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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Six Things Paul Ryan Didn’t Mention In His Convention Speech

AP Photo/Mary Altar

Paul Ryan – who began his career in politics as a speechwriter for Congressman Jack Kemp – proudly penned his own convention speech. Taking on this responsibility saved him from having to discuss the touchy subjects he probably isn’t comfortable mentioning.

But since Ryan is the ideological leader of the party who practically forced Mitt Romney to accept all of his ideas before he was even selected to be on the ticket, it’s important that we get to the heart of who he really is.

No one expects Paul Ryan to be the only Republican to mention Osama bin Laden at the convention. But here are six things Paul Ryan won’t tell you because he they don’t quite fit with the image he’s trying to project.

  • Jason Sattler is apparently against prosperity for any Americans whomsoever, (except of course, for Democratic Solyndra owners, or the AFL-CIO, which was ‘GIVEN’ 40% of the new GM while Bond holders (not stockholders mind you, who are ‘supposed to lose all’ when a company files for protection) – But Not Bond holders, bondholders ‘OWN’ physical assets of the company. But in this case, Bondholders were stripped of their property…, that went to AFL-CIO, the same AFL-CIO responsible for those Auto jobs leaving our shores. All part of Mr. Obama’s ‘Redistribution plan’. Jason Sattler will soon need new knee pads, they must be well worn from the fellating he does for/on(?) the Inept One.

    • The eyes work, but you have a conclusion in place and filter out all messages that disagree with it.

      For your direct insults and general disgusting content, I am flagging your comment immediately.
      Have a nice day.

    • Phraedrique

      Curious: In your opinion, how tdid the AFL-CIO push the jobs offshore? Was it the wish to have good paying jobs for their members? Or is there somethign else that you know of that you would be willing to share?

  • pmorgan_m3

    I want to see Mitt’s birth certificate because he not at all like his father, George Romney.

    George as Nixon’s HUD Secretary continued the initiatives of President Johnson’s Great Society and had a deep concern with ending racial segregation and income inequality.

    In his 1968 book, The Concerns of a Citizen, George warns of
    “the mounting danger of hostile confrontation between an achieving society and a dependent society—suburb against slum, prosperous against poor, white against black, brother against brother…would be the death of America.”

    George, a Republican, was so respectful to the American people and to forthright, honest, open leadership that he made public 12 years of tax returns when he ran for President.

    George earned millions less than his son but payed a tax rate several times more than only the 13% his son paid. And of course, George did not abuse tax loopholes or hide hundreds of millions in offshore tax havens.

    At AMC, George instituted company-wide savings, and he and other execs reduced their salaries by up to 35%. The stock rose from $7 to $90 per share, making him a millionaire. However, when he felt his salary and bonus was excessively high, he gave the excess back to the company.

    • Mitt is nothing like his dad.

    • That apple was shot from a cannon away from the tree.

    • onedonewong

      Hell I’m still waiting to see barak’s and not the one photo shopped that his kids did

  • bcarreiro

    dumb and dumber ……….get real jobs that require blood, sweat and tears.

  • On #6:

    Yes, he `DID` say he believe that women’s bodies “shut it down” if it’s really rape. If this ding-dong thinks being forced to bear a rape-child is a form of contraception, he’s saying that punishing her will somehow prevent future pregnancies of that type.

    In short, any rape pregnancy, to him and his slimy ilk, is not rape as they were “asking for it” either biologically or by their behavior. They fail biology forever.

  • All I can say is, if the Democrats lose this election … stupid, stupid, stupid! The re-election of the President should be (if the big money wasn’t trying to buy & rig the election) a bigger landslide than Pres Reagan’s re-election.
    I can’t wait until the debates. Time to annie up, ReThugs!

    • dotutz

      As the saying goes “You can’t fix stupid”, if the educated people vote, Obama will win. I only hope and pray during the debates that Obama calls them out on their lies. That is the one thing that I find fault with him, that he’s so passive, but I still think that if Romney/Ryan win, may the Good Lord help us all. We thought Bush II was bad, he’s going to look good in comparison. People are not voting for the man or men as the case might be, but they are voting strictly party lines and not even thinking about it.

