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   1.  Obamacare Is Not The Disaster It Was Predicted To Be
   2.  Weekend Reader: ‘Deeply Divided: Racial Politics And Social Movements In Postwar America’
   3.  Midterm Roundup: How Big Could The GOP Win?
   4.  Texas Judge Denies Request To End Same-Sex Marriage
   5.  Southern Republicans Bring More Polarization
   6.  FDA Plans To Revise Landmark Food Safety Law
   7.  Alibaba Surges In Wall Street Debut
   8.  NFL Will Put ‘House In Order,’ Commissioner Says
   9.  Former Connecticut Governor Rowland Guilty Of Violating Federal Campaign Laws
   10.  Republican Campaign Chairman Aspires To Historic Majority In Midterms
   11.  Endorse This: Stephen Colbert Feels Hannity’s Pain
   12.  White House Starts New Public Awareness Drive To Prevent Sexual Attacks On Campus
   13.  GOP House Candidate Has No Qualms About War With Mexico To Stop Illegal Immigration
   14.  The Nuclear Arsenal We Don’t Need
   15.  Wine Country: Arizona and Virginia
   16.  Memo: NFL Vows To Support Victims Of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault
   17.  Massive King Fire Sets Off Even Louder Alarms In California
   18.  When Cancer Simply Vanishes, Could It Be A Key To A Cure?
   19.  Obama Open To More Conversations With Iran’s Rouhani, Official Says
   20.  HHS Says 700,000 Have Lost Insurance Coverage Since May
   21.  Senate Passes Stopgap Budget And Aid For Syrian Rebels, Then Quits Until After Elections
   22.  Kansas Democrat Chad Taylor’s Name Ordered Off Ballot
   23.  New York March Seeks To Be Largest Climate Change Event Ever
   24.  This Week In Crazy: Obama Is Brainwashing You With Psy-Ops, And The Rest Of The Worst Of The Right
   25.  Scotland Rejects Independence In Historic Referendum
   26.  Too Big To Punish
   27.  Book Review: ‘Against Football’
   28.  Midterm Roundup: Is North Carolina Going Blue?
   29.  Autumn Foliage Drives
   30.  Hillary Clinton Touts Family Issues And Hints At 2016 Domestic Agenda
   31.  Obamacare Enrollment At 7.3 Million In August, Down From April
   32.  GOP Congressional Candidate: Medicaid Expansion Is ‘Working’
   33.  Amazon Founder Strikes Deal To Build U.S. Rocket Engines
   34.  NFL’s Cardinals Bench Jonathan Dwyer After Assault Arrest
   35.  Last Month Was Hottest August Since 1880: United States
   36.  Endorse This: Groundskeeper Willie’s Guide To Scottish Independence
   37.  Apple’s New Encryption To Lock Out Government
   38.  More States Enforce Food Stamp Work Requirements
   39.  In An Effort To Make A Lesson Better, Missouri’s Teacher Of The Year Found Himself In The Middle Of Violence
   40.  First Ladies’ Key Role In Presidential Libraries
   41.  British Hostage Seized By Islamic State With Foley Appears In New Video
   42.  Ukraine’s Fight With Russia Is ‘America’s War, Too,’ Poroshenko Says
   43.  N.C. Republican Dinged For Defending Right To Fire Gays
   44.  Iowa Supreme Court Blocks Rule Limiting Access To Abortion Pills
   45.  Officer In Ferguson, Missouri Shooting Testifies Before Grand Jury
   46.  The Envelope, Please — And A Living Wage, Too
   47.  Texas Executes Woman After Supreme Court Denies Last-Minute Appeal
   48.  House Votes 273-156 To Arm Syrian Rebels Against Islamic State
   49.  California Gov. Brown Declares State Of Emergency As Wildfires Rage
   50.  Northern California Wildfire Threatens More Than 2,000 Homes
   51.  China Announces India Investment, But Border Dispute Dogs Ties
   52.  Australia Authorities Foil Islamic State Plot For Public Beheadings
   53.  Child-Porn Conviction Is Tossed: Navy Surveillance Is Blamed
   54.  Spend The Night With Frank Lloyd Wright
   55.  A Year Later: Iranian Nuclear Talks Go From Promise To Doubt
   56.  Scientists Study Evolutionary Roots Of Lethal Combat Among Chimpanzees
   57.  The Politics Gap Between The Rich And The Rest
   58.  A Rough Month In America For Women
   59.  Better Together?
   60.  Midterm Roundup: Another Plagiarism Scandal
   61.  More Data Rebut GOP Attacks On Minimum Wage
   62.  Survivor Kent Brantly Tells Congress Of ‘Emotional Toll’ Of Ebola
   63.  After Benghazi, State Department Toughened Embassies In High-Risk Countries
   64.  Charity Declares New York Vegan Capital Of 2014
   65.  Senator Wants To Strip NFL Of Tax-Exempt Status In Light Of Abuse Cases
   66.  Short On Supporters, Fracking Group Turns To The Homeless
   67.  Obama Reiterates That U.S. Forces Have No ‘Combat Mission’ In Iraq
   68.  Islamic State Is A Symptom, Not The Disease
   69.  Boko Haram Blamed As 13 Die In Nigeria College Shooting, Blast
   70.  For The Love Of Scotland
   71.  Freshman Lawmaker Hosts Security Forum
   72.  Endorse This: Sean Hannity’s Defense Of Child Abuse Isn’t Helping The NFL
   73.  Family Takes In Guatemalan Teen Who Crossed Border
   74.  Dallas A Hub For Boom In Heroin
   75.  Big Question In NC Senate Race: Who’s Worse — Obama Or GOP?
   76.  U.S. Man Indicted For Material Support To IS Group
   77.  Sweeping New California Groundwater Pumping Rules Signed Into Law
   78.  Voters Not Sold On Tax Money For Obama Library
   79.  Forensic Sleuths Sketch Richard III’s Brutal End
   80.  Militants Quickly Adjust Tactics To Blunt Airstrikes
   81.  Trade, Border Dispute On Agenda During Xi’s India Visit
   82.  Jihadists Face Growing Pressure As U.S. Mulls Strategy
   83.  New Texas Social Studies Textbooks Draw Fire During Public Hearing
   84.  U.S. Inflation Falls For First Time In Over A Year
   85.  Wildfires Rage Across Drought-Hit California
   86.  Vikings Place Peterson On Exempt List, Keeping Him Off Team
   87.  Scotland Campaigns Race For Votes On Referendum Eve
   88.  Are You A Willpower Wimp? Then Change Your Environment To Lose Weight
   89.  Obama Meets With Generals Planning IS Assault
   90.  LAUSD Police To Give Up Some Weaponry Obtained In Federal Program
   91.  ISIS Forces Obama Toward Foreign-Policy Fantasies
   92.  America’s Natural Politics
   93.  No Defense For What Ray Rice Did
   94.  Midterm Roundup: Bad News For Kansas Republicans
   95.  Eggs: To Refrigerate Or Not
   96.  Boots On The Ground?
   97.  New Study Reveals Depths Of Fox’s Benghazi Obsession
   98.  China To Try Uighur Professor On Charges Of Separatism
   99.  Scott Walker Wants To Revisit Drug Tests For Welfare
   100.  Blood Test For Depression Devised At Northwestern

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