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   1.  Obama, On Asia Trip, Warns Russia About New Sanctions Over Ukraine Crisis
   2.  LA County Sheriff’s Department Used Spy Plane To Watch Compton
   3.  Soccer-Playing Robot Gives Obama A Break In Japan
   4.  Afghan Officer Kills Three U.S. Doctors
   5.  Does The Rick Perry Grand Jury Lean Democratic?
   6.  Obama Says Russia Not Abiding By Agreement To Defuse Ukraine Crisis
   7.  The Key To 2014
   8.  WATCH: Rand Paul Says Jimmy Carter Was Better For Economy Than Ronald Reagan
   9.  California Lawsuit Pits Teacher-Protection Laws Against Right To Good Education
   10.  School Officials Find No Evidence Florida Kindergartner Was Told Not To Pray
   11.  Justin Bieber Visits Controversial Japan War Shrine
   12.  Hear Me Now? Gene Therapy Improves ‘Bionic Ear’ Technology
   13.  Turkish Leader Offers Condolences To Armenians Over Massacre
   14.  Medicaid Projections Get More Affordable, And Obamacare Politics Get Trickier For GOP
   15.  Georgia Governor Signs Broad Gun Rights Expansion
   16.  Begich Catches A Big Break In Alaska Senate Race
   17.  New Senate Polls Offer 3 Lessons And Some Hope For Democrats
   18.  Obama Starts Asia Tour With A Message To China
   19.  Military Recruiting In Chicago
   20.  U.S.: Palestinian Reconciliation May ‘Complicate’ U.S. Peace Efforts
   21.  Trial Postponed, Chris Brown Heads Back To LA
   22.  New-Home Sales Tumble In March; Prices Rise
   23.  Disciplined IRS Workers Got Bonuses, Time Off
   24.  Soldier Faces Hearing In Killing Of Deaf, Unarmed Iraqi Teens
   25.  Palestinian Factions Fatah, Hamas Reconcile, To Form Unity Government
   26.  Russia Warns It Will ‘Respond’ If Interests In Ukraine Attacked
   27.  Teen Stowaway’s Footprints, Handprints Found On Wheel Well Doors, Tire
   28.  Supreme Court Sets Aside .4-Million Verdict For Child-Porn Victim
   29.  High-Ranking Egyptian Police Official Killed By Car Bomb
   30.  Papal Canonizations Expected To Draw Up To 1 Million To Rome
   31.  Justice Department Announces Clemency Guidelines For Drug Offenders
   32.  Supreme Court Hears Arguments In Aereo Online TV Case
   33.  Sen. Paul Says Lack Of Experience Should Not Be A Hindrance To Presidential Run
   34.  Postal Service To Issue Forever Stamp Commemorating Harvey Milk
   35.  Albuquerque Police Again Draw Criticism After Fatal Shooting
   36.  High-Ranking Egyptian Police Official Killed By Car Bomb
   37.  Obama Begins Asia Tour With Informal Sushi Diplomacy In Tokyo
   38.  In Syria, U.N. Agency Distributes Most Food In Government-Held Areas
   39.  Bundy Standoff Is A Fox News Costume Drama
   40.  ‘The Grapes Of Wrath’ Resonates 75 Years Later
   41.  Minimum-Wage Hike Benefits The Nation, Especially Minorities
   42.  Michigan’s Ban On Preferential Treatment In College Admissions Stands
   43.  Pentagon Orders 600 Troops To Eastern Europe, Criticizes Russia
   44.  Israelis, Palestinians Struggle For Way Forward As Deadline Nears
   45.  U.S. Must Have OK’d Transfer Of Missiles Seen In Syria Rebel Videos, Experts Say
   46.  Fox News Has Bundy’s Back
   47.  Florida Is ‘Ground Zero’ For Sea Level Rise
   48.  Removal Of Syrian Chemical Weapons Almost 90 Percent Complete, Monitor Says
   49.  MH370 Relatives Reject Malaysian Conclusions On Plane
   50.  Everest Guides Abandon Climbing Season After Deadly Avalanche
   51.  WATCH: Republican Candidate Mocks War On Women In New Ad