  • johninPCFL

    Given that Ryan believes that rape is just another method of conception, does he also propose, in the name of “family unity”, giving the rapist visitation rights to the child? Does he advocate giving the rapist an active voice in raising the child, like helping choose schools and churches? Does the rapist innure the role of “next of kin” should anything happen to the mother? Since these are all state functions today, does he advocate a federal takeover of state family courts?

    In short, has he moved from the bumper-sticker advocacy role to devoting a second to consider how this transitions into public policy?

  • How did Mitt become the total opposite of his father. Is this what his mother was like???? And Ryan, poor boy lost his father at a young age, how did he become so calous???? Romney/Ryan ticket is like two peas in a pod, both hate the middle class and want to put us further down!!!!

    • TheSkalawag929

      One could look at the company they keep.

    • onedonewong

      They believe i this country just the way the founding fathers set it up and have total distain for Barak’s goal of remaking this country in to socialist germany in the 1930’s and 40’s

      • grammyjill

        who told you that? they lied to you!

        • onedonewong

          There is NO denying that barak is a card carrying Socialist

  • Phraedrique

    Let us not prevent debate, but instead ask for information and guide the debate to facts. Let censorship be quelled and free speech guide us to the truth. When others make statements that are based on incorrect or misunderstood information, we as a public have the obligation to present the facts that can help others to move to a better understanding of reality.
    Flagging a comment like this for ‘content’ is IMHO not as helpful as refuting the posters statements with facts.

  • It would be interesting to be a fly on the wall in the Ryan household…his wife is a Democrat and I doubt she agrees with much he says, which is more than likely that we have hardly seen her and/or heard from her…hopefully, she won’t even vote for these two extremist liars….

  • droponov

    President Obama Has Signed Bills That Cut Five Trillion From The Deficit

  • droponov

    President Obama Has Signed Bills That Cut Five Trillion From The Deficit

    – What the heck are you talking about?

    If he signed those bills, they were made into law. Would you plase explain which bills are those?

    You just made that up. Like, out of thin air. I know in politics everything is fair and that you don’t pretend to be a journalist, but I’m not sure this sort of blatant, spectacular, strident lie actually helps your cause.

    Try to spin reality instead of inventing stuff that can easily be proved false.

    • grammyjill

      yes he did sign them. they have already started going into effect. they are spread out so we don’t fall in the toilet again. start tivoing House of Reps. if you get that channel.

  • henvia

    he must be smoking the same as all them is bether let that thik dried. Henvia.

  • Things GOP will NOT mention
    Bush Paulson 2008 worst crash in 80 yrs / TARP SCAM
    Bush Gave up on bin laden Obama did NOT
    Bush tried to give control of US ports to…Dubai ( failed )
    Mitt said Let US auto industry DIE BUT Obama saved it
    US lost 750 K jobs a month under Bush in 2008
    Bush lied about Iraq wasting lives and trillions
    Bushs Mission accomplished ? NO


  • Paul Ryan is a liar and a coward and we as Americans should not accept that. He is not MAN enough to stand up to his own record and he want us to elect him and Mitt Romney into office. There is no difference between him and a rapist.

  • Why did they let America go all the way down with George Bush allowing the banking industry to run over people cause most of them their home’s and will never recover and no help has been offered for them.The GOP just treating the bank’s like royalty when they treated us like we were crappy dirt what’s giving to America if all were givingand working for America then all would be acceptable this went into another term with another President before wanting to do and blame for what had happened to us and they are still in denial about it and not doing any thing for what was took from the innocent one’s. All that just pointed at the other skipping what they were suppose to be responsible for which was Bush’s action’s.Why are they being that lame to be so desperate that they turn on them self .I did have more respect for the GOP but now I have lost all as they think and demon straight no wrong for them self.peuk at them

  • It is sad that the Republican Party want to force a rape victim to have a rapist child. One can only imagine what would be going thru her mind. If you were her husband or boyfriend would you feel comfortable raising a rapist child? In my opinion that is cruel and unusal punishment.

