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   1.  Supreme Court To Consider Challenge To Law Barring Campaign Falsehoods
   2.  Law Firm That Cleared Christie In Bridge Scandal Donated To Group He Heads
   3.  Afghanistan Official Shot, Another Kidnapped In Kabul
   4.  Ferry Runs Aground Off South Korea Coast With 477 Aboard
   5.  From Manhattan To Washington, American Indians Get Snookered
   6.  The Traditional GOP Reaches Out To Women
   7.  How We Devalued The ‘R-Word’
   8.  Today In GOP Outreach: Congressman Tells Black Voter Civil Rights Act May Be Unconstitutional
   9.  Charter Bus, FedEx Drivers In Fiery Crash Had Clean Driving Records
   10.  Firefighters Get Handle On Deadly Chilean Fires
   11.  Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin Makes It Illegal To Establish A Minimum Wage
   12.  ‘Shrimp Boy’ Pleads Not Guilty In Sweep That Ensnared California Lawmaker
   13.  Iraq Empties Abu Ghraib Prison As Jihadists, Troops Clash
   14.  Guantanamo Judge Investigates Claims Of FBI Misconduct In 9/11 Case
   15.  Charles Farthing, Doctor At Forefront Of AIDS Care, Dies At 60
   16.  Poll: Abbott Holds Double-Digit Lead Over Davis In Texas Gubernatorial Race
   17.  Poll: Christie Regaining, But Clinton Trounces Entire GOP Field
   18.  ‘We Endure,’ Joe Biden Says At Boston Marathon Memorial
   19.  Death Toll Hits 37 In Washington Landslide; Seven Remain Missing
   20.  WATCH: Landrieu Calls Obama ‘Simply Wrong’ In New Ad
   21.  Ukraine Says It Has Reclaimed Airport Seized By Pro-Russia Separatists
   22.  U.S. Appeals Court Upholds Obama Administration Limits On Air Toxins
   23.  ‘Civil War’ Warning For Ukraine As Troops, Tanks Push East
   24.  Man Charged With Capital Murder In Kansas Shooting Rampage
   25.  Victims, Residents Reflect On Boston Marathon Tragedy
   26.  93-Year-Old Mayor Didn’t Go Down Without A Fight
   27.  Medicaid Expansion: Arkansas And Other States Cut Deals With Feds For Alternative Plans
   28.  ‘Solid Upturn’ In German Economy, But Ukraine Clouds Outlook
   29.  Mini-Sub To Dive Again After Aborting First MH370 Search
   30.  Gunmen Kidnap Jordan Envoy To Libya
   31.  Prosecutors Conclude Gruelling Pistorius Cross-Examination
   32.  Ukraine ‘On The Brink Of Civil War’: Russian PM
   33.  Boston Remembers Marathon Bombing Victims, One Year On
   34.  Pro-Russia Police Help Foil Ukraine Crackdown In East
   35.  Proposed Site Of Sandy Hook Playground Sparks Debate
   36.  Hurricane Forecasters Will Map Potential Storm Surge
   37.  Accusation Of FBI Intrusion Stalls 9/11 Hearing
   38.  Obamacare Cost Forecast Is Reduced 7 Percent By U.S. Fiscal Watchdog
   39.  Ex-Prime Minister Berlusconi Sentenced To Community Service
   40.  Kansas Attack Brings Back Painful Memories In Seattle
   41.  Muslim Group Urges New Way Of Dealing With Radicals
   42.  Law Firm’s Interview Notes Shed Light On Christie Staff
   43.  More U.S. Consumers Are Seeking Medical Care, Report Shows
   44.  Top-Two Primary In California Might Be Bad For Small-Party Candidates
   45.  First, Do No Harm — To Your Bank Accoun
   46.  RNC Reaches Out To Women (Again)
   47.  U.S. Lawmakers: No E-cigarette Sales Or Ads To Youths
   48.  Obama Steels For Putin Call As Crisis Escalates
