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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Six Ways To Keep Working-Class Voters On Obama’s Side

March 6 (Bloomberg) — In 1980, I was working on the campaign of Senator Birch Bayh, the Indiana Democrat who was being challenged by an upstart conservative congressman from northwest Indiana named Dan Quayle.

One day, I traveled with Bayh to the Chrysler manufacturing plant in New Castle, Indiana. It was supposed to be fertile ground: Bayh had been the Senate sponsor of the previous year’s bailout bill for the carmaker, and Quayle had voted against the measure in the House.

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  • SteveHanken

    Dealing with the trust factor here, Obama runs out of steam on promises absolutely not kept that were well within his power to do so. He did not close the prison camp in Cuba, he continues to use laws he was against when Bush was in office, and as a Constitutional lawyer, he should know better on some of these levels. He supports corporate agriculture while giving lip service to the small producers and organic farmers, the people who will provide good wholesome food, while the others will supply him with campaign money for looking the other way and destroying our strongest world base, our ability to feed people. Going to war is simply not an answer to the worlds problems and certainly it has not answered anything foreign or domestic for the American people, especially for the low and middle class who provide the brawn and muscle of the military. We have a job to do here at home; if we focus on what needs to be done here it will provide adequate employment, improve the infrastructure, and eliminate the trump card the middle east holds, our dependence on their oil.

  • SteveHanken

    Joe Biden may well be the love child of the Union infrastructure, but he also brokered the deal that turned bankruptcy into a debtors prison for many with health care problems. Restructuring debt in a way no one can ever get out from under? Why didn’t they apply the same restructuring to the Banks and Mortgage debacle if it works so well? It doesn’t take a whole lot to make the both of them less than favorable among the vast majority of the voters, and in fact, many of us are holding off a gag reaction to vote for anything other than the lesser of the only two evils we have to chose from. Give us a real candidate who offers real change and not “small change” then see where the vast majority of people will send their votes.

  • bben

    This is a great, smart piece – from a very smart guy – but the leading example is confusing, although not off the mark. I think the focus on “social” issues vs. “economic” issues ignores the issues that don’t intuitively fit into either, like foreign policy issues, but of course end up under the “social” umbrella (Viet Nam war supporters vs. the counter culture, Iraq war supporters vs. the unpatriotic terrorist supporters who protested it, etc.). Some foreign policy issues play into the same sort of values arguments and identity politics that the social issues do. See current rhetoric about Iran — much of it is wrapped up in sabre-rattling nationalism, blind, enthusiastic kowtowing to Israel, and of course a hint of Islamophobia…. the Taiwan example similarly was wrapped up in fervent right-wing anti-Communist sentiment.

  • NancySmith

    If every promise made on campaign trails were able to be kept we would be in fine shape. That goes for all sides. But we are, sadly, human beings; only capable of doing the best or worst that we can. It is so easy to sit on the outside and dirty the name of our County’s President, if you think these things he has done to wrong you are so personal and done with such malice: take up your staff and run for office yourself and see how many of your well-meaning promises the House and Senate will let you keep.

  • freethinker

    It is absolutely true that union leaders will fawn over Obama, but while some auto worker union members may still have a job thanks to Obama turning the rule of law on its head, they know they might still have had those jobs under legal restructuring. And, a good many of them are members of the NRA. The real question is: is the rank and file more loyal to their union bosses who spend their union dues with impunity or to the NRA?

  • FeliciaM

    Why must we be so divided once every 4 years in this country? No one side has all the answers. Is it such a strange concept to come together when it really matters for all the citizens of this country? We will never really be great because our politics and the people behind it are too divided, too selfish, much too greedy and far too unmoving.

  • FeliciaM

    Why must we be so divided once every 4 years in this country? No one side has all the answers. Is it such a strange concept to come together when it really matters for all the citizens of this country? We will never really be great because our politics and the people behind it are too divided, too selfish, much too greedy and far too unmoving.

  • demopatti

    Yes, I am a democrat and clearly want to see Obama re-elected. He has fought through the past two years with a Congress that wants him to fail. I think he has good ideas on how to move this country forward. I think the ideas in this article are good. I agree with FeliciaM also, why must we be so divided. In the past, Republican or Democrat, things got done. The new laws made by our Supreme Court has made it clear that neither the Republicans nor the Democrats are making decisions here, but the very powerful ultra rich (ie, oil companies, big banks, etc) and the middle class has to hold itself together to get through this. My opinion, the Democrats (I am a retired Union worker as is my husband)are the only ones that have stood up for the middle class workers. Take a look at what the Republican Governors are doing…they are taking away workers bargaining rights!! Is this what we want to become???

  • 1olderbutwiser1

    If this is still his name at this time, he’s had about five different names in his life. He is a cameleon, always changing and adjusting to what fits his mind at this point in time. Stands for a different point or principle from day to day. Each effort he makes for change is something that takes away fundamental rights our constitution guarantees us.Abandon him now….no candidate but Joe Biden could be worse. He is simply a really crafty liar. Look at legislation he has in place, expecting a stupid populace to put him back in, it will end america as we know it. Let’s not be the generation who ends this great experiment in human liberty, let’s be adults about the matter. True positive change is needed, let’s get it on. If you want to cower away from your inheirited responsibility of being a red-blooded american, and vote for Obama, be sure to look your kids in the eye before you do it, and admit your cowardice.Working for a competitive payscale is uniquely american, and what built this country from a territory inhabited by Indians into a model industrial nation.At one time unions were necessary, and they served a worthwhile purpose to be sure…..but the world has changed and intellectual superiority now will suffice. Machines do repititious labor nullifying the employment of humans to do what necessitated the development of unions in the first place.The labor marketplace has and always will determine wages for workers. Unions prevent the cream from coming to the top, they want to be a throwback to the stone age when the elders had the last say, because they were older. Once the printing press started get used for something more than bibles, man’s choices in life have multiplied many times over. Unions represent the ability to stay at one level of achievement, the hiring level, and make a good living with only the most modicum of skills and abilities. We have so many unemployed because the cost of employment is too high in a competitive atmosphere to have hiring-level only, long term capabilities. Honesty can indeed be brutal.

  • Jennifer A. Nolan

    If there was any justice under our system, those wrong-way voters who turned down Bayh for Quayle, and the non-voters, would be actively penalized for their conduct. If you need government help, in cash or anything else, vote for it — or go without. Non-voters should be arrested and fined, as they are in Australia; poverty should not be an excuse for nonpayment. “Need” is no excuse for non-support; if you can’t pay for it financially, politicians who want it can still have your vote — if you remember who your allies are, and GIVE them your vote.