  • rgdconcerned

    I am a member of the middle class although over the last 4 years that is now somewhat questionable as I have had to live on retirement funds to survive.
    I am an independent that is tired of having a goverment spend more than the revenues (taxes) it takes in. The debt that has accrued by the current administration needs to be paid back and unfortunately that payback will fall on the backs of my children.
    The bottom line is the goverment needs to act like a family budgeting the revenue they have against the necessary expenses they have.
    If I earn $50,000 a year I can’t year after year live on $100,000 and put the $50,000 I am over spending on a big Visa card. In ten years I will owe $500,000 and won’t have the income to even pay the minimum interest payments due. The answer is not to continue to keep raising taxes the answer is to reduce spending.
    The nearly 16 trillion in current debt has a very low interest rate tied to it currently, thanks to Mr. Bernake. The federal goverment is currently subsidizing interest rates but at some point the goverment will need to stop subsidizing interest rates. For those of you that remeember the high inflation rate of the 70’s you also likely remember when Paul Volker the Fed. Chairman then decided in spring of 1980 to stop subsidizing rates to subdue inflation. Interest rates in a matter of months went up by 10% and if at some point something of this magnatude happens again the interest payments alone would go up by almost 2 trillion.
    There is nothing wrong with having entitlements for americans that truly need the help but our entitlement programs today have been abused and there is no accountability back to those abusing these entiltlement programs.
    Why I strongly believe a Mitt Romney is deperately needed today is the federal goverment needs to act like a service business to support Americans annd to follow the principals set forth in our constitution and Bill of Rights. To look at what Mitt Romney has paid in taxes and to actually think that bears any revalance on weather he will be a great president troubles me. Honestly I am somewhat shocked that someone like him wants to take the abuse and pursue the need to help our country before we at somepoint in up like Greece and are forced to amputate entitlement programs vs. using a scaple to our national budget and eliminate abused expenses and truly become a great servivce provider for us it’s citizens. If you are going to even bring up what he pays in taxes bring up the 16% that he gives to charity.
    When I read many of the comments in this post it truly saddens me. We can’t continue to act as business as usual having a businessman run the goverment may be painful for all of us the next 4 years but I would rater suffer some today then die in 4 years because I failed to react to the pending crisis we are in today.
    What everyone needs to do is put aside certain differences between the parties and TRULY understand that we are in a crisis and work together on balancing the budget. That doesn’t mean balancing the budget by increasing revenues by ONLY increasing taxes.
    While I surely don’t relish the idea of having my tax bill go up I do understand it needs to go up and I need to budget for that. While I may not want to wait until I am 69 or 70 to recieve social security retirement benefits I understand that is likely a better option than having the program go bankrupt. People are living longer today and these changes need to be made. My wife who will recieve state retirement will not be happy but the date she recieves that and the percentage of her benefit both need to change.
    I honestly don’t think I am alone when I say the goverment needs to make the appropriate changes to entitlement programs today and not continue to postpone these changes because at some point it will not just be painful but will end the american dream.
    Everyone in America, other than our American Indian came here for the opportunities and the freedoms afforded our parents, grandparents etc… They didn’t leave families their life because we offered these entitlenent programs they came here because of Freedom. We need to get back to realizing what we are in America for and what the goverment is in existence for. The government was started to help all Americans enjoy the entitlements provided in our constitution.

    • ObozoMustGo

      rgd… you are right on almost every count, except that last one. There are no “entitlements” in the Constitution in the sense that government must provide for a citizen’s needs. We have rights that are granted by our Creator and are unalienable and they specified in the Bill of Rights. And no where does it say that the Federal government must provide for your retirement or healthcare. I know this is drifting off into the weeds a little bit, but the point is important to note.

      We are in financial trouble, big time. Came across a video where an accountant downloads the Fed budget for FY 2013 from the White House dot gov site. It’s fairly brief, but very eye opening.

      www dot youtube dot com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=EW5IdwltaAc
      [Use the link and change the “dot” to “.” of course. They dont allow links here.]

      Or go to YouTube and search on “United States Budget Dilema.wmv” and it will come up.

      Have a nice day!

      “All that seems indispensable in stating the account between the dead and the living, is to see that the debts against the latter do not exceed the advances made by the former.” – James Madison

      • grammyjill

        Never argue with stupid people, they will bring you down to their level and beat you with experience. Mark Twain
        That is why I will not argue with you tonight. I don’t wish to be dragged down to your level.
        Monday night msnbc. Obama. I watched Romney, your turn.