   49.  U.S. Retail Sales Surge 1.1 Percent In March
   50.  White House: CIA Chief Visited Kiev At The Weekend
   51.  Legend Phelps To Return To Pool
   52.  Putin Denies Interfering In Ukraine As Insurgents Gain Ground
   53.  Most Won’t Sweat Income Tax Deadline, Poll Finds
   54.  Washington Post, Guardian Get Pulitzer For NSA story
   55.  Jewish Center Killings To Be Investigated As Hate Crimes
   56.  TurboTax Maker Linked To ‘Grassroots’ Campaign Against Free, Simple Tax Filing
   57.  WATCH: Does John Boehner Have ‘Electile Dysfunction?’
   58.  Donald Trump For President?
   59.  Accusation Of FBI Spying Stalls 9/11 Hearing
   60.  Libya Remains In The Grip Of Rival Rebel Factions
   61.  White House News Group Honors Black Reporter It Once Barred
   62.  EU Sees Russia’s Hand In Ukraine And Threatens Sanctions
   63.  UN Climate Report A ‘Wakeup’ For Entrepreneurs, Kerry Says
   64.  Obama: Religious Violence Has No Place In U.S.
   65.  Married Status Adds New Wrinkle To Tax Time For Married Gays
   66.  Imprisoned U.S. Contractor Ends Hunger Strike In Cuba
   67.  Runoff Looks Likely In Afghanistan Presidential Election
   68.  IMF Urges Congress To Back Reforms Giving Fund More Clout
   69.  Manhattan DA Opens Probe Into Port Authority
   70.  Ukraine Warns Separatists To Stand Down
   71.  Married Status Adds New Wrinkle To Tax Time For Married Gays
   72.  Sebelius, On Her Way Out, Praises Health-Care Law
   73.  Man With History Of Anti-Semitism Jailed In Fatal Shootings At Kansas Jewish Centers
   74.  Ohio Finds Probable Link Between Fracking, Quakes
   75.  NATO Leaders Try To Counter Putin
   76.  …And This Is The Overkill News Network
   77.  Walmart On Welfare
   78.  A Program Conservatives Should Love
   79.  A Better Path To Prosperity
   80.  Sebelius, On Her Way Out, Praises Health-Care Law
   81.  Manhattan DA Opens Probe Into Port Authority
   82.  Obama Warns Republicans Suppressing Right To Vote
   83.  Weekend Reader: ‘Machine Made: Tammany Hall And The Creation Of Modern American Politics’
   84.  Photo Of The Day — April 12
   85.  LBJ’s Civil Rights Act Irrevocably Changed U.S. Landscape
   86.  Poll Roundup: Shaheen Is In The Driver’s Seat
   87.  America Can Attain Full Employment With A Bold Approach To The Jobs Emergency
   88.  Seven Chimpanzees Use Ingenuity To Escape Their Enclosure At The Kansas City Zoo
   89.   Million Swaps Settlement Opens Door For Quicker Detroit Bankruptcy Exit
   90.  LOL Of The Week: Middle-Class Conservatives Don’t Get That The Joke Is On Them
   91.  Prosecutors Unseal Plea Agreement With Mexican Drug Cartel Leader
   92.  LA County Deputies Fatally Shoot Man By Mistake
   93.  WATCH: Clinton Dodges Shoe; Fox News Says Bush Did It Better
   94.  JPMorgan Earnings Fall 19 Percent On Lower Mortgage Income
   95.  Obama Nominates New Health Secretary
   96.  CIA’s Use Of Harsh Interrogation Went Beyond Legal Authority, Senate Report Says
   97.  Northern Haiti Port To Be Expanded After U.S. Fails To Get Investors For New Facility
   98.  Rapper Related To Chief Keef Killed By Two Gunmen
   99.  Democratic Leaders Of Investigative Panel Mull Next Move In Bridge Probe
   100.  Latest Signal Not Missing Plane, Australia Says

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