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Friday, October 21, 2016

Hearts broke on the Saturday morning Herman Cain announced he was suspending his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination. There he was – pizza CEO turned lobbyist turned motivational speaker turned frontrunner who didn’t know China had nuclear weapons – praising his wife and declaring he would have won the White House…if it wasn’t for those pesky sexual harassment accusations and that female friend he was financially supporting.

The party of Lincoln and Eisenhower, it seemed, could sink no lower than to become the party of Palin. But Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry and Herman Cain kept digging.

The 2012 campaign has been an endless gift to those who enjoy laughing at right-wing slapstick comedy.

From every GOP candidate raising their hand to say they would reject even a penny of tax increases to the GOP convention turning into a dialogue with furniture, the 2012 election will always be remembered for the metaphor of a clown car. Even when the “safest” nominee won the primary, the comedy never took more than a few days off.

To celebrate Mitt’s leaked video/standup special, here are the six biggest LOLs of the campaign thus far.

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  • Seems like the old saying, “the blind leading the blind” is back in vogue! The marraige of Mitt & the Tea Party!

  • OK, where are they?

  • AttilatheBlond

    So, there aren’t any biggest LOLs of the campaign thus far?

  • dtgraham

    There was one moment from the Republican primaries that I’ll always remember. It just always stuck with me for some reason. Of all the crazy a$$ things that Rick Perry came out with and did, this is what gave me the biggest chuckle for whatever reason:

    He was at the podium during one of the debates and was urging that American forces not be pulled out of Iraq (ever presumably). As a reason, he looked over at the other candidates and said exactly this……..”If we pull out of Iraq, the Iranian military will move into Iraq, literally at the speed of light.”

    So, we’re not talking figuratively. They won’t just be moving in really fast. Apparently it’ll be a little faster than that. I thought, well I guess there wasn’t much point in U.S. troops staying if Iran has warp drive.

  • Sent an email to the editor to ask where the six biggest lols are, waiting for a reply or maybe just a fix of the story.

  • Ron

    How many jobs did Romneys supporters create in communist china. 155000 men died in korea fighting the communist another 55000 died in viet nam fighting the communist. Now american industralist are turning them into a super power.

  • Sand_Cat

    Certainly the possibility that this arrogant, heartless, moral-courage-challenged rich boy could become president is no laughing matter, out loud or otherwise, except for those “conservatives” in the Republican party who truly hate America far more than all the others they accuse of harboring the sentiment.

  • jackiejan

    He cares so much about others.

    Mitt ran away to France, had some cheese, homemade bread, and wine, while other young people went NAM.
    Let someone else get wounded or come home in a box.
    Must run in the family. Are any of his boys in the service? Think not.