        Have a good day.

    • solam945

      rgdconcerned, it seems you easily forget the past and it is people like you that the Republicans are banking to make them win. is it Obama policies that put you where you are now or Bushism? Yes, things could be better but remember, itis much easier to destroy than to build. The terrorists destroyed the Trade Center within seconds. Did you know how long it took to build it? If we are to rebuild it, do you realize how long it will take to do that. Now, someone took 8 good years to convert a bouyant, progressive economy and surplus budget into a massive waste and destruction with the same policies been advocated by the present GOP nominees. Will that be a “Turnaround” or a “Turnback?” Remember again, this present administration have implemented policies that have created over 4 million jobs in 36 months in the private sector, well over what were created between 2000 and 2008, yet the unemployment rate is still over 8%.Do you wonder why? It is because the public sector have been laying off instead of employing and that is where the GOP implemented their strategies to stall Obama’s policies to create jobs in the public sector and so make the economy looks bad so that they use it against him. Can you recollect what the Senate minority Leader said back at Obama’s swearing in? He said that the GOP’s primary pre-occupation is make sure that Obama does not succeed in turning around the economy so that they can make him a one-term president. What happened in 2010? The GOP campaigned that Obama failed to create jobs and that they would. People trusted and voted for them so they won a landslide, right?
      Can you point to one job creation policy passed or implemented at the Federal house or Reps or at the states controlled by the GOPs? They have cleverly diverted our attentions to social issues.

      Also, let me bring your memory back to the bush era of wars that were unpaid for, medicare programs that were unpaid for, tax cuts unpaid for and so on. Did you know that Paul Ryan was an active participants in all those exstravagant spendings? He voted for 100% for all those big spendings. Then ask yourself, when did he repent?
      Are you going to continue falling for the GOPs double deals and deceptions? Look back into history, about lasy 50 to 60 years and tell me which GOP Whitehouse did balanced the budget? However, they always use the same gimmicks once a democrat occupies the Whitehouse, once they get in they do worst. For how long can smart and intelligent people like you continue to play the GOPs’ fool?

      Can’t you see that the Ryans’s budget is sure recipe for worst disaster? They are not sincere with themselves nor with the American people. Romney will not release his Tax returns because the other side will find loopholes in it? Why did he create loopholes in his tax returns in the first place? Is that the kind of president you can trust? Do you think he will operate with and open door policy? How can you vote for someone who sheltershis money overseas to avoid paying taxes? You surely want that kind of person to become the POTUS? He is an unrepentant crook! I am less concern about what is in his tax returns but more worried about his inability to trust Americans to make the right opinion and decisions about it? Now he wants us to trust him? I think trust is mutual. He is better off releasing his tax returns and defending whatever is in it than hiding it. He wants to lead a country of over a quaterof a billion people, he canand must hide his true character from us, that is very dangerous. Think Anerica think!
      More to say, but I rest my case here, a word is enough for the wise.

    • grammyjill

      A couple facts. Romney was governor of Mass. He failed. 47th in job creation. Infrastructure falling apart. The younger people were packing up and leaving the state because there were no jobs. When he left he no only took all records including computer hard drives. He left the state with a 18 billion dollar deficit. Govenor Patrick still hasn’t gotten everything fixed yet, and he’s in his second term.
      As for “saving” the olympics, ALL records there were shredded before he left.
      Mitt has a secret, but he wants you to just trust him. I don’t!
      He is for something today and against it tomorrow. And he will be run by the teabaggers and his rich donors. Even Grover Norquist says they just want him there to sign whatever they put in front of him.

  • Romney must have been adopted. However, like Ryan, I believe are hypocrits. They denounce socialism but believe everything has to be “as they say” not as “they do.”

  • Can’t wait for the debates. Here are questions I would like to be asked of Romney:
    – If you believe tax cuts for the wealthy will create jobs, how do you explain the failure of the Bush tax cuts to create jobs?
    -You want deregulation, so how do you explain the massive fraud perpetuated by banks when deregulators were stopped from regulating the banks?
    -Why do you have your money in tax havens like the Cayman Islands?
    -Where are the billions of dollars that disappeared in Iraq under the Bush administration?
    -How can you cut the debt by giving more tax cuts to the wealthy?
    -Do you support cutting medicare benefits?
    -Do you support privatizing social security?
    -How do you explain stagnant middle-class incomes since the 70’s?

