why Rick Scott Refused To Debate His Opponent
   68.  U.S. Boy, 13, Plots World Chess Domination
   69.  Kerry’s Plane Grounded…Again
   70.  Why Millennials Don’t Drive So Much
   71.  Voter ID Laws Make The Poll Tax Look Good
   72.  When Government Was Good
   73.  Midterm Roundup: Scott Walker Might Be In Trouble
   74.  Retiring Bachmann Signals She’s Still In The Game
   75.  Supreme Court To Decide If Texas Voter ID Law Can Take Effect
   76.  U.S. Considers Climate Change Plan That Would Mandate Emission Cuts
   77.  Three Senate Endgame Scenarios
   78.  Second Dallas Nurse With Ebola Should Not Have Taken Flight, CDC Says
   79.  Uncompromising Congress A Threat To National Security
   80.  DCCC Chief Pleads For Outside Money
   81.  U.S. Budget Deficit Shrinks To Lowest Level Since 2008
   82.  Endorse This: Was Vermont’s Gubernatorial Debate The Weirdest In History?
   83.  U.S. Ebola Patient ‘Flew On Domestic Airplane’
   84.  Analysis: Voter Engagement Gap Hits At GOP Turnout Edge
   85.  Texas Votes
   86.  The Abortion Wars: For Abortion Foes, A National Strategy Built At The State Level
   87.  In Wisconsin, Democrats Try Moderation In Fight With Scott Walker
   88.  White House Offers Help For Long-Term Jobless
   89.  Senate Odd Couple Seek Common Ground On Climate Change
   90.  Supreme Court Bans Abortion Regulation From Taking Place In Texas
   91.  Federal Appeals Court Reinstates Texas’ Voter ID Law
   92.  The Scariest Thing About Political Fearmongers Is Themselves
   93.  Chicken Little Media Keeps Reaching New Lows
   94.  Midterm Roundup: Democrats Pull Out Of Kentucky
   95.  Republicans Are In Big Trouble If They Can’t Win The Senate
   96.  Paul Ryan Doesn’t Believe In Climate Science
   97.  White House Won’t Name New Attorney General Until After Election
   98.  Carolyn Kizer, Pulitzer-Winning Poet, Dies At 89
   99.  Indian, Pakistani Military Leaders Discuss Deadly Border Clashes
   100.  Mitt In 2016?

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