   52.  Lower-Income Teens Aren’t Getting Enough Sleep, Researchers Say
   53.  Russian Foundry Issues Coin Celebrating Putin’s Crimea Seizure
   54.  Ukraine Orders Military Operation Against Rebels After Biden Leaves
   55.  Supreme Court Justices Cautious About Broadcasters’ Bid To Shut Aereo
   56.  Republicans Say No To CDC Gun Violence Research
   57.  Biden Vows U.S. Will Isolate Russia If Ukraine ‘Provocation’ Not Halted
   58.  More Than 1,100 Migrants Intercepted Off Italy In 48 Hours
   59.  New Syria Chemical Claims Emerge As Election Announced
   60.  Oklahoma Grapples With Death Penalty Issues After Court Ruling
   61.  Death Toll In South Korea Ferry Disaster Crosses 120
   62.  Inspector General: Feds Didn’t Pass Polygraph Evidence Of Child Abuse To Investigators
   63.  Police Can Stop Vehicles Based On Anonymous 911 Tips, Justices Rule
   64.  U.S. Will Stand By Ukraine In Face Of Russian Aggression, Biden Says
   65.  Poll: One In Four Americans Still Don’t Believe In Global Warming
   66.  U.S. Attorney’s Office Creates New Section To Combat Chicago Violent Crime
   67.  Supreme Court Upholds Michigan’s Ban On Affirmative Action
   68.  Seattle Boy Scouts Council Revokes Charter In Gay Scoutmaster Case
   69.  U.S. Drone Strikes Came Despite Yemen’s Hopes To Limit Them
   70.  U.S. Explores A Wi-Fi Network For Cuba, But Denies It’s Operational
   71.  Kansas Governor Signs School-Finance Bill
   72.  Biden Arrives In Ukraine As Militants Seize More Buildings In East
   73.  Former CIA Agent, Now In Havana, Discusses Gadhafi’s ‘Secret World’
   74.  Teen Stowaway To Be Sent Back To San Jose After Jet Ride To Hawaii
   75.  Vegas’ Water Drying Up
   76.  Motions Filed For Summary Judgment On Pennsylvania Same-Sex Marriage Ban
   77.  Special Prosecutor Confirms An FBI Investigation Related To 9/11 Case
   78.  Atheist Family Sues Schools, Calling Pledge Of Allegiance Discriminatory
   79.  Supreme Court Seems Inclined To Bolster Truth-In-Labeling Laws
   80.  Obama To Visit Washington Mudslide To Pledge Support For Response
   81.  NRA Members Need To Step Up On Ending Gun Violence
   82.  WATCH: Is This The Worst Attack Ad Of 2014?
   83.  Keyshawn Johnson Arrested On Suspicion Of Battery On Ex-Girlfriend
   84.  Republicans Still Aren’t Ready To Be The ‘iPhone Party’
   85.  Teen Stowaway Raises Alarms About Airport Security
   86.  U.S. Stocks Rise As Busy Earnings Week Kicks Off
   87.  First Lady Emphasizes Fun And Fitness At Annual Easter Egg Roll
   88.  Obama’s Approval Rating Improves As Healthcare Drag Eases
   89.  Labor Raises Pressure On Obama To Act On Immigration Reform
   90.  Leadership ‘Accountable’ On Military Sexual Assault, Hagel Says
   91.  The Pipeline
   92.  Biofuels May Be Worse For Environment Than Gasoline In Short Run, Study Says
   93.  Supreme Court Weighs Truth In Labeling In Fruit Juice Case
   94.  Obama Has Some Convincing To Do On Asia Tour
   95.  Biden Arrives In Kiev As Russia Blames U.S. For Ukraine Crisis
   96.  Washington Veteran Neil Eggleston Named As White House Counsel
   97.  U.N. Condemns Ethnic Killings In South Sudan Oil Town
   98.  Gang Case Defendant Shot In Salt Lake City Federal Courthouse
   99.  Californian Wins Race As Boston Marathon Rebounds
   100.  Justice Department Plans For Waves Of Crack-Cocaine Clemency Requests

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