  • Only 124 words before I have to click to see the next page? A 600 word article spread across seven pages? I understand maximizing ad revenue, but this is ridiculous, and incredibly annoying when reading on an iPad.

    • CrankyToo

      I concur, but I think you’re preaching to the choir, Tony. You oughta get on the Natl Memo site and direct your msg at the editors.

  • Only 124 words before I have to click to see the next page? A 600 word article spread across seven pages? I understand maximizing ad revenue, but this is ridiculous, and incredibly annoying when reading on an iPad.

  • bcarreiro

    all the money in the world cant stop the people from voting for a president who clarifys and makes it transparent…mitt can hide his taxes and only relates to the 2% …you are part of the problem and not a solution…OBAMA IS THE REAL DEAL and thinks outside the box mitt can only divide this country instead of making it a UNITY.

  • David L. Allison

    Ryan is beginning to be seen as a problem for economic conservatives because of his voting record in support of the stimulus packages, increasing the national debt limit, increases in Medicare/Social Security spending for the drug benefits and “inflation increases” as well as other “big spending” bills approved by congress.

    He is certainly helping the enthusiasm for social conservatives who are strongly attracted to his position on government prohibition of all birth control and all abortion, even in cases of rape and incest. Progressives believe that Ryan’s social conservatism will turn off moderates and undecided voters but that has yet to be proven.

    Moderates and independent voters are more likely to be turned off by Ryan’s willingness, even enthusiasm, to lie and to misrepresent facts that are easily checked by independent “fact-checking” groups and the mainstream media that most Americans consider trustworthy. He got caught in a number of such instances last night. Though his supporters will surely defend those comments, it was unnecessary.

    Ryan could have been the one person speaking for the campaign who did not attack President Obama but by simply following the Riebus Republican litany of attacks, he missed the opportunity that he is supposedly capable of, to present a clear and convincing argument in support of the Romney/Ryan budget and position on Medicare. That could have made a difference to what should have been the real target audience, the independent and undecided voters. He is not likely to have that opportunity again.

    The failure of the Republican party to recognize that to the extent that their election strategy was to make the election a referendum on the Obama presidency, it succeeded as just about everyone who would vote against the President has been clearly identified and enthused as much as they are likely to ever be in the next 70 days. That failure led them to continue that strategy instead of recognizing that, for undecideds and independents, the campaign is now a comparison of the two tickets and the substance that the respective tickets will bring to the governance of the country. Ryan could have done that, Romney can’t for a number of reasons that even his supporters would probably acknowledge. Had Ryan done that, like the executive VP of a corporation would do, Romney could have simply done what he is best at, being himself as a CEO and “big picture” guy who could direct the country using the technical skills of his team. The Republicans missed that opportunity and will not have that opportunity again, likely leading the undecideds and independents left with the agenda and direction that they know from the past four years and the vague and undefined promises of the Republicans that they would do it better. Given that, 2012 is likely to be know among professional politicians as the year the Republicans lost rather than as the year that the Democrats won.

  • mikey4912

    Ryan always forgets everything that dosen’t support his claims..It was ok to vote with Bush in destroying the US economy but now its important to attack the middle class. But don’t tell they about it because then you wont be able to transfer all of that wealth, that you have taken off of them, to the 1%. These guys are liying sack of crap

  • ObozoMustGo


    We are facing a financial disaster. This is a brief video highlighting the federal budget as taken from whitehouse dot gov and explained very simply by an accountant.

    www dot youtube dot com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=EW5IdwltaAc
    [Use the link and change the “dot” to “.” of course. They dont allow links here.]

    Or go to YouTube and search on “United States Budget Dilema.wmv” and it will come up.

    Have a nice day!

    “All that seems indispensable in stating the account between the dead and the living, is to see that the debts against the latter do not exceed the advances made by the former.” – James Madison

  • onedonewong

    Paul Ryan’s plan to fix SS and welfare is to remove illegal immigrants from the roles, rather than taking $715 Billion from Medicare he will institute tort reforms that will end trial lawyers stealing $400B a year from insurance premiums.
    Eceryone in society will have to contribute, if your on welafre or unemplyment insurance you;ll have to do 40 hours a week community service, It can be sweeping painting or emptying bed pans.
    Ilelgals will no longer qualify for free healthcare, welfare, foodstamps, sect 8 housing and SS as well as unemployment insurance benefits

  • Wow, how many lies can you really squeeze into one article? You must have missed Ryan’s interview just a few days ago where he said flat out that he is fine with abortions for any rape victims.

    The attack on privatizing social security like it is some scare tactic is also laughable. Right now your social security dollars taken out of your pay check are “borrowed” by the federal government instead of placed in the trust fund, and then just spent. The money isn’t actually being saved for your retirement. Privatizing it would mean some of the money taken out of your pay check would actually be set aside in an account with your name on it, that the government wouldn’t be able to easily waste, and which would actually earn interest on your behalf.

    • Dave_dido

      How much interest would those accounts be earning today?Would you have them in risky investments that might not be there for you when you retire? What would have happened to private accounts when the market crashed and people saw their IRA’s and 401k’s quickly dissolve into almost nothing?All of those private accounts were devastated. Good thing some of those people had Social Security to fall back on. Do you understand that Social Security has worked very well for people for over 70 years?Why do you want to destroy something that works?
      When you set up your private social security plan will you also purchase a disability policy to protect you from catastrophic disability? Have you priced these products with your insurance agent. If so, you’ve probably found out that they’re not cheap. Social Security includes coverage for catastrophic disability and it also provides survivor benefits for your spouse and children. Will your private plan do that?
      See, when you factor in all the things that Social Security does for you, you’ll find that it’s not such a bad deal compared to your private plan.
      Sure, Social Security needs to be tweeked every now and then to keep it solvent, but let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water. There’s enough in Social Security to continue paying the current level of benefits until 2036, I believe(I welcome updates on this stat). Who knows what will happen between now and then? Another baby boom perhaps creating more workers paying into the system? Discovery of vast oil and gas reserves in Ohio, W. Va., S. Dakota and PA causing an era of prosperity? The Koch Bros leaving all of their vast estates to the Social Security Administration in gratitude for the many blessings America has given them? Don’t let the Chicken Littles discourage you. Social Security will be there for you if we take good care of it.

    • grammyjill

      See Ryan budget plan. Oh I know he said that, but he is also the guy that wrote HR3, changing rape to being another form of conception. He also wrote HR212 which gives all personhood rights to a fertilized egg. The woman HAS to carry that fetus even if it will kill her.

  • The GOP are lying to voters. Just like they did in the last election when the house GOP was voted in power after telling voters if they voted for them they would create jobs. Here we are, two years later, and the GOP has not created one job. They voted down every jobs bill. Romney wants to cut taxes for the rich even further and make the shrinking middle class pay for it. The Nazi Koch brothers have funded every Republican running, spending a billion dollars so far to buy our country. Their plan for our country under them is frightening. We have to stop them now, before it is too late.

  • okay the rape conception thing there was an article that stated some places require rape victims who chose to have there baby can be required to either share custody with rapist or pay child support to them Is this true?

  • The whole Ayn Rand / Thomas Aquinas thing pretty much sums up the entire G.O.P. at this point. On one hand, you’ve got “The Virtue of Selfishness,” and on the other hand, you’ve got the Bible. And instead of picking one or the other, the G.O.P. is trying to rip out the pages they like and make one book out of the two of them.

    But one book says “Love thy neighbor” and the other book says “Eff thy neighbor,” so compatibility between the two is nowhere to be found.

    Which means only one thing: It’s only a matter of time before Ryan dumps Aquinas and decides his real inspiration was “Going Rogue.”

  • The MAIN thing he did not say in his speech was that the Democrate party of Truman is now the COMMUNIST party of Joe Stalin and we shoot all of them as I was made to shoot communist in 1950.



  • Duke Breuer

    very possible if mitt reveals the 10 years, he will be spending the next 1o years in the “big house” not the “white house”…hey, dont laff